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1441 SW 29th Ave, Pompano Beach, Florida 33069 USA

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About Colonial Van Lines

1441 SW 29th Ave
Pompano Beach, Florida

With over 50 years of experience in the moving and storage industry, Colonial Van Lines is the preferred choice for all your long distance moving needs.

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Jeremy Fennema


Definitely DO NOT USE this company

Definitely DO NOT USE this company unless you want your $8,000 binding estimate to turn into a $14,000 job like mine did! I really should've checked Yelp and some other review sites before I worked with these guys. Unfortunately my experience is very similar to a bunch of other reviews on this site. Everything started off great with Anthony Darden, the sales guy. He said all the things that I wanted to hear. I explained my situation, he promised me 30 days free storage since the whole house had to go into storage for a couple months, and their quote came back at a really good number, well below the other quotes. In addition, he quoted it as a binding estimate, and since, the packing list I provided him was from one of the other estimators who had come out to the house and provided a "real" binding estimate, I thought we were good. He assured me I would be his single point of contact throughout the move and they would do a great job. That was end of the positive experiences I had with them.

A week or so later I was handed off to a new person, Monica, who was not friendly. In fact, I didn't even know her full name or phone extension for weeks until she slipped up and sent me an email with her signature on it, which I saved. We finally got the pickup scheduled and the team was supposed to come between 2 and 5pm and she told me they'd have the job done that day. At this point I'm already at my new job and living in an apartment, so I drove down that day to the old house to supervise them packing the house and loading the truck. They show up, nice enough guys, from another company, ZipMoving I believe, and they pack up the house and load up one truck and they are about to leave for the day. It was around 8pm. I said "but guys, what about the rest?" And they said, oh didn't they tell you, this is a two day job. I said, no, in fact they said the opposite. I've got no place to sleep, and I had to be back at work the next day, so it couldn't be a two day job for me. They agreed to finish it one day and came back. They loaded the second truck and then I see the estimate and it's 3K lbs over the binding estimate. At this point it's too late to call anyone at Colonial, half my stuff is already gone and the other half is loaded on a truck. So I signed the paperwork assuming I had a binding estimate. Boy was I wrong.

I had explained to them early on that the stuff would be in storage for a few months until I could buy a house at my new location, but that didn't stop them from calling me every month trying to deliver the house to "no address on file." Then we finally get a house and I call them to arrange delivery and get the shock of my life. The $8K binding estimate is now a $14K job with the balance due before delivery. Apparently they tried to call me sometime in March to go over the cost increase, but to them their responsibility ends at two attempted phone calls with no voicemail messages. And why not, they've got my entire life in their possession, they know they can just hold me hostage.

So I raise the issue to the company and they tell me that they don't offer free storage, which Anthony did offer. They said they reviewed the calls with me, but it sounds like they just asked Anthony what he said. What's he going to do? He's going to CYA of course. I explained that they severely under-quoted the job and when I raised the issue about the estimate from Anthony not matching the inventory and packing list I had provided to them, they said it was my fault for not making sure they matched better. They take zero responsibility in this, they feel it was all on me, and they have engaged in some of the worst customer service I've ever seen.

They are a horrible company. Almost any other company is going to be a better choice than this one. Please do yourself a favor and choose a different company to handle your move.

Juan Carlos


We trusted Colonial Van Lines with our property and we deeply regret it

I rarely write reviews. But it would be a disservice to other prospective Colonial Van Lines customers not to share a review in as many forums as possible. I’m a senior professional. One dedicated to helping companies shape their brands, their offering and ultimately succeed in fulfilling their mission and vision, grounded in what’s ultimately most important: quality products and service that delivers on what they promise, grounded in exceptional customer service. Our initial experience with Colonial Van Lines, when exploring our shipping options, receiving a cost estimate and executing the contract seemed to have gone smoothly. From the moment the truck and drivers arrived it went down-hill. From careless handling of our boxes and treasured furniture pieces to suspicious weighing of the trucks, missing weight tickets, additional $574 in charges that could not be confirmed as accurate, holding our shipment hostage until we paid the additional charges. Upon delivery, smashed boxes, broken designer dresser, ruined, scratched and cracked designer chair, entire stereo system no longer working, broken glass… the list goes on. We couldn’t have been any more careful in packing our items. Everything was bubble wrapped, reinforced with foam and all delicate pieces additionally wrapped in padding. The boxes looked like they were driven cross-country under the truck not inside. It was clear that the handling of the boxes was done with absolutely no regard for people’s property. It’s sad to trust a company and other people with your property only to witness that they really don’t care at all. Once you hand over your deposit, they really don’t care. Lastly, I’ve been dealing with a manager by the name of Monica Cruz who has been diligent about reading me and writing me scripted talking points in response to our concerns. But it’s evident she also doesn’t care. It’s now been two weeks since our boxes and furniture were delivered and the weight ticket is still “being located.” Two weeks for a driver to email or text a weight ticket. It’s absurd and unacceptable across the board. We trusted Colonial Van Lines with our property and we deeply regret it. I advise that you look at other options if you would like your property in the hands of drivers that care.

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