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2000 W Commercial Blvd, Ste 202, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309 USA

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About First United Moving and Storage

2000 W Commercial Blvd, Ste 202
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Your satisfaction is our primary goal. First United Moving has a long-standing reputation for providing the highest of quality and is recognized for excellence that enhances the overall caliber and outcome of your moving experience. Our team combines entrepreneurial spirit and a deep understanding of client needs, to serve you with the highest standards of customer care.

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Leslie Carter


Moved from California to Wisconsin

I would not even give 1 star if it were possible. I am EXTREMELY unhappy with First United Moving & Storage. The representative I spoke with told me several things over the phone that they DID NOT honor because the contract I signed stated otherwise even though the representative assured me that it wouldn't apply in my case. I guess I shoulda known better. When I called to question the differences I got a different representative who kept telling me that I had signed the contract (which stated differently from what I was told) and so they wouldn't honor what I was told. One of the things I was told was that they required a $1000 deposit. But when I was talking with the most recent rep to dispute some of the items, I was told they only required a 10% deposit. Travis worked out "deal" for me so that I could just put down $500 but 10% would only have been $330. What a deal! So helpful and accommodating. Needless to say (but I'm going to anyway) I reminded her that since they could break the rules on that, they could break the rules on the other issues I had. She got very loud, rude and belligerent and I hung up on her! Something I don't usually do. I checked their DOT info. They are brokers. NOT movers. They also are NOT BBB accredited and have an F rating! Please don't use this company.

Nate Grigsby


Very long story but read if you’re considering these guys

We got quoted for $4,000 that was a very good quote for us. The second cheapest we got. We spoke with Jason (who texted and called me DAILY) assuring they would take care of us for the move from the movers taking apart my kids bunk beds and putting them back together and the tables and the furniture. All my wife and I had to do was pack boxes. Movers show up and price goes from $4,000 to $9,000? Jason did not put in the quote I sent him so I called him to try to make it right and he goes from texting and/or calling daily to GHOST. He blocked my number as well as his co-worker/subordinate Travis. After battling with customer service I finally got the price to $5,600. At this time I have lost $1,600 for the deposit, $2,000 for pick up and I still owed $2,000 at delivery. I get a call 2 weeks after they said they would deliver (TWO WEEKS) and they say “hey we will be there tomorrow at 7am just a heads up. It will be $2,000” I am relieved. Then this guy says, “Tampa doesn’t take care of their trees so if they are too low you gotta pay for a shuttle service, like rent a uhaul.” I tell him “I will not be paying a dime more and he has to figure it out like the trash truck does, and like my neighbor’s movers did.”
Well 7am comes and the head guy says hey these trees are too low it’s gonna cost another $900 now. Of course I thought he might do something to swindle even more money so I showed him my back yard. It was straight out to another street and he said that won’t work because he didn’t want to “walk on grass” my wife volunteered my old truck (1993 single cab Toyota Pickup) so for $450 extra I was a shuttle service and I helped deliver my own furniture. (Yes, I paid extra to have the fellas load my truck 4-5 times and drive the 500ft to my drive way and then helped deliver myself. I know you are thinking I just grabbed a box or two, no I grabbed a sofa with one of the guys and helped put together my bunk beds because that was supposed to be extra).
And when it was all over the head guy has the juevos to state that a tip is customary!! No kidding a tip is customary but me paying $2,000 extra shouldn’t be! I tipped his 2 helpers because they were very helpful and let him be the bad guy, but the constant extra fees are ridiculous. If you have stairs you get charged for having stairs by the piece of furniture, if you have more than one build (bunk bed, desk etc) you get charged. It’s pretty absurd.
The only good thing I really have to say about this experience was that they were careful with my belongings. They took the time to wrap everything well, they did the builds very carefully. They took time to be sure the bolts in each build were not stripped and were ok.
Short synopsis and recommendation. Please look elsewhere! These people will agree to something and have you sign documents saying “oh this just says we will be there on this date” but it really says they have 14 business days past the date you select. They WILL squeeze every dollar they can out of you. Please find another moving company. ANY other mover.

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