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About Interstates Vanlines

With more than 9 years of experience, Interstates Van Lines is here to serve your needs, by offering nationwide moving services. Our team stands for ensuring high-quality services, by making sure each customer receives a personalized moving experience, so you can definitely count on high-quality and unsurpassed assistance.

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Dan Z


Terrible, terrible experience - DO NOT RECOMMEND

Where to begin?
They missed my three-hour pickup window, forcing me to miss an event I paid a lot of money for.
Despite me giving them 10+ days notice, they could not procure a Certificate of Insurance for my apartment complex. "By close of business today," they would say over and over, but it never came and I had to put up $500 OF MY OWN MONEY as collateral. Means they're either not fully insured or completely unreliable - my guess is BOTH.
They again missed my three-hour delivery window. My complex requires you to reserve in advance, so that screwed everything up.
I took a look in the delivery truck. Items were piled in a heap up to the ceiling. My television was on top of the pile at an angle; it's a miracle that thing didn't fall.
They LOST ONE OF MY BOXES - my Christmas tree, in fact. Obviously, they don't check the inventory when they transfer between trucks. In fact, they didn't check it at delivery either. I had to do it myself. They just kept saying, "yeah, everything's there." CLEARLY IT WASN'T.
It's easier for me to list the things they didn't break. My couch is torn. My end table is bashed. One of my dining chairs has a mangled leg. My standing fan was busted beyond repair. And one of my boxes opened in the truck, spilling dishes, utensils, and appliances everywhere. (A mug and a wine glass were shattered.)
AND, I haven't received any response to my emails about these lost/broken items. In fact, I think they started dodging my calls during all of this. I would call the Customer Service rep directly - no answer. Then I would call the 800 number and choose "Customer Service" and she'd pick right up, because she couldn't see who was calling.

All of this is to say, DON'T GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THESE FOOLS. Spend a little more up front so you can work with a real company. Otherwise, you'll spend it later to replace lost items, repair damaged ones, and put up collateral for your movers.

Nick Anrdrew


A Good Moving Company

Interstate Van Lines, A Good Moving Company has been outstanding in their customer service and attention to my needs. were very helpful, You could tell they were very knowledgeable as they asked lots of questions to make sure the process was as smooth as possible. Their professionalism and expertise pleasantly surprised due to the fact that I hired them on the internet. The manners in which they packed and move my stuff make them to look like people that have in the service for many decades. In fact, due the perfect job they did in my last move, I rate them five stars. It is not everyday a company goes out of their way to bless someone with cutting edge service, friendly employees and a drive to make an experience like moving a little less overwhelming to the customer. If the need to move arises again I will for sure be a repeat customer, Thank you so much.



InterStates Vanlines is best company

I hired InterStates Vanlines after reading the previous reviews on online, and I could not be happier with my choice! A lady from customer services I spoke with was Anna. She personally called me a number of times to go over every piece of furniture and thing I have and we discussed it all in every possible detail (various dimensions, height, widths, approximate weight, special features and all unusual shapes and forms etc). She reviewed all information before giving me a price estimate. I had no doubts left that the quote is going to be accurate and reflective of the things I have because the questionnaire was very detailed and didn`t omit anything important.. The price was more than fair compared to other estimates I received, and the accuracy and attention to detail reassured me that there wouldn't be any 'surprise' charges the day of the move and I heard many times that it is the biggest issue with moving when you end up paying more that you agreed to and that there are lots of hidden fees. It was not our case. I had some follow up questions and requests (including changing our moving day) about a week beforehand and I received email responses from Interstates Vanlines within a few hours, accommodating everything. Jorge and Michael moved us from a large apartment building in Minneapolis to a third floor walk-up in Chicago. These guys were amazing .They worked quickly with no complaints, and were very careful with all our boxes and furniture, there were no damage whatsoever and they even helped to unpack several very heavy and fragile items for us, even though they absolutely didn`t have to, it was their courtesy to us and they really wanted to be sure that everything arrived safe. At the end of the move, the price was exactly as the estimate Anna had given in the beginning, no surprises and no extra charges. I recommend these guys for anyone looking for reliable, friendly, polite, efficient and honest movers.




This was my second time using particularly Interstates VanLines while moving from different cities within different states across the country (the first time I moved from Houston to Chicago and the second time relocated further from Chicago to Washington DC) and both times I have been totally satisfied and happy with the full package of services and the price obtained. I worked with Alice from the customer services both times to get the price estimate and to arrange the move. Both times she was very polite, responsive to my needs and professional overall, in a very calm manner she was able to answer all my millions of questions that I prepared kind of “what if” scenarios, all responses she provided were very direct, straight to the point, reasonable and informative in full and she was able to facilitate everything as smoothly as possible. I am a single working mom and have a little child, so my free time is limited and often I lack even I spare minute so for this second move from Chicago to DC I relied on Interstates VanLines services completely and even let them pack everything on my behalf from clothes, toys, baby attire to furniture. The team who arrived on time was super friendly and overall fun to work with, especially they were really kind to my 16months old daughter Gabbie who obviously was always on their way, interrupting and was trying to "help" them pack all her toys and little things, everyone behaved in a calm manner and no one asked even once to keep her away from their way and on contrary they were trying to engage her in a playful manner, so that she can also “help”)) which was rather cute and nice. The team had the entire house packed by afternoon and then loaded everything inside the moving truck and we were already free in the late afternoon. The final bill corresponded to the price quote I got from Alice earlier and was exactly as I expected and I would say absolutely fair for the service they provided based on the other price quotes I heard from my friends and relatives. Many were even surprised that there were no stepping stones and that there were no additions to the bill since some of my furniture was of an irregular size and proportions. All our belongings arrived safe and Gabbie was very happy to see her favorite toys again in such short period of time. I would confess that I would never ever pack and move ourselves ever again, I found I company I trust. Thank you guys we were so glad to meet you.

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