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Suite 302, 4400 North Federal Highway, Boca Raton, Florida 33431 USA

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About Interstate Moving and Relocation Group

Suite 302, 4400 North Federal Highway
Boca Raton, Florida

Located in Boca Raton, Florida, Interstate Moving & Relocation Group specializes in interstate moving services for nearly every occasion. From personal moves across state lines to corporate relocation across the globe, Interstate Moving & Relocation Group prides itself with a top-notch customer service experience. Additional services are available, such as furniture disassembly, packing, and more.

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Much appreciated guys

Much obliged such a great amount for the considerable move. Interstate Moving and Relocation Group completed a better than average employment on my move. I truly did not realize what I was getting my self into with a long separation moving organization, the guys came out to the house and stuffed the greater part of my furniture and got me out to Florida it was cool to the point that the organization uncle rapped all the furniture and put every last bit of it back together. Much thanks to you Interstate Moving and Relocation Group for such an incredible activity. Much appreciated guys. I suggest them.

Mark Schenkman


I don't even know where to begin this company is so bad....

Be forewarned, these movers are professional scammers. I contracted Interstate movers who subcontracted to Five Star Movers. The original plan was for them to pack up our four-bedroom house on a Saturday at the end of August, then load the truck and move our belongings on Sunday. We were moving from Massachusetts to Arizona (so a big move cross country). They asked us for an initial inventory which we provided and gave us a quote of $8,320. Then, one week prior to the move, they asked for our final inventory which was the same except for the number of totes we had. They raised the initial quote by $3,399 saying we didn’t tell them we had an elliptical, a treadmill and several other items. We told them we absolutely had told them knowing full well they were big and heavy items. I find it interesting that they don’t ask for anything in writing only verbally over the phone (which would alleviate the problem). The day prior to our move, we hadn’t heard from them when they would be arriving to pack us, and we were then told we were going to be packed and moved on the same day (Sunday). We told them this was unacceptable as we were flying out Monday morning at 6am and there would be time available if they didn’t get the job done. They assured us they would have enough people and time to do the pack and move same day. The Five Star moving crew showed up Sunday morning, and after half a day it was apparent, they weren’t going to finish on time. They ran out of room on the truck they had rented for our stuff and needed to come back the following day. I told the crew chief we would not be there to do so. We had to leave the door unlocked all night and the next day so they could come back and get the rest of our stuff with another truck. They also failed to mention that they would not pack any liquids (even if fully sealed in original unopened packaging) or aerosols. As a result we had to throw away hundreds of dollars worth of cleaners, soaps, perfume, cologne, etc. As we were not there for the final walkthrough, they left several items behind and packed up unnecessary items. They asked us to sign a contract based on cubic feet but the final price would be based on weight. The final price was an additional $3,000 making it $6,000 more than the original quote. They simply explained it away by saying we had “more stuff than they expected” even though they had our final inventory prepared one week prior. The truck with our stuff didn’t even leave Massachusetts for 9 days and arrived 18 days after they packed us up.
Once they arrived, there were multiple items damaged and broken, other items that were disassembled and the hardware missing, and they lost the legs to the bed in the master bedroom! They disconnected the refrigerator water supply, but didn’t reconnect it in the new house, our refrigerator (which was cleaned prior to packing) was coated in black mold, making it almost unusable and items from multiple rooms were packed into the same box making it impossible to find things when unpacking.
Having moved multiple times before, this was by far the worst experience ever. The moving company made several mistakes, not one time was anything done to remedy the situation and the movers packed us so badly even the movers on the receiving end stated they couldn’t figure out why they did things so badly. The price increased twice making it very difficult to get the postal money orders they say they need. Our $9,000 move became a $15,387 move. They hold your furniture hostage if you refuse to pay the increase for their poor planning. I find it interesting that they give you everything in writing, but everything you give them is verbal over the phone (so they can say you didn’t tell them you had certain items). Stay clear of these professional scammers disguised as movers.

Nancy Thompson


Worst experience

I used this company to move me from Utah to Washington state. Their representative, Frank Bell, told me that I would need either two Cashier's checks or postal money orders (one at pickup and one at delivery). I got two Cashier's checks, each for half of the remaining balance that I owed. The movers that picked up my furniture accepted the check but wanted an additional $400.00 cash because I had more items than were on the inventory list that they were provided by IMRG. I had e-mailed Frank Bell a list of additional items and followed up with a phone call to make sure that he had received it. Frank was not available, as usual, so I left a voice mail message. My Visa account was charged an additional $1,000.00 the next day do I assumed that he had updated my inventory list as I had requested. The movers who delivered my furniture refused to accept a Cashier's check and demanded a postal money order. It was 4:00 p.m. when they arrived. They were suppose to be there in the morning but their truck broke down. My husband had to scramble to get to a post office, in a city that he was unfamiliar with, in order to get them their money. I have moved several times, from Cottonwood Heights, Utah to Houston, Texas, from Houston, Texas to Park City, Utah and from Park City, Utah to West valley City, Utah and have NEVER had anything broken or lost. The movers that IMRG assigned to me broke several of my lamps, the glass in two large pictures was shattered, my Hoover vacuum was no longer an upright and, worst of all, they lost a three legged hand carved antique table that I had inherited from my parents. If you do business with this company, make sure that you take out plenty of insurance. Their customer service is terrible and I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone.

Jeanie Taylor


Terrible, Terrible Company

I would NEVER recommend using this company. They provided a reasonable quote based an inaccurate inventory they record, make sure you don't see how wrong it is, and then called back to "verify the inventory" two days before the move with almost a 50% increase in price (took away discounts they offered up front along with increasing the amount per pound). We ended up paying much more than we would have paid other movers because we were left with no time to find another mover, and we had already paid substantial money up front. Additionally, they told me they did the actual moving and were not a broker, which is not true. The moving company they subcontracted with, American Eagle Moving and Storage - Mike Stevens - was awful.
Interstate Moving & Relocation Group was very difficult to deal with, nice at first but once you have given them a downpayment, they are rude and not helpful at all.



Super fast

Fast, efficient, friendly and professional. Exceeded my expectations and would definitely use them again.



Don't Trust These Crooks

They took our money with promises that the price was based on weight and NOT number of boxes. Told that multiple times. When the moves showed up (at 8PM), they charge by NUMBER of items. They refused to charge by weight, stating they never charge by weight. Because it was so late we were not able to get a hold of Interstate Moving. Calls routed to VM or gave an error message. One call was answered by a rude women who proceed to hang up on us and would not answer again. Since it was close to MIDNIGHT when they finally moved everything to their van. Their "dispatch" called us and stated it would be almost $1000 more than originally quoted. Tried to refuse but they already had all of our stuff in their truck. Dispatch said they would take payment from previous quote and we would fix tomorrow (Saturday). Never got a call back and it has been almost 3 weeks and it sounds like our stuff hasn't even been moved to the truck that will ship it here! And now it sounds like they are holding our stuff ransom until we give them the extra almost $1000. I am worried either my stuff won't show up or I fear (like other reviews I have seen) that everything will be damaged. DO NOT trust anything they tell you because the moving companies they hire trick you and then Interstate is nowhere to be found. If you value any of your stuff, you are better off carrying it yourself.

Rex S



How much better could it possibly get? A company that not only drives your things, but pack and unpacks, loads and unloads.. They literally do the whole thing for you. I didn't have to lift a finger. I even had a Fazioli piano that they took great care of. I was a bit skeptical but I'm glad I trusted my gut and went with Interstate Moving And Relocation Group because I received all my belongings in a short period of time. I didn't expect everything to go so smooth, I assumed there would be at least one rough patch but nope! I have never used a moving company before and I will NEVER go back to moving my thing by myself. Interstate Moving And Relocation Group made this move a breeze for me. Everything was handled, all I had to do was give approval. Everything was done for me for a reasonable price. The movers loaded the truck quick and safely, making sure all my things were nice and snug and there wasn't going to be any damage. Interstate Moving And Relocation definitely knows what they're doing. Hands down the BEST moving company in the industry.

Chris Moes



I worked with Interstate Moving for my long distance move and they took great care of me and my family's belongings. I had to move back home for personal reasons but I had such a busy schedule and there was no time I could get this done on my own so I hired professionals. Interstate Moving is the definition of professional. They had great customer service who worked around the clock and answered the phone with great attitudes. I even had to push my dates back multiple times and they were more than okay with it.
I don't think I have ever had a move completed with absolutely NO hiccups. This company and their team work is outstanding! After making my reservation I received a welcome call and a few days before my move I received a phone call to go over the belongings I was bringing with me and then a phone call 24hours before my move informing me on eta which was pretty cool to be in the loop and know everything that's going on with my move.
The movers worked quick and hard, especially with everything I was taking. I honestly didn't expect such a stress free and painless move. If you need to hire professionals, this company is the one for you. I have moved many times in my lift and I always dread moving. Lifting all that heavy furniture and appliances, especially now that I'm getting older that has become even more of a challenge for me, so this was a GREAT decision.

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