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206 N Beach Street, Suite 206, Daytona Beach, Florida 32114 USA

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About Moving Forward Relocation

206 N Beach Street, Suite 206
Daytona Beach, Florida

At Moving Forward, we want your moving experience to be as stress free as possible. That’s why we offer an extensive list of services to help your move go smoothly. Just some of of our service options include:Packing and unpacking options, Assembly and disassembly services, Crating for expensive or fragile items, Short-term and long-term storage options, Car and boat transportation,Third party service options

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Robin Hensley


Very Unprofessional

All the bad things you can read in the other review are very true.
They will take you money and then they will block your calls. below is what I just went through with this company.

Loss: 4 Boxes was missing and a 4 basket white shelf was also missing from my deliver on 10/14/2018.Damages:Dinning room table had damages to all 4 corners,and multi scratches on the base . China hutch has multi ares's of damage to the base and sides of the top and the delivery guys damaged my floor when setting the china hutch in place. My bench had multi scratches. They damaged my Bannister while bring in my china hutch by dropping it up against the Bannister. It would have hit the floor if the stairs hadn't been there.95 % of my boxes and totes where crushed and several of then where wet inside and out. 1 tote box still had the water inside the tote. Over Charged: I was quoted after explaining in detail what I had to ship. Agreed on the price and when the driver started to load my things, he begin saying he was charging me to wrap a couple pieces. I agree for him to wrap the china hutch with the glass in it and told him not to wrap to 2nd piece that I would not pay for it. He did it anyway and still charged me. I paid the deposit of $762.50 to the Moving Forward relocation company, I was to pay the driver $600 at pick up and $600 at drop off. They did not tell me that they were subbing out to the G&M company. The pick up driver Came in with blank paperwork and had me sign the forms without filling them in with quantities or listing out what was being picked up. He said he would give me a copy of it at the end when he was loaded as he would note everything as it went on the truck.Then he told me I had to pay $900.50 now and another $900.50 when it was delivered. He tried saying if you take care of me and my helper I will make sure you are taking care also. I questioned this to the company and then he was very ugly to me afterwards.

I shipped less pieces of furniture and less boxes than what was quoted in my price, but yet I am being charged more money also. I was picked up on 8/24/18 and told by the driver it would be delivered in 4 days. On 10/13/18 I still did not have my things. I have made over 30 phone calls to both the moving forward and G&M to get a delivery scheduled. G&M always would say it is being loaded you will have it next week. then again on Monday when it did not arrive I would call again. Moving forward block my calls and will not return my calls after I expressed to them I want to be compensated for all the troubles and lies and emotional stress I was dealing with. They wouldn't even call me to say that I would not get my delivery . I have made over 30 different calls to to both company's . I am out of pocket for food, toiletry items and other things due to the delay in my delivery. . And then to a company that hires unprofessional drivers that will say negative comments about you right in front of you. The driver told my partner that he was glad I belong to him and not to the driver.
I really feel as if I have been taken advantage of and treated very unprofessional.
I have pictures of the damages done to my things. I also would like to know if the remainder of my missing items are at the warehouse or where are they. I would really like to have them.



Worlds best!

Well, I must say, I never expected such a great transition from one home to another. Best moving experience ever. These guys were wasting no time and were very respectful on all levels. Even after carefully removing all our items from the primary location, upon delivery to the secondary they continued to be quick and careful with our items

Darin Rowland


Lies, bait and switch and more lies

Horrible customer service, horrible sales team. Lied continuously throughout the process.

Since they will not respond to me, I've filed a complaint with the Florida attorney General and the BBB. Below is my email to their customer service:

During my initial consultation with Moving Forward, we did a complete walk-through of the house. They had me itemize all of the furniture and boxes that would be used.
I was told that "we always estimates on the high end, so that there would not be any surprises on moving day".
I specifically asked, and was told that they move would be done by Moving Forward, and would not be contracted out to a 3rd Party.
I specifically asked, and was told that the move would be done by weight, not volume.

Total quote was $4,995.52

Movers called to verify that they would be at my house at 9am on Friday morning, after Moving Forward confirmed for Saturday. I had to cancel prior arrangements.
Movers did not show up on Friday, they called on Friday to let me know that they would be there now at 8:30am on Saturday. Showed up at 11am

The company that showed up was not Moving Forward Relocation. Instead we got a 3rd party contractor when were specifically told that this would not happen.
They gave us a new quote, by volume. We were specifically told that this would not happen.

New Quote was over $8400, a 60% increase.
I called Moving Forward to complain, and could only get voicemail that said "we are not open on weekends, please call back during normal business hours"

Movers gave me a "take it or leave it" option. They would not begin packing until we paid 50% of the new quoted balance. Since we were under contract to be out of our house by Sunday, we did not have an option to not use the service.
I paid $3300 to have them load the truck.

Movers let me know that they would be at our new house within 72 hours. Again, very different from the 5-10 day window that Moving Forward quoted.
Asked them to confirm, since we had made new arrangements for travel. They confirmed "within 72 hours" and if we couldn't be there to accept the truck, they would "put it on another truck and we could take our chances. Who knows when the next availability will be" - direct quote from the foreman

We again cancelled travel plans in order to meet the truck at our new house within the 72 hours (Tuesday night at the latest)
No word from them at all on Tuesday - Friday. I called Moving Forward to get an update. They confirmed that "they will be there Sunday"
Did not show up on Sunday. They finally showed up on Monday.

Demanded final payment before they would unload the truck. I called Moving Forward to dispute the charges. No resolution.

There were multiple items broken and noted in the final inspection. 1 was the adjustable frame for the King bed. This was a $2000 purchase, and no longer functional. 1 was a box of stemware, labeled fragile, all pieces were broken.

According to the contract, ALL furniture that was disassembled at original house, would be reassembled at new house. There are 8 separate items that did not get reassembled. 1 Bed, 4 bookcases, 3 Storage shelves.

I have sent multiple requests to Moving Forward for resolution. No response at all.

A Ker


SCAM Artist and Non-Responsive Customer Service

Today I filed a complaint with the BBB and the Florida State Attorney General's Office.

After contracting Moving Forward for my move, they subcontracted with Unique Vanlines. The initial move went great, very professional and helpful..... BUT that was on May 15, 2018 and I still do not have my furniture. I gave them a first available delivery date of June 6, 2018. To date I've called them repeatedly on a delivery date with no help.

On June 26, 2018, I called again and spoke with their Customer Service Manager "Chad") who advised me that it would be the week of July 1, 2018 before they knew anything else. I advised him and others in the days before that I would be out of town for one day (June 27, 2018), he advised that they would not be delivering. That was at 11am. At 4:30pm the moving company called and said the driver would be there at 8am on June 27, 2018. I advised them that I told them I would be out of town that ONE DAY ONLY.. They said they would figure it out.... I told them I was home then and they could come right then, they refused.

Since then I've had no satisfaction on delivery.

On July 6, 2018, I called and spoke to the Customer Service Manager Chad again and was told they had no clue and that since I refused delivery that my original 21 business day contract delivery was void and I am responsible for all new cost for delivery and storage.

I called Unique Vanlines and was told by their customer service that Moving Forward never told them I was going to be out of town on June 27, 2018 or they would not have loaded the truck for delivery.

Chad refused to let me speak to anyone else.

Its amazing how at 11am they are not coming until next week, so I am ok to go out of town for one day, then at 4:30pm they call and advise they are delivering and now I am refusing delivery.

Either these two companies are SCAM Artist or their failure to communicate should not be my problem.

I still do not have my furniture, no help and a very unsatisfied customer.

Sylvi Fae


They never showed up and now we're stuck without movers

This is a nightmare. Moving Forward, please call us immediately as soon as you read this.

It's 7:30 PM on the day we were supposed to move. The movers are not here, and Moving Forward Relocation has stopped answering their phone. They answered the phone until they realized it was us calling, and now they're not answering anymore, or they'll answer but not say anything until we hang up and then it rings through to a voicemail box that is full with no way to leave a message.

Working with this company has been a horrible experience from the start. We should have read all of the one star reviews before signing a contract with them. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, the movers didn't show up for our move at all. Now we are in the worst possible situation. The new owner takes possession of our house tomorrow and we are stuck here with all of our possessions boxes and no other option.

I don't know what to do. This is a nightmare.

Vanessa Canich



Final cost was TRIPLE the amount of the estimate.
Not double, but triple.
I went with this company based on decent reviews. Beware.



Move from West Virginia to Nebraska

This has been the worst experience of my life! Do not use this BROKER as they call themselves. They contracted our move out to another horrible company, these people were rude and yelled and screamed a lot!! Moving forward said they had our back! Yeah right!! First they tripled the original quote then they added more things than what we actually had. They also charged for things that were not used. My mother in law bought mattress covers for us and they charged us thirty dollars for them and also charged me for nine rolls of packing tape and I had everything packed and sealed .Also they had my wishing well on the packing list as being loaded on the truck and it was left in the driveway!! When we called moving forward they told us that the packing list from the rude guys was prestine !! Really!! They also told my father Inlaw for us not to call them anymore because my husband was using fowl language!! Well who wouldn’t be at this point it’s been 17 days and we still do not have our things

Greg Jones



This has been a nightmare dealing with this company. I was in the military, so I have moved a lot. This is by far the worst experience I have had with movers. Now it is important to note that this company doesn’t actually move you, they just book movers. So I am not really sure what I paid them for. But I felt the need to mention this anyways because a lot of the issues I had came from the actual movers. Moving Foward hired the movers, so ultimately it falls on them. I think the hire the cheapest and worst movers they can find (in my case it was Oneway Van Lines). I tried to cancel my contact with Moving Foward, but I was talked out of it by Robert Jones. He assured me that they only hired the best movers. This is false. The mover showed up in an enterprise rental truck, and then had to go “hire a helper” for the day. After the loading was complete, the mover demanded that we pay in cash (when we were told money order) so that he could “pay his helper”. This should have been the first red flag. Upon delivery, (which the movers missed the delivery window by 4 days) we had to endure the most unprofessional people I have ever been around. Firstly, they demanding $150 in cash (for the elevator charge?), but this was understandable since I was informed that there might be additional charges. However, they just demanded the cash and did not offer any receipt or confirmation from their home office. They just said they wouldn’t unload our stuff unless we paid them the extra cash. I am pretty sure I was swindled out of the cash. Next, they couldn’t get our couch to fit in the door (after about 2 min of trying) so they just left it in the 3rd floor hallway of our apartment complex. And then as it turns out, they broke a light fixture on the outside of the apartment complex. After the property manager questioned them, they denied it and acted like they couldn’t speak English. She watched them break it, and this is a brand new building. They took off after dumping our couch in the hallway so that they didn’t have to give the property manager any information. The property manager filed a police report on the movers and now I am having to deal with the backlash. So not only did this move cost me way too much, it was the most unprofessional service I have ever had and now I am being charged by the apartment complex for the broken fixture. Ultimately it was the company that Movinng Foward hired, but they hired them and they are responsible. Also, I cannot get any one at Moving forward to call me back. I am afraid that I am going to have to take further legal action. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! Just hired an actual moving company, cut out the middle man. They will try to lure you in with a “great deal” or a “piggy back move”. It’s just aggressive sales techniques.

Ankitchandra Shah


Do not work with this company. You'll regret it!!!

They are full of lies and will do anything to get your money. We ended paying more for service and ridiculous fees when we were promised something else. Brokers are useless and pathetic once they have your CC information. I have no sympathy for this unprofessional company that doesn't even follow up after we received two windows to drop off our stuff. They didn't deliver on time with two windows given to us and wasted our weekend since we already had plans and had to cancel. One week late and stupid excuses. They finally delivered and forget about the 24 hour notice. They screw you for every $ once you sign the contract. They don't even check with if the goods were delivered. Estimates are fucking nothing but a number. From pick up to delivery everybody will tell you different things and give you different ways to scam you. They get your money and that's it. They don't care at all. Take your business elsewhere. Not worth the time and investment.

Quote was - $1500 ended up paying $1800 and they didn't even take some of the stuff that was initially included over the phone call.

Dan Wilkins


Moving forward relocation was easy to work with.

Moving forward relocation was easy to work with. The movers did a great job, with some very tricky situations. We are very satisfied.

James Van Dam


Pure unprofessionalism. Worst service ever.

This is the most unprofessional company I have ever worked with or received service from. This is the first time I've ever left a review for a company and will most likely be my last. I'm very easy to please, so the fact that I am going out of my to review the terrible service I received means something. I will leave my complaint as a direction towards the lies and falsehood that was displayed to me from their service reps. I was forced to live out of a hotel for a week due to their service reps lying about when my furniture would be delivered. You would think a company that prides itself on helping people relocate for a new job would provide the kind of communication necessary to ensure their customers know when they will receive their deliveries. I would hope at least they would not blatantly lie about it on several occasions. I'll stop rambling - In summary, Moving Forward Relocation tells you they will deliver on a specific span of days and then ignores your calls when they do not deliver on said span of days. It's unprofessional and it cost me several thousand dollars. Please do not use this company. It is embarrassing that I have to write this yelp review, but hopefully it will defer the next person from making the same mistake.




Avoid!! This company is terrible! They have lied to me since day one. They told me they were not brokers and then sent another company to pick up my stuff (in a horse trailer!) for a move from OH to AZ. Chad (their customer service) told me that my belongings were in AZ two weeks ago and I found out they just left with my belongings from OH days ago! I have had to call them repeatedly to try to find out when I would get my belongings and they would say they would call back with an ETA but never called back. I have not had one phone call where they didn’t lie about something and their manager confirmed that they lied by listening to our initial phone call. Now, the company they hired to move my belongings called me this morning to let me know that they would be at my home in 2 hours! They initially said they would call the day before to inform me. I had to call off work for half of the day to be able to wait for them, they didn’t show in the timeframe provided so now I’m missing a full day of work. I have moved cross country 3 other times and have never had a problem with any moving company. Save yourself heartache and go with someone else! This company is full of sleezy sales people who are hired to lie their way through getting paid. Never again!

Raju Polury


Worst ever service I received till now ....

Moving forward generally subleases relocation movment, they speak politely before booking and promise to deliver when ever we need , but in reality they won't care. It's been 14 days I am still waiting for my goods . Don't go with them.

Piers Peters


Moving Forward Relocation did a wonderful job!

Moving Forward Relocation did a wonderful job! I moved to a small town not many people will drive to. When others movers laughed at my request, Moving Forward Relocation delivered exceptional service at an affordable rate. The movers were professional and fast, the office staff was accommodating and attentive, and the overall experience was pain free. Keep up the great work!

Sean Roberts


Great experience!

Great experience! They made the move fast and efficient! I would definitely recommend this company! Help make a big move; 3 trucks seem easy!

Joseph Peters


The movers showed up on time

The movers showed up on time and were polite and professional. Everything arrived in good condition, and was assembled correctly. The price was also very reasonable.

Joe Short


The whole job was handled very professionally

The whole job was handled very professionally, from my original phone call where the cost was explained in detail to meeting the movers who were incredibly nice, enthusiastic, and clean. Their pricing system is fair and concise. I would definitely hire them again.

Adrian Turner


I loved my movers!!!

I loved my movers!!! They were very hard working, sweet as could be, and did an outstanding job moving me out of my third flood (no elevator) apartment and into my new home. I highly recommend these guys, hands down.

Robert Wallace


They were amazing!

I used Moving Forward Relocation via allied van lines. They were amazing! Surveyor came to my home, gave an estimate. I was charged exactly as quoted; no surprises. The movers were great! They were very respectful and took good care of my stuff. I would DEFINITELY recommend using this company again.

Max Randall


I would highly recommend anyone contact them for their moving needs.

Moving Forward Relocation was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend using them again in the future. Everything from the estimate, to confirmations, to moving day was perfect. We moved from one property to another on different days and they were on-time both days. The moving crew was extremely careful with our belongings, brought extra trucks and manpower when required at no extra charge, and worked extremely hard. Nothing was damaged and they too great care when placing things in our new home. I cannot say enough about the crew that worked for us and I would highly recommend anyone contact them for their moving needs.

Isaac Walker


Thank you Moving Forward Relocation for a stellar performance.

I have moved several times in my life but this was by far the most extraordinary moving experience that I have had. The three gentlemen that loaded my items on the truck were extremely courteous and their customer service skills were top-notch. During the process, I always felt that every item that they touched was handled as if they owned it! Thank you Moving Forward Relocation for a stellar performance.

Ann Ding




Got called after posting my moving information. Sales person offered me a deal saying that there would be an empty bus leaving anyway so he could give me some discounts. Made the deal. Scheduled the pick up on wednesday or thursday since i had to fly out on friday. Truck company called saying they could only get here on friday morning, but they were willing to come extra early at 6am just so I could catch my flight.

Called back moving forward relocation to ask about pick up time, no one answers in time. Okay fine, friday then.

Friday morning, the truck company came and started asking us for more money, almost double the amount we negotiated for with moving forward. We call customer service, no one answers, all 3 numbers they gave me, no one answers. Called the original sales person. Guess what, no answer.

Got a call back around 30 mins later. First thing the representative did was accusing me of false claiming how many items i had. Extremely unfriendly and unprofessional. Asked me to calm down while through out the many phone calls that morning he was screaming, interrupting me and would not let me talk. The most important thing here is that I reported exactly how many pieces of what i would have. But the estimate moving forward gave me was significantly different from the one the truck drivers gave.

Eventually moving forward asked me to sign the document from the truck company with an estimate of almost double the price, claiming that the price would only be final after the truck goes to the weigh station, but they could not guarantee how much it is. So at this point I had no say over how much I'd be charged unless I sign a document asking for a price i did not agree on, and after the truck company take all my furnitures and boxes. After hours of negotiation and being yelled at on the phone with no final results, the truck left and I missed my flight with all my things packed up and no where to go.

Worst experience in my life.

William R Gould


the day from h e double hockey stick

We were looking for a reliable company to move us from IL to TX. I rc’d lots of calls from several moving companies & Brock, from MFR, said he had a truck leaving the area & could save me 60%. After reviewing MFR & seeing mainly good things, I told Brock I would use them. The one issue I had & made very clear, I could only pay with a cc & he got that approved. With a conformation e-mail from Brock, I paid the down payment of $600. From there, Chad called a few days before the move & we went over everything. He said my quote shouldn't change much & the movers would be there by 10am on moving day. On moving day, 10am came without a word from the movers, only my phone calls to MFR see when they would arrive. When I heard back, Chad said everything was fine, they would be there by 4pm. Around 5pm, I rc’d a text saying they would arrive in 45 minutes. The movers who showed up were from Cobra Moving & never apologized for being late. Their truck was so full from their last job, I wasn’t sure all of our stuff would fit. Once upstairs, Cobra said I had to sign their contract even though I already had with MFR. This was unsettling so I called Chad & he said I should sign, it’s the same as theirs & they use Cobra all the time. Then Angel, the mover, argued with us about whether to pay the overages by cubic ft or by lbs for 45 minutes. How he explained sounded like paying by lbs would be more costly & he was pushing for cubic ft, saying “it was cheaper.” Every time we asked for clarification he didn’t really answer our question & said pay by cubic ft. We asked if we could decide after everything was loaded to figure out the cheapest way & he said no, cubic ft would be cheapest & that amount was almost double our quote. My gf & I choose the lb option, after doing the math it was the least expensive option and we were confident that was the wisest choice especially since he was pushing cubic feet so hard, we knew he only wanted more money. (The only fallback of going with the weight option required following them to a weigh station about 45 minutes away). With the payment option settled, Angel told us it would be 3-21 business days before we would receive our belongings even though MFR told us 2-7 business days. Had we have known it could take up to 3 weeks; we would have packed very differently than the way we did. Now the credit card issue came up again, Cobra stated they need a money order or check for the portion owed before they can begin loading. Keep in mind, I have been reminding everyone on every phone call since we started, I could only pay by credit card and nothing else. We finally got through that hurdle but would end up having to pay the full balance instead of the portion we were originally told. If I was told this in the beginning, I would have been ok with it but all of a sudden a new company is moving me and the policies are changing without any warning. If I had been told this information, I would have picked another company other than MFR or continued with the knowledge of what was actually going to happen.

Finally they start moving our belongings, but at a brisk and damaging pace. My fiancé had to remove herself from the situation as they were being so reckless with our furniture and boxes. I asked Angel why they were moving so fast and he said “they wanted to get home.” I’m not sure why my belongings had to risk being damaged because he wanted “to get home” – it wasn’t our fault they arrived so late. While they were loading, my fiancé went downstairs to sit in our truck and watch them load while taking pictures as I did the same upstairs. By this point, I still had not signed the contract but Angel had given me all the paperwork, about 10 pages of documents I needed to sign. One stated Cobra would not be liable for anything damaged which greatly concerned me considering how they were treating our belongings while loading. I called Chad yet again and asked if I would be covered knowing that I would have damaged contents and he said yes, we were covered up to $10,000 by MFR. It did not matter if Cobra wasn’t responsible because MFR would take care of any damage. I signed, but I also wanted to put a notation on the contract that I was paying the entire balance by credit card and Angel got very hostile and said “I will stop this job if you do that!” Knowing they had most of my belongings in the truck already and they would end up putting everything on the curb and leaving, Angel and I compromised and I put it on another page. All our stuff was loaded with no room to spare; heavy boxes that were marked were stacked on light boxes, boxes marked fragile were tossed and crammed in, boxes marked “this side up” were turned sideways and upside down. Her grandmother’s china hutch was almost dropped 3 times because they wouldn’t use a dolly and tried to carry it. We honestly thought we were never going to see our belongings again and surely didn’t think anything would be intact if we did. Once loaded, we followed the truck to a weigh station and ended up paying an extra 50% more than originally quoted for the weight (still less expensive than if we had decided to go by cubic feed, but way more money than we had to spend). That trip took about 2 hours to travel there and back with no mention of reimbursement for gas or time, but they charged us for every step they took.

The next day I got a call from Courtenay, I told him about our experience to which he informed me there are some things he can not tell his customers or he would get fired and that’s why we were left in the dark. On the day we received our belongings, delivered by an entirely different company (whose name I cannot recall but were actually pleasant for the most part) and thankfully only a few days later, not weeks. Much to our surprise, her packing held and only a few things were broken, none of which were worth creating a claim over except our less than a year old dresser. It was wobbling and swaying like a piece of solid furniture should not. We took a couple of days to go through everything and let Chad know on several occasions via email about our broken dresser. He finally responded after days of nothing with a short answer that he’s waiting on Cobra, who is NOT RESPOSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE. So why is he waiting on them? We’ve sent pictures, our dresser is clearly broken and we still have no resolution. For a final amount that is almost double what we were quoted and the horrible service we’ve received, MFR should have this taken care of already. We are now going on 3 weeks since receiving our belongings and no closer to getting a new dresser.

I look forward to Dylan’s completely unprofessional and distasteful response and blame as he showed towards the review from Ben in WA on yelp. The true actions of this company need to be brought to light and future customers need to be made aware of what they will experience. Had any of our situation been dealt with any professionalism, MFR would receive a much better review. This has been the worst experience of my life and I hope this saves at least one person the trouble we’ve been through. I will follow up once my dresser has/if been replaced.

Dan Langdon


I would high recommend Moving Forward Relocation

I would high recommend Moving Forward Relocation. They were fantastic! Were extremely careful with my furniture. Arrived on time and the move was complete in great time. They put my furniture where I wanted it and were the best I would highly recommend You Moving Forward Relocation!! Great job guys! Will recommend you to everyone!

Ahmad Khasawneh


Stay away from Moving Forward Relocation

Attention!! Be careful!!
Note that many of the high rated reviews received by this company are fake! It's easy to notice once you start to take a closer look at the reviewer’s profiles. This alone should be enough of a warning to avoid doing business with them.

If you decide to ship your furniture, stay away from the following companies: Moving Forward Relocation (broker) and Direct van line, especially the Moving Forward Relocation.

If anyone has similar experiences with any of these companies, please contact me (419-516-6626) so that we can put together a class action lawsuit to help keep this from happening again.

They are disrespectful and rude. Their target is to steal your money.

If you need more details on my story, please, read the following:

My story started when I decided to move from one state to another. In the beginning, I had three options to move my stuff (furniture): either moving them by myself (U-Haul), sell my stuff, or having a moving company to do so. In mid of December, I received a call from Moving Forward Relocation company regarding a move I was trying to book from Ohio to Arizona. The first question they asked, “what your budget is?”. I told them; they gave me an estimate exactly within the budget. I felt that they are honest people. I signed the contract and payed the deposit ($700). In the day of picking up my stuff- I wasn’t there, only my wife was with them-, The price was tripled (they requested much more money than originally quoted), and they asked her to sign or they are going to leave everything on the street, she signed. Then, our struggle started. I made more than 50 phone calls to peacefully solve the issue and they rejected my request in a disrespectful way. I ended up talking with three companies which are: Moving Forward Relocation (broker) and Direct van line (pick up), Till my furniture was delivered and told me that they would not unload until we pay cash. I paid because my wife was so tired, and she spent the night in the hospital because of the way they treated us.
It was the most miserable experiences of my life and I don’t want anybody to go through it.

Charles Carr


These guys were on-time and under budget!

These guys were on-time and under budget! What else can you ask for? And, they were extremely courteous throughout the entire process. They made the entire moving process smooth and worry-free. I'd recommend them to everyone.
The wardrobe boxes they provided were especially useful - you can throw any last-minute items in there and still have plenty of room for hanging items.

Edward Piper


Great Company!

Great Company! From the people I have spoken to over the phone and with the follow up calls - everyone's very accommodating, polite and professional on how they deal with customers. Movers were very efficient and friendly. Keep up the good work you guys! A very happy and satisfied customer here.

Richard Sutherland


Fast, reliable and efficient!

Fast, reliable and efficient! Great customer service, detailed quotes and speedy moving services. Would definitely recommend.

Sebastian Harris


I wish I had 5 more stars to select

I wish I had 5 more stars to select. My most recent move was from 3 sites to one site and they truly cared enough to work with me to meet my goal. I am so appreciative of their help and understanding and will move again with them.

Joe Payne


Everything about my move was awful, except for the move itself.

Everything about my move was awful, except for the move itself. These are the most professional, fastest and nicest movers I've encountered. At one point, due to the awful people who bought our home and tried to back out at the last minute, I burst out crying. The movers actually turned into therapists and totally comforted me. The estimate they gave me was way less than what it actually cost - which is the exact opposite of every other mover I've had. They're amazing.

Tim Hardacre


great job

Moving Forward Relocation does a great job! They have helped me move twice and I had a wonderful experience both times! I would highly recommend them!

Charles Hill


highly recommend them

Moving Forward Relocation is a Great moving company! If you are looking for professional, courteous, efficient and trustworthy assistance, this is the company to help you move. Having used them previous times, I highly recommend them for your future moves. Many thanks to Moving Forward Relocation!

Sean Sanderson


Would definitely use them again if the need arises!!!

LOVED working with these guys! Their prices were more than fair, and on all three occasions that we used them, the teams were friendly, efficient, and downright awesome. Even when one of my moves took them they accommodated my last minute requests and change-of-mind in placement. I never felt like they were rushing, and they were very careful and thorough. Would definitely use them again if the need arises!!!

David Coleman



The guys moving our storage were GREAT!!!! They moved us in 4 hours! Granted it was from a storage unit to our house, but it was a lot of stuff, and it was moved in 4 hours. They were careful when moving our furniture and nothing was damaged. They even wrapped my framed pictures in their blankets for the move, and we didn't even ask them to, they just did it. Plus the guys moving were very nice and asked all the right questions about where to put things. We were worried since we packed our own boxes, but they were careful with everything.

Tim Hardacre


wonderful experience

Moving Forward Relocation does a great job! They have helped me move twice and I had a wonderful experience both times! I would highly recommend them!

Charles Hill


Moving Forward Relocation is a Great moving company!

Moving Forward Relocation is a Great moving company! If you are looking for professional, courteous, efficient and trustworthy assistance, this is the company to help you move. Having used them previous times, I highly recommend them for your future moves. Many thanks to Moving Forward Relocation!

Sebastian Wright


friendly movers

I love Moving Forward Relocation! I have moved with them 2 times now and will only move with them going forward! Their staff is super professional and always a pleasure to work with, and each crew they sent for packing and moving were on time, friendly and handled my items with a ton of care!

David Coleman


Trans United

The guys moving our storage were GREAT!!!! They moved us in 4 hours! Granted it was from a storage unit to our house, but it was a lot of stuff, and it was moved in 4 hours. They were careful when moving our furniture and nothing was damaged. They even wrapped my framed pictures in their blankets for the move, and we didn't even ask them to, they just did it. Plus the guys moving were very nice and asked all the right questions about where to put things. We were worried since we packed our own boxes, but they were careful with everything.

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