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1870 Forest Hill Blvd, Suite #204, West Palm Beach, Florida 33406 USA

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About Continental Moving & Storage LLC

1870 Forest Hill Blvd, Suite #204
West Palm Beach, Florida

Since our founding, Continental Moving & Storage, LLC has been known for quality services, exceptional efficiency and the highest level of professionalism. No matter what service you’re looking for, we guarantee to not only meet, but exceed your expectations and ensure your full satisfaction.

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Ardis Harvey


Great Movers

We had a wonderful experience with Continental Moving , from arranging our move within a week to having it completed in 4 hours and his extremely efficient team. Highly recommend!

Larry Huber


I wish I would have read these reviews

If you do not take anything else from this, WATCH your wallet. Be very weary about this company. I am former military and have made tens of moves and this move has been the worst communicated from Continental as the broker. On your 1st call, they will give you a great rate and ask for your down payment, after that, everything goes down hill because they have your unrefundable deposit. After the 1st call, the "quality" call occurs and now the estimate goes up 20%, and oh by the way, in the 1st call, they left off the upright piano in the weight, which made the 1st quote much less. Now, the day of the move, the estimate is 30% above the original quote. Contintental's response to me was "you should have called us", and "you must not have given us the correct items". I did call them and there was no answer, and I gave them everything we had as an estimate. Continenal said, well the driver has our # so you should have refused the rate (when the truck was filled with our goods), how was I to know that? So, now we are at $3500 over what the original estimate was. We started at $6500, and it is now at $10,200. Do NOT trust them. I am contacting the BBB and DOT for shady practices. Oh by the way the Mover put a $700 dent in our floor and I am still waiting for that in which they won't respond,,,

Youlonda Willingham


Continental ? robbers

I want anyone who is thinking about hiring this company badd news. DON'T. I hired these people a couple of months ago and boy do they lay it on you thick as molasses. These people are hard up for money. And very dishonest. They received a down payment and that was two months ago. And when it finally gets to me i suppose to pay nthe other half at the time that they deliver my household items. They finally picked the things up on Monday and the very next day they tried to get money from me saying that ni had to pay another 1,500 to get it wherever they took it too to get nit out of there storage hmmm. Ok this one want get pass the law this is a tremendous criminal activity.and im going to get the things. They are going to stick to the contract. I ain't backing down. People we need to stand together to put an end to these criminals. They don't care they are not decent companies they are out to rob you. They do it in a different way. Underhanded corruption. They sit around and prey off.of decent hardworking people who have worked for what they have they want to steal instead of doing things the right way.if they can be a little bit honest maybe this so call company will amount to something. This is why it's so much bad in this world. So if anyone that nis even thinking about using thede people better run away nand hire a reptable company. I ain't backing down. Good people stand together to destroy these terrorist yes that is exactly what they are. They are out to steal whatever they can and damn the rest of society that has given these people a chance. Just crazy you would think people want to build an honest and successful business. People that have been taken avantage of together we can make it right. And we will.

Jonathan Theodore




Just read the reviews below! All the same! They are friendly until they get your money $$$ then the are GONE! I was promised a delivery date and told "oh ya we will have it there by then" in the last week and a half they have been ghost! BRIAN who claims he is from MA just like me was calling and transparent (so i thought) until my deposit was paid the poof gone!! This whole process has been a nightmare, they lie, they scam, they cheat and leave you hanging. I now have to move into a home after 13 days in a hotel with my children whom start school next week WITH NO BELONGINGS!! This company is terrible please please please save yourself the hassle move yourself or hire literally anyone else!

Luis Davila


Abused Done by Continental Moving & Storage, LLC

Continental Moving & Storage offered me to move my belongings from Utah to Virginia. It has been almost 2 months and I have not received the majority of my property. That broker hired a carrier to do the job, the carrier is located in Colorado, they came to my house in Utah and took all my stuffs on 05/31/2019, I paid the carrier around $2500 and Continental charged me around $1500. The name of the carrier is: H & M Relocation Services. Continental quoted me less than the amount I paid.
Continental’s manager Michael told me on the phone on 07/11/19 that the carrier was fired by him, and Continental hired a driver to deliver all my stuff, the driver is the same person who worked for H & M Relocation Services. The name of the driver is Cesar.
The links shown bellow how this carrier located in Colorado has been changing its name to keep doing this type of business, please take a look at the links:

We have been talking to Continental and the driver every single day and the driver was saying that Continental did not paid his fees while Michael told me on the phone that he already paid the driver.
The driver told us that the Colorado carrier owned by Huseyn know as David has reported the Budget rental truck as stolen to the police in Colorado, the driver was demanding money and kind of kidnapping our furniture located 4 hours away from my address in VA, the driver told me that he may leave my stuff in the truck and take a bus back to Colorado because Continental is not paying for his gasoline.
A few days later, Continental told us that my belongings were not 4 hours away in Virginia, Continental told me that my items were still in Colorado. Basically, the driver was laying to us, just to obtain more money, but we never sent any extra money, because I had the feeling that he was laying.
I am willing to email all the legal documents to show that this is a legitim claim, there are 3 families that have been abused by that company located in Denver, I will provide their numbers and names too, after obtaining their permission, I will advise other families to do the same and report this abuse.
My furniture is gone, we lost the majority of our property, TVs, baby clothes, several thousands of lbs of my belongings have disappeared, we also lost all the money we have paid Continental and H&M Relocation Services.
I have emailed several local channels in Denver to make sure my history is published so the community in Denver knows how Huseyn known as David is destroying families. Also, to make sure people learn about Continental and the abuse done to make money.
I am willing to pay my own ticket plane to Denver to meet journalist and lawyers to take a look at my case and the other family’s cases please.
My name is Luis Davila, I am not looking for any type of compensation, all I want is to stop these companies from doing fraudulent businesses and to obtain my belongings as soon as possible.
If you are or were a victim of Continental, go get a police report immediately, do not pay more money, and join us to have more families together to fight them in court.
My cell: 801-719-9780

Jennifer Mcloudrey


sharla, you are not alone:

Sharla, we moved from Colorado to Keystone SD in April. We justgot our stuff- TODAY Sunday June 16th - because my husband (who is in a wheelchair) drove to a storage facility in Aurora CO - after calling the police and they talked to the driver who gave them the address - with a uhaul to get our things. there were irreplaceable items in there.broken boxes and damaged (expensive) equipment. Our things were mixed in with another family's. we opened every box to make sure it was our stuff. The driver had a "friend" oversee the transferring of our things from storage to the uhaul but we could have taken all the other boxes too. but we are not those kinds of people. we had moved most of the stuff ourselves in april and were told it would be 30 days for the other stuff to arrive and that we would get "free storage." the mover, david was hired by continental moving and we have had NO luck with Continental in trying to get this resolved. It cost us$1300.00 for the move (and we were billed twice in error, but when we disputed the 2nd charge, Continental disputed our dispute) so we paid twice for things we did not receive. my husband stayed in a hotel for two night, rented the uhaul for $750.00 paid for our friends gas, food and lodging to help him drive up back to keystone. This has been going on since april 12th and there was one excuse after another. we were alarmed when the mover said he would be there at 9:30 AM to move us, and didn't show up until 5pm. that should have been our first clue. my husband had to drive the 6 hours and was exhausted by the time he arrived. we got nothing but apologies and excuses about how broke the driver was and that he didn't have the gas money to drive up here due to the fact his account was negative $1100.00 from charge backs from other customers. two weeks ago he said he was in valentine NE- which is only 3 hours from here - and would try to make it our way and kept telling Michelle at continental "for sure, for sure i will make it." he was not truthful, and led us to believe he was on the way when he clearly wasn't and had no intention. he would continuously suggest he would be there the following week. or the next weekend. but never showed up and kept apologizing. we feel we were conned. continental are the brokers.we hired them in good faith believing they knew who was driving for them. and you're right , in the fine print, which i read after the fact, they clearly state they are not liable for lost or damaged goods and if there is a claim, we'd have to go to county court in Florida and pay half the court cost even if we won the case. Thankfully, the driver did not extort extra money from us, however we ended up paying twice anyway, once for them to move us, and the other for us to move ourselves. we're hoping at least to recoup some of these charges. hoping chase will see in favor of our disputes. would it be ok to use your review as well for our case? feel free to use ours. i can tell you more but it's too exhausting and overwhelming. i'm so sorry you had to go through this. you are not alone.
my e-mail is and phone # 970-412-2072

I sent an e-mail to ryan who in another review stated that he would be willing to make things right:
"do you really want to make things right? Please refund our money. All of it. This has been one of the ugliest experiences I’ve even encountered. And is physical making me sick to my stomach.
We feel violated and we trusted you.
A full refund is the very least you can do. "

We'll see what happens.

Trisha Michelle Troutman


The Worst Experience EVER!!!

I hired this company because of their promise that they were the best and I will not experience anything bad like you hear about. The "car salesman" doesn't care if what he promises doesn't come through as he doesn't have to deal with it.
I was promised my pick up would be on the 3rd, after not hearing anything from the company I called to see why nobody has shown up. I was told he would be here the following day between 9-12, again no show, no call, this went on for five days and over the weekend. I called this morning to let them no nobody showed and all they can say is I am sorry about that. I am moving out of state and have to work . They did nothing to find a replacement or assist me in finding a mover, they don't care about anything except $$$.
They said they would refund my deposit which they email me a bogus receipt and it is less than what I paid. No follow through, no communication, no NOTHING.
You would be crazy to considering hiring this company as they have left me and my family stranded.



Nice hard-working crew

Moved with Continental Moving & Storage LLC from FL to CO. That was taken care of on all ends, fast delivery was a major plus for my particular situation. No troubles, no damages to my furniture after the move was complete. Nice hard-working crew, super helpful customer care rep!!! Definitely recommend these long distance movers.

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