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2054 Vista Parkway, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401 USA

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About Connected Van Lines

2054 Vista Parkway
West Palm Beach, Florida

We are a fully licensed and insured moving brokerage with over 2,200 carriers nationwide. We assist thousands of customers every year with a stress free relocation and a 24/7 customer service. Contact our sales team for a free quote and professional assistance.

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Albert Brennan


Worst move ever!

I am visually impaired and therefore have no choice but to use a moving company. At every point of the transaction was lied to. First estimate was $1900.00 given the date I needed my possessions they gave me a pick up date. Took 3 weeks before they arrived and would have been longer if I had not mentioned the state closing soon for the CORVID outbreak. TV was scratched all up. Desk broken and unfixable (welding is not my thing). Several other items damaged and a missing bag of clothing. During the process i contacted them and their contracted moving company. No one told me they did not do the moving themselves they hired other moving companies a brokerage of sorts. On each contact they raised the price even when I removed several large items to reduce the price they increased it. When all was said and done what was loaded was half of the size and more than double the price 4,700.00 for a single bedroom apartment move. Once they have your stuff you are screwed and they will increase the cost even though they aren't really allowed but if you want your stuff what other option do you have especially with a nationwide lockdown. Spoke to several managers and supervisors which most cases were different. Sent many emails and saved them. Recommended for anyone that likes being screwed over or scammed heavily.

Mishelle Kerner


Not a moving company

First of all this is not a moving company; they are a broker. I was not informed of this fact by Randy Mitchell when I received an estimate . My move was scheduled for five weeks later. The day before the scheduled move, I was contacted by a company and told the movers would not make it for the 7th of February as scheduled. Next it was the 8th they couldn't make and then the 9th because the truck broke down. The afternoon of the 10th I was called and told it was too late to come out, but the truck would be there the morning of the 11th. On the 11th after three phone calls I was told the truck was on its way. At the 3:00 I was called and told there would be no truck coming and asked if I wanted to cancel the move. When I said yes, the representative hung up on me. During this time Randy Mitchell would not return my calls and on Tuesday I realized I had not been talking to Connected Van Lines but with American Home Relocation. Do not use either of these companies. One is a scam and the other inept.

Heather puligit


Very good movers

The movers that showed up were way better then I expected. True pros and i am so happy i didn’t attempt to do this by myself. Looking back the extra $1700 it cost me to hire these guys was well worth the headache i deverted.

Koushik Chandra


Bad Experience

Extremely bad experience with connected van lines and I truly don’t recommend connected van lines to anyone. Please read all the points in my review carefully before you go for connected van lines.
1. During my booking sales person (Christopher & Orlando) confirmed pickup will happen between 10 AM - 11 AM on 08/02 and I did planned all my other plans accordingly. But a day before 08/01, I have informed that pickup can't happen before 4 PM on 08/02. In fact it can happen between 4 PM to 8 PM on 08/02. I didn't have any other choice to agree on this. Next on the pickup day 08/02, I have been informed that it can't happen 08/02 and it will happen on 08/03 between 10 AM to 2 PM. Most importantly in the contract sales person didn't mentioned any time but confirmed with me over the call. Sales person also asked for a backup date as their system doesn't allow with one date and that's why I have given the another date as 08/03. They finally claimed that the window is from 08/02 to 08/03, so they can do it any time between these two days. So it looks like Sales person commit one point while getting the business from client and when the time comes for fulfilling, customer face a different scenario. I was extremely unhappy with this change as my other plans are impacted badly with that. I am not sure how come one sales person confirms a time with customer which can't be met.
2. When I talked to sales person (Christopher & Orlando), they have given me estimate of $1511 for a two bed room apartment, where I did mentioned all my items correctly. I had one cal. King mattress + bed frame and one queen mattress + spring bed for that. I did mentioned everything in the call, but when they given the estimate they just mentioned about those two mattress and not about the bed frame and spring bed. I did asked this question before signing the contract and that time the sales person Christopher confirmed me that they don’t mentioned about bed frame and spring bed in the inventory list as those are anyway considered and assumed. When Christopher mentioned this point to me, that part of the call was recorded as well in connected van line system; but during the pickup on 08/03 I have been told that there are additional items (different parts of bed frames + spring bed) and for that they charged me $450 extra. I spend over an hour in call with connected van lines dispatch team but nothing happens. I did requested several times to patch Christopher in the same call and play that recording, but they didn’t listen to me at all and I did end up paying $450 extra.
3. Connected van lines is just a broker (which I should have looked into before talking to them) and they given the work to energy moving system. Now as energy moving system delayed on the pickup, so we just dis-assembled bed, tables etc. so that they can pick up quickly. Now in the target address the person who came for delivery didn’t assembled those items (as per the contract they are supposed to) and told me that as we have dis-assembled in source location, so they will not assembled in the target location. Also the delivery date was 08/03 - 08/04 as per contract, but my delivery happened on 08/05. Also I did told the driver to come either early in the morning on 08/05 or after 6 PM as I will not be available after 7:30 AM, but the driver didn’t bother to listen me as it seems that they are doing a favor to me by delivering my items.
4. On top of everything there are few items found missing and damaged. I will do a claim for those but not sure whether anything will happen or not.
5. So considering all points I am highly disappointed with connected van lines, where end up paying $1940 total amount for a moving from Richmond, VA to Edison, NJ for a 2 BHK apartment, where items truely wasn’t much.

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