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3411 NW 9th Ave, Ste 708, Oakland Park, Florida 33309 USA

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About Independence Van Lines

3411 NW 9th Ave, Ste 708
Oakland Park, Florida

Here at Independence Van Lines, our combined relocation experience makes us a leader in the industry. We are committed to supporting you throughout the whole moving process, no matter how big or small the project is. We believe that communication and a personalized moving plan for each client is the key to our continued success.

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carlo harrison


Big move great results

First of all, I was moving all the way across USA. The distance itself was scary enough. On top of that, I was moving from a 5-bedroom house to a 6-bedroom house. You can only imagine the amount of furniture and other belongings I own. Luckily, I chose the right moving company. The movers from Independence van lines were just amazing. It took them all day to pack everything carefully and then load 5 trucks. I was in disbelief seeing how hard working these men were. They only took one break in between and didnt charge for that hour. This company is just so professional. All my belongings traveled quite well. A few of my pieces suffered little dents here and there but nothing major happened.

Cindy Sosa


highly recommend them!

My experience exceeded my expectations. They called to let me know what time they would arrive and were on time! All were professional and courteous. They were very friendly and very careful with our belongings. On moving day they explained things, worked fast and carefully, and made sure that they were placing things where I wanted them too. I will definitely use them again and highly recommend them!

shayna flynn


Would definitely recommend them

The coordinator was straightforward and really helpful.He had enough patience to answer all my questions.The movers were responsible and really professional, Came on time and did everything with much care. Packing and unpacking went smoothly and they kept their schedule. Excellent service and no damage to my belongings. Would definitely recommend them.

Jennifer Smith


Best Movers!

We have probably moved five times in ten years. Sometimes we had better experiences than others. But the best by Independence Van Lines. They moved us from Miami to Washington and what can be an stressful filled event was actually pleasurable. They are extremely professional, very careful and thoughtful, and they are also lovely kind people. Nothing was broken or damaged. Cannot recommend them highly enough.

cris powell


Great service

We were relocating last month although this move was long time coming. We went for independence because they gave us the lowest quote. They were very efficient at everything. The movers arrived on time and everything went really smoothly. Nothing was broken or damaged when they made the delivery. This company truly made our move easy. They are definitely worth hiring again.

Joanna Lynn


perfect team

Independence did an awesome job on my move. They were by far the most efficient, hardworking, and courteous guys i ever met. All my furniture arrived completely unscathed. They didn't waste any time and got to work right away. My parents are going to move shortly and I won't think twice to call them!!

Cathy Roman


Thankful for everyone!!!

The move was seamless! I cannot say enough about the men that came out to move our furniture. They were professional, friendly, and respectful of us and our furniture. When I couldn't find the remote for my TV, I called and you got ahold of the actual guy, who remembered where he had left it and I went right to that box! Thanks for making these day simple for me. I'll recommend Independence van lines to everyone I know.



Clinical finish

Last week I used Independence Van Lines for the move. I choose them because I saw many reviews about this company and in different websites. So, I called them and after the initial discussion with their sales rep and manager, I was quite convinced. The estimator visited my home and his estimate was very precise, the crew arrived on time and the moving day, showed great skills and commitment during the packing and loading, unloading went smoothly too and the moving time was within the schedule. I checked the inventory and did not get a reason to feel unhappy. It was a clinical finish by Independence Van Lines.

Cat Fizerrau


Moving Company will try to scam you!


I am sitting and waiting for nearly 7hrs for the moving truck to arrive. I was told they would get here between 10am and 1pm. I called at 1:05 because no one showed up. I was told that 10am-1pm is just an estimate and they could arrive at any time during the day. I called them every hour after and each time it was a different excuse: maybe they got held up at a previous job, maybe they are stuck in traffic, we have no idea where they are, and they're not allowed to be on the phone while they are driving, the only people who can do anything about the situation don't come in until the evening. Absolutely horrible customer service.

When I did get a call back from someone a bit more proactive, I was told the truck was full and I would get postponed to the next day at noon. The problem with that is my flight leaves tomorrow morning. I sold my house and give up the keys tomorrow. This was discussed when I put down my deposit, and I was assured it would not be an issue. They are currently trying to reroute a truck to pick up my boxes, but it is 5pm and I haven't heard any news.

I would never recommend Independence Van Lines. I understand things come up, but a respectable company would be prepared for these types of things especially when it was made clear that today was the last possible day for pick up (they could have come yesterday, but didn't come then either).

EDIT: Independence Van Lines ignored my emails, text messages, and phone calls. When a driver did show up, he said that he was not told that he had to pack anything up and was not prepared to do so and the move would have to be delayed. He also warned that the company was trying to scam me by inflating truck weight so I would have to pay more on delivery. I had to go with a different moving company and IVL will not give me my deposit back even though they are not able to honor our contract.



My move

We are thrilled with the experience received from Independence Van Lines. I've moved many times and never had such an informative and hard working moving crew! They worked into the night to move all of your things and i'm extremely greateful.

We have a large house and aLOT of stuff, but the price was great considering the distance from Maine all the way down to Texas! Excited to start our new life, all thanks to the assistance from Independence Van Lines.




These are top notch movers that really know what they're going. The driver arrived early with a two man crew and they took great care in loading all of my belongings. The price was great no complaints here. I was able to negotiate some discounts so i recommend trying to do that.

All of my stuff arrived in perfect condition and the guys kept in touch with me at each part of the move. This is how an interstate move should look like and i'm happy with the results. A big thank you to Independence Van Lines for moving my things safely and quickly.



My move

These are top notch movers that really know what they're going. The driver arrived early with a two man crew and they took great care in loading all of my belongings. The price was great no complaints here. I was able to negotiate some discounts so i recommend trying to do that.

All of my stuff arrived in perfect condition and the guys kept in touch with me at each part of the move. This is how an interstate move should look like and i'm happy with the results. A big thank you to Independence Van Lines for moving my things safely and quickly.

Hamilton Hale


Complete liars

If I could give this company negative stars I would. They lied to me about having their own trucks, they are only a broker. They told me I could use a card at pickup, I couldnt. They showed up 5 days late. Original quote was $2100, ended up paying $3200and having to give away a lot of stuff I wanted to keep. I spend hours on the phone with their customer service team who will not do anything for me. When I picked this company I was told my stuff would be brought in 5-7 days. Now I am told 14.

Robert Bruce



*****They are brokers, They don't have trucks and drivers! Their job is to pick up the phone and say what you like to hear and get money!! They have NO responsible for when your stuff will be delivered. if you lose goods you have to contact the driver. Their job is done after you pay the first part of money, It's their commission.*****

Below is the timeline our moving experience:
7/17: We contacted the company and they said they will pick up
on 07/18--07/19
07/27: actually the day picked up at Champaign IL
09/04: Delivered to LA.
Between 07/27--09/04, almost 6 weeks, we called and called, Driver did not pick up the phone, the broker named Jordan Blackman in Independence Van lines didn't answer the phone or just simple told you " It will be delivered in next week! no worries ". Finally it was delievered at Tickfaw LA on 09/04 ( It took 40 days!!!!!)
09/22: I realized loss goods and contacted Jordan with phone and email. ( since I came back from **** on 09/17)
In the next weeks, I called Jordan serveral times asking about the solution, Nobody picked up the phone or I got answer" I could not get in touch with the driver, you can call him!" I called the driver, 8 out of 10 times he didn't pick up the phone, finally he said" I contacted the warehouse, they have not gaven me a answer, I am only a driver and work for the brokers, I don't know the rule of loss goods the company is, you need to contact them."
10/10: I emailed and talked to Jordan on the phone, I got his email back " I am working on finding it for you"
10/17: I called the phone number list on the company website at 888-254-3494, Jordan Blackman picked up the phone. I thought it's a company phone number that will lead me to
talk to a manager . But not, It's also a phone all the
brokers can pick up and get business. Now I think they may have no manager or customer service. they are all individual broker. He said " I have not had a chance to do the claim yet, I will do it soon, no worries."
10/18: I called, one guy named Mr. Mark picked up and he transfered the phone to Mr. Ray. I am not sure if he is a customer service. He said they can only help me to contact the driver, It's not their responsible to handle a missing things, only the driver.I said "I did contact him, but only 2 out of 10 times he picked up the phone." He said," Well, I already told you who to contact, He didn't pick up the phone is not our fault!" I said who I should listen to? Yesterday Jordan said he will do the claim. Today you said nothing you can do, only the driver! They either not pick up the phone, or they talk, but they lie!!
I moved to United States in 2005, It has been 14 years, It is the first time I experienced bad service company like that. BY THE WAY, the website will not post my review, until I click one star! They are not worth one star, only 0 star !!
Anybody who picked up this moving company, hope you are good luck enough for not missing goods!!!!

Claudio Ochoa


Company is a Fraud

Please stay away from this company. They are a fraud. We were supposed to receive our things within 5 days, and are now on day 22 and have no idea where our things are, who has them, when they will be delivered. They have done nothing to help us and actually appear to be complicit.

They are a broker, not a moving company. They can't offer "white glove service." You won't be able to speak with the guy who originally sold you again (there is no point of contact). They have no control over the company that will actually move you. They sub out business to anyone who will take it, including two college kids and a truck in our case. The guaranteed quote they offered you will not be honored by the moving company - in our case, they tripled it.

I can't recommend highly enough that you work with another company.

Erin Todd



Our family highly recommends Independence Van Lines. The team went out
of their way to make sure we had the best estimate around, and matched
the price of others. When the moving crews arrived, they worked
quickly and diligently to move our stuff to our new home in Maryland.
At the same time, they were delicate with my pottery and other fragile
items. I can't recommend these movers enough!




we are pleasantly surprised by the excellent service provided by
Robert's moving crew! They worked very hard to make sure all of our
things were accounted for, even after i reported a missing lamp, they
quickly located it and delivered it to me. I know that mistakes happen
but a company that owns up to them gets an A+ in my book.

if you are hesitating about independence van lines, my suggestion is
to give them a try. You'll get a good price and a company that cares.




A job well done when it came to my move. Our large house was cleared
out by the independence team and all of our stuff delivered within a
week to texas. Thank you for all the hard work you've done in this
move, it's much appreciated

I am normally a person that is very concerned about things but you did
a great job. The price was good too, not too far off from the
estimate. I've had some other people try to much me around, but Robert
told me the truth about other movers!!



Worst company- cheating business

If I count, their lies, it will be more than 50+

1) They took the inventory of items in our 2 bedroom house, and estimated the cubic footage to be 360 cu foot. I objected saying it will be more than 600cu ft. Then they said they go by weight & as long as it doesn't cross 3000 pounds, we are good.

2) They wanted us to pay the deposit through checking account, though I insisted on credit card payment. They said the only option is through check payment

3) They lied saying they are a moving company not a broker company. They are absolute broker company with only motive of cheating and getting money.

4) When we said the best quote we had was $1900, they said they will do it for $1700. They promised lot of things like: free disassembly and assembly of beds, wall mounted TV, delivery of packing boxes, bubble wrap, 6 hanging boxes and other packing supplies 1 week before for "free" - NOT EVEN 1 THING FULFILLED. Everything is a lie.

5) They listed treadmill, didn't tell about any additional fee

6) They promise 1000 things till you pay through bank account. After that never respond and even if they do, they talk uttermost worst language (what more can you expect from a bogus company like this)?

7) The scheduled pickup is on Sunday 12-3pm and the movers arrived at 11PM when everyone in the community is in deep sleep.

8) The high drama began here:
Before they start moving, I asked the driver and move in-charge, to walk around the house to plan.

9) He said there are lot more items than listed. We had some lose items, which were not put in boxes but left as they were like leg massager etc, but we didn't cross the listed inventory. Though we asked, what's extra, the driver didn't want to go over with me on inventory

10) They asked $7000 for moving the items. Told us it's extra for mounting and unmounting TV, disassembly and assembly of beds etc. Also told us additional fee for stairs (we listed our house to be town house with basement and 2nd floor. The sales guy didn't tell any fee for stairs).

11) The driver said they go by cubic feet and it occupies 1900 cubic feet (can anyone believe that 2 bedroom town home of 1000 sft, will have stuff worth 1900 cubic feet?)

12) Driver has an old quote, which doesn't list many items. So finally, I have the driver 2 options: a) go over the items and tell what's extra b) Take only that were listed in the itinerary. He denied both and left.

13) The person who talked to us so nicely till we paid, was disconnecting our calls and transferring to other person and they talk very very rough.

14) They refused to pay our deposit of $770. Btw sales guy promised that it will be returned in case if we want to cancel the move etc )but not in contract.

15) They refused to agree what's promised on phone, they refer to contract now. When we say Chris promised this, they say Chris is out of it, he doesn't have access to your file. When I say 'can I talk to your manager', the reply is: "I am the owner of the company".

16) We had to find another moving company after 2 days of calls with them and no resolution from them etc

17) They just don't want to resolve anything simply eat free money and live with it. HOW WOULD IT DIGEST FOR THEM, THEIR KIDS AND FAMILY? WONT GOD PUNISH THEM FOR ALL THEIR FRAUD BUSINESS?

Caution if you still want to fall in their cheap quote trap:
1) Never believe what's talked to you. Make sure every single item is in contract (cubic footage, weight, all the items listed etc)
2) Never pay with bank account and routing number, bank will not refund
3) Don't believe the 4 star ratings on this company- all are fake, not real people (check on social media). It's just a cheating company
4) Finally be ready to lose money and ur items, mental peace etc

Joe Kenny


Happy With the Service

I had a great moving experience with independence van lines. All items are accounted for, nothing damaged. Easy to communicate with as well!! I am very happy with the moving service offered by independence and would use them again.

Joseph Kenny


Fantastic Company

10/10 stars! Exceeded my expectations with their professionalism and
dedication to customer service. Robert strong was available day and
night to answer my concerns, and gave us a good price. I was so
stressed out about this whole move, so happy it went well! Don't
hesitate to use independence van lines.




Really honest and reliable moving company. I've worked with a ton around the Florida area and none have treated my furniture and boxes with great care. Nothing was broken, the move was quick , they showed up on time , and their customer service is phenomenal! I would highly recommend this moving company to anyone.

marisa mucaria




Toneille Gomez


Excellent customer service

You won't find better movers and that's a fact. We moved cross country
and independence van lines kept in touch with us throughout the whole

The estimate was accurate and it was a good price when we shopped
around. They were not pushy, but quite the opposite. Maybe its my
salesperson, i recommend working with Mark Davis.

Call independence if you want a honest company that will take care of
your stuff and make sure they arrive safe in the agreed timeframe.
Thanks again!

Kalli Quick


My movers

Now this is a mover that i can recommend. After some bad experiences
in my past, i was skeptic about independence van lines, but they did
great!!! Really surprised about the level of attention to our move.

The price was a little much, after adding unnecessary packing
materials, but it all worked out in the end. I really recommend this
company if you're looking for a reputable long-distance mover. We
searched long and hard and they beat out the competition. All of our
stuff was delivered on time yesterday! :-)

CJ Bennett


Job well done

They do their job well and my move went great. I had an expensive
guitar that needed to be handled with care and independence did so
very nicely. There are reputable movers out there if you search hard
enough, don't give up. I'd give Independence a try because they don't
break the bank (very good quote) and honored the agreement from start
to finish.

Not many movers out there that will go above and beyond to arrive on
time, even after the driver called and said there were some issues on
the road. Thank you!!




If you are looking for a moving company that is professional in DECEPTION and excellent in LYING, feel free to use Independence Van Lines!

They will lie to you like they breath, and keep lying and lying with no limits.

I came across some good people who works for this company, but overall, choosing this company was a nightmare and one of the WORST choices I've ever made in my life.

Here are some of the lessons I learned for the last 6 weeks since I joined this company's victims list:

- when they call you to offer their service, they will claim that :
-- they are one of the top 5 moving companies
-- they are not brokers
-- they have their own trucks
-- they have happy clients and 5-star reviews

The goal of this call is to keep you on the phone until you sign a contract and pay a deposit (30% of the total charges).

LESSON #1 : never sign any contract or pay a deposit before you look up the company and verify their status.

Once you pay the deposit and get to know them more, you will find out that all of the above claims were pure lies !

- A lot of the staff I had to deal with - over the phone- have one thing in common: they lack respect. They don't respect their words,promises or their clients. They will easily put you on hold and never come back, or promise they will call you back and forget about you, or even disconnect the call "because they have another call on line"

- they kept switching dates of pick up, but finally sent me a Penske truck . The team that came with the truck (2 guys and a driver) was more professional, and probably the only nice thing about this whole experience

- at one point - before my stuff was picked up- I was trying to cancel the service, but the manager said: you can only refuse the service and lose your deposit !

- I was promised that my stuff will most likely be delivered within one week, but no later than a maximum of 21 business days (the distance was about 800 miles)

- I called the company almost every other day, to hear changing delivery dates and different stories about why the delivery was delayed.

LESSON #2: after making the first mistake of using a bad company, never stop calling them (excessively!) until you make sure your stuff has arrived. You never know what would happen if you leave them alone

- 21 business days passed and I'm still waiting. I talked to the manager and asked about the company's policy for compensation. His reply was : sure, discuss with the driver when you get your stuff. He claimed that the actual mover will give something like 25-50 dollars per day. But Independence Van Lines is "just a broker ! "

- I was promised that my stuff will be delivered by the end of the 4th week, and again no one showed up

- I was given another "maximum delivery date" over the last weekend, and of course that did not happen

LESSON #3: discuss all possible issues (delays , damage ... ) beforehand with the moving company and make sure any penalties/compensations are included in the contract before you commit to a company

- I finally got my stuff today , almost 6 weeks after it was picked up

- I talked to the driver about compensation for the delay. He asked that I call Independence Van Lines because " I'm just the driver". I talked to the manager at Independence Van Lines again, who did not remember my past conversation with him about compensation. After I refreshed his memory he said : sorry, there is no compensation.

LESSON #4: If they lie to you once, they will lie again and again.

Quick facts:
According to FMCSA :
- there are 19 complaints filed against Independence Van Lines just in 2018
- despite their initial claim that they have their own trucks, Independence Van Lines fleet has :
Number of Trucks : 0
Number of Tractors : 0
Number of Trailers : 0

I really wish that no one else come across this moving company and suffer like we did.

Independence Van Lines deserves no stars. One star is actually too much for what they do !



Great service and turnaround time

They did a quick move for my family when we relocated from NJ to south florida. Nothing but a pleasant experience. Our sales agent Mark made sure every little thing was taken care of. No damaged items, movers were super friendly. Thanks for an awesome experience!

Johnny Amons


My move

Professional from beginnning all the way to the delivery of our items. We were scammed by other companies, but not Independence Van Lines. They have everything you'd look for in an interstate moving service. Courteous and went above & beyond at every turn.

You have nothing to lose and lots of money to save if you go with this mover. Give them a try, I'd recommend it without hesitation.

Jen F



Absolutely the worst company in the world.
They haven't even packed up my stuff yet and I've already had a terrible experience. No one at this company knows what they're doing. They rush you through everything. Then they don't know which customer you are. When you book the service they'll tell you that their movers are professional and will show up in their uniforms which is a LIE. They contract out the packing company.

I've had the same experience as other reviewers. They give you a good deal to start and then they call trying to say there was a mistake when booking and it will cost more and that person was fired, blah blah blah.

Customer service reps are extremely rude so don't even bother calling them. They speak to you in a disrespectful and condescending tone as if they're the smarter than you. Do not trust Mark Davis!!!!

April Thibodeaux


Scam They Take Your Money and Never Show Up

Total scam. This company gives your job to the lowest bidder and doesn't care if the job actually gets done. My grandparents paid them over $2200 and we ended up having to pack and load everything in a uhual and drive it ourselves. But guess what their deposit($2200) is "non refundable" even when they don't do their job! DO NOT use this company, it is a total joke.



Fantastic company

My company relocated and we had an international move contracted by independence. You can image my fear when a local moving company from Florida would be doing this. I am so surprised by the whole process that I had to write a review. These men are professional, patient, and know what they’re doing. I’m unpacking now and there was a little damage to one of my laptops other than that we are good. They are already proposing to reimburse me for the damage and I will get it fixed. This is a company that you can trust, at least that’s how it was for me. Thank you again! Big shout out to Jack who responds to all of my emails and inquiries within an hour or two.




Our move from Florida to New Jersey went exceptionally well (to my surprise!). I hear horror stories about home movers but the independence crew really went out of their way to make sure everything was handled. Good communication and they reimbursed me right away for some damages that happened to my laptop (was able to buy a better one!). Would use them again.



Move from PA to NJ

We moved across the state from PA to NJ as a family and the search for home movers was a nightmare. Finally we decided on independence van lines and i couldn't be happier! My rep Max was in constant contact with us to make sure each part of the move went well. I learned so much about moving, from inventory to delivery that i feel like i could work there myself!! As first time movers, we were scared of being duped but independence held up their part of the bargain.



helpful and easy-going

Actually I was very pleased after I called Independence Van Lines for the first time. They were very cooperative, helpful, and easy-going. I was worried about the conditions of my furniture because it was not basically mine, but I have to say that I was more than impressed from the condition of the furniture. I have used different companies before, but I have never encountered this kind of welcoming before. I have to say thank you guys for helping me. It was a real dilemma to find the company that care about your belongings exactly as they belong to them. Highly recommended.

Jessica Ayala


Happy customer

We moved cross country with the help of independence movers and the experience was flawless. I really enjoyed the customer service and anytime i had a question it was replied quickly by email or answered by phone. They quoted me lower than two other places and I always shop around. More people need to know about this moving company and give them a try FOR SURE.

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