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5100 Washington St #308,, Hollywood, Florida 33021 USA

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About Cross Country Movers

5100 Washington St #308,
Hollywood, Florida

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Khristoffer Jose


A bunch of crooks and liars, including their

We hired the moving company Cross Country Movers of 5213 Grays Avenue, Unit 106, Philadelphia, PA to relocate my family from New Jersey to Pineville, North Carolina. Please note that I had first requested a quotation from a moving company who then sent a representative from their company to do a ground estimate. After this agent did a walk through in our home (a huge 2-bedroom apartment of approximately 2,200 sq ft), she sent us an itemized list of our items with the total binding estimate. However, in an effort to get the best price, I contacted another moving company, this being Cross Country Movers.

The initial phone call was with Mr. Rich Curry, the company representative who requested that I send him a list of our items. Following receipt of the list, Mr. Curry then sent me (by email) the binding estimate which he emphasized will not change. Despite his assurance, I asked him via phone to send a representative from his company to come to our house and confirm their estimate, he told me that this was not necessary and reiterated that the list was sufficient and that it was a binding estimate based on the list and furthermore they did not have the manpower to send me a representative. Since their quote was significantly lower than the other company, I contacted them to confirm and we agreed on a pick up date of 29 May 2019. We were asked to pay a deposit of 30% of the total estimate. Then came moving date but no truck showed up during the hours promised. After a day of phone chasing, we were informed that “their truck broke” and would not be coming. The dispatcher assured me that the driver will come early morning. The next day the truck arrived (late) with only TWO people to move an entire household which included a piano.

And then the next horror began. The driver made a cursory walk around the living room and informed me that he will not load our items for the estimate that was quoted. I argued with him that it was a binding estimate agreement with the company but the driver did not agree and instead phoned the manager. After arguing with both the driver and the company's representative I eventually had to agree to the new more substantial quote because I had no choice. I issued the check for the new amount and the items were subsequently loaded on the truck. As I watched in disbelief when the driver was packing our piano and him and his helper tilted the piano sideways to wrap it with the tarp and boxes. While I credit these two people for trying to ensure that our items would not be damaged, they were not professional movers.

Our items were finally delivered on 23 June (a Sunday) but was missing 14 items (boxes and other items). We were informed that the missing items could not fit when they re-loaded the truck but the driver assured us that they were scheduled to be delivered with the next truck. I told the driver that I was only going to pay $1,000 of the $1,200 balance to be paid, and settle the remaining $200 when the remaining three items are delivered. The driver phoned the manager who adamantly insisted that we pay the full amount or the driver will not unload our items. Please note that we do not have a car so my son had to walk 3 miles to the nearest bank to withdraw $200 because the driver insisted payment in cash in full.

As we unpacked the items which were delivered, to our additional horror, many of our items were damaged including a dining table and several pieces of memorable items, as well.

When finally the second delivery came after almost another three weeks, it was again missing three items (boxes and an antique globe and a bicycle). After several emails and phone calls, we were told that the company does not know where the remaining items are and that we should just proceed and file a claim for lost items which they will pay for. They also noted that should these items be found, they will be delivered to us even after payment to our claim has been made.

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