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11231 US-1, North Palm Beach, Florida 33408 USA

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About Lux Moving and Storage

11231 US-1
North Palm Beach, Florida

Lux Moving and Storage is proud to service West Palm Beach and its surrounding cities. With over 25 years of combined experience in the industry, our team of experienced movers are ready and able to provide luxurious local, long distance, commercial and international moving services.

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Affordable price

The past movers I hired were simply not good. I had to tell them what to do at each and every point. So I was searching for a professional moving company and experienced movers. I found Lux moving and storage online. This move was amazingly different. They managed to transport my belongings in excellent conditions and nothing was damaged. Their service charge was also reasonable. I think this is a company for everyone. I would like to recommend them.



Will Recommend

This is the best moving company ever! My guys showed up as scheduled, on short notice. I booked the movers less than 24 hours before my move!

The guys did three scheduled stops. They picked up stuff from the storage unit, then onto my apartment, and finally unpacking in Florida.

Nothing was damaged, everything was assembled perfectly. The rates were fair and their time was impeccable.

These guys are five stars all the way!



Kind, efficient and professional

Lovely experience with this moving company! They are professional, efficient, caring and honest. They have very low rates and they deliver within the given time. I hired them last month for my long distance move and my move was so smooth and easy! They also provided unpacking and staging services without any issues. They were just excellent! Their customer service is always a phone call away and you will also get 24/7 email customer service. They really are good! I highly recommend Lux moving and storage to all.



WOW! A wonderful moving company

Wow, I have to say, I am very impressed with Lux moving and storage. Their rates were so reasonable, and it made my move to a new state so simple. And since I was moving for college, they really took away some of the stress of moving.

Plus, they were very punctual, and they got the job done quickly; I had a family gathering just days before I was supposed to head off to California for school, and I had absolutely no time to pack before then. Plus, since I had graduated high school, I was working full-time. Lux moving and storage made it so simple! For an added fee, they even packed up my belongings for me, and I made it to Cali for move-in day. It was an all-around wonderful experience, and I would do it all over again.



Wonderful Moving Service

Highly recommend this moving company. Lux Moving and Storage a family man and knows how important moving. This company is flexible, reliable, cost friendly and trustworthy. When they helped me move I didn't have to worry about anything because I got a comfortable feeling. They have also been in the business for a very long time. You want experience because people's things are fragile. I've had experiences with movers ruining things.



So lovely

It was lovely. The services received by me were great. My furniture was handled very well. The movement of other properties was also amazing. Particularly, I was amazed by the by the way you handled my refrigerator and wide screen television screen. There was intensive professionalism involved in that; I am so grateful.



The best

These guys really are life savers. I called them in a jam and they got me picked up on a weeks notice. Everyone I spoke to was so nice and very helpful. The moving men took great care of all my belongings and on delivery helped me unpack and set it all up. I’m not sure what I would have done without them. Thank you James and everyone else who helped me. Love you all




They were professional and very fast. I thought they would need the whole two hours for our move but then they only took about 30 minutes. The price compared favorably to other company's quotes as well. Highly recommend.



Fantastic moving experience

Your movers were fantastic! On time, quick, efficient, professional, and all around great! Thank you for a great moving experience from start to finish!



Best customer service

My family is moving to a different state and we are interviewing a lot of companies. Lux moving and storage company has the best customer service. Jason followed up with us three times in three days offering us the best options and we decided to go with your company. Now we are looking forward to our move.




I have a lot of delicate items so my search for movers was thorough. Their sales pitch is great but whats better is that Lux moving and storage actually follows through on what they promise. We got a good deal and our stuff arrived quickly according to schedule. Thanks.



Best move

Lux moving and storage is part of the Movers Association. I did a query and they were one of the companies that were given for us to talk to for our move. We had a couple of conversations with their rep. He was great and thorough. We've moved for four to five times in our life. We've moved with many moving companies. Lux moving and storage was by far the best move we've ever done with any company ever. These guys were awesome. We had a lot of interactions with their crew. They were polite, courteous and helpful. Nothing was ever a problem. We parried to be involved and engaged with them, and they said, “Today is your day off. You just be around to answer our questions.” We bought them lunch and kept them well-hydrated, and they were very happy with all that. Lux moving and storage did what they said they were going to do when they said they were going to do it. In any industry, that’s rare.



Everything was good

Lux moving and storage helped us to move all my childhood stuff out of my parent's house in another state to our home. The movers showed up on time, were professional and friendly, not to mention careful with every box and piece of furniture. My stuff arrived on time, and nothing was damaged. My parents are selling our old childhood house but, thanks to these guys, I have all my memorabilia saved! I would definitely recommend using them!



They rocked!!

I am certain to seek your services in future. I do not have doubts about hiring you if the need arises. You did everything that I have always longed for in relocations. Your services were so cool and the whole relocation process turned out amazing. I did not lose a single property during the relocation process. That is enough reason for me to believe in Lux moving and storage. You are different from the rest and there is no doubt about that. I have never witnessed such a relocation process. Previously, I was used to being offered average or poor relocation services despite spending so much on movements.



The service was excellent

First of all, the contact person that I worked with was very available. I mean, I had his cell number and could call him anytime. He was always quick to respond, both by email and phone. It was easy if I needed to change anything. We were on a very tight timeline, and they were ready to help us anyway they could. So, that was very helpful.

The movers themselves were very pleasant. They did a few extra things just because they were waiting for me. They helped me unload wardrobe boxes, which was not in the scope of the work they signed up for, and went that extra mile. This was not the first time but actually the third time I've used them.



Smooth move

I hired Lux Moving and Storage. Customer service was great! I was able to call my representative before my pick up date with any inventory changes. The movers were very pleasant, they made sure that my items were secured before they loaded the truck. I received my items within the window that i was told by my rep. Thank you Lux moving for a great job and a smooth move:).



Very Friendly and Professional!

I would recommend this company to anyone looking to move without a second thought. I am so impressed with this company - so responsive, honest, helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. I would recommend this company to anyone. Flawless move and great price. The Staff were professional and respectful. We just recently did a local move. I had an amazing experience with the team that came for my move. Great Experience!



They were just so awesome

After having a horrible past moving experience, I was reluctant to trust another with my recent move. Lux moving and storage did a great job through. I was very pleased with my agent. He always answered the phone. The movers were very understanding and accommodated me every step of the way. Their customer service was excellent. Thank you and I will be sure to recommend them to friends and family.



Showed up on time

Moving house is never an easy thing, and when the other moving company we had booked failed to show, Lux moving and storage came to the rescue! They accommodated us at short notice, showed up on time, and did a fantastic job. Jensen's three-man team was fast, professional and careful with our stuff. Thank you Jensen, Chris and Patrick!



Excellent move

We moved locally in the Miami area and had a 4 bedroom house (moving to a 6 bedroom). It was a large move and the Lux moving and storage crew who did our move went way above expectations. I told them that we had hardwood floors at our old place and new, and they covered the floor very well on both ends of the move. We had a new house where we were moving to and they did not nick the walls anywhere even though there were some tight spaces. They even suggested furniture felt pads for the bottom of our furniture at the new place to protect the hardwood floors, which we picked up, and they installed when they setup the furniture at the new place. I cannot think of anything else that they could have done to make our move better. I feel very lucky to have had this crew doing our move.




We moved from FL. We lived there for about eight years. There were so many things to be moved with us. Besides of table, chairs or bed we had a piano, a big book shelf and some large and several small fragile furniture those needed intensive care. They were the perfectionist. The workers, sent from Lux moving and storage, involved in the job efficiently. Even at time of delivery, their team members placed my entire furniture where we wanted to. Their delivery time was not exceeded than what was in quotation. It may need for me to move again within a year. I will definitely be going to hire them again.



Great experience!

These guys are pros. Got there on time and they we very careful with my things. especially the electronics. clean truck too! The rates were more than reasonable as well. Great experience!




I was so impressed with Lux moving and storage and its employees. I was so stressed about moving but I was put at ease the very first time I spoke with the salesperson. The movers was on time and very professional when they arrived. They worked very fast and secured all my belongings carefully. When arrived at the new location they unload quickly and also hooked up all appliances, beds etc. in a timely manner, they also went beyond the call of duty and help me secure my front door. Thanks Lux moving and storage.




We had an excellent experience with Lux moving and storage. They were fast, friendly and very gentle with all of our belongings. They were very helpful and made sure to take extra care to place things where we wanted them to make our unpacking much easier. Will definitely call them for our next move.




These guys are AMAZING!!! Such professionals. I didn't lift a finger the whole move. They were efficient, careful and super friendly and knowledgeable. I will absolutely use them again and recommend them to everyone!



trouble free move

I had a great experience with Lux moving and storage. They came in early in the morning and everything was done within 3 hours and a half. They handled all the furniture with a lot of care and in a very professional way for a complete trouble-free move.

I would recommend them any day!



Efficient movers

I've used Lux moving and storage twice but our recent experience working with Ryan, Titus and Shaun, prompted this review. They communicated well as a team and with us. They were professional, impressively efficient, and careful. Thank you so much Ryan & team! The pleasure was ours :)



They know their job very well

Lux moving and storage is definitely the best moving company out there. I hired them to move my belongings from Tampa, FL to Oklahoma City, OK. The movers were well prepared for the job. They packed everything correctly and seemed very reliable. I couldn’t believe how easily they carried all my furniture down three sets of stairs. The delivery was made on time and nothing was damaged. Most moving companies are crappy these days. In the midst of the terrible movers, Lux moving and storage still provides services worthy of writing a damn good review.



Too easy of a move

We were moving our lifetime worth of junks from one massive house to another. It was a mammoth task moving all our belongings and it had to be a pro like Lux moving and storage which could handle it. I had heard of them before as their reputation surpasses them. When I called them, they seemed quite unmoved by the amount of work involved in this move. At first I thought they didn’t quite grasp the magnitude. But I was proven wrong by the movers. The guys arrived sharp on time ready to pack up all my stuffs. It took them quite a while to carefully pack everything. I was given quite a big window for the delivery but luckily they delivered everything on the first scheduled date and everything arrived at my new house safely. I couldn’t believe how easy my move turned out to be in the end.

Matthew A


Thank you

Thank you so much Lux moving and storage. It was really hard picking a company especially after hearing all the horror stories. It was very reassuring seeing that Lux moving and storage owned their own trucks and is not a broker. I used their full pack service, the way the movers wrapped my TV's and glass was very impressive. I even had to move up the pick up date and they catered to my request with no problem.

Zach W


Local move

Yesterday Daniel and Adrian from Lux Moving helped us with our move in Florida, and they were awesome. They were very prompt and helpful, brought all the equipment they would need, and the move actually went much faster than we expected. They both worked very quickly, even in the pouring rain! They made the move as easy as possible for us and we would definitely use Lux Moving and storage again. Thanks!




I had graduated from school and was looking to get a job. Lux moving and storage coordinator was very cordial and responsive in helping me. He also gave me advice when getting quotes from other moving companies. Lux moving and storage was very quick in their response to give me a quote and they were very helpful along the way. Plus, the quote given was spot on. The pickup was delayed by a few days though and I was very ready to get my things out of there but it didn’t take long at all for them to deliver the items. The delivery was incredibly fast and efficient, and done in a week. Lux moving and storage was really great on the front end and the agency that they chose was great as well.



5 stars

They did amazing work. They packed everything very carefully and really were attentive to my requests. They were recommended to me. And I highly recommend.

Andrew P


I recommend lux moving to anyone looking for movers

Lux moving and storage made my moving experience far less stressful than it could have been. Brian, the Sales Manager, was knowledgeable and great to work with. He was willing to be flexible about details of the move and was willing to adjust my move time when my apartment building accidentally double booked the loading dock. The team of movers assigned to me was efficient, punctual, easy to work with, and careful with my things. They had my stuff packed up into the van in about an hour and a half and unloaded in about the same amount of time. They took great care with my belongings, wrapped pieces of furniture in moving blankets and used bubble wrap when needed. I was worried about my mom's piano, but they took very good care with it. There's not a scratch or dent or any damage to any of my things or to the walls in either location. And, they were all kind enough to help me figure out how to best arrange my sectional sofa in my new place. :) Working with Lux moving and storage was a great experience, and not only would I recommend them to anyone looking for movers, I will use them again myself!

Larry Nichols


I am happy

Lux moving and storage was so professional. I dealt with many other movers in the past and never had an experience like this one. I’ve had to deal with movers without licenses Fellons coming to my house and just out right thieves I would take my goods. I’m happy to say that none of that happened this time around because I did my research. They have been in business for many years had a ton of excellent reviews and I was also referred to them by a friend of mine so I knew the type of work that they did. The most important thing when it comes to selecting s mover is knowing the company they keep. It’s easy to get fooled when talking to people on the phone everyone has the same pitch. Save yourself time energy and money and give these guys a call and try them for yourself.

Amy Austin


Amazing company

Thrilled, pleased, content, all those amazing words to describe an amazing company. I never pictured moving being this easy especially traveling hundreds of miles. I highly recommend Lux moving and storage.

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