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454 S Yonge St Suite E, Ormond Beach, Florida 32174 USA

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About Liberty Bell Moving Group

454 S Yonge St Suite E
Ormond Beach, Florida

Liberty Bell Moving Group is a top rated residential and commercial moving brokerage firm offering comprehensive home and business relocation and packing services. Our goal is to exceed customers expectations by customizing our moving services to specific needs. We move apartments, condominiums, homes, businesses, and everything in between – from very small to very large. Whether moving down the street, across the country, or to a new home or business building, we’re here to help with managing relocation stress.

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Melissa A



It's been a month we have requested to deliver the goods on June 28th, we have not received our goods yet and they are not giving any date when they will deliver our items. It’s a complete nightmare right from the beginning of the move. We have spoken to Liberty Bell Moving Group reps Jessica, Neal, Shannon, Sharon and Sam. The manager Sam said that they let Neal to go because Neal is not returning customers’ phone call. So, the manager Sam is not returning our phone calls either.
Please be aware that Liberty Bell Moving Group outsource their jobs. They never disclosed at any time until they were sick of our phone calls now they are telling us Liberty Bell Moving Group is not responsible for our items because New York State to State picked our items. Now, we came to know from a cop that there is a third company is involved in delivering our items.
We spoke to Katelyn who set up the order. She said someone will call us three days before pick up for an accurate count. But someone called two weeks before and asking for the final count. We said it’s too early, please call back three days before. No one called but a small truck showed up on May 12th. I spoke to the driver that I did believe our items would fit in the truck, he walked through our home and after he seen everything he said sure it will. Unfortunately, they couldn't fit all of our items in the truck. So, we had no chose but to take it us in our vehicle, they had left behind some large items which would have been impossible to fit in our vehicles. We also had to give away items as they did not fit including our dining room table. Since its their mistake sending small truck we made several phone calls to pick up the items that we could not leave behind. Finally, they came back and picked up the four items.

Due to their mistake we end up paying more cash than original quote at the time of pick up. So, we paid $689.30 over phone to set up pick up. We were supposed to pay cash $885 at the time of pickup but we ended up paying $1,470. They didn't accept credit card payments or check. They only wanted cash. Lucky, we had enough cash to give them.

During the pick up the movers were very tired. So, my fiancé and me picked most of the boxes (were heavy) and left at the door. They picked up from door step and arranged in the truck. It was getting late in the evening we asked them' are you hungry ' They said kind of. So, immediately we went out and grabbed pizza and soda for them since there was nothing in the house to offer them to eat because of the move.

We also felt bad for them to carry the items to the drive way. So, we asked them to move the truck to the front yard if they want to. So it make is more easy for them to load in the truck.

Unfortunately, the plan was a disaster asking to bring the truck to the front yard. It was a heavy rain and cold night. They were ready to leave around 11pm, they couldn't move the truck because the truck got stuck in the yard and digging more and more deep hole in the ground. The truck driver didn't get any help from his boss to get the truck from the yard. I believe they didn't have any road side assistance to pull the truck from the yard.

We were lucky that our neighbor found out the truck got stuck in the yard. He came forward to help the truck get out the of yard. It took us two and half hours in the pouring rain to get the truck unstuck. Once the truck was out the yard, we went to the nearest weigh station to weigh the truck as they were trying to charge us ridiculous amount for extra. After all being helpful to them still the truck driver was dishonest with the weight, instead of giving the weight of the items he quoted the entire weight of the truck that came up to 18,000 pounds appx. We accepted him and we were trying to pay, we realized the truck driver said that the weight of the empty truck was 8,000 pounds. When we red handed him he immediately deducted the 8,000 pounds and charged the 10,000 pounds.

When we return back home it was 3:30am. We only had little sleep that night. The next day morning, we rushed to Home Depot to get some dirt to fill the holes in the yard that was left from the truck. We were worried that we had the buyers visiting our house before the final settlement. We are glad that the buyer did not complain the yard because we covered up with dirt. Later that day we thanked and paid our neighbor who helped us in the middle of the night to get the truck out of the yard.

We never brought up the bad situation to the company. We know things can happen, however we managed it – it was not a big deal. The mover's boss well aware of the bad situation but they didn't even care to make a courtesy call to thank us.

The company never even tried to arrange a second pickup for the items they left behind. We had to make numerous phone calls before they came out again. Than the driver called my fiance and stated to stop calling his boss as he was getting in trouble for not picking up the items, I than asked how can I be sure that the items will get with the original pickup, “he stated he did not have time for my nonsense and hung up. We also had to make numerous calls to make sure the second pick up has been reached with the first pick up. They confirmed on multiple occasions that they receive the second pick up and added with the original.

We were also concerned that the movers had damaged a 55'' LED Samsung TV which we paid $3,500. Joe from New York State to State moving company said that he personally checked all three TVs and confirmed there is no damage, its all safe. We are still concerned that the movers pushed the TV to hard as the door on the truck would not close due to insufficient space. They even had to leave their own dolly behind in our yard.

Two weeks later after the pick up we received a call from a truck driver that he is in NC on way to GA for delivery. We were so shocked that we never gave any early date. Our actual settlement date was July 28 which is 45days appx from the day they picked our items. Immediately we called and reported Liberty Bell Moving Group. They immediately admitted its their mistake. They called Joe in State to State movers and reported it.

According to Liberty Bell instruction we called two weeks before and reminded the delivery date on 6/28. They confirmed that they will deliver by 6/27 or 6/28. Since we didn't hear from them we called customer service and came to know it is not on the way. Since we were not get hold of Joe from New York State to State the Livery Bell CSR made a conference to Joe. He then promised that he will deliver between the items between 7/3 and 7/8. Again we didn't receive any phone calls at all. We were waiting on this delivery without going outside of the house thinking that they didn't call us before pick up so they may deliver without notice.

After numerous attempt Joe answered the phone and explained because they attempted delivery before they couldn't rearrange the delivery for next 30days based on how their system works. We explained that it was not our mistake, we never asked for early delivery because the house was not ready un till July 28. Joe said that he will give us a discount due to the hassle.

Joe gave a phone number to call someone in Florida who was delivering our items. We made phone calls after phone calls to make sure he will deliver this time. Joseph from Florida returned our call on Saturday, July 7 at 5:30pm stating that he is not able to deliver because the second pick up of 4 items are not with him, therefore he will not deliver the items. We told him that you can deliver the 4 items later at their convenient and please deliver the rest of the items. He continued to refused to deliver. At this time we asked the address stating that we will pick up from Florida office so that we can provide the address to State Police. Since we said we can pick up the items he turned the word against us. Now he is telling us to pick up our self. We turned around and said that you need to deliver today because that is what your guys were confirmed. Finally he hung up on us.

Immediately we reported to Pennsylvania police department where they picked up our items. The cop called Joseph immediately and spoke to him. Joseph's said a different story to the cop that he didn't have a driver to send the items to GA. The cop asked Joseph to call us by Monday July 9th with the delivery update. We never received any phone call from Joseph and he is not answering the cop calls either.

We texted Joe on July 12, asking when will we receive our items. He texted back asking us to contact Carlos the truck driver and gave the number. When we called Carlos he said that he has a delivery in GA but not to our address. The truck driver called Joe immediately and informed the situation. When we called back Joe refused to answer the call.

Next day morning we called Liberty Bell Moving Group and asked for a manager. Sam answered the phone and contacted Joe for the delivery. He said that Joe confirmed the delivery between July 14 and 15. We texted Joe and reconfirmed the delivery date. Joe texted that the truck driver is on the way from NY to GA.

All this time they were saying our items are stored in Orlando, FL but Joe is texting us it is coming from NY to GA. We are soo confused. We didn't ask any further questions because we didn't care where it has been stored. All we need is our items to be delivered safely.

When we texted Joe for reconfirmation he said the truck has three delivery stops including NC, SC and GA. It's Sunday July 15 still we didn't not hear from anyone.

We moved from PA to GA with two kids. We had to fly the kids back to PA because of the situation. We are sleeping on floor since June 28. We had to buy basic necessity of pots and pans to cook because we can not afford to eat in restaurant everyday. It is even impacting our work because of lack of sleep.

Shelly Jameson


Friendly Movers

It is interesting working with movers who are not just there to work for money but are willing to go extra miles to make the job perfect. I can describe these guys with two words, “friendly workers”. They worked more like a friend than hirers. I guess this is why they dedicate their energy, time and concentration towards ensuring that they bring out the best in every move. You can tell that these guys are experienced in their job with the way they worked. They were highly knowledgeable and offered practical ideas to me when I moved with them. I felt relaxed knowing that I was moving with the right people. I must say that you guys for the great job you did in this move.



No loss, no damage

They did exactly as I would have wanted it. My husband made a wise decision hiring them out. In the past, we hadn’t been lucky enough to get some of the best movers. For the few times that we relocated, our properties got damaged in the process. I prayed that it were different this last time and it came to pass. Liberty Bell Moving Group did it to perfection. All through the journey from New York to Massachusetts, I did not lose a single property. The move was executed with due diligence and expertise. Hiring out Liberty Bell Moving Group to relocate me from New York to Massachusetts was one of the wisest decisions I have ever made. I am glad I came to that decision, after persuasions. I had enlisted it as one of my preferable moving companies among others. It took me time to settle on it and I owe it all to my husband. He advised me to go for these movers as he had heard of them. He was right in every aspect because all that is what Liberty Bell Moving Group offered me. Their relocation services were exclusive. Thanks so much.

Johnny Gaylord


It’s all true!

What is in the online reviews about them is what they offer. I got to know about Liberty Bell Moving Group because of the favourable online reviews people had about them. I was looking for a reliable company to help me with the work of relocating to Massachusetts. I have always believed in constantly online reviews and that’s what I went for. After going through a couple of reviews, I decided to choose this company and I have never regretted my decision. I do believe they are the best. I haven’t actually sought the services of many relocation companies, but I know how to gauge the capability of movers. Liberty Bell Moving Group are exquisite in terms of efficient delivery of relocation services. They have very well-dedicated team of movers who wouldn’t stop at anything until they ensure that their client’s satisfaction is guaranteed. Cheers great company.

Malik Rai


Careful and diligent crew

Their relocation services are undoubtedly great. The crew had a sense of humour that made the entire process appear like a get together of old friends. Someone who watched us from a distance would be forgiven for thinking that we were old friends helping out one of us. They handled my properties as if they were their own. They were so careful in ensuring that not a single property got damaged in the process. I love them. Such a wonderful experience it was working with them. I was referred to Liberty Bell Moving Group by an old friend who had sought their services sometime back. She had been thrilled by their work and wanted me to have a similar experience. I came to realise while she was so fond of them when the movement of properties from South Carolina to California was over. That was a job well done. I recommend them.

Pamela Susar


Favourable Service charges

Their charges are so favourable. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I was sent the quotation for my relocation from Alabama to Georgia. I had expected exorbitant charges considering their resounding reputation. What further surprised me is the fact that I ended up paying less than the initial quote. It was a good deal and they gave me value for my hard earned cash. Why shouldn’t I be grateful? I will definitely come for Liberty Bell Moving Group in the future. Honestly, I am so grateful. I did not have an idea it would turn out this amazing. The relocation was perfect. When I got into contact with them, doubts are all I had. I did not believe they were going to facilitate my relocation from Alabama to Georgia the way I wanted it. However, they disapproved. The whole process took a considerably shorter time than I had figured out. Liberty Bell Moving Group are undoubtedly the best relocation team I have ever come across.



Skilled In the Work

Of a truth, I anticipated awry experience in my last move due to lots of things we have to move to our new house. In fact, there were lots of accessories, toys and other valuable items loaded in our large old house and we wanted to pack all to our new house. That was why we searched for competent and capable moving company to handle the move. I simply go for Liberty Bell Moving Group due to wonderful quote they offered to me. In the end of the day, I never regret hiring them as they rendered seamless and wonderful service to me. Thank you for the competent service. The rapid increase in the popularity of Liberty Bell Moving Group is never for nothing as they are really paying for it with their quality service. Their service is indeed, seamless and unparallel in the industry as they work with committed movers that are ready to give out their best to satisfy their clients. I never knew that my colleague was saying the truth when she adviced me to for them. I am just happy for the service rendered to me.



Just horrible. Kevin was ok for some parts.


Just a heads up, this is a condensed version. There were more things that happened during this time.

Moving from California to NC I put in on a site about my move. A couple of companies called me and gave me some high quotes. Liberty called and quoted me just over 3,000 dollars because they have a driver dropping a move off out there the time I needed mine picked up. Sounds too good to be true, right. That's because it was complete bull S%^t. They made it seem like they were the actual moving company. February 3rd rolls around and a moving company out of Las Vegas comes to pick my stuff up. One guy asks me for some weed when I told them I had water if they wanted it. The other mover told me they do it by space and it was gonna cost more, I told him that's not what we had agreed to. After complaining to Liberty Bell about this, they told me they need to get the bill of lading from the movers. I called them throughout the week and told me each time they were still waiting. I mentioned suing them and it took them 10 minutes to get it. They told me it was by space and I had more stuff than what was quoted. So I was instructed to call Executive Movers and see what they could do. They took off maybe 300 dollars from the bill. This whole time my stuff was still in Vegas. Was also told my stuff was leaving the weekend of the 17th....Liberty bell lied about that. Then it was supposed to leave the 25th...big shock that it didn't happen either. My wife's work stuff was put on the truck because I was led that it would take up to a week to arrive in NC. My stuff is not going to be here until March 12th!!!! Executive Movers just kept telling me that they had 30 business days and I fall under the 30 "business" days. They would not help me with any kind of discount on my balance. Both companies will be getting reported to the better business bureau. Not trying to say military deserves free stuff or discounts, but I'm a combat veteran that was medically retired due to injuries and am 100% from the VA. I just wanted some help from either side to see my frustration and to try to see where I was coming from during this whole cluster f#$k.

Shirley Madison


As Energetic and Busy As Bees

I enjoyed watching the moving guys as they showcased their energetic and busy side just like bees in my home. They never had time to rest as they were just busy working from the beginning till the entire work was completed. That made me think that these guys must have passed through thorough training on hardworking, persistency and perfectness. In fact, I am rating them with five stars for the pleasant moving experience they offered to me. Thank you so much. Due to my experience with other moving guys, I am always ready to work and stress whenever I want to move. But, Liberty Bell Moving Group gave me another experience and they rendered perfect and amazing service to me without even allowing me to touch a pin until they completed the entire work. I just relaxed and watched them as they handle my items in perfect and professional manner. Thank you so much for the service.

James Tirrel


Workers the Enjoy Their Work

Most moving guys out there do not enjoy their work and never want to give another person opportunity to enjoy what they do either. But, what surprised me most with Liberty Bell Moving Group was that the guys are trained, friendly and ready to make their clients happy through their quality service. In fact, I am truly glad and pleased with the service they rendered to me. I thought that this moving company is like other bunch of lazy folks and time wasters. However, I realized that they are the best moving company ever after by last move with them. The guys showed unparallel commitment and seamless quality in their service. The move was complete in record time and nothing was destroyed in my property. Thanks for the amazing service Liberty Bell Moving Group.

Justin Lorine


The Best Movers Ever

When I was young I usually follow my parents each time they want to move from one location to another. For that reason I was able to taste what is like to make a move. I discover that each time we moved to new house that my parents are not always able to do anything until sometime due to stress they passed through. I just grew up to notice that it is not really easy to move due to stress that normally comes with it. However, my last move with Liberty Bell Moving Group was void of stress and hassle making me to enjoy and still go about my normally business the next day. I was really happy the way my time was maximized in my move. They are not time wasters but well dedicated and committed moving guys that are ready to do everything to ensure success in their service. The move was completed at a record time. In fact, I had enough time to rest before going out for other important things during the day after the move. Thank you Liberty Bell Moving Group for the service.

Raymond Chembola


There Was Not Trouble in My Move

I anticipated bad experience in my last move. However, the move was turned hitherto to amazing and pleasurable experience. I was not ware the quality of moving company I selected when I contacted Liberty Bell Moving Group. In the end of the day I enjoyed trouble-free move making me to be ready to recommend you people to friends and loved ones. Thank you. We were searching for mover that will render time bound service to us. Luckily to us, we were able to come across this company that promised to render perfect service at record time. They ended up rendering service the made up to be pleasantly surprised. In fact, we were able to get to our new home on time and they even helped in arranging our new house. Thank you for the service rendered at record time.

Rebecca Dosch


Scam artists

This company called my husband and I a month before our move more than 10 times daily trying to get our business. I wonder now how they even got our information and knew we were moving. But after talks with the manager Kevin Brown numerous times about schedule dates for pickup & drop off dates he assured me that the truck for pick up would be for Monday the 4th since our home had sold and then buyers were closing on the house on Tuesday. After being told numerous times we would have a truck plenty big for our load and a date was scheduled he then took 1500 as a deposit 4 weeks before the pickup happened. I heard nothing for the following 3 weeks from liberty bell. The week before our move we were told they would call and confirm time of the pick up on our date scheduled. They didn't call once, I infact called every other day with the same question to a lady named Jessica and she never returned my phone calls. I hoped this was just a misunderstanding and they would show up in the coming Monday the 4th.. No one showed up and when we called they put us off Monday and told us to wait untill the next day from 4-6pm for the picked to happen.. We waited for Tuesday and no call came. I called Jessica again at 4:55pm on Tuesday to see where the movers were. She then transferred me to "executive moving systems" this apparently is the actual movers they hire out. Kayla from executive moveing sytems then told me at 5pm they would not be coming today. I at this point knew we were being lied to and strung around. Because let me remind you once you pay your deposit you cannot get that back from them even if they decide to not show up and do the job they said they would do. Which in my case was to just pick up our house hold goods and take them to Texas. Kevin again tried to ease our minds that the truck would be there wendsday between 8-10am on the 6th, we waited and waited and waited. The driver called at 10:30 am and said he was 5 hours from our home and only had about 1000 sq. Ft. Of room on his truck, we reserved out 1800 sq ft. On the truck 1 month before this. So we knew at that moment we had been scammed by this company. I feel like we got off easy with the other reviews I have read from missing home goods to never seeing a dime for broken and ruined items..My family had 1500 stolen from this company that never showed up to do the work they said they would do. Please do not work with these people. They are the most dishonest, unprofessional, liers you will come across. They set a date and didn't execute even in day 3 of my family waiting on a truck to never arrive. They kept our money and we had to spend double on someone else to help us move from Utah to Texas in 11 degree weather. They do not care they stole our money around Christmas. I am beyond upset with the way we have been treated by a company we trusted and they took complete advantage of me and my money.. do not hire these people. This is a broker!! They don't move you the find someone else to do it and take no responsibility for anything. Theifs!!! I want my money back!!

Update ——
Kevin brown called on feb the 1st offering us a partial refund of our 1500 we gave for the deposit. In order to receive this partial refund they wanted all bad reviews taken down. We caved and do so. And the check never came. They even made us sign another contract that we wouldn’t post negative reviews after payment was made. They lied to us again and I would tell anyone who wanted to use this company please save your self a heart attack and money and go to professionals. These are professional scam artists. Kevin Brown will lie and make you feel like he is being honest but he has lied through his teeth the whole time we have dealt with him. We moved our selves and Have over $1000 basically stolen from us and refused to be given back. This company is the Definition of scum
Also I attached the image that Kevin brown himself sent me via text message on sat February the 17th of this “check” we were spose to be mail that never surprisingly came!

Theresa Gonzales


It Was an Interesting Experience

The time I wanted to move to my apartment from my friend’s place, I needed only best moving service since it was my first time. I am glad that the guys from Liberty Bell Moving Group provided the service to me. My experience with them was just great and nothing was damaged from my stuff. In fact, I enjoyed my move with them as they even helped in unpacking my furniture when we arrived to my place. Thank you so much. Due to lots of things we heard about them before, we decided to move with them. Obviously, our move with them was great experience. It was really a move with excitement and pleasure. That is why my thumbs are up for them. They guys sent to my house from Liberty Bell Moving Group asked me to tune on my CD when they came to my home and when I did - we danced and rocked while they moved my entire stuff. In fact, I wanted the move to continue as I enjoyed every bit of their service. For sure, I will hire this Liberty Bell Moving Group again.

Jason Stack


Best Movers Ever

My move that supposed to take other moving company hours or even full day to complete was just completed within few hours by the guys sent to me from Liberty Bell Moving Group. Really, I was able to realize their professionalism and expertise in work when I watched them pack and move my stuffs. They did not even allow me to touch anything until they finish the entire packing and we moved. They must be the best choice of movers for anyone that want to enjoy perfect and peaceful moving experience to any destination. I am not ready to search for another mover since I found Liberty Bell Moving Group. It is true that there are plethora moving companies in Florida, none of them can be used to compare with Liberty Bell Moving Group. Their professionalism, dedication and quality are not to be compared with any other moving company. Thank you so much for the service! I give you A++++.

Jon L


Unethical or incompetent, maybe both

Learn from the mistakes of all the people who have been scammed and do not use them! I signed a binding estimate with them to ship household goods from OH to CA for $4000, with a fixed $170 monthly price for interim storage. 2months later, they called stating that our monthly storage price would be $370 due to a higher volume of goods (+400cf) - despite this being against the 49 CFR 375.401 code which stipulates that a binding estimate fixes the total price. Along with their shipping agent G&M Moving Group, they stated that they issued a revised estimate with a higher weight or volume, but were never able/willing to send this to me.
To this day, I have still never seen this revised estimate. As I investigated and quickly discovered their history of fraudulence, my waning trust in them dropped to zero so I asked them to ship my goods immediately, which took a week just to get them to agree to do. 3 weeks later, my household goods arrived with 75% of furniture and artwork damaged. And my final bill for shipping was $1400 higher than the original estimate as well - purportedly because of the higher weight or volume than originally estimated, but I will never know as I still have never seen this revision. Upon final delivery, my goods measured 700 cf (vs. 671cf in the original estimate). But what choice did I have but to pay or have them keep my goods? And they accept only cash or USPS money order at delivery (another red flag of fraud) - they would not even accept the US Bank cashier's checks which I paid for, and forced me to run to the post office in

Tina G


Moving experience

I had the worst experience ever. They took 2 months to move my things, always giving me excuses. I am a cancer patient and needed my things and had to call every week. Hearing excuses about the weather. When they arrived they were ill- equipped, no snow boots, not enough man power and it took 4 hours for them to unload on a snowy day !!
This experience made me more sick! I do not recommend them to anyone. A couple of my pieces were broken. Very unprofessional!!!!

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