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4545 NW 103rd Ave Suite 200, Sunrise, Florida 33351 USA

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About D & J Moving LLC

4545 NW 103rd Ave Suite 200
Sunrise, Florida

Our reputation is always on the line. Whether you are moving across the street or beyond state lines, D & J is always finding innovative solutions to our customers’ complex moving challenges. No matter what type of move you’re planning, we can handle it. Our reliability and experience separates us from the rest.

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Dorian Teasdale


Well Balanced In Pricing and Quality

Finding a company that is good with pricing and offer kickass quality is never easy. D & J moving llc did it perfectly. Prompt to respond, they spoke with me an hour to listen to my requirements. I know, that’s really long but the rep was patient to know what I need before making suggestions. I was given a choice of multiple packages to pick from. When I made some wrong choices purely based on pricing, they suggested the services I would miss. Very helpful, they were and I got what I need at two third of my budget. I would surely recommend the moving company to every friend of mine and to you.

Parker Sweet


Learn from our mistakes

We saw all the negative reviews and thought we would give them a try anyway. LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES! DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY!




This company has wronged so many families and individuals with their unacceptable horrific business practices. A class action lawsuit should be filed against them. Their crude offensive immoral standards of doing business needs to be STOPPED.

Lynn Cromer


Highly recommended.

They were fantastic. I will never move myself again. Definitely worth it, reasonably priced. On time and very quick. Highly recommended.

Lisa Stewart


2 Thumbs up!!

This company was recommended to me by my co-worker. I loved their Wonderful service, the fact that they worked with my budget, and made it as efficient as possible! I'm very pleased with their work and I will definitely call them again & also recommend them to others!

Diann Stewart


We are one satisfied customer!

This team was simply awesome! Professionals, quick, friendly and polite! Also very pun intended! We are one satisfied customer! Will recommend in a heart beat and if we move again.

Clide Monson


I liked them so much!

I have used moving companies severally in the past and the experience wasn’t always what I envisioned. At one time, I ended up losing all my things to a fire that had apparently consumed the van that was carrying them. Others have been very poor communicators with below par service. I, however, had one awe-inspiring experience when I moved with D & J Moving recently. The movers were polite and well trained in handling people’s properties. I liked them so much!

Rick Wylde


They are highly recommendable

D & J Moving are the favourite moving company in New York, and for pretty good reasons as I realized when used them to move my things all the way to Elko in Nevada. They sent me a dedicated team of focused individuals who wanted the best relocation for me. The guys were timely, within budget and always cared to reduce the stress on my family as we contemplated moving to our new residence. They are highly recommendable to everyone.

Bruce Summers


Pleasant and easy experience

This is to thank D & J Moving for making my move a pleasant and easy experience, unlike other movers who only achieve to give their clients a headache. Although the crew had such a nightmare of being trapped in long-standing traffic jams, the delivery was made in time, and everything, as well as everybody, was fine on arrival. I’m so grateful for the good work you did and will always suggest your service to my friends and family.



Amazing service!

The reputation that is bestowed upon D & J Moving is amazing. The company does the job in a perfect manner all the time seeing that it was recommended to me by my mother after she had used it quite some time back. She said that the staffs were very cool professionals, and after witnessing them handle my things with such professionalism and care, I now understand why many people regard them as the movers of choice.

Robert Klayton


A faultless moving

It was time to go back to Mason City to take good care of our ailing mother. It was always going to be a long journey for my movers of choice from Charlotte, but their experience and skills in the field made everything so simple and problem free. They enabled a faultless moving with all my possessions arriving in the best possible condition without any scratch or damage. I thank D & J Moving for all the diligence they put in my relocation process.

Evan Farrington


Faultless job

Right from the start to the very end, D & J Moving performed a faultless job. They are the best professional movers I have ever used, and I have used quite a several so far. The team that was sent to me was highly dedicated to quality service and was careful not to damage any of my things. Their meticulous handling of my possessions sometimes gave the thought that they were relocating their belongings, not mine!!!

Rebecca Willson


Commendable job

Initially, I though the act of relocation was one boring and tedious one. Two of my close neighbours had moved out and I saw how they were stressed during the whole thing. I was not willing to go through the same experience but it seemed there was no way out. Having been given a transfer to move to Alabama, all I could do was to follow the orders. Having no option left, I went in search of the ideal relocation company. I came across D & J Moving and they were willing enough to offer me assistance. I hired them out and they did a commendable job. I wouldn’t mind giving them yet another chance of working for me.

Chandler Lander


I absolutely recommend them

We had a very prompt move with D & J Moving. The manager called the day before to confirm the move. The crew arrived at my house pretty early and embarked on the job, which they did professionally and carefully all day long until everything was done. We had many things in our fully furnished four bedroom house, but these guys never tired until they accomplished the disassembling, parking and loading m stuff. The delivery was within schedule and they offloaded and reassembled everything like professionals. They helped arrange my new house and their pricing was very affordable. I absolutely recommend them.

James Johnson



NEVER US D&J MOVING!!! It's been TWO MONTHS. My family of 7 has been sleeping ON THE FLOOR. First they blamed the fires, but the freeways were only closed for 4-5 days. I called CALTRANS and checked. Next, it was the Hurricanes. Why does a hurricane on the East Coast affect a truck leaving California?!? Whenever we talk to the owner, they assure us that we "are on the next truck", but that they don't control the trucks. If they promise to move your stuff across the country, RUN, DO NOT WALK, AWAY!!! If they cannot get a truck to do their work, you will be waiting forever. Unprofessional, discourteous. EVERY UPDATE WE GET, WE HAVE TO CALL FOR.

Mike simon


Thank you so much!

Thank you for the excellent service and for the quality work. I'm glad that I called this company. These guys are definitely the best! Thank you!

Christina Kennedy



DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY. These people are a complete scam. First, they’ll tell you that you’ll receive your items in 21 days, then it’s 30 days. After over a month of waiting and calling, we still have not received our items. They have multiple complaints online, and also function under the name Quest Moving. There are reviews from individuals who never received their belongings!!
Not only that, but they will give you a binding estimate, load your items into a truck, then increase your moving cost so that you are forced to pay $5,000 more then quoted, which is completely illegal.
Pay attention to the company you’re hiring. There are warning signs I should’ve seen. First off, nobody there has a last name, they answer their phones “moving and storage” with no company name, and they show up in a rented truck to pick up your items.
Go online to to read what people say about the 2 companies they operate under, as well as the BBB. PLEASE DONT BE FOOLED

Christina Kennedy


Scam d&j movers aka Quest Moving

DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY. These people are a complete scam. First, they'll tell you that you'll receive your items in 21 days, then it's 30 days. After over a month of waiting and calling, we still have not received our items. They have multiple complaints online, and also function under the name Quest Moving. There are reviews from individuals who never received their belongings!!
Not only that, but they will give you a binding estimate, load your items into a truck, then increase your moving cost so that you are forced to pay $5,000 more then quoted, which is completely illegal.
Pay attention to the company you're hiring. There are warning signs I should've seen. First off, nobody there has a last name, they answer their phones "moving and storage" with no company name, and they show up in a rented truck to pick up your items.
Go online to to read what people say about the 2 companies they operate under, as well as the BBB. PLEASE DONT BE FOOLED

Jason Cesar


Move from CA to FL

I used D & J moving for my relocation from Ca to FL because the original company i hired failed to show up , I contacted D & J moving last minute and they came to the rescue the following day and did a fantastic job!! I would highly recommend them for your move.



Move from CA to FL

This guys were terrific from A to Z , took care of all my goods and had everything delivered in a timely matter , Thank again guys !!



D&J Moving Company, Sunrise, FL

had a horrible experience with D & J Moving Company in Sunrise, Fl. I am 61 years old and live alone. I had never used movers before. I was lied to, cheated, and received my items crushed, broken and scratched. They also lied about their insurance and the quotes they give you. I was quoted almost $2000 to move and had to pay them almost $4000. I had to call the police to get my items delivered. They sent movers that could not speak English to pick up my items and they sent someone that did not speak English at all when they delivered my items. He was Russian & had to use translator app on phone that made no sense at all. I was lied to and disregarded by Andrew, Lisette, Diego and Justin from that company. I walked in each room giving lust if items to Lisette to quote me. She gave me quote of less than $2000 to move me from Thomasville, Ga to Jacksonville, Fl. After they loaded my items the movers told me I would owe more because my items took up too much cubic feet. I had originally listed dining table and 4 chairs and two big chest of drawers, a dresser with mirror and sofa when given quote. I sold them all prior to pick up. When I asked about that, they told me it was just estimate. I had to sign because they would not unload without charging me way more. I had to contact police in Sunrise, FL because they wouldn’t deliver my items. According to the cop I was speaking with, I was one of six that had gotten the cops involved with this company for the same reason.personally The next day Diego which was a Saturday, called me and told me my items would be there within 2 hrs. I didn’t even know they were delivering that day. He told me "If you aren't there when we arrive, your items will be dumped on the pavement and left there." He was angry because I called the cops. I was told what extra I would have to pay upon delivery. I had to find ATM because they would only take cash. I didn’t have the cash. The Russian driver they sent that didnt speak any English, got Diego (one of owners) because he said I owed more. They would not and load my items until I went and got the money. My cousins had to withdraw money from their ATM because I had already withdrawn my limit for the day. I was cursed that, yelled at And threatened by Diego on the phone. They unloaded the items and then brought in an inventory sheet for you to sign. They would not allow you to inventory your items. I didn’t receive all of my items, bedding, curtains, drapes, floor lamp, silverware, a lot of my winter clothes and other items. They broke an antique chair and ruined another one with blue thread from blankets embedded in the wood of my Gmother’s chair I inherited and my foot board of bed is scratched bad. It wasn’t even covered. I sent pictures and list of missing items and they haven’t done anything. On top of everything, the driver tried to force me to take items that didn't belong to me because "they had my ticket number on them." I read all of the reviews on Yelp and it can’t be a coincidence that so many people have experienced the same nightmares with the same company. I have spoken with several of them via email, one via telephone. Every time you contact D&J Movers (Sunrise, FL) you speak to a different person. I am 61, unemployed and do not have the money to repair or replace my items. I am living with my cousins in Jacksonville, FL. Each one has lied to me and they forced me to pay even more for them to unload. I don’t know what to do.

Felicia Penn


Thank you!!

They showed up promptly on time and moved our stuff with a smile on their faces. Packing and loading took 3 hours which we felt was longer than we expected. Other than that everything else was great. I would definitely use these guys if need be and recommend them to my friends and family!

Kathleen Baker


Awesome Service!!

Diego and team were amazing! My move was two parts, spread over two weekends and they did an impeccable job. They got right down to business and moved my house. I would highly recommend D & J Moving LLC to my closest friends. Thank you very much!

Vivian Banuelos


Highly Recommended!!

All you need to know is painless, no stress, prompt, honest and professional. If you are dealing with this company do so with great confidence.



Wonderful experience

All I know is that they proved themselves equal to the task. I had had some doubt prior to hiring them out but they cleared all that through the wonderful job that they did. I am now fully convinced that I have some people who can be relied upon whenever I am in need of efficient movers. They have never disappointed anyone I know of and I am certain that they will not disappoint you too if you opt for them.




I hired D&J for a move from the est coast to the midwest based upon good reviews that were posted and the delivery schedule they quoted me of 10 to 14 days. My household goods arrived 34 DAYS from pickup; all of my large pieces of furniture had damage even with some of these items wrapped in their blankets. Also, I had several boxes clearly marked with red 'FRAGILE' tape and various items were broken in these boxes. In addition, when the truck arrived I noticed that most of my boxes marked fragile had other boxes stacked on top of them. The loaders obviously were very careless with my items. To top it all off, when the truck FINALLY arrived, there was only one person (the driver) to unload the truck since the other two workers did not show up. At delivery, I attempted to get an adjustment to the cost but the owner only offered $450 off. The total cost of the move was $6,100. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY FOR ANY MOVE!!!



These Guys Are Experienced

Each time I call people to work in my home, I often get nervous and as a result, I watch every iota of thing they do to ensure that they do not damage anything or go out of hand. Most times, I get involved in the job. However, this time around it was different. Though I watched the guys did their job I was really excited with the way they displayed their rare professionalism in the move. I earnestly hail D & J Moving and no doubts they are obviously the best moving company in Florida.



Full of Appreciations

I recommend D & J Moving. For extra ordinary relocation services, I prefer this relocation company. On two different occasions, I have hired them out and the results have all been spectacular. The first relocation was good with no dram ensuing. The second, which took place last week, was even better taking into consideration the limited time taken to get the work dine. I appreciate you.




This is a great relocation company. I hired them out earlier this month and they did an awesome relocation. I admired how they conducted the whole operation. From the moment they started to the last minutes of the relocation, they remained so much committed and dedicated. I love the way they were able to manage my fragile properties without damaging any of them. There were no losses involved and I thank them for their careful and relentless nature. Keep up the good work!



I have faith in you

This is a good relocation company. They moved my family from Alabama to Southern parts of Georgia. The relocations were effective and quite jovial. I thought it was going to be boring the way everyone else was saying but D & J Moving made the relocation quite different. They took charge of the operations that it was not only productive but also very lively. I love their sociable nature. I can never get tired of hiring out such people.

Jane Winters


I needed the speed

I really needed speed in my last move but the problem was that I have no idea of the moving company which can offer me the excellent service I needed. I chose D & J Moving after a few online searches but I was unsure of their professionalism. Now I am happy that I chose them because it was all I needed. They guys were superfast and despite that none of my stuff was damaged or ruined during the move. My expectations were really exceeded in this move.

Derrel Tolbert


Busy Like Bees

I could not help but think about bees when I watched these guys worked. They worked very busily like bees. I was surprised that they never relented for a minute until they finished the job, just as bees would do. The level of diligence I saw in demonstration was beyond words and I must also commend them for their professional work ethics and attitudes during the move. Obviously, these are the kind of movers, everybody would want to work with and that is why I recommend them highly.



Truly Exceptional

It is a nice move being relocated by D & J Moving. I do not think there is another relocation company that has offered me relocation services the level of this company. Most of my previous encounters offered average relocations. They were not as competent as this team of relocation experts.



No doubts - you are perfect

You gave me an experience that I will never forget. It is worth remembering the Alabama-New York relocation. The movement turned out to be so exceptional. The way the properties were moved and the level of diligence involved in that relocation was something beyond my imagination. Your crew was very careful with the handling of properties. They pulled out a clean relocation job and I am glad because of that!

Bevon Irving


I will hire them again

My moving experience has been full of negativity. The moving companies I moved with previously lacked experiences and as a result, each time I moved, most of my cushions and furniture would get damaged. However, it was different this time around because I had a better experience with D & J Moving. I never had to worry about anything when I saw how professionally they worked. I enjoyed every bit of my move and that is why I will continue to lift two thumbs up for them. Obviously, my online search prior to the move truly paid off.

Timothy Springfield


Great Service

I had to be picked up short notice and they did just that. Thanks Richard.

Lisa Callahan



Could be the worst people EVER! Sales team very nice and I paid deposit for a move from Boulder, CO to Massachusetts, that's the last contact I had with the saleswoman, she never answered another call from me. Set the date and packed everything according to their requests (18x18x18 boxes). Flew to Colorado to help with the packing and called early in the morning for an update. Waited on hold for 29 minutes and they said...coming, just delayed. Called again at 1 and was put on hold with no one getting back on the line. Around 4 called again, as we sat on packed boxes, and they said "we aren't coming". I asked if they meant they weren't coming today and they would be there tomorrow??? and they said "No, we aren't coming at all, maybe we could get you next month". Now we had to scramble to get out of our rental. No one at this company showed an ounce of sorrow. No one cared. No suggestions on what to do, not compensation, nothing. How do people like this put their heads on their pillows at night? They left a mother and child 2000 miles from their destination high and dry without any concern. Do yourself a favor...DO NOT USE THEM! Horrible people.

Henry Jose


These movers are just machines

I have had it with the so called professional moving companies. They are just bunch of cheaters. The only company who does what it says was D & J Moving LLC. No, they didn't have any fancy adverts nor did they make me any fake promises. What they delivered was good old moving services. Their men arrived right on time to move my belongings. They were so fast and creative when it came to packing. Everything was organized and systematic. These movers are just machines. They had no issues carrying everything down 2 flights of stairs. They weren't even tired! Unlike other moving companies, they didn't even charge me extra for packing materials or anything like that. The final bill was in fact less than the initial estimate. I would never hire another moving company.

Gabriella Faulds


Timely, efficient and the fees were very reasonable

Eventually my brother and I decided to relocate from North Carolina to Colorado. We decided to entrust our things to D & J Moving and by the end of the process, we were both happy that it was a 100 per cent success. It was timely, efficient and the fees were very reasonable. We have used movers before, but D & J Moving gave us the fastest and most inexpensive moving we have had so far. My move with D & J Moving was, not anything but classy and professional. I got moved from North Carolina to La Junta, Colorado and I loved everything about the process. They charged me very reasonably and their movers were competent and with the right motivation. They disassembled my things, packed and moved them in just four days. The process was pleasantly short and stress-free!!



Don’t Trust

This company has pick up my 78 year old mother furniture whom just came out of chemo on March 8 from Colorado on March 21st. They told her it would take 10 days to get it Florida, It's now May 7th. We have been giving the run around since day 11 "it will be there in 14 days" " they have 30 days to get it to you" the driver got sick" "it's on the way" "they are loading it up" "it's in transit" " we can't reach the driver". My mom is in an empty house with no furniture sleeping on an air mattress. I will never recommend this company to anyone. We have explained my mom condition and her living arrangements but still nothing. My brother spoke to Andrew the beginning of last week and he said it was getting loaded on Wednesday. My mom tells me today they said it's still in Colorado. Do no I repeat Do not go with this company. If they can treat a 78 year old lady just getting out of chemo this way amazing how they would treat you and your belongings. I would actually give them less than 0 stars.



I am forever grateful

The whole relocation experience was all perfect and I am so grateful for that. D & J Moving made me proudly and made my relocation appear extraordinary. I did not actually come to realize how unique and marvelous it was until my former neighbors called me aside and inquired more about the relocation. They were so interested in these people who had made my relocation appear so awesome and glamorous. I was so happy explaining to them all that I knew about this great relocation company. If an opportunity presents itself in the future, they will be my first consideration above any there company. If you really want to have a whole new relocation experience, try them out!



Cute move

It was a perfect move. They were punctual enough on arrival and that made everything go so easy all day long. They started on the job at a very high tempo and maintained that all through their work. It was just, but an awesome experience working with them and the least I could do was smile as they moved everything from the house to the awaiting vehicle. What impressed me more was the work they did upon arrival at my new home in Kentucky. They helped me arrange it to perfection. The house was dazzling by the time they were done!

Samantha Coles


They beat me at my own game!

They beat me at my own game. I have always been known to be a perfectionist. People close to me often complain that I must always find fault in their work however much careful they try to be. I cannot tell how true that is. So when I hired out D & J Moving, I expected a similar comment or at least something close to that. That never came. The truth is that their work was flawless. I kept checking the progress of the relocation, and it's like it was getting better with time. I saluted them at the end of it all - it was a job well done. I will remain loyal to D And J Moving movers. They worked for me once, and I was impressed. I got relocated within a very short time. The quotes were pocket-friendly. The view was diligent. I have nothing to say but appreciate them for the good work they did in safely moving my belongings from Colorado to Florida. Thank you so much.

Jackie Hernandez


From CA - FL

I never like strangers to touch my stuffs when I want to move. But, this time I had no option than to hire a moving company. In that regard, I hired D&J moving reluctantly without knowing that they are just perfect and team of trained movers. The guys perfected the entire work and offered amazing moving experience which I never expected for my move. Thank you for this amazing moving experience.

Yulia Sung



BEWARE of this company. THEY ARE A SCAM. I scheduled a move with this company and even paid a deposit. They call me the day before my move date and tell me that they made a mistake on their end and need to reschedule. Of course I was upset because I came from out of the country just for the movers. I schedule the next appointment to the next week Friday-Saturday (they say I need to leave a 2 day window open which by the way they never mentioned to me in the beginning). They never called me nor confirmed. And of course they don't show up.. I called the representative (Lisette) the following Monday and told her what was going on and that I wanted a full refund of the deposit since I no longer trust the movers or company. She said the manager will call me back ASAP after a call. I wait for over an hour and of course the manager NEVER calls. I call back and demand to talk to the manager and he gets on the line. I once again say I want a refund and he comes off as very rude and says he will "request" it and call me back. Of course I NEVER receive a call back. I am now in the middle of legally taking this matter. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY. THIS COMPANY IS A FRAUD.

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