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301 West Atlantic Ave Suite 0-5, Delray Beach, Florida 33444 USA

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About Cross Country Moving Group

301 West Atlantic Ave Suite 0-5
Delray Beach, Florida

Cross Country Moving Group is licensed as a moving broker through the Department of Transportation. With our huge database of recommended Moving Companies, we can negotiate competitive prices on behalf of our customers by leveraging economies of scale, and get you the bargain you’re looking for. We represent a high volume of customers and the Moving Companies that we recommend will offer you valuable discounts when you reserve a move through us. If you hire us to coordinate your long distance move, we are confident that we offer the best value and service.

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Andy L


Buyer beware - broke company

I moved from Massachusetts to Texas. Their estimate of my moving expenses was half of what it ended up costing me. Additionally, I was told that they had moved celebrities before, implying that the move would be good. In reality, the movers that moved me lost several items and my piano was cosmetically damaged enough that it needs to be refinished. I was not told up front that they're a broker. If you don't want to pay more money for your move, don't use them. Go to an actual moving company and get a live quote from them.

Leo Schonhoff



Complete bait and switch scam... BUYER BEWARE Stay away !!! Quoted A price of 5k for a move. Nothing changed from the inventory that was given and they then said on moving day it would cost $12k . Of course I went a different direction and this how they get you. Either pay now because most people moving across country may say go ahead, because they need it done and when people say no to Cross country movers they then use the excuse you waited till day of to cancel, so you are not entitled to your deposit. So when you don't fall your the bait and switch on move day they just steal your deposit money. PLEASE TAKE MY ADVICE AND CHECK OUT OTHER MOVERS, THESE PEOPLE ARE THE TRUE DEFINITION OF BLOODSUCKERS.

Brad John


Thank You!

Moving isn’t always an easy task especially if you are a family man like myself. Over the years, I have engaged a number of movers and is happy to say that Cross Country Moving Group is by far the company I rank highly if not the best. From the first day I made the call to the last box unloaded, guys at Cross Country made the process an eventful one through their engagement, attention to detail, and professionalism. Positive experience when moving is a rare commodity. However, with the kind of folks at Cross Country Moving Group, whenever I will need to move again, I won’t panic!

Lakshmi Subramaniam


Caveat Emptor - Buyer beware

My goods were picked up on June 7th, and was delivered today on July 29th for a 500 mile move. Everything arrived damaged as it was not wrapped up in furniture blankets. I have missing goods, and my brand new furniture bought in December looks like it went through a tornado.

CC Moving is clear that they are a furniture broker, however, the contract changed when the shipper showed up. You are better using U-haul U box container, getting a local company to pack the container, then have U haul move the box, and then a different local company unload the goods for you. My entire load is damaged, and I am extremely upset and disappointed with both this company and their shipper.

Also, they did not wrap any of my goods in furniture blankets even though the contract says so. Ron Rubin from CC Moving quoted "Wrapping of all furniture with quilted moving blankets." This did not happen, I provided bubble wrap to wrap some items, and they had some Saran wrap they wrapped things up with. Please see pictures enclosed.




The WORST decision we have ever made. Day 37 with no delivery. We have filed complaints everywhere - DOT, BBB, FMSCA, local authorities - and still have not and likely will not receive any of our belongings. Employees are beyond rude and unhelpful. They readily admit that they have no information, no location for the truck, no driver contact info. One employee will tell you one thing only to be directly contradicted by another. How they are even still in business is beyond me, but I'm sure it won't be much longer with the way they run things. I can only assume they make their money from the stolen goods. I could not recommend staying far away from them any more strongly.

Garrett Bird



Very shady. Changed the dates of my move without letting me know, costing me hundreds of dollars. They seem trustworthy at first, but as soon as they have your money they are a lot less concerned about your experience. Looks like they also fake their own reviews. Avoid at all costs

Kara Leong


Horrible Experience

I feel this company committed a bait and switch. My final bill was more than double my original quote and their carrier damaged and lost many items. I was told that if I gave a deposit, I would lock in my rate instead of waiting until summer, when rates will increase. And that even if I ended up needing more space, cubic feet, it would not be a big difference in price, again, since I've "locked in" my rate. I agreed and gave my deposit of $1170 in Feb. My original quote was about $3,800 and my final bill was over $8,000.

As I got closer to my move date, Benjamin disappeared and was "no longer with the company". I called several times to try to get another representative to help me and was told sales has nothing to do with scheduling and to just call customer service. Customer service was not interested in speaking with me until right before the move date. Eric W. took over and called me towards the end of May. On 5/31/19, we went through my items again. He estimated that my cf increased by about 300cf (my original estimate was less than 900cf), but my price increased by about $2000 or 2300. I asked how there was such a big increase in price. He said because I am moving during peak moving season. I said yes, but I gave a deposit and "locked in" my rate. He said no, it is summer so it is peak prices. My new estimate was over $6,000 and he charged me another $1,100 and advised that $1,925 was due at pick up and $1,925 was due at drop off.

Erick and Victor from Streamline Moving and Storage showed up on June 2nd, at about 1pm PST. Erick advised that I had a $325 balance due for my piano. I called the customer service line, at about 1:06pm PST, an after hour agent picked up, took my name and number and Annie called me back at about 1:11pm PST. She said she was the customer service manager, I explained the situation, and she told me what Erick was telling me was not right. She said to let the movers prep everything else, then send her a picture of the inventory list and she assured me that she would help me with pricing. I confirmed that the number she called me from was her cell phone number for me to text a picture, as my computer was all packed up, and she confirmed that I can reach her at the number that she called me from and yes, I can send a picture text to that number. I told Erick he could go ahead with everything else, except the piano, and that I would need to send Cross Country a picture of the final inventory list. At about 2:34pm PST, I texted Annie, letting her know that "the carrier is going to provide me with the list along with additional charges at the end." And asked her if she will be available still in a few hours. No reply. At about 4:08pm PST I called and left a voicemail message for Annie, asking her to call me back because I have not heard from her. No reply. She abandoned me after assuring me that she would help me with the carrier.

Erick and Victor did not finish until about 10:30pm PST. Erick handed me an inventory list with a final price of $8,139 and some cents. I had 2 minor children with me, ages 7 and 9, that were either sitting on the floor or sitting in my car, for hours on end, waiting to leave, and the manager from Cross Country was not calling me back. I signed his paperwork under duress. And paid him $2,935 cash, instead of the $1,925 that it was supposed to be.

Mike showed up on June 15th, and I paid him another $2935 cash, instead of $1,925. I was absolutely horrified as I saw my crushed boxes and damaged furniture being carried in. I took pictures of, and have sent to Cross Country, a link to about 170 pictures of my mishandled furniture and belongings, showing the severe damages and stains on my brand-new carpet from their dolly. They offered me $400 with a signed release and said I had to file a claim with the carrier. I hold Cross Country responsible as they chose the carrier and abandoned me in my time of need instead of being my point of contact throughout the process.

Jenn Jo



Cross Country Moving Group is a bunch of scammers. They originally quoted me $3500 to move my items from NC to CA. They called us multiple times to estimate the amount it would cost to move. We measured all of our items, counted all of our items (for example 1 bed, 2 dressers, 1 dining room table, etc). We had them quote us for a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom. We had them put the maximum amount of boxes (40 boxes total) and were given that quote. On the day of pick up, a 3rd party company arrived. NOT WHOM WE HIRED. The movers were scheduled to come between 12-2, they didn't show up until close to 3:30p. Then the space the allocated for us was too small. The amount of space was not enough to even fit out couch, queen size mattress/frame, dressers,etc. Even the mover said he didn't think he would be able to fit our stuff in that square footage and we needed to pay another $1000 in order to pack our stuff. I took a photo of the previous customer's items they packed COMPLETE MESS. I will post a photo. We were on the phone with Cross Country Moving Group for almost 2 hours. Spoke to **** who said he was a supervisor. He told us he would refund us $500 for the inconvenience from his company and he would work with this 3rd party company to get us more. They REFUSED to refund me my $1650 deposit because I was ready to cancel the move. They took advantage of my vulnerability because I had to be out of my apartment by 5pm and it was now after 5 and they hadnt even STARTED moving my items to the truck. We moved forward. I was given paper work to sign and I was due to pay another amount upon pick up. I was told I could use my VISA card. AT THAT TIME they said using my card was gonna cost me 5% processing fee. ANOTHER CHARGE THEY NEVER DISCUSSED BEFORE I BOOKED MY DEPOSIT. We were also told we would receive our items in 5-16 days. Upon signing the paperwork AFTER THEY ALREADY PACKED MY ITEMS, I read it was 7-16 BUSINESS DAYS. Once delivery day finally came, I noticed a discrepancy on the paper work and I was charged for 854 sq feet instead of the 804 sq feet I ACTUALLY USED. They refused to refund me the $190. **** once again said he would take $100 off but that was the most they could discount me. Discount me? YOU ARE CHARGING ME FOR SPACE I DIDNT USE. **** told me I already signed for it. Then they called and said my balance due was $2400 instead of the $1617.34 signed on my contract the day they picked up my items. Then they refused to deliver my items unless I paid $2400. Then I was on the phone with 3 of their employees calling me names, saying "i'm trying to pull a fast one", saying that the $500 **** told me he was refunding me should not have been given to me and that I had to pay it back before they would deliver my items. Told me if I refuse to pay, they will put my items in storage, I will pay a storage fee and a redelivery fee. Did not stick to their contract and again tried to steal another $500 from me. Then ***** called back and said "I have no idea where they got $2400 from, you owe $2117.34". I had already printed a money order (since they only accept postal money orders or cash upon delivery); banks were closed and post office was closed. Again, they preyed on me as a customer and left me helpless. The mover's who delivered my items told me to VENMO them the remaining balance. Like an idiot, I did. They finally delivered my items. Items were missing and damaged. While in the middle of delivery, ***** called back and said I did not owe the additional $500. All i owed was what was written on my contract and they would deliver my items in the morning without charging for storage or redelivery fee. I told her I already paid and the mover's were currently delivering my items. She hung up. Then no one would answer my phone calls. ***** or the 3rd party delivering company. I called the next morning, and their stories changed once again. They said I already paid and they will not return any money. STAY FAR AWAY. THESE ARE A BUNCH OF CROOKS. Don't be fooled by their low prices. They do not stick to their contracts and they hold your items until you pay whatever dollar amount they choose to come up with. I will he hiring a lawyer and it looks like there's a good chance of a class actions suit just based off of reviews within this past week!

Heather Dupaix


Refuse to give back our deposit

After hiring cross country moving group, we expected someone between 8-10am from a professional moving company. On the day of our move at 1:30pm some random guy in a rented Ryder box truck showed up, told us our load would be more money and the cubic feet would now be double. he demanded I sign a new contract right then or I would be “stranded without a mover”, and repeated over and over that I absolutely had to sign that new contract right now. His men then invaded my garage and just stared at me and my 2 little girls as I tried to call Cross Country and figure out what to do. When Cross Country asked to speak to the driver and the driver refused to talk to them, I asked the driver to leave because I was not agreeing to those terms. He refused to leave for 15 minutes, and instead stood on my driveway with his men, his truck parked in the middle of the road impeding our neighbors. Finally my father in law had to threaten to call the police before the driver would leave.

I called Cross Country back and they promised to have someone else out that day, but no one came. The next day I was promised someone would be there between 7-12, but when I called that company directly to confirm they told me they did not even have a truck available. I finally offered to rent a truck if someone would just come move our stuff, because we absolutely had to be out of our rental house by that day. Hours later Cross Country called back to say never mind they weren’t coming and they didn’t have anyone scheduled for today. At that point we had to go pick up the truck that we had rented for Evergreen (the moving company we thought was coming), and hire local guys because we absolutely had to be out of our house that day.

When I called Cross Country about requesting our $2300 deposit back I was told we would absolutely not receive a refund and that “I would have to take them to arbitration and I would absolutely lose”. I have been blown away by how unprofessional they have been- they left us absolutely stranded after hiring some scum bag with a rental box truck that tried to take advantage of us and intimidate us into signing a new contract, and now they refuse to give back our deposit.



Don't use them. Ever

This was the worst experience of my life. They take your money & broker you with the cheapest company they can find. In my case cobra van movers. I was ultimately charged 1,000 over my quote with last minute nickel & diming. I dealt with a man named ******** who seemed very sincere but did NOTHING. I called to tell them I was adding 2 cardboard boxes of clothes but I was cancelling a heavy piece of exercise equipment. Cha Ching. An extra 350$. I called ******** to say I felt I was taken advantage of. He agreed but that was it. I found out when I was paying at pickup that it would cost me 45$ to use my credit card. I didn't question it bc I was in the midst of a nervous breakdown. I had to get home & I was on limited funds & could afford to pay the amount I was quoted Arrival day. They called an hour bf they arrived. Not anytime before. Then they told me it would cost 350$ to transfer my belongings to a shuttle bc the van wouldn't fit on my block. ( it would & I argued that point but lost.) I scramble to get the xtra cash. My stuff arrived in broken damaged boxes which they piled on top of each other with stuff spilling out. ALL MY JEWELRY WAS GONE. lost stolen whatever. My jewelry my moms jewelry my grandmothers jewelry. I am heartbroken. I called cross country movers who couldn't care less & just referred me to cobra. They couldn't care less either. Everyone had their money & someone has my jewelry. Don't use them. Ever

Yvonne Dick


Worst Mistake. Con. Scam. Please don't!

I would not even give this company any stars! Thought this company was great, at first. They work with you, provide a lot of info. BUT you'll never see that in writing. Why? Because they turn around & sub your moving out to another company. Do they see to it that their new customer is being treated fairly/respectfully? NO. Do they vet the companies they subcontract? NO. They get their cut and buh-bye! IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY UNDER CONTRACT WITH THIS BROKER, SAVE ALL CORRESPONDENCE/EMAILS/PHONE CALLS/TEXT MESSAGES. It ended up with a "he said she said". Out of the myriad of troubles we had w/Cross Country & their partnering moving company, the men who disassembled & packed our furniture were not the same men that delivered our things. We tried to get them to put our furniture back together. They gave little effort & did so bad a job that we had to take our bed apart entirely & start over. They're not professionals, don't know how to move belongings, maneuver stairs/doorways. We were also informed day of delivery that they do not move boxes and proceeded to unload everything into our front living room. AND they charged us more than the contract stated. AND they argued with us about a delivery date, pushed it back three times. Our notice came via a call at 5pm the day before that they would be arriving at noon the next day. (BTW, they gave us a 3 day window so we couldn't make arrangements for a moving day. What a headache/loss. I'm just glad that we only had to part with about 6k instead of families who have been extorted for tens of thousands of dollars through this kind of shady business dealing. I read some reviews before I wrote this. Sounds like they have a formula. Salesperson is super friendly/helpful. You sign a binding estimate w/Cross Country. Give them a $1,400 deposit. Fine and dandy. We were moving from Louisiana to Ohio. But no house yet. Waited as long as we could & scheduled the movers before the new owners moved in. They said they'd store our stuff for free for the 1st month. 2nd month we'd get a discount on storage & 3rd month would be full price. They said we'd have access to our belongings (yea, sure, when the storage is in North Carolina & we're in Ohio). Simplified Solutions showed up and tell us that we have way more stuff than they thought, balked at our platform bed & dressers w/mirrors. We explained that this had all been laid out w/Cross Country when the estimate was drawn up. We weren't hiding furniture, trying to sneak bulky/custom items into the truck. We were at their mercy & they charged us extra-$1,000. It will come off at the end, better to overshoot it. Immediately after loading, they were supposed to go to a weigh station and send us the weight ticket, never received it or a bill of laden. Didn't see any further paperwork until 3 new workers from Simplified showed up on our doorstep. Including forged documents! I'm still beside myself that they charged us another $2,500 to unload our belongings and it was more of a "get this crap out of the truck" process. Not professionals. More like guys who needed to earn a quick buck because they make you pay in cash or money order upon delivery. AND they will not unload until you pay them in full. We called the police. The deceit, unethical behavior, fraud, straight-up swindling, we had to do something! The police tried to mediate & talked to the boss at Simplified who hung up on the officer. Finally, we caved because we wanted our things. If we didn't, they would have left, put our stuff in storage with us to foot the bill, pay for re-delivery. I had set up all utilities, we were already paying on the house but could not live in it. So sad that we couldn't do anything about what was being done to us. Frustrated takes on a whole new meaning for me now. There's a reason DOT outlines your rights/liabilities with the American Motor Carrier Association, giving tips on how to smell out a scam. Cross Country got us. Good job. Here's your one star.

Robert Dick



DO NOT BOOK!!! DO NOT BOOK!! I cannot stress this enough!!! This is NOT a moving company and is a moving BROKER. This means they estimate your move and then hire the cheapest company they can find to perform the services. How convenient that a bunch of Google reviewers, who have never reviewed a company thought it necessary to give CC Moving Group 5 stars. If you want legitimate reviews, look them up under their previous name National Moving Group that they no doubt switched from due to poor customer service and complaints. 1.5/5 on Yelp!!

In my case, the company Cross Country hired, "Simplified Solutions" has been awful!. They showed up 7 hours late, charged me an extra $1000 and then took off with all the paperwork and Bill of Lading!! The receipt they emailed me has no phone number and when I looked them up it came up as Ross Trucking and their phone is disconnected. They have one review and it is from someone who hired CC moving group and got sent Simplified and is dealing with the same issues as myself, their belongings not being delivered. They give you a three day window for delivery and then when you call Cross Country (because the moving company doesn't have a working phone) to find out where your things are, they tell you they don't have a truck available and push you off a week!! A moving company that doesn't have a truck!!! So go rent a Uhaul!! Nope, why would they do that when they can just not deliver your belongings instead. I tried calling again for updates and they are screening my call and won't return any messages.

So they knew the company they hired was bad, yet they hired them again so I could deal with the same problems!?!? Do yourself a favor, Google Ross Allied Trucking and ask yourself if you want to be in the same position as that reviewer or myself. I closed on a new house a week ago and still do not have my things and am forced to spend money on a hotel. I am doubting whether I will ever even see my belongings again and I have not one piece of paper because the mover claimed he needed it, jumped in the truck, and then took off. Multiple calls to Cross Country and I've been told on numerous occasions they will send over my documents and all that has led to is unreturned phone calls.





I recommend this company! They are the best... I always thought will be impossible for me and my family, not until i got in contact with this company. Moving is always stressful, but if you entrust this case to specialists, you may not worry. We ordered the service, the truck arrived on time and quickly transported all our stuff to a new apartment. Very satisfied with the work of the company!



No Stress

We used Cross Country Moving Group this past Saturday and they were great. I was called when they were about an hour out to let me know they are on their way. Trevor & Emmanuel got straight to work. They explained to me the service, I showed them what was needed to be taken, and they started to work. They double/triple checked that they got everything needed. Even though I boxed all of my stuff I appreciate how they wrap all the upholstered furniture. Then they followed me to the new place and got everything unloaded so quickly! The price was quite reasonable when they quoted it to me and then the service made it even better. They don't have hidden charges if they are moving you out of or into places higher than the ground floor. They only charge you for the time. These guys were quite friendly. Thanks!



Super Moving

They are superman in this field. There is nothing they can do. They did miracles when they moved me last month. They faced many problems such as, no lift, they had to park far away, run up and down the stairs a million times, couldn’t get the coach out from the regular door and many other things. But they handled every situation like pros and they never complained. They are truly professionals. I hope everyone can see what I witnessed. A remarkable moving company! Cross country moving group is simply the best!



Going to hire them again for my next move

I can’t say enough good things about my move. Everything went excellent. Cross Country Moving Group moved us from Florida to Cleveland, Ohio. I had a number of moving experience but those were not fantastic at all. Our every move had some problem except the one we did with the lighthouse van lines. The guys were professionally keeping contact with us throughout the task. They explained us everything from start to finish about what would be going on. We ordered them for full service work. They packed, loaded and moved our belongings. The supervisor came with three other expert folks on right time. They arrived and got right to work. They treated all items with care no matter those were important or not. The mover followed accurate window to transport the stuffs with no lost or crack. The most important fact was their bill which was quite similar to the quotation I was given after initial estimate. I really admire their effort and trustworthy dealings. I am definitely going to hire them again for my next move and honestly recommending to everyone who is planning to hire a mover.

Martinkas S



This moving company is superb. This moving company was so helpful in moving my stuff from Florida to Walnut Creek California. I would recommend this moving company to anyone that I know. I was so pleased with their service. This is an excellent moving company to move your precious items.

nick stefanidis


Thanks Again!

These movers were all fast paced and hardworking. I was amazed at how quickly our entire house was moved out. We would recommend this company to anyone moving! Thanks!

Katherine Ferquson



The service was simply awesome. Cross country moving group rocked from the start to end. The quote was quite reasonable. Instead of giving you a huge number, they provided break down of all the expenses and allowed me to plan my budget. Good job people! The crew also brought the necessary packing and moving tools as I didn’t have any. Punctual as expected and they go to the job instantly. Each item was individually wrapped and kept aside. When loading them, utmost care was given to them. Nothing was damaged. I am a happy customer and glad to have found a cool crew who’s best at what they do.



Professional and efficient. They made it easy.

The movers were very professional and efficient. I have no complaints whatsoever. They moved me from a small house to a two story townhouse and they handled moving all of the heavy stuff up stairs without any problems. Cross country moving group made it very easy. The movers checked with me all along the way to make sure they were putting things in the appropriate place. And if I had to ask them to move something again, they were very accommodating.



You guys were incredible

It was my second move with these guys. First time they were pretty good which inspired me to hire them again. They completed their job as usually they did. They were simply superb. I will definitely recommend them to my friends if they need a hassle and stress free moving. I don’t think any company can give better service than them. I have two little kids. They guys were very passionate and kind toward my children. They finished packing tirelessly. I didn’t see them to stop working except for a ten minutes water break until the packing was over. It was nice work and nice delivery also. This time my experience was better than the previous schedule. Thank you Cross country moving group. You guys were incredible.



Good Service

Very professional and friendly. Handled my furniture and items with delicate care, yet we're still efficient and on task. Overall, I made a great choice by using Cross country moving group!

Janne Linkola


This company is a scam

Some actors in the moving industry are best compared with used car sales men. Cross Country Moving Group and Mark Shenberger are at the bottom of that sleazy pile. I made the mistake of getting a quote from him and started getting constant emails and follow up calls pressuring me to make a decision on the spot. When I asked Mark not to call me while I was getting competitive quotes, he just kept calling and calling. When I told him that he is doing a disservice to his business with this sales tactic he started calling me names.
Don't work with Cross Country Moving Group. Its not worth your time.

Robin Mungin




Katie H


Thanks again

This is the second time I've used Cross country moving group and they are still just as efficient, reliable and professional. I appreciated the willingness to communicate clearly about anything and everything before we moved (even when we were anxious and had multiple questions). Thanks again!

Adil Can


Never use them

NEver and ever use them!!! I am waiting my furnitures more than 15 days that I moved to Houston to Phoenix which is 1200 miles! They are not responding emails phone calls and every call they said it will be delivered in 2 days!!!
I dont know where are my furnitures! I will sue them if they will not deliver in 2 days!!!!!
Go and find another company!!!!



All my memories are great

Cross country moving group was responsible for moving my belongings a few months earlier. They did such an amazing job. First of all, it was very easy to get a quote from them and the number was nothing but reasonable. The movers sent by the company were absolutely fantastic. They arrived on time and were very properly equipped. They took great care while packing our valuables. They were particularly cautious with our breakables. The furniture was carried out in a systematic and efficient manner. These men were like machines. The delivery was made on the due date. I was very happy to see how well everything traveled. My move with these amazing movers went really well and I thank them from my heart.



The movers were awesome

I have lots of glass and white cloth furniture and the movers from Cross country moving group came prepared with tools to disassemble and reassemble my items. They wrapped everything so it wouldn't get dirty or damaged. The location of the elevators in proximity to my place in both locations made the move take longer but the foreman and his team of movers were champs about it and very professional. It was my best moving experience. I would highly recommend them. I had more affordable movers but something would always get damaged or left behind, my team was worth the price. And I had a lot going on the day of the move so having them not need to be supervised to work fast was a plus I hate when moving companies work the clock to make the move more expensive, I didn't feel like they were that way at all and I'm appreciative.



Right kind of movers

Before our recent relocation we did a little bit of research from a month prior and we shortlisted 3 companies, among which we chose Cross country moving group because they were quicker to respond to us with a fairly reasonable quote. 3 young men were sent to help us with the move on the moving day. This crew was really helpful, they were really nice who went above and beyond than what I expected and I thought they did a great job.

Frank T


Most impressed

Over the years I have engaged many movers and happy to say that in my experience Cross country moving group ranks very high, if not at the very top. It is rare one has such an overall positive experience from start to finish, from the very first call to the front office to the last box unloaded. Most impressed by the attention to detail, professionalism courtesy promptness and just how competent knowledgeable and efficient everyone on the Cross country moving group team are. Special shout out to the moving team on the day - could not have asked for a better experience ! Yes, Cross country moving group will be the first folks I call next time I need to move !



Thanks guys

I highly recommend going with Cross country moving group. They were professional and efficient with the whole process from start to finish. Ryan, Steve and mike made sure we had our furniture arranged for us at our new place. Thanks guys! I will definitely use you guys again when I move out!

Brendan S


Reliable, professional and very efficient

This is the 2nd time Cross Country Moving Group has helped us move and they are great. Reliable, professional and very efficient. I would definitely use them again.



They don't charge too highly

Cross country moving group unlike any other moving company is quite an easy deal for your tight pockets. They charged me fairly low for the amazing service they provided during my last relocation. All my valuables were safely and timely moved to my new house. Surprisingly they didn’t charge anything extra in the end. I have no issues if you want to spend a fortune just on a moving company. But it's wise to think twice before spending your money.



Easy move

We employed Cross country moving group for our recent move based on their good reputation and also the price was good. I liked their approach from the beginning and I knew my belongings would be in safe hands. The communication with their moving representative was prompt and clear and the movers on the day knew how to handle the move with minimum of stress. They were very careful with our belongings, wrapped everything safely and the move caused no damage. I definitely would recommend them, as we are very impressed with their service!

Henry richards


got right to work

We recommend them to everyone. They did a great job for our family. The manager came out a week before our move looked everything over and gave us some hints on packing. They arrived on time and got right to work. In the end we saved about $400 over the quotes we got from other moving companies.

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