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936 SW 1st Ave Suite 130, Miami, Florida 33139 USA
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About Moving APT

936 SW 1st Ave Suite 130
Miami, Florida

We here at Moving APT would love to get your feedback, questions, and inquiries! Our customers can most easily contact us at 1-800-360-0037 to speak directly to a customer service representative. You can also leave a message right here on our Contact Us page. You can call us at any time regarding a free quote for your long distance corporate or household move.

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Excellent service

These movers were just amazing and I am highly grateful to them. It was a great experience for me. They have been simply nice with their extraordinary performance. It was my second hiring of them and I am not going to complain against these guys. I want to introduce them with some of their great qualities. I found them in my house just at 8 am as they told me. Were very careful with my stuffs over the total process. Protected all furniture with wrapper. nothing was damaged. Rate was wonderful and without any change. Excellent service! I am going to use them again definitely. Lastly I want to say they were very courageous, professional and experienced in all section of moving process. Surely I will select them for my next move. And very lastly they are none but Moving APT.

Krystal Bg


Nightmare with MOVING APT AND DG MOVING Part 1

I contacted APT to service my move as I had done research on working directly with the carrier or a broker. As well as the different estimate/contract types. During the initial call I expressed my concerns as this was a long distance move (over 700 miles). I specifically asked who the carrier would be and was told APT would be the carrier. I then questioned if that is accurate then a Penske or Enterprise truck would not be pulling up to do the move. I was guaranteed that a APT truck would show up which was completely misleading to me. Not only did that did not happen (a Penske truck did) but the movers were 2 days late. Paid for a full service pack and move. Immediately upon arrival I told driver/packers that they are NOT to put a single item on the truck that does not fit within the contract. I requested a walk through of inventory to confirm what would be going. The driver said no I do that at the end. The estimated 4 hour pack and move took almost 8+ instead. Around midnight I requested to speak with a supervisor regarding my concerns. He was not available to talk to me but did speak with the driver. I was told the arrival of my items would be between 2-14 days. I immediately left to head to the new location when the truck did. To my surprise the truck arrived about 40 mins prior to me. The long distance allowance for long distance driving is no longer then 10 hours straight. This obviously means this regulation was disregarded. Once arrived the company DG MOVING and LOGISTICS stated they would not drop the load unless I paid 3 times the contracted amount. I followed up with APT and they too stated it should have been the agreed price. I again contacted the owner/supervisor of DG MOVING to explain the situation again. On top of the refusal to drop the load I also paid to have 30 days of storage available if needed which they also would not do to temporarily solve the issue. Finally the items were unloaded only because it was explained the urgency to get this done as a family member passed away. The items were unloaded. I paid for the full pack remember. They were suppose to put furniture back together, set up beds, place items in areas as directed. Furniture was not put together, screws were missing, one bed had drawers under the mattress part and it was put together upside down. So when you pull the drawer open the opening faced the ground. Commissioned art was not placed in the paid for picture boxes but placed in flattened Home Depot boxes taped shut on each end. The sectional was not put together. Drawers not placed in the dresser. 2 big screen 48-50 in screen tvs were not boxed or padded they were wrapped with shrink wrap and simply placed at the end of the truck. The tvs not have cracks through them and only a rainbow of color is visible. As if they were dropped. There is damage to many items including a special order piece of furniture ( a kind size bed and dresser). There are holes and indention in the walls where items were moved through the home. Tables and desks were not put together I had two 4x2 cubby type storage units which were charged as cubic feet and weight on the truck but then were each filled with other smaller boxes which were charged the same way. Double the cost for the same amount of room. The remaining items were dumped in the homes garage. Think of a hoarder piling things up. It was horrific to see the care not taken during this move. Decanters were broken during the pack and not brought to my attention which I then found after the fact. APT Moving ensured me that they would be available from start to finish to be their through the entire process. After being mislead by Ian the original individual I spoke to I was not able to get a hold of him or anyone else. The owner of DG MOVING requested I send pictures of the damage to an email to process a claim I did so.

Aario Hoffman


Absolutely Great Job

The packers came the day before and were very helpful and expert in packing any delicate items. They finished packing all the items in record time. The move itself was made as easy as it can be. Movers were courteous, considerate and above all very clever! I have moved home six times in the last 10 years and have used some of the big names in moving business as well as small companies. I have had awful experiences with both. But this time I was really so lucky and Moving Apt was completely different than the others. They delivered everything before the expected time and there were not a single scratch on any of my possessions. Really a great job!

Bijetri Bose


avoid Moving ATP for long distance moves. There are better options out

This is our third move from one coast to the other and has been the worst experience. We decided to go with Moving ATP based on the many good reviews but here is a list of all that went wrong:

1. Moving APT contracts out the moving services (Executive Storage) and our terrible experiences with the latter reflects poorly on Moving ATP. There was completely lack of coordination between the two. After the initial good interactions with Moving APT, they were MIA for most part. Our original point of contact left the company and we were left trying to get in touch with the company, with no luck for days.

2. We received email notification from Executive Storage with an update on the date of departure of truck and and an 'estimated time of delivery with 3-7 days'. We were pleasantly surprised as this helped our plan our travel and stay in a new city (which is difficult when you have a 21 day window in the contract).

Over the next 2 weeks, the date of departure of the truck changed several times, depending on who was on the phone. The estimated delivery time changed from 3-7 to 7-10 and to 10-21 days during our conversations too.

We were completely baffled by the wrong information that was given to us by Executive Storage. It was not a question of legality (21 day delivery period in the contract) or demanding that our deliver be made on a specific date, it was a question of the company working us and helping us plan.

3. Instead of the 24-48 hour notice (some emails said 18-24 hour notice), our driver called us 15 hours prior to his arrival. He then arrived several hours earlier and expected us to show up within 30 minutes.

This is even more appalling because we had to rent an UHaul and meet him father away from the apartment - all in 30 minutes!

4. The driver decided that he would not be able to park his truck near our apartment, based on Google maps. So we had to meet him at the parking lot of a nearby mall with a Uhaul and had to unload the stuff to the apartment ourselves. The driver refused to consider our suggestions that it was safe to park near the apartment. Our call wasn't a wrong one since over the next week we saw 2 similar sized trucks parked in the neighborhood.

5. Finally the stuff! There was major damage. Couple of our large furniture were completely damaged and had to be had thrown away. Several small furniture and boxes were damaged.

All in all, avoid Moving ATP for long distance moves. There are better options out there.



Great movers

The movers were on time, had good attitudes and were very easy to work with and communicate with. They treated all my stuff with respect and everything is in my new place in the same condition it was in my last place. I can't even say that about the times I've moved MYSELF. Moving APT had no problem hauling my stuff up to a 3rd floor walk up with a town-house style stairwell.



Amazing company

Absolutely amazing company. Peter and his crew went above and beyond their duties for our move. I've never seen harder working individuals. If you have a chance to request Peter and his team, don't hesitate to do so, you will not be disappointed.



Fastest moving experience ever

Everybody knows how hard and stressful moving can be. A Nightmare!
With Moving Apt crew I had the easiest and fastest moving experience ever. I moved from FL to NJ. They packed everything for me, dissembled furniture, loaded the truck, drove all the way, unloaded everything properly into the storage. Everything survived without a scratch!
I will never try to move on my own ever. Moving Apt crew is a way to do it!




They were fine, they moved everything I needed, they were right around the quoted price, it was affordable. I was looking for something quick and easy, I didn't have that much stuff to move, but it worked out.

Calvin Wright


Unsafe moving company

They vet all the carriers they send your way, the one we received was unprofessional to an improbable level, the moving guy called us and kept saying he had been a mover since 1999 and he would arrive early to help us pack things into his truck, he then extorted for money in cash form to rebox stuff when we'd already paid for the service before hand, wouldn't leave the property when asked, and kept harassing us days before to move early, little did we know that if it's still within the moving window for this company, if something goes under you the customer are the one screwed over. If you have the option, don't let moving apt get forceful and ask for a deposit, they will keep your hard earned 1,400 and hide behind legalese and pretending their 'vetted' companies are trustworthy.

Tip for people picking this company, make sure to delay your move until the last day of the window, that way if something goes wrong you get your deposit back, also delay putting down a deposit if possible, these people will take your money and run with it.

Now the unprofessional carrier came from a separate company, but this company was trusted and vetted by moving apt, and the moving apt company is the one who after we felt unsafe within our own home and were extorted for money, kept holding to company policy that they won't return a cent of our money nor did they give us any alternatives except to try another 'trusted and vetted company' which since they clearly can't be safe to trust and they clearly don't actually vet the companies we can no longer do, we are now getting a Uhaul due to this company and its incompetent head of customer service being unable to actually do any customer service.




Horrible broker.

Worst broker ever. They work with a bunch of unreliable and lazy carriers that hold your product well beyond the contracted delivery date. Only one person has been helpful and her name is Gia. She gave her personal cell to try and help with me deal with the junk they hired to move product. FED UP CUSTOMER! If you don't mind your product being in the hands of incompetent people for 2 months, call APT.

Premsivamaharaj Muthukris


NEVER book through them

They choose carriers who are not reliable. Two large boxes has been missed upon delivery. The truck drivers won't even unload items from the truck during delivery before settling them the remaining balance and once settled the amount they started unloading to home and that's when we found that two large boxes are missing.They said like they don't know about it and asked me to check with the company. They are not even ready to give me a written statement that they missed to deliver and I forced them to give me that in written.
It has been already two weeks past the delivery and I am not sure on what they are going to do for the missing items and if they compensate how much they are going to compensate. They asked to submit a claim and said it might take 120 days for that process.

Also it was said that they would deliver items from 7-21 business days, and during the time of booking they mentioned it has never gone over 7 days. If you hear the same do not trust that to book. For me they took more than 21 business days to deliver (23 days) and on checking they said it is peak period so expect a delay. I don't understand, because for the same period they mentioned orally it has never gone over 7 days.

Jake White


The movers themselves were punctual and very efficient.

Moving Apt made my moving process very smooth and hassle free. The movers who assisted me were just great. They were very friendly, courteous, diligent, and prompt and went out of there way to meet my requirements. The movers themselves were punctual and very efficient. I would urge all to pay attention to and clarify the terms and expected dates of deliveries just to be clear and plan ahead!

Neil Young


Excellent moving company.

Excellent moving company. They movers they provide to us were amazing. They are too good. They are clean professional and they know very well how to pack and move. I am very happy with the service they provide to us. 5 star for them.

Richard Mackay


These guys were awesome!

These guys were awesome! Showed up on time and loaded our entire apartment in less than an hour, even grabbing several things we hadn't discussed previously with no extra charge since our furniture didn't take the hour and a half minimum! Total professionals - would highly recommend!

Boris Scott



Moving APT Movers were friendly, helpful, and professional. Great employees. They did a great job with our move. Every single person treated our belongings with the utmost care to avoid any damage. I am a Realtor and will be recommending them from now on.

Victor Ogden


Great experience

Great experience. Moving APT was highly recommended by a few of my Pickleball pals and they didn't disappoint. The movers explained everything well and were very polite. They took good care of all of my furnished, to make sure nothing was scratched or broken.

Austin Hamilton


Impressed with the move.

Very pleased with the team that moved our piano! Friendly, efficient, professional, thorough, timely. Communicated well with us, so we knew when to expect them. Thanks so much!

Jack Johnston


Very Professional

I liked how professional the estimate walks through was. Asking appropriate questions and mapping out a plan before we go to moving day. I was not in attendance on moving day, but I heard nothing but great things from our office staff and project managers.

Brian Carr


Good People with Excellent Service

Good service, nice people, reasonable price, good time-keeper, very careful and protective in the whole process, smart and skillful in move heavy and delicate stuff.

Jonathan Springer


I highly recommend this company!

The three men that came to move us were extremely efficient as well as friendly and well-mannered. They moved our items quickly and very carefully. They will be moving the items and furniture into our new home in December. I highly recommend this company!

Austin Allan


I had a great experience with Moving APT

I had a great experience with Moving APT and their Flexible move service, booked at the very last minute, they 'found' me a 20 foot container, communication was excellent, staff on pick up were excellent, storage in the receiving yard was safe and secure, delivery staff at the other end were very professional and friendly, really really excellent. I would have no problem using them again in the future, oh and they were cheaper than the other companies I looked at. 1st class, thank you.

Joseph Fisher



Same two gentlemen packed, moved and unpacked our belongings. EXTREMELY IMPRESSED with the care they showed while packing our items. All items arrived at our new home undamaged and without issue. The crew arrived on time each day and kept us informed of updates on the status of the move etc. They had time after unloading our goods and even started to help us unpack boxes. As someone who has moved on several occasions for work and utilized professional moving companies in the past, Moving APTis by far the best experience. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Justin Quinn


Moving APT was very professorial

Moving APT was very professorial they picked up and deviled my goods on time and very efficiently. I had the absolute pleasure of dealing with them;they went above and beyond to ensure everything went perfectly! I would defiantly use them again!

Alan Ellison


Everything arrived without any issues!

We moved recently using moving apt and they were great choice! The staff was super friendly, professional, and efficient. The price is a bit high, but for the service we received we would definitely use Moving APT again. Everything arrived without any issues!

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