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423 Delaware Ave STE 200, Fort Pierce, Florida 34950 USA

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About CH Global Vanlines

423 Delaware Ave STE 200
Fort Pierce, Florida

For most people, just the thought of moving causes anxiety; even more so if it’s a long-distance move. That’s why you want to choose CH GLOBAL VAN LINES for your personal or business relocation. Not only do we have a team of experts available to help you seven days a week, we also appoint one of our moving coordinators to work with you every step of the way. Your coordinator is dedicated to organizing the many logistical details and overcoming the potential challenges specific to your personal or business move. With proven experience, transparent pricing, premium service options, and an attentive team who cares, CH GLOBAL VAN LINES is unwavering in our goal of moving you in the right direction.

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Connie Deluca



I hired them to move my furniture etc from the east coast to the west coast. First of all they arrived at my apartment two days earlier then expected, then the delivery times kept changing. !! Finally delivered late at night with a semi truck !! which they were unable to make the turns at the apartment. They Told me that they had to bringing my things to a storage unit, but unable to tell me which one, and it was going to cost me extra for storage and that I would need to pay another mover!! I was extremely upset after already paying them over $5,000. They said I had to pay an extra $700 if they were to get a smaller truck to deliver my things. THEY KEPT ALL MY ITEMS HOSTAGE! Until I paid them the money in CASH ! They said they lost my contract !! I was told in the beginning that they only except money orders but now they wanted all in cash!! Then we’re unable to give me a receipt for the cash!! Most of my things were destroyed and Broken! Furniture scratches dirty AND MY 62” TELEVISION WAS STOLEN !!! Along with many other valuable items!!! I think we all need file a law suite !!!! I m so pissed!!!

Karen Dawe


Unfair and unethical pricing

In Feb 2018, my husband and I signed on with CH Global Van Lines, based in Fort Pierce, FL, to move us from MA to WA. We were not told that this company was a broker who would hire another company to actually move us. We spoke at length to David Traina, going over a detailed list of items we would be moving. He sent me a quote in the amount of $6941.05. The estimated volume was 1472 cu ft. The cost was $3.36 per cu ft plus some fixed costs (binding fee/flat rate, fuel surcharge). I paid a deposit in the amount of $1933. I also told David that I wanted to have the CH Global Vanlines move my 2010 Honda Insight. He quoted me a price of $900. We were told that we would receive a phone call approximately 3 days prior to our move from quality assurance (John Harris) to go over the list of items being moved and to answer any questions we had. Early in the week of June 11th, I called customer service regarding the car. I was told at that point that there was no record of the car being moved. I was later told that the car could be moved by another partner company for $1300. I declined to have my car moved by that company and located a reputable auto transport company. Our move was scheduled for June 14th or 15th, 2019. When I first spoke with John Harris the week of June 11th, he and I went over my list of items. There were some additions and deletions from the original list which, in my estimation, balanced each other out. He gave me a new volume estimate of 2029 cu ft and a new quote of $10732.60. In addition to the increase based on the cubic footage, other fees which we had been told were flat fees were increased as well. John also informed me that I would need to pay another deposit based on the higher estimate even though there was no mention of that in the original contract. Given that the move was scheduled to happen in about 3 days, I felt as though I had no other option. I paid another deposit in the amount of $2268.73.
The week of June 11th, I received a phone call from Sal, from Direct Movers, LLC. I had never heard of that company before then. Sal asked me if I could switch my moving date to June 13th (a day earlier than planned) so that his driver, Sahid, would not have to come back to New Jersey (where the company is based) between 2 moves. I questioned him first about his company and how they were related to CH Global Vanlines. This was the first time that I began to realize that CH Global Vanlines was merely a broker. The movers arrived on June 13th with a truck that was already partially filled and they were unable to fit our items in the truck. They had to get another vehicle. After the vehicle was loaded, we were told that the volume was 3400 cu ft and the new total cost was $18271. I questioned the cubic footage but I couldn't confirm that the # was wrong because there was so much else in the truck. I questioned a few other charges and was given a slight discount. The final cost ended up being $17261. I told the driver, Sahid, that I completely disagreed with the cost and I even called CH Global Vanlines and spoke with customer service and John Harris. Again, similar to earlier in the week, I felt I had no choice. I had to either pay the money or have the movers unload the truck with all of my items.
On June 28th, another moving company, AJ Express, Inc, delivered our items. The driver, Ruston, arrived with a 57 ft long truck. He explained and showed us that our items were packed very efficiently in the front third of that vehicle. I measured the length, width, and height of that portion of the vehicle and calculated 1455 cu ft (18.5 ft x 9.25 ft x 8.5 ft). This number was less than the original amount quoted back in February of 2018.
Therefore, I am due $17261 (amount paid) - 6941.05 (amount quoted) = $10319.95 as a refund. I have sent this request to both CH Global Vanlines and Direct Movers, LLC without satisfaction. There was also damage done to items that were not protected well by the movers in MA.

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