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8201 Peters Rd, Suite 1000, Plantation, Florida 33324 USA

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About Load To Road Moving Solutions

8201 Peters Rd, Suite 1000
Plantation, Florida

We are the Long Distance Moving Specialists. From the beginning to the end you will experience a top-notch move.

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Wes DuBois


You have been warned!

***DO NOT HIRE THESE CRIMINALS*** This company is a complete scam. I have a laundry list of complaints against them but at the very top is the fact that they charged me over TRIPLE the original quote and held my belongings for ransom until I paid. They are liars, they are completely unprofessional and they WILL do it to you too. Please learn from my mistake and don't fall into the trap that these predators have laid. I'd be happy to provide additional details to anyone who would like to hear it.

Linda Schacherer


Awful and unethical. BEWARE!

Horrible experience!!! when booking I was told the movers were employees and trucks company owned. Ryan quoted us $5950 to move from LA to AZ. We confirmed with Ryan a week before the move we would need the whole 26 foot truck. Moving day another company shows up who was brokered by Load to Road. They were expecting half a truck for us. They doubled the price! Ryan and Load to Road hung up on me. The CEO and Load to Road was going to give me $850 off the new price of $11,000 or I could cancel and find someone else. Since escrow had closed and I needed out I was backed into a corner. Awful and unethical. BEWARE!



Stay away!

More like road to hell! This company was such a ripoff!! Quoted me a full truck move, listed all my belongings, told me company owned trucks and employees. Show up on moving day and says the price is doubled even though I had what I said I had. Come to find out they broker out the moves, do not have own trucks or movers. Owners solution was to refund my deposit and I could find someone else or pay the new price. The sales guy I booked with hung up on me. Since escrow closed and we had to be out I had to pay. These guys are completely unethical and a ripoff. Stay away!

Marilyn Fenner


Very bad experience!!

Buyer beware! I would not recommend this moving service to anyone. All of things were literally dumped into a box without indicating what was in the box. Several pieces of furniture had pieces broken off, lamp had light switch broken off because they were in such a hurry to pack. Deep gouges we’re made in door as they shoved the sofa through it. They had no idea how to get it through the door without our help. Spatially challenged! I am not a racist and was offended as they spoke Arabic to each other while standing in front of us. Victor had a bad attitude and was belligerent at times. What we were told by the sales rep and what we actually paid for was very different. Surprise charge of $170 was added because it was more than 75 feet from entrance to our new apartment. I could go on and on but we did not get the service we paid for. Very bad experience!!

Jillian Landers



This company is a S.C.A.M BEWARE!! The go under the name "Load to road" which was changed from "Door 2 Door" moving because they had such horrid review's they had to change the name (But thats all thats changed) Same owners same lying sales team as i was quoted $2200.00 for my move i was picked up on Monday and all "company they "brokered out to" L& R trucking came out and all of a sudden they DEMANDED $1200.00 more dollars because they said our furniture was "Bigger then standard" HUH?? I gave the sales person exactly hat we were taking down to an exact box count (when i tried to call over there all of a sudden No-one picks up the phone or returns calls )

Stay away there are plenty of other "Real moving companies" also if you google them online it shows there "Main location" and address as being CLOSED!!!!!! In plantation Fl looks like you guys are doing a real good job RIPPING PEOPLE OFF IM GOING TO HE DISTRICT ATTORNEY FOR A CLASS ACTION SUIT



Horrible experience

No one should ever use this company. My grandparents - Dan C and my grandma - recently moved from Fair Oaks to El Dorado Hills and they were abused and manipulated the whole time. The movers overcharged them and worked as slow as possible to drain my grandparents of money (and charged a 9% credit card fee). Not only that, but almost every piece of furniture they owned was scratched up severely by these movers - I have pictures as proof. Not only that, but the workers left open and half empty soda cans everywhere for us to clean up as well as leaving gum on the ground of my grandma’s new garage. They have terrible work ethic, are extreme gold diggers, and treat elders absolutely horribly.




horrid!!! liars brokers will tell you everything that "does /will "not happen during your move (use to go under door 2 door moving til they were shut down) i think this company is closed now also anyone who has business with them call your cc company get your deposit back before you become the next victim

they are not authorized to do moves under the safer dot website look them up "not authorizes" runnnn!!!



I would not take my business to this company ever again

In short - there is a serious disconnect between what you discuss with the sales agent booking your move and what happens thereafter.

I booked my job with the sales agent in the beginning by verbally describing my household items. I asked whether or not we could update as we get closer to the move he assured me that wouldn't be a problem. I gave the final assessment of items 3 days in advance to try to avoid any surprises. - When the movers arrived they did not have the updated information, told me there was going to be significant up-charges (some of which is expected with a phone booking) and that I would have to pay with either cash or check before they would move anything.

I specifically asked whether or not they had their own movers or whether they contract out to other companies and was assured that they had "our own guys" - They contract to external moving companies as my inventory had Atlantic Van Lines and my Bill of Laden had Olympia Moving and my movers were from My Move Chicago (parent companies or shell companies?? who knows)

I asked whether there were multiple moves scheduled for the same day the agent assured me that I was the only one being moved that day. - I was one of three moves for the truck that ultimately got my belongings.

I had in writing that I was going to pay with a credit card with fees waived, in writing on my contract - this was not the case. When they arrived the movers stated their machines were "down". I reached out to the agent who was handling my move (same one who locked in the contract as above). He discussed with the (Olympia moving??) moving company and (when I ultimately called him back two hours later) he said "I don't get why it's such a big deal to pay with check or cash". I stated that this is what we agreed to because of how I was arranging the move with my company. I stated that the movers would be in breach of contract since this was explicitly written in my contract. He told me I was "Barking up the wrong tree" AND HUNG UP ON ME.

At this point I was reliant on this company for my interstate move and needed to negotiate a way to make this work. I called back, asked to speak to a supervisor who was ultimately extremely professional and apologetic with service recovery etc. While the managers were nice however they were also clueless and consistently gave incorrect info.

I ultimately got my belongings, 1.5 weeks after the promised delivery but it was not a smooth process. The managers are excellent but the people you may actually interact with are atrocious. There has to be better options out there and I would not take my business to this company ever again. Neither should you.

John farrell


Beware it’s a scam organization

They are a bunch of crooks. The salesman looked at the MLS pix of our 3 room house and furniture and I described what we needed. They sent a contracted company that was unprepared for our move. Took 10 hrs to pack house. Couldn’t deliver till next day and charged 750 for overnight storage and 6 hrs more work in the day we moved to new house.
I’ve already called the Fla Attorney General to see about recourse.
Beware it’s a scam organization

Bonny Lenz


Load to Road Moving Solutions

I do not know what I would have done without Load to Road! We changed our moving date not once but twice....the second time the truck was literally on the way! They were most understanding about our unique circumstances and didn't even bat an eye when we added stops in between the final destination. I highly recommend them.

Richard Sain


Never ever use this company

Worst moving company ever. They broke a lot of my things and we could not even get the owner of the company to cal us. All they wanted was to get the job done as fast as they could go to the next move. The dropped a brand new ice box over 2.000 and would not do one thing about it. They pay people to write good reviews. Never ever use this company. They are very shady and could care less how they treat your belonging.




Scam. Took half my money, cancelled on me twice, won't return calls. Avoid this place at all costs.



I was Very Impressed!

I was very satisfied with Load to road moving solutions. They took care of my two day move very carefully-they had to move some stuff one day, and the rest on another. Everything was perfect except they damaged one thing. It was a high priced item. They took a lot of time and trouble, but they got it fixed. Some companies these days would just have given me the run around. I thought it showed a lot of integrity that they took the trouble and saw it through till the end. They did a really good job.



It went beyond my expectations!

I had a very good experience with Load to road moving solutions. I chose them based on an excellent recommendation, and I'm glad I did. Chris and his team were great and worked very well together. They were careful, conscientious and professional. I have a lot of old, antique furniture, and they were very concerned and took the extra step to make sure nothing was damaged. I would highly recommend them. They go the whole nine yards!



Worst moving company

What a complete cluster F***! This company changed my move date 3 times. One of those times they were a no show (called an hour after their show-up window to say they couldn't make it today), rescheduled it for 3 days later. Showed up 2 hours late and would not begin until I showed up, my wife was there but since I told them I would assist moving a hot tub, they would not begin until I arrived (another day off work). They came without straps for tie-downs, not packing materials, I paid for 3 movers and 1 truck, what I got was 2 movers, 1/2 truck...and a lot of do-it-yourself moving. Had it not been for passer-byers willing to lend a hand, my move wouldn't have gotten done....oh, didn't they only packed 1/2 of my property. They also made claim that they DO NOT sub-contract their moves...FALSE! They sub-contracted mine. I am trying to resolve my problem with this company, however NO-ONE will return my call. Ryan, my sales person or Eyal the dispatching supervisor have done nothing to assist. I suppose I will see them in court.



Delivered on time

I have been thinking to share my experience. It’s been couple of weeks that I worked with Load to road moving solutions. I moved permanently for New York to be with my fiancé. Moving is always a disturbing situation for me. So I wanted to make it secure under any circumstance. I called to several companies and at last Load to road moving solutions was my ultimate selection due to their low cost and courteous behavior. Later on when I observed their job, how they were giving effort, my pressure level went way down. They were careful enough to packing my every house hold belongings. They delivered it on time also. Nothing was damaged and they also helped me out at our new place too. Keep up the good work guys.



Better move

Everything about my move was pretty much as great as it could be thanks to the pros at Load to road moving solutions. I could not have asked for a better move. The communication was well kept throughout my move. I moved from FL to Reno NV so its a long way away and I still got my things within my delivery window. The driver kept me informed if anything was stopping him for making it on time or just updating me on where he was on the road. When my things arrived it came just as I left it. Nothing was missing and everything looked like it was never moved. They really did a great job with my move and I appreciate that there is a company that cares.



Thank you

I want to say thank you for your job.I was looking where can i write a review i I've found it) I will recommend you to all my friends. Its even cheaper to pay for a Full packing then to do it by your own. You saved my time ) Guys i wish you more customers and business opportunity Thank you one more time



Great service! Super trustworthy and affordable

Gosh, this has been such a rough journey moving with 3 kids. One of the hardest times and most stressful!!! I was a reck emotionally with the packing, sleepless nights and the list goes on and on as to the stress that comes upon us while relocating to a new place. I would give Load to road moving solutions ten stars if I could!!!!!! What great service. I feel it difficult to describe in words how patient and understanding they were. They arrived promptly on time and not only took good care of our belongings they were very caring around my children and two dogs through the entire move. We only had one of my favorite chairs broken upon arrival but I could care less after receiving such an exceptional and excellent service. To top it all I even got reimbursed for that one chair. Great guys! Great service! Super trustworthy and affordable!!!!




We just completed a cross-country move from Florida to Chicago with Load to road moving solutions. Overall a very positive experience.



Experienced moving company

There are plenty of new moving companies who would quote quite low to bag the client. But they are mostly inexperienced and hiring them is simply a bad idea. Load to road moving solutions, however, is a very experienced moving company. They have a great reputation and have been in the business for a long time. It turned out to be a great decision hiring them for my last move. They worked with absolute precision. The movers were very well aware of any kind of problem that could arise and they came prepared. My belongings were carefully transported and I didn’t have to do a thing! You may think it’d cost a lot to hire them but they only charge what is fair!



Very professional

I used these guys in April for my move - which should have been easy, but turned into a two-partner. Initial move went smoothly and quickly - they were very professional and worked very fast. The 2nd part came because my daughter's friends couldn't help her move what she needed to take so I called Marcus to ask if they could do a same day move a few items. He scheduled them and they were there within a few hours. Again, very professional and fast which was a life saver. I'm hoping to be buying a house very soon and I will absolutely be calling on Load to road moving solutions to do that move as well.



Mind blowing

I am absolutely blown away by the services Load to road moving solutions gave me. The movers packed and loaded all our belongings in the quickest possible time; the same job would have anyone else forever! They were so efficient and always attentive. Never did they lose focus on the job and damaged anything. I was quite impressed by the professionalism displayed by these guys. All my valuables were delivered on time and all the pieces survived the journey superbly. I strongly recommend them.



Extraordinary Service

I have used load to road moving solutions last month. The movers were exceptionally energetic and active. They had a working arrangement. They were very intelligent. They managed everything without asking anything. At first, I was little bit tensed but they proved me wrong. They did their work just on time and placed them properly. The movers gave an extraordinary service. I highly appreciate their style of work. It was hard to overlook such a remarkable movement. I just loved their service.



Florida to San Fran

If you have experienced moving - that is boxing-in all your old life and then getting it all out at a new place - you know you can get quite busy by managing all that 'old place to new place' transition. In my case, this major transition was from Florida to San Fran. So, I will keep it sweet and short. Because that is exactly what would be the best description of my experience with guys from the Load to road moving solutions. The moving was painless with them, if you can say this about moving at all. Jalen, (wow), was easy to communicate with, always cool, and responding rather promptly to all my curious and urgent emails/calls. The moving process all worked out as negotiated and agreed upon prior the action. No confusion, no vague promises or statements. The final cost reflected the initial estimate; price was fair. The movers were efficient (time- and work-wise) and did not make any damage, skilled in wrapping things. All by all, I am happy it is over, ufff... - but, if necessary, I would use this company again!



A great experience

The collaboration with Load to road moving solutions was fantastic even though it was a quick one. The movers showed up and handled the packaging, loading, and hauling like pros. Interestingly, the crew that came to unload and unpack was different from the one that came to my previous home. The coordination of these teams was seamless; they did all the work including setting up the beds and other furniture. A great experience.

Martinez Pierson


Local Move

The crew from Load to road moving solutions were really co-operative. I have had experience with at least two different moving companies. There is often a confusion among such crews and they always like to finish the job as quick as possible. It leads to chaos and sometimes goods getting damaged. Such an experience never existed with this company. They were never hasty at all which was something I never expected a moving company would do. The items were neatly packed and the guys took their time to load in the truck. Be it a local move or an inter-state transfer, these people are the best.



marvelous job

Your company is the best. I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart. Load to road moving solutions you guys are so since you’re working with me and my parents. We had a lot of special requests and you guys didn’t hesitate to make sure all of it happens exactly how we wanted it to. We needed special dates, additional pick ups and even storage. We shopped around in the beginning but in the end you guys are the most fair and most reputable company so we decided to work with you. The girls in the customer service department answer any additional questions we had and called us to notify us before everything took place. It’s hard to find a standup company These days so we jumped on the opportunity to work with you. You made us feel calm and confident throughout all the move. So this is a little thank you for a marvelous job.



5 stars

Surely 5 stars. These people are absolute professionals. They came on time, work quickly and accurately. I'm really happy that I hired your company. I had a great experience working with you guys. We opted for the full service option. They carefully wrapped all fragile items to ensure that they did not break, as well as carefully Box up our large TV. Highly recommended!

Nicholas A


completely satisfied with their services

My last move had disaster written all over it. It was a sudden move and u suck at packing. Then there were tons of other details to take care of. So I hired Load to road moving solutions. I talked to their manager, and he gave me a reasonable quote. All my valuables were transported to my new house by these magicians. I was completely satisfied with their services.




I used Load to road moving solutions for a move ! From the moment I contacted them through the move, they were excellent in communication, work ethic and taking care of my furniture. Martin and Daniel were awesome and fast in getting us out of our residence and into our new place. I highly recommend Load to road moving solutions!

Kaitlin S


Thanks guys!

Joe and Rex were on time and finished the job in 3 hours. I had about 25 boxes and a lot of furniture. They helped me disassemble and assemble my bed and moved very quickly. I did find a few broken glasses in one of my kitchen boxes, so put a huge "fragile" sign on all sides of the box so that extra care can be taken. Other than that, it was a quick and painless move and very inexpensive compared to every other company I looked at. Thanks guys!

Laura G


Very Happy

Very happy, I only had one thing to move, a heavy china cabinet and they did an excellent job. The packed it up expertly and had to carry it up 52 stairs! They didn't charge extra for the stairs. Rubin and Alex were very personable and professional. Would hire them again.



Polite and hard working

I was extremely pleased with the service from Load to road moving solutions. Though there were many companies to move with, but this mover suits the best of our demand. Their driver was time conscious. He arrived exactly on time to pick our household goods. Along with him other three persons came to help. They were polite and hard working. I received all furniture as I handed over them. No missing at all. That was enough for me that I received my furniture intact and timely. They were courteous to treat us from the beginning to end. I was satisfied on their work and would use them again.



Impressed by their professionalism

When I had load to road moving solutions transport my household, I was impressed by their professionalism, and honesty.
I was amazed how efficiency the movers packed and unpacked my belongings..and without a scratch,!
I used another company a few years ago, and some of my audio collection went missing, along with scratches on my table legs.
I would definitely use them again....



Fair rate

I moved across the state. I've moved a few times throughout my life and every time it's a stressful experience.
One thing is for sure they helped take a large portion of that stress and worry away. The sales staff, did an excellent job helping me coordinate every step of my move; they were professional and accommodating through the entire process.
They gave me a very fair rate, all of my boxes and furniture arrived safe and sound.



Incredible customer service

What a great move! I've lived in Florida for most of my life and was very nervous to begin with about moving my family so far away. When I started looking for movers we couldn't believe the amount of moving companies that there actually is. After doing weeks of research we finally decided that we would go with Load to road moving solutions. On the day of pick up they arrived on time and prepared for a full service move. The pick up was completed in no time, and I have to say the professionalism in which they handled and packed our belongings really provided me peace of mind. The men on the truck again were very kind and professional . I received my items flawed. After so many weeks of receiving estimates I wasn't sure if we made the right decision, how ever they proved us to be right! I would refer them to anyone of my family or friends! Additionally, Iris and everyone else that we worked with at Load to road moving solutions was absolutely fantastic. Incredible customer service!!

Tara Q


I will use them again

I used this company for an out of town move in FL. The 3 person team from Load to road moving solutions who did my move were on time, worked quickly and were careful with my things. I was really pleased with how the day went. No problems, no drama. The price was less than I expected. I will use them again.



Smooth move

Roger and Frankie, the two movers, were quick, professional, and super friendly. I couldn't have asked for a smoother move!

Kristi V


moving company

We move frequently for my husband's job and this was the best moving company we have worked with. Nice people who worked efficiently but with care, were pleasant, and offer straightforward pricing. True professionals that are exactly what you're looking for in a moving company. Thanks Steve, Andy, Reno and Sam!! We will call you next time!!



Five Stars

Overall great experience. The guys were very friendly, on time, professional, etc. The price is very fair, and as long as you are up front about what your move, they didn't mess around with the price day of. Nothing seems to have broken so can't complain about that. Also the guys are incredibly honest and up front about everything, I asked them for a couple pointers on things I was moving and they were very helpful. I'll use them again.



Careful and friendly

Mike and Irvin are very professional. Communicate well and show up right on time. His guys work hard and fast, but are still careful and friendly. Would definitely recommend



Amazing job

Waw! Amazing job, very fast, they really take of tour things! I am amazed! They did it so fast! While taking care of everything! I recommend!

Meghan G


smooth move

Roger and Frankie, the two movers, were quick, professional, and super friendly. I couldn't have asked for a smoother move!



Pleasure to work with them

I could not be happier with how my move went. The movers turned up on time and managed to get everything out of my house without an issue and fast too, despite the difficult stairs at my apartment. The rest of the move went without issue as well. Before the process even started, I had gotten a phone call previously from the sales rep Frank, who had set everything up for me, they did everything they could to make me feel comfortable. If I needed to move again I would definitely use Load to road moving solutions. Highly recommended moving service.

Lynn J


Wonderful experience

This was the first time that I used Load to road moving solutions. Last week, and last minute, I needed to remove some items from home, and they were able to fit me in. The process went well, and my items were delivered safely. The 2 movers (John and Robert) were very pleasant, courteous, and efficient, and made sure everything went smoothly. They arrived on time and were great. Wonderful experience and would recommend this service



perfect move

So I moved from New York down to Florida and love everything about it down here. The weather, Miami, and the cars! I called these guys up because I was referred by a friend and he told me that these were the guys to go through. So they came on time and brought materials to help me pack. They loaded everything on a truck and that was that. I flew down to Florida and a day and half later I got a phone call saying my stuff will be at my house in an hour. I trusted my friends word and he was right



Great moving service

Great moving service, on time and received everything in one piece. Will definitely be using them again in the future.

Ben R


Five Stars

This company, and the guys who moved my items, was fantastic! Very prompt with returning phone calls, and was able to accommodate a last minute date change as well. The three guys (Drew, Jose, and Adrian) showed up exactly on time, and worked diligently throughout the day. They took great care packing up all my items - not a thing was damaged in the move (and I have some very fragile items). They also asked me regularly to confirm what I wanted moved and what I wanted left behind for the new owner. They clearly took care and pride in their work. Then when we arrived to my new location, they carefully placed all the furniture items exactly where I wanted them. I was very impressed by their work ethic and professionalism. Definitely five stars!



They know their job

The service guys were professional all the time,from pickup to delivery. Also,very communicative about policies and procedures. If you are looking for a moving company, look no further, these ones are excellent.

Shawn W


Unique in every way

Yes Load to road moving solutions is unique. They are so different in a good way! They have very low rates which is great! Their moving team is efficient, caring, professional and hardworking. They will move you in the smoothest way possible and you will not need to do a single thing! I hired them for my long distance move a few weeks ago and the move could not go any better! There were no damages, no delays, no stress and no problems at all! I had the best move of my life! I highly recommend this moving company to all.

Gregory S


No damages and no extra fees

Move with Load to road moving solutions! They are the best moving company out there! They are efficient, caring, professional and experienced. They moved me a week ago so well! I could not find a single damage anywhere! Everything was moved beautifully and they even helped a lot at the new place. Their price was low in the beginning and the best part was that I paid exactly that same amount. There were no extra fees or hidden fees! These guys are remarkable! I highly recommend this moving company to all.



I am so impressed

We hired a different company originally who decided not to show up on the moving day. I have come to realize it’s such a common occurrence especially if you hire low ended companies with little to no reputation to uphold. In a rush, I called Load to road moving solutions, which has a great reputation in the market. They quoted a very low price and I was wondering why I hadn’t hired them in the first place. Their performance was so professional. The movers were punctual, efficient and strong. They were so helpful and polite. In the end, the bill was exactly what they estimated earlier and all my valuables were timely delivered to my new house.



professional moving

This was my second time around using Load to road moving solutions, and I didn't think it was possible but they were better than I remembered! They were prompt to call and alert me that they were on their way well before the allotted window of arrival. The three man team was thorough, fast and efficient at assessing the items that needed further padding/wrapping/packaging. Before I knew it they were headed to the new apartment and the unloading began. Not only did they quickly (and safely) get everything up to my new apartment, but they remembered which items went in each specific room. They took the time to make sure everything was set up as desired. At the end of the move they double checked that all items had safely been delivered and set-up to my needs. I would highly recommend Load to road moving solutions to anyone that is looking for a reliable, efficient and professional moving company.



Professional all the way

Load to road moving solutions was simply too good during my move. I used them a week ago while moving to my new home and they did a splendid job. Movers arrived on time and began the work without wasting a single minute. It was a classy display by them. They were flawless during the whole move. Plus they were very speedy and efficient as well. I would definitely hire them again.



I will contact them again

My recent move with load to road moving solutions was a great one. They really are great! They have very good people working there who wants to help you in every way possible. My move was like a breeze. They came in, packed and moved and left. The delivery was on time as promised and there were no damages at all. All the furniture, glassware and fragile items were delivered damaged free and scratched free. They really did a good job. Thank you so much. I will hire you again and I will recommend you to all.



Good company and good move

I highly recommend Load to road moving solutions because they moved me without any problems. Every company tells you that they are good, but actually they are not. Not every company can move you without any damages or extra fees. But in my experience, I found this moving company to be very professional, efficient and caring. They moved me without a single error. No damages and no extra fees too! Everything was nicely done and my relocation was like a breeze. I personally think they are the best!

Lisa R


I would use them again

Load to road moving solutions were great. The sales rep was great he was so informative and helpful. He went over everything from packing handing. Tips on packing. The movers and packers came on move date and crated my tv packed my mirrors. It was great. I have used several movers over the years and by far Load to road moving solutions was great. I would use them again and recommend them

Bernard V


Nice service, highly recommended!

Guys helped me to move my studio apartment a few weeks ago. Quick and smooth, we started around 9am and were done around 12pm!

Nice service, highly recommended!

Aaron T


Fast & Efficient

These guys were great. Fast, efficient and great all round service. They came in well under quote. Highly recommend for a family or big move.

Shayna R



WOW!!! That was the fastest, easiest, and most pleasant experience I've ever had with a moving company. The crew that moved us, Tom and his guys, were so helpful, hard working and very courteous!!! I would recommend Tom and his guys every time! Great job and thanks so much!!




My best friend and her husband relocated to the area in a hurry due to a job change. I came out to help them move.

This company was amazing to work with! They provided an affordable quote and helped us get the process going for them quickly. They were super professional, they showed up on time and got the boxes in the truck quickly.

They got the boxes in their new place fast and there were NO broken items. The guys were super polite and helpful. I would definitely recommend them to others.



Affordable price

This moving company helped get to my new home for a very affordable price. The moment I found this company I knew I made a good decision it was a great company and I will use them again as my next mover thank you guys I just wanted to take the time to write this review because you guys deserve the best and the most you can get to be a reputable moving company thank very much.

James Donovan


I’d highly recommend

Thank goodness for reliable movers. I’ve never used a professional mover before and honestly never even left my home town my whole life. I was very afraid to hire a mover after some of the horror stories I heard about people paying extra money or never seeing my goods again. I spoke to Load to road moving solutions they were ironically the first call I took. They were so efficient in making sure we had all the items I was bringing. We scheduled the dates I needed and they showed up as expected. They did a fabulous job. I’d highly recommend them to anyone in need of an honest moving company.

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