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3075 West Oakland Park Blvd Suite 200, Oakland Park, Florida 33311 USA
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About Main Moving LLC

3075 West Oakland Park Blvd Suite 200
Oakland Park, Florida

MAIN MOVING LLC is a Florida based moving and storage provider servicing the entire United States. Our trained moving and relocation specialists are committed to providing you first rate and dependable moving options at a competitive price. MAIN MOVING LLC uses state-of-the-art equipment for your move and for your storage needs as well, ensuring your belongings are packed, moved and stored efficiently. Our experience and attention to detail gives you peace of mind knowing that your personal possessions are being handled by highly trained and experienced profession

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Amanda Ricci



When I first spoke to someone from Main Moving I was assured that my move from GA to AZ would go smoothly. I chose the FULL SERVICE move and we talked on the phone and went through all the furniture I had (room by room). I was quoted a MAX of $6300. I was told I didn't even have to be there as long as the movers could get into the house, they would take care of EVERYTHING. I also wanted to make sure I had at least 3 movers because I have moved a lot and know that is what it requires for my furniture. They also talked me out of using other moving companies saying that they (the other companies) would subcontract the move. Funny...Main Moving showed up in a Penske and a Uhaul (lies!). I was also told that they would take care of my stuff as if it were their own because if anything was lost or damaged THEY would be responsible (little did I know they would only be responsible for 0.60 per pound). As soon as I paid the initial $2200 to secure the move, it became increasingly harder to get in touch with anyone over at Main Moving. There is nowhere to leave a message. They recorded our conversation in which I was lied to repeatedly. I did happen to be home when the movers came, thank gosh! They showed up at noon (2 movers, not 3) and when they walked in, they said it was going to be closer to $8000. I had a BINDING estimate...not sure what that means now. I would have moved myself if I knew it was going to be that much, but now I had no choice as I was selling my house Monday and it was Thursday. They came down and said they were finished and could I walk through to make sure they had gotten everything. They had left out an entire closet and 2 bathrooms as well as a lot of my original artwork sitting in the middle of one of the bedrooms ( You're not done). They had run out of boxes and proceeded to throw the rest in the back of the truck. A day before my things were supposed to arrive in Phoenix they inform me that it will be another $1400 for a shuttle fee. I told them I didn't have all this extra money they were demanding and they said they would hold my furniture hostage in a storage unit (at my expense) until I paid the extra "IN CASH." I found out according to the FMCSA that I should have AT LEAST had 30 days to pay the shuttle fee. They lost a piece to my very expensive upholstered king bed, so they couldn't put that together. They left the dresser and another piece of furniture on its side with no feet (I paid for them to assemble all major furniture). They crushed every single lampshade because they threw them in various boxes with shoes and printers (why not when you're only paying 0.60/lb). Own giant MFC printer was thrown in a box upside down. They put a 12" crack in our other dresser, broke 2 dining room chairs, and left UNLABELED boxes everywhere to where we couldn't even walk through the apartment. It took us so long to find the things we needed because NOTHING WAS LABELED! I will be filing complaints with the FMCSA, going to the news, calling Clark Howard, and anything else I can do to expose these con artists for who they are DON'T USE THEM! They are scammers!



The BEST so far!

Top-of-the-line moving service and fairly priced. They provided us with 3 movers and they worked really hard. The attention to our personal belongings was as if we had done everything ourselves. We recommend them 100%.




This company sent dishonest, shady movers to my home hours after my scheduled pick up time and I refused to let them move my belongings. This company was scheduled to move my household goods between 6/11-6/13. I agreed in order to help them that my goods could be moved on 6/14. All day I waited for the movers to arrive. I called my contacts at Main Moving over and over again to continuously get the run around and never get a straight story from anyone about what the issues were. I must have called these people over 20 times. I even tried to call the customer service line to try to get a hold of someone who could actually help me and I was just sent back to the same unhelpful people. I was rudely screamed at by the supposed manager Barry and I was told that I needed to accept that the movers would show up whenever they showed up and I needed to let them take my goods. He continued to scream at me and not let me talk and during this call he said I'M CANCELLING YOUR MOVE to which I replied thank you then I will expect and email stating that you are cancelling my move and I will expect a full refund of $1611.70 which was my deposit for the move. He told me I wasn't getting anything back that there is nothing he will do and he continued to rudely scream at me so I hung up. I needed to drive 6/15 10 hours to Virginia to start my new job on 6/17 and that is why the move was scheduled for 6/11-6/13. The driver finally showed up 7 hours late after 7 pm when the sun was going down in an unmarked white truck, barely spoke English, and seemed really sketchy. My Aunt told them to call their boss Barry at Main Moving to find out what was going on and the driver began to step towards my 73 year old Aunt in such an aggressive manner that she immediately turned and came inside my house. The driver followed my Aunt and tried to enter my home without permission and I stopped him and told him to wait outside and I closed the door to my home. A few minutes later I went outside to talk to the driver and the driver began to step towards me in an aggressive manner and tried to talk over me and wave his arms around aggressively. He would not give me his name or his bosses name, he did not even know my name or any of the names of the people working for Main Moving and I knew that if I let these people load my belongings onto their truck I would never see my property again. I do not feel this is a legitimate company, after my ordeal I began doing some deep research into this company and I've read many reviews by multiple people about them stealing their money and property and being a scam. I want this company to do the right thing and refund my entire deposit of $1611.70 and then NEVER do this to another person EVER again. I have had to hire a new moving company and pay more money to have my move expedited since Main Moving decided to screw me over at the last minute. They do not have an honest person working for them and I want my money back.



Highly professional

I highly recommend this company for your moving needs. From start to finish they are highly professional. fair pricing compared to others I recieved quotes from. they were right on time and handled my items with care! The crew was respectful they went above and beyond when it came to loading the truck paying close attention to boxes marked fragile. I will definitely be using them in the future!

Carol Clowdus


Worst moving experience ever

This has been the worst experience we have ever had and we have had to move several times with work. They picked up our furniture on Monday, we paid extra to have a straight delivery from SC to Oklahoma and was told our furniture was the only one that would be on the truck.and was guaranteed to have it by that Friday, which was yesterday. We haven’t seen our furniture since Monday and this is Saturday. We have been lied too, hung up on, everything but told where our furniture is. We are now filing police report with local police and involving FBI or anyone we need too to get our stuff back! Beware of this company. We don’t think it is a legitimate company but we will know for sure in a couple of days and the names of everyone involved.
We will do everything we need to do to get to the bottom and truth of these people so we can find our furniture and also to make sure no one else will have to get scammed or go thru this!




Alan and Victor were great! Clear communication from the first email all the way through. Movers showed up during the 1-hour window as planned and were in and out in about 30 minutes, all very easy. Perfect for my small move. Thanks to Main Moving LLC!

Nancy Sims


A Scam

Main Moving showed up on 3/14/19 to pick up our things. The driver came in a 26ft box truck. He informed us that he was going to have to load that truck and then offload onto a bigger truck and didn't want to do that so asked if we would be ok with waiting until the big truck was ready later that day. We said yes. No truck ever showed. After countless phone calls I was told on 3/15/19 that someone would call me by 3/17/19 and let me know what was going on. On 3/19/19 i was told that unless we could wait longer we weren't going to have a truck. On 3/21/19 we were told that we would have a truck the following day and they finally took down a verbal inventory. The morning of 3/22/19 I received a call saying that they were not going to have a truck for us and that they would be refunding our deposit of $1750.00. On 3/24/19 i received a call informing me that they were not refunding my deposit since their driver had informed them that we had refused to let him load our things. Since the 24th I have called probably 4-5 times a day and have not been able to get a hold of anyone. We did not refuse to let the driver load. In fact we told him to load the 1200cf that we were allowed and whatever was left we would leave behind. He told us he didn't want to load and then unload/load again and we agreed to wait for the other truck. I never thought it would be an issue and while he was there i tried several times to get a hold of someone at Main Moving but never did so when he said he talked to them we believed him. I just want my $1750 back and for this nightmare to be over.

Theresa Mason


Be Careful

Be Careful, we got conned. We were scheduled to move yesterday and they bailed on us. Said they need to reschedule and now I can't get ahold of them. They called me back and answered every phone call when it was about booking them. I want our deposit back and need to look for another company. Please don't use them. Its sad to me that companies would take advantage of families. They also discredit other moving companies, said that rabbit movers license was revoked and that fragile moving is a agency that sends us to other moving companies. Takes one to know one if its true.

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