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639 E Ocean Ave Ste 406, Boynton Beach, Florida 33435 USA

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About Excalibur Moving Group

639 E Ocean Ave Ste 406
Boynton Beach, Florida

Your satisfaction is our priority. Excalibur has a long-standing reputation for quality and is recognized for excellence that enhances the overall calibre and outcome of your moving experience. Our people combine entrepreneurial spirit and a deep understanding of client needs, to serve you with the highest standards of customer care.

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Great Job

I personally had a great experience with this company. They did a great job coordinating my move. Would recommend and would use again if I needed to move. Thanks.

Ross Dunnigan



If i could do 0 stars I would. I called the company July 13th to get a refund. I was told that the refund would take 21 days to get and that it would come to me as a check. I have called them multiple times about the refund after the 21 day period was done. I was told many different times that the refund would be sent out on Friday (08/17/18, 08/24/18 and 08/31/18). By September 20th the company quit taking my phone calls. It is now October 29th and the only way i can get a hold of them is by using other people's phones. I now call every other week. Once i tell them my name I am put on hold and I usually hang up after 40 minutes. At this point i do not think i will ever get a refund back and that this company IS A SCAM! PLEASE STAY AWAY AND DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!




I had called and requested a quote from Excalibur Moving Group (referred to as "EMG" from here on). Once finished talking about the quote the salesman requested a down payment to secure the moving date. I complied and paid a $500 down payment. The conversation ended and I hung up. I then proceeded to see their online reviews and saw their online presence was atrocious and immediately called back in order to obtain a refund. During the phone call I spoke with a supervisor and after going back and forth, being told a "guarantee" of a full refund if I am dissatisfied with the move, being told he is saying this on a "recorded phone call" that I was unaware was being recorded, he finally agreed to give my money back according to the contract. I waited a week and called as I had yet to see a refund enter my bank account. They claimed there is a 21 day waiting period. I then called again after 21 days to be told it is actually 21 business days, and will be in my account that day or the next. I still have yet to receive my refund and they will now avoid my phone calls. This business is a scam and YOU SHOULD NOT pay any down payment with this company. I have not been issued a refund, nor have I been serviced in my move by EMG.

Andrea Harvey


Fraudulent Criminals

This company fraudulently utilized the BBB profile of a different Excalibur Moving Company as their own. They also misrepresented themselves as a mover when they are a broker stating that they would conduct white glove pick-up and delivery. Majority of my items are either missing or damaged. They provided a low quote, failed to provide a weight ticket to confirm the weight of my items, and held my items hostage for an amount higher than agreed upon and without a weight ticket confirmation.

They falsely provided a carrier company name and US DOT carrier number for the criminals they sent to my home for pick-up and delivery. Complete scam




This company regularly misrepresents itself as a mover when they are a broker, this means they sub contract out to random companies which impacts quality control. Most of my items arrived damaged, Many never arrived. They deliberately underbid then regularly hold you items hostage for double the fee agreed upon. I reported them to 3 attorney generals and here:

Jeanne Mcroy


Stole my personal belongings

Horrible, horrible company. I cancelled midway through knowing I would have the fight to get my deposit returned but at this point, no confidence in the business handlings, I cancelled, told the company and third-party driver verbally, the deal was off. Cancelled. The third party movers and Excalibur took my belongings anyway, without permission, and are now refusing to give me my personal belongings. I am in the process of obtaining legal representation in taking legal action against Excalibur Moving Group and their hired third party transport company. They are currently in the possession of my belongings illegally.


Autumn Slone



HORRIBLE. Why can’t I give 0 stars for this terrible company? From start to finish my move was a nightmare. They were 2 weeks late picking it up to start with, I had special circumstances for this move and I booked in in February for June. 4 months to make sure that a truck would be in KY with a 5-6 day date range they could pick up before I had to go back to CA. FAIL. Then the company they hired (48 States in Maryland)to pick up my move took 74 days to get my stuff to me. Every piece of furniture was destroyed. I am missing somethings. I have a box that doesn’t belong to me. My appliances are damaged. They even had the nerve to open boxes and use the items in the boxes to fill the spaces on the pallets. There were boxes marked fragile on the bottom of the pallets with heavy furniture on top of them. Nothing was wrapped or padded or protected in any way. Are you serious? Both companies failed to meet the terms of their contract and this review is posted on both companies Yelp pages. Worst experience ever!



Horrible- STAY AWAY

STAY AWAY from this moving company! This company made our move so much stressful and I swear that we would never want to move again just because of them. So initially they contacted us and talked about how great the moving company is and bla bla. They would call us everyday to get the business from us. But once they got the deposit they didn't bother much. Called us just a day before to confirm the pick up and then again there pick up time changed many times. There reviews are great and I am not sure if it is genuine at all because of the experience I had. They are NOT professional and all they care is just the money. No person came in for initial visit to give us an estimate. They gave us estimate based on the count and when the day of move in came. They over charged us like $1700 more. They hired another moving company and they had no idea what excalibur had quoted us and said it didn't matter. Delay on delivery and they would give us heads up on short notice. Not just that, when we received our item there were few people that were damaged and I have been calling them frequently to get it taken care of but they don't return your call back and every time you call them they say the will get back to you. Very frustrated with the entire team and how things have been handled. JUST go with another moving company. Highly NOT recommended



Lies and crooks

Doubled fee upon pickup. Quoted 6000$ for 4 bedroom house, charged 11,000$. We did a thorough itemization of household goods, listed everything down to blinds. Paid for full service move yet had to pack half of it. They hired Oasis Moving out of Las Vegas (another horrible company-stole my hand truck). Charged for “shuttle fee” to transfer from semi to small truck for drop off but they used the semi and kept the 750$. Lost over 1100$ dollars of tools and kitchen items and broke a lot of furniture and pictures but say none of this is their problem. That’s if you can even get thru to them. I sit on hold for 35 minutes on average then get disconnected upon transferring me.

DO NOT USE THEM! Charge you 30$/kitchen box, 20$/large box and 15$/ medium box.

Called to get a small refund for the “full service move” that didn’t happen and they basically said, “you signed the papers” so it’s not our problem. They said they were listening and trying to address my problem but never once showed any concern about anything I mentioned to them. Kept going to, “you signed the papers”.

They have absolutely no desire to follow thru on promises.

Crooked to the core. Avoid at all costs. That includes Oasis from Vegas.

Nirmal Shah


Horrible experience - Stay away from Excalibur


We are lodging a legal complaint probably a class action law suite against this company, gathering clients with similar complaints! They have not only demanded twice the money, shipment is not here, and we are sleeping on floor, buying new clothes, utensils and shoes for everyday living. They wrote an official email (below for details) and never even refunded money or have any idea when the shipment will arrive. We have probably made over 20 calls with no call back or reply. They always say we will call back but never do. Agent KYLE - nothing short of a crook. Below is their email.

Wednesday, 06/27/2018
We will refund you $300 back on to the card on file in 3-5 days for the car shipment.

Click on the job number xxxx in order to view or alter your personal information and the inventory list


Nicole Martin
Customer service specialist
Excalibur Moving Group
US DOT: 3054918 MC: 51832




Stay as far away from this company as possible!

This is a moving BROKER not a moving company. Do NOT hire them if you value your belongings, time, or money. Hiring this moving BROKER was one of the ABSOLUTE WORST EXPERIENCES OF OUR ENTIRE LIVES! Complete RIPOFF. Scroll to the bottom and read the 99 1 star reviews HIDDEN by them.

Excalibur Moving Group prostituted our move to the lowest bidder, in our unlucky case, the absolute worst company called HQ Movers. Excalibur changed subcontractors multiple times, calling us to say, "If xxxx calls you, tell them they aren't doing your move anymore." The subcontractors that Excalibur Moving Group chose showed up unprepared, with inadequate packing materials, and scratched, chipped, broke, and LOST our belongings, that they kept for FOUR WEEKS.

They didn't have enough packing boxes. We had a dozen IKEA toy storage boxes that are perfect for storing toys but not sturdy beyond that. They used our own storage bins AS MOVING BOXES, destroying them in the process. They wrapped them in moving tape, which took hours to unwrap while we were unpacking. They did not wrap our mattresses, and ripped the cover on our expensive Purple mattress, ripped our box springs, and got our son's mattress all dirty. They did not wrap our pictures frames or artwork, scratching and chipping many of our frames. They did NOT wrap two, expensive, large, oversized mirrors (despite lying to us that they would wrap them once they got more packing materials). They did not have any packing materials to wrap our television or lamps (on the inventory list) and we had to move the TV ourselves in our vehicle (with several other items they were unable to properly pack). They chipped our four poster bed frame, wrapped our belongings in our own nice towels, getting them dirty and covered in tape.

They showed up with some Budget truck they had rented, with someone else's belongings in it. At the end of the move, they said we had used DOUBLE the cubic feet, trying to increase us from 1600 cubic ft to 3200 cubic ft. We had just moved 10 months prior so we knew that was bullshit. The lead told us the Budget truck was 2000 cubic ft, that the other person's stuff took up around 400 ft, and we filled it up about twice, so we had 3200 cubic ft. We called Budget and they assured us they did not have a single truck in their fleet that was 2000 cubic feet, but rather 1698 cubic feet. So, the lead lowered the number to 2800 cubic feet, arguing that although Budget says their truck is only 1698 cubic feet, that DEFYING THE LAWS OF VOLUME, that he and his guys can fit more belongings into the space, because they are tetris ninjas. We ended up talking them down to 2500 cubic ft and they charged us an extra 2k, bringing the total to $9,500. When our delivery driver showed up he said we actually took up 2000 cubic feet, and that the move was so shoddy he did not want to be liable for damages.

The man hired to pack my kitchen was basically hired behind the local 7-Eleven. He rank of cigarette smoke and swore in front of our children while packing. He spent so much of the day taking breaks to smoke or eat pizza that he actually got fired at midday, but unfortunately not before he made a mess of my kitchen. He luckily wrapped about 75% of my everyday dishes, but the remainder he tossed in boxes without packing materials, including glass canning jars. He did not wrap my expensive Kitchen Aid, breaking the on switch. Heavy pots would be thrown in the same box as my Instant Pot or Kitchen Aid, none of which were wrapped. He tossed my expensive flatware in a large box, without wrapping it or banding it together, so of course it all fell out and mixed in a jumbled mess with cookbooks, scissors, and spices, bending and damaging my cookbooks, breaking my flatware bin, and scratching my wedding flatware. Pots were not wrapped, and in fact the subcontractor that Excalibur chose LOST four of my Calphalon skillets, my Calphalon wok, and 3 oversized and very nice Pottery Barn large serving bowls, in addition to smaller items and other small gadgets. These belongings were several hundred dollars. They lost a garage box with several expensive tools. Our belongings were stored in a storage unit with the subcontractor, which unfortunately increased their allowed transport time from 3 days to THIRTY days. They ended up keeping our belongings for four weeks, about 2.5 weeks longer than expected. A MOUSE got into our boxes and chewed up our children's cups. They lied to us dozens of times, telling us our truck was LOADED when it WASN'T. They flew a driver out to transport our truck and he forgot his drivers license and was incapable of renting a truck. We contacted Excalibur and they were polite but said it was out of their hands because it was "within the window".

My wedding dress was stuffed in the bottom of a box covered in children's toys. The only thing the subcontractor did okay was wrapping most furniture. They still ran out of materials for that and did not finish.



This company is horrible!

This company is horrible! Run!

They doubled my original quote 3 days before the move.

They told us 2-10 days. Our stuff arrived on day 23!

3 pieces of furniture were broken. Several items left disassembled with missing screws.

The movers/drivers do not speak English, and there is no way to communicate with them. They hire anyone off the street from Craigslist at delivery.

Customer service is rude and will never return your calls. You will sit on hold forever and they will give you excuses.

Joshua Robertson


Great Experience, Friendly Workers

My experience with Excalibur Moving Group was entirely positive. They took great care in making sure that there was no damage done to my items and residence. This was a big concern for me due to my last moving experience. I was very anxious and everyone that I interacted with did their best to alleviate all of my concerns. Thank you for making my move stress free.

David S


Interstate Move

My experience with Excalibur Moving Group was simple and easy. I had to move from Tampa, Florida to Louisville, Kentucky and decided to try Excalibur Moving Group. They made the process easy, simple, and stress free. Their employees were also just very helpful and answered all of the questions I had. I'm definitely going through them again the next time I move.



Best Customer Service

Excalibur gave me the best deal possible. Moving is expensive and I was on a tight budget. They provided the best customer service and gave me a deal that I could not refuse.

I tried a competitor (Uhaul) and they did not have a price that I could afford. I have talked with a lot of my military service buddies and told them if they need to move on a budget, then they should try out Excalibur.

This company should make themselves more known to the public because they are the best.

Briana L Wade


A Company Beyond Compare

I am a single disabled mother and it was a true blessing to have such a stress-free moving experience. At first the move seem like it would be a grueling undertaking. I had been burned before with a moving company and was contemplating tackling the ordeal myself. When, a co-worker of mine told me about Excalibur Moving Group

Everything from the explanation of services to the execution of the move made for a smooth and stress-free experience. Their top-notch staff answered my many questions with such a kind and professional demeanor. That left me feeling secure about this big move.

Excalibur Moving Group is one that surpasses many of the other companies in there field. Thanks Again

Zang Fhareell


So glad I used Excalibur!!

My thanks to Excalibur Moving Group for my successful move on March 24, 2018. Bryan and Zack arrived at exactly the promised time. They performed very efficiently and quickly They had all my furniture loaded on the truck even with an unexpected difficulty regarding an unforseen problem that required extra effort to lower a sectional couch through removal of screens to accommodate lowering it through and down the patio. They delivered my furniture to my new location in a very timely manner. They made my moving experience very easy and unstressful. Many thanks! I would recommend your company very highly.

Katie Marie


The Oregon Trail went well!

I was nervous about making my first ever big move - across the country from Wisconsin to Oregon. I had never used a moving service before (even for more local moves), and felt uneasy about my stuff being in someone else's hands for so long - but, I didn't have direct access to the right transportation to do it myself. Excalibur Moving Group eased all my worries and did an amazing job at getting my belongings out to Oregon efficiently and safely. I hope I don't have to make another big move for awhile, but if I do -I would definitely hire them again for the job! Highly recommend.

Dave Murray


Awesome work

The movers worked nonstop to get my stuff to my new home in time. They were really fast and careful. Delivery was performed in record time, mine was an interstate move however they took only two days to deliver. It was a delightful experience from start to finish.

Melody Dewitt


Don't do it!!

This move has been nothing but a headache, pure stress and just traumatizing for me to the point i should have just sold everything and bought it when i moved. I am a single mom of an infant and this company did there best to sweet talk me into going with there company.
Never informing me that other companies would be picking up/dropping off. They advised they would do it and it would be smooth and a stress free move. Lies.
My items were picked up on 5/2/18. I was told they would be there between 9-12 they never showed up till almost 1. 3 very unprofessional movers showed up to my house and while loading my things where not careful by any means. Scratched my floors, thought it was an inconvenience to them when i asked them to take there trash with them and rushed me thru signing documented and quickly explaining the documents (after which i found out what was explained what's not what i was signing at all.)
After my items were loaded i was at that time told it could worst case take 1-17 days to get my items... AFTER MY ITEMS WERE LOADED AND PAID I WAS TOLD THIS! forward to today 5/19/18 i still have no belongings. I call every day for an ETA and every day i have been told there is no Eta At this time. I also asked for a weight ticket and found out they didn't weigh my truck. They said it takes to long and. Sometimes is out of the way for movers.. Not my problem. They rudely stated 'we can weight your truck but you will pay anything it weighs over' i responded with no i will not since i was told i would never pay what was over my contract that that price was over weight and i would be refunded what it was over but i would never pay more.
I've been speaking to Adam and Steve and a very rude girl who i can never get her name. Im so beyond mad and want my belongings. Preferably undamaged but with the way things have gone im not hopeful. Save yourself and find a new moving company.



Stress-Free Experience!

I recently moved across town, and Excalibur Moving Group made this an easy and STRESS FREE experience!

The guys that came out to move my furniture were fast and very friendly. They were able to load and unload the truck, and even offered to help me set a few things up since the move didn't take as long as expected. It was appreciated since I didn't have anyone else to help. Great team of movers!



Very Satisfied

They had all the modern tools and techniques to make my move go very smoothly. I called to arrange my move from Manhattan to West New York, NJ and they promptly set up an appointment for Friday right away.

They quoted me the most reasonable price and showed up at my door at the scheduled time. They fully packed my belongings and carefully labeled all the boxes. They then proceeded to haul them into the truck and they arrived in perfect condition.

Unpacking was a breeze since I was able to find my possessions quickly. They took great care of them every step of the way and delivered top notch service. I look forward to doing business again.

Rikki Perez


The best moving experience I've ever had!

Moving is always a hassle but deciding to go with Excalibur Moving Group was the best decision I could have made.

Everyone I had the pleasure of dealing with was friendly, professional, reassured me that everything would arrive safely, and was more than happy to answer any questions I may have had. I was moving from Daytona Beach to Kansas City which is quite a long distance and I wouldn't have trusted anyone else with the items I needed to have moved. The price on my bill was lower than the estimated cost and everything arrived quickly and safely.

I can't recommend Excalibur Moving Group enough.

kami Simmons


Don’t use a Broker find an actual moving company

Do yourself a favor have a moving company not a broker like Excalibur do your move. A real moving company will come to your house and give you a real price quote. Excalibur will give you an estimate over the phone and then double the price the day they arrive to move your belongings. I wish I had a positive experience with this company. However my experience is totally opposite of the reviews I see here. I was given an estimate of approximately $1765. The day the movers showed up the price doubled to $3000. They told us we had to switch to cubic feet instead of weight. Most likely because my weight would have been low. I did not move any large pieces of furniture I even gave away my bed, mattress and couch. The movers that picked up my items took apart my desk and kitchen table and the movers that delivered it told me they don’t put it back together. I emailed to complain about my experience but of course no one from the company bothered to reply.

Shane Mcd


Best moving Experience!

Excalibur Moving Group absolutely blew me away! I've had my fair share of bad experiences with moving companies in the past.

Every step of the way from my initial call to my belongings being delivered, I had an exceptional experience! Rarely do you come into contact with a company and be blown away by their remarkable customer service.

My brother is moving next month, and I've already referred him to use Excalibur.

I'll be using them in the future and referring them to all my friends and family!

G Dian Kincaid


Downhill at mid-point

I thought this was going great. Lowest price with all the service and professionalism I had hoped for. I gave months of notice on my move, called to let the office know I'd changed the address on my credit card, and they accepted my final pickup date. They verified my information, assured me the driver would be able to take credit card payment, told me my payment at pickup would be $442.50, and another $442.50 upon delivery (after my initial deposit of $400, this sounded about right to me). On the Friday that I'd been told someone would call and tell me which of the two days (Monday or Tuesday) I'd requested they would pick up on, I did receive a call -- very early in the day. They wanted to pick up on SATURDAY -- the very next day! I said that wouldn't work, and they quickly said, "Okay, then we'll pick up on Sunday." That still threw my schedule off, but I agreed. But then I got another call a few hours later saying they wanted to "go over a few things" with me, and it was the same information I'd already given a man over the phone a week earlier. I told him so, and he indicated no one had told him, and ended the call. Weird. And then a few hours after THAT, I got ANOTHER call. All these calls had a lot of background noise, and some accents involved, so I had difficulty understanding everything they said, but this person wanted to go over some of the same things and also said I wouldn't be able to pay the driver with my credit card. Late Friday afternoon, I'm in the middle of trying to expedite my packing (ALONE) ahead of schedule, and he said I'd have to either go to the post office and get (pay for) a money order, or go to the bank and get a cashier's check for the $442.50 -- or pay cash. I put my foot down and told him I'd been assured that I could pay with a credit card. He put me on hold and 'presumably' got affirmation from someone that I would be allowed to use my card, but I'd need to pay in cash at delivery. Is this starting to sound suspicious? Yes. Or, at the very least, that one hand in this company doesn't know what the other hand is doing. And on Saturday I got a call from the driver saying they'd be here between 8am to 11am the next morning. Good. Except there's a lot of lost sleep time between 8 and 11, and I have to get up and be ready for them at 8. Still, I can get over that. And, sure enough, at 7:30 Sunday morning they called and asked me what was the earliest time I'd be ready. I said I'd been told between 8 and 11, so I'd be ready at 8. They got here at 8:30. And the rest is just a hot mess! Props first -- to ME: I had 1 or 2 boxes less than expected, and one "sewing console" less, and I had every single box and piece of small furniture ready and waiting inside the front door, in my living room, except the armoire that was too heavy for me to move. One "driver" did all the moving while the other one sorted through the pile of paperwork I was supposed to "read carefully and understand". (I learned this from the little CYA booklet of my "rights and responsibilities" that was conveniently left in the truck until AFTER I'd signed all the pages with volumes of tiny print on the back, and numerous redundancies on the front, and corrections and changes made during the 'explanations' and signatures and promises to be quick so he could get out of my hair....blah, blah, blah talk. A few things did stand out loud and clear, though. That was when my pickup and delivery installments of $442.50 suddenly became $621.50 each! That's $337 over my promised "total". I strenuously questioned that. Lots more calculating was done, a phone call to "the boss" was made, I was given a "discount", and the payments became $471.50 each. I wasn't thrilled with the changes, but it was only $38 over; I hadn't even had breakfast yet, most of my shipment had been loaded, and I just wanted it to be over, so I wrote ANOTHER check. More calculations. Another phone call. Then I was told I needed to pay $800 today, with "only $621.50 upon delivery. I said, "NO. You have my stuff; that's your collateral. This was not the agreement I signed. I'm not changing it now." So he took the $471.50 check and finished the loading. He put cardboard around and shrink-wrapped my great-grandmother's antique treadle sewing machine console, wrapped a small rocking chair, a very small easy chair, and a small wood hamper in blankets, all of which were clearly listed in my initial inventory that was used to estimate my "total" cost" of $1305.80 in January, which I electronically signed. No add-ons, no dismantling, no packing of glass, no fancy stuff to re-pack -- just what I had originally said I wanted to send MINUS the computer and monitor, which I'll be carrying by car. You think that's the end of the story? Wrong. At this point only 1 1/2 hours had passed. ALL my shipment was loaded and locked on the truck, we'd said our goodbyes and I was confused, but still with the program. Then the paperwork driver knocked on the door. There'd been "a mistake", he says. I needed to pay $621.50 today and another $621.50 at delivery (an additional $337). Long story a little shorter, he left and came back several times during the next 1 1/2 hours. Let me say, he seems like he might be a nice guy. Maybe even an honest guy. Maybe he's just the messenger. At one point I spoke with his "boss", whose accent was very hard to understand, and he seemed to be adamant. I'm not suspicious or paranoid by nature, but I eventually got the distinct impression I was being preyed upon. I decided discretion might be the better part of valor. I wrote the check for $621.50, swallowed all the trade jargon just so I could shut my door and eat breakfast. By this time it was 11:30. But I very carefully went over my paperwork and the belated "rights and responsibilities" booklet, and what I see is that I signed my consent to pay $1305.80 for a 'relocation' that INCLUDES $65.80 for Fuel Surcharges, wrapping and quilting all furniture, packing tape and moving pads, ALL transportation, taxes, tolls, and MILEAGE. What I FEEL is that all these "cooks" have spoiled the "pot". Too many changes, too many representatives disagreeing with, or overriding each other, too little adherence to contract stipulations. And maybe someone making up things that gives them a little extra commission. I'm 73 years old. My sole income consists of a Social Security check of $570 a month. I own a 1993 Geo Prizm that I'll be driving from MO to CT. Do I really NEED this hassle? No. But, guess what? There's no one at Excalibur today -- at the CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT. What a coincidence.

Rahnold Thomas


Nice Movers!

Three Young men arrived right on time and packed my belongings in a very organized way. Nothing but a lamp got broken during the trip but they were honest and took responsibility of it and the insurance covered it, I really liked that. As per my experience they are a reliable company.



Amazing Customer Service

Kaitlyn was so nice, she helped us a lot. I would certainly recommend them to anyone. I was delivered 5 days after pick up and they even did some extra packing for free.

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