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150 E Palmetto Rd. Suite 800, Boca Raton, Florida 33432 USA

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About American Standard Moving & Storage

150 E Palmetto Rd. Suite 800
Boca Raton, Florida

Your satisfaction is our priority. American Standard Moving has a long-standing reputation for quality and is recognized for excellence that enhances the overall calibre and outcome of your moving experience. Our people combine entrepreneurial spirit and a deep understanding of client needs, to serve you with the highest standards of customer care.

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Jessica Nunez


Respectul, Communicative, Affordable

American Standard really is the standard for a moving experience. I initially did a google search for long distance moving companies, and received quite a few phone calls. After sorting through the quotes I received, American Standard was my choice and I was not disappointed. The team was respectful and communicative throughout the entire process, and on top of that, everything was very affordable.

Megan Greene


Efficient and I appreciate

American Standard was very helpful to our family for our move. We moved from Des Moines, Iowa to Salt Lake City, UT. The pick up was fast and efficient. Delivery took a 3 days and our new place was staged and ready in under 3 hours. I very much appreciate the hard work.

David Jaksic


Great Service

Thank you to American Standard for providing a great service. From the first phone call to the last contact followup after we settled, I have nothing but good things to say about them. They were thorough, fair and efficient.

Bill Beckett


Excellent Standard Move

I contracted with American Standard to handle the coordination of the move for my household goods in February '20. The move took place the first week of march, and the pick up went smoothly. The truck was loaded in about 2 hours. Delivery took less than week, and all of belongings arrived in excellent condition. I moved my two bedroom house from MD down to a condo in Naples, FL.

Annette Lee


This company is Not the movers

0 stars is how this review should be. They DONT live up to what they tell you and they take you for every dollar they can. They said they’re the movers but that’s a lie. They have some low budget rude owner Cheetah Movers do the moving and they add another $1,000 to your amount due. Also they say it will be done by weight which is a lie. However, if they damage your stuff they’ll only pay .60 less than a dollar a pound. Oh yeah besides them having you sign everything blank before they’ll start working. I thought the reviews were 50/50 but I’m thinking they probably had friends write the good reviews..... Companies like these two are some of the reasons NOBODY CAN BE TRUSTED. Ialso they didn’t even take all my stuff and the moving company said he’d throw my stuff in the trash. I’m waiting to see if and what condition my stuff shows up. This is a sad world we’re living in when once they have your money they treat you like your getting a free Service and how dare you complain. $4,300 and I still have to move some of my own stuff because I wouldn’t fork out another $1,000. Oh and don’t you dare complain to Ely from Cheetah movers he’ll call you names and tell you he’ll throw your stuff away. All I can think is a Company is only as good as the people their hiring. Save yourself the heartache and trouble do it yourself.

Liz Schwartz


Stop, Turn Around, Walk Away

You know the saying you get what you pay for...with this company you don't even get that. I hired them to move my daughter from college back home and the salesman was full of promises that they could not deliver. They DO NOT OWN ANY TRUCKS so they are at the mercy of other companies to move your belongings. When I called them to confirm a date and time they could not confirm. Then when I called the day of moving they said they would call me back that afternoon. At 3 p.m. I called again and they said they'd be at her apartment the following day because the client before my daughter had more than they thought and the truck was full. NOTE; They don't come to your home to see how much you have to move, they rely on you to know how much. Guessing clients under rate their belongings thinking price will be cheaper but then not enough room in trucks for everything or every client. NEXT DAY rolls along and no movers again. When I call CHRISTINA, who is the only manager/supervisor/boss she rudely offers me my money back, not once but 3 times! I'm like, no thank you, I want your movers to show up and do the job I paid for. Long story short. I had to extend the apartment lease for 1 week, thank heavens no one was scheduled to move in, and hire another company. The only good thing I can say is they did refund my deposit. BUYER BEWARE.

Kevin Eastvold


American Standard Moving and Storage a Terrible moving company

Crooks,, Theives! Unprofessional Moving/ Brokerge company should be investigated. They are stealing so much money from so many people by trapping them and putting people in a position by quoting little better price estimate than the competing movers. Then have you pay them about a third of what they estimate as a deposit. In my case around $850.00.
We moved to a different community about 185 miles, 220 miles the long way.
The day the moving truck showed up 2 days later than they committed to. I took 2 day off work to make the move turn into 4 days I had to take off.
They said they had a move in South Dakota and had unexpected delays. Moving day a rented 26 foot U haul truck they rented pulls up with 3 men.
I didn’t expect a U haul truck to pull up. I greet the men when they pull up to our home we are moving from. One of the men spoke some broken English the other two did not speak any English. As I was showing the man that spoke some English through our house and our belongings, I asked him where they were all originally from the lead man said they were all from Croatia.
The two other older men started to carry our things to the rented 26 foot U haul truck. The lead man had a clip board he said for counting , inspecting
and identifying our belongings. The lead man asked me for another $1000..00 so now they have around $1800.00 of my money. I noticed they did not blanket wrap any of our nice 3 or 4 month old furniture like the representative said they would. I asked the lead man why isn’t I blanket wrapped he said it was I just couldn’t see it. I couldn’t see it be cause they didn’t blanket wrap anything.
They loaded as much as the rented U haul truck but didn’t get all of our belonging on the truck. They clearly could not read the word fragile that was written on all sides of the boxes. They needed about 5 more feet of truck to get the rest of our belongings on the truck so I had no choice at this point but to say go with it and I’ll have to figure a way to get the rest in my own. They went to weigh the truck someplace. As were driving to meet them at the home we were moving to I receive a phone call from American Standard Moving and Storage representative and they told me how much I was to pay when they drop off our belongings at our new home. The lady from American Standard Moving told me to have a cashiers check or cash in the amount of approximately $4200.00 when they deliver our household belongings. My wife and I were appalled and devastated when we were told this is the amount we need to give them to receive our belongings. The original estimate they gave me to move our 3 bedroom home was about $2900..00.
Now the total amount for this move is up to over $6000..00 The representative told me we had much more weight than they originally figured. Any weight over the estimated weight I will be charged $1.26 per pound. Piss poor estimate American Standard yea I know it was a couple thousand pounds heavier than you estimated. I am in the Trucking business and have been for over 40 years and $6000.00 for 12 hours total time for this move. Our $250,000 tractor trailers with a professional driver earn about $1500.00 gross revenue per day. and haul 52000 lbs of freight. You at American Standard Moving rent a 26 foot U haul for my guess would be less than $1000.00 per week hire three men my guess would be I’m sure on the very high side and I know you don’t pay them $300.00 per day. 3 men not professional movers x $300 = $900.00 plus your rented 26 foot U haul even if it was a $1000 per day (not) would be a cost of $1900.00. So your gross profit for the 12 hours is $4100.00. We had so much damage to our things. Crushed and broken like , my deceased mothers antique crystal, broken pictures an frames broke our new washer and dryer scratched. Less than 6 month old furniture scratched badly.
You put my family and me though so much stress and hardship.
I’m certain any positive reviews that are posted can’t be true

Beenish Hanif


I wish there was an option for zero stars

I wish there was an option to add no star as even a star is a huge compliment for this company. Avoid it at all costs. They cheated us on the inventory, lied to us about delivery and charged us extra.MAKE SURE YOU READ THE INVENTORY THEY PUT IN YOUR CONTRACT. We had to dump half our things and the moved ended up costing us lots lots more.
My story is as follows:
My sister with her one year old was moving as alone from Syracuse to Tennessee to join her husband. I travelled from Europe to help her. A day before our move, our original company from Memphis cancelled and said that their truck had broken down.Our flights were already booked and were non refundable.We decided to look for a mover who could get to us the next day in Syracuse to pick up our things. We found one and the gentleman was very nice, however he was clear that we would be looking at 5 days to receive our belongings. He did a detailed inventory and was super honest with us about the delivery time. He also warned us that whoever promises to deliver earlier would be lying. The gentleman quoted us $3100 with delivery in 5 working days.
As our new place in Tennessee was unfurnished and we had children, we decided to contact American standard to ask if they can get our belongings delivered earlier. I got through to a Mr. Austin,explained our situation and that I wanted know if they can deliver earlier to TN. He told me that they can do 500 miles a day and as our destination was around a 1000, it can be done very early. I was ecstatic and thought this would be ideal. Then he said that he would transfer me to someone, who can get details and give me a quote. I spoke to a Mr. Brad, who heard my concerns, appeared helpful and asked us to email him the inventory that my previous quote from the company was based on. I emailed it and he came back with a quote of $3599. I thought that as they are getting the belongings in so early it’s fine to pay the extra amount. He even said that this is final amount and you won’t pay a cent more. He said that I will base the contract on this inventory. lo and behold, the contract was instantly sent and we were told to sign it urgently electronically (whilst on phone with him) so that the movers can be sent out that very instance. As we were in a hurry to get the mover in and believed what he said, we signed the contract.
Next day, the mover came. The minute he walked in, he started complaining about the boxes. We said the size is listed on the inventory. He read it and went quite. Then he started complaining about every little thing we had. Then came the big shock that our 6 seater sofa was not included in the inventory. we couldn’t believe it and called the company. The customer service was extremely rude and said they understand our situation and despite us sending them a detailed inventory, it’s our fault that we signed the contract.
The company that was picking up was a subcontractor and charged us an extra $600 and we had to leave half our things behind and dump them.
We thought this was it.. however, we are still waiting for our things to drive. Our belongings were picked up on Friday and it’s Wednesday now and the delivery has not even been scheduled as yet. I called their customer service and was told they can only offer me $200 compensation and I can get delivery updates from the partner. They refused to acknowledged their fault and kept on blaming us for signing the contract.They did not put me through to anyone I spoke to earlier and said they were not in the office or busy on another line.
I refused the compensation they offered for $200 as this amount was a slap in my face for all they put us through. So in summary, this company cost me $4200, which was $1100 more than the quotes I had, they had me dump over thousand dollars worth belongings, children toys and things of sentimental value, gave us intense anxiety and despite it being over 4 working days, we still have no delivery date. Please avoid at all costs!




The moving experience was simply awesome and we were totally happy with what the company offered. I found the American Standard Moving & Storage official website through a Google search and found that they had plenty of good reviews from their customers. I decided to give it a try for my next move and the surprise came in. American Standard Moving & Storage knew what they were doing. I had to instruct them very little. We have a small piano in our house. As I told them earlier, the team came with the essential packing and moving materials to load it into the truck. The awesome experience still lingers in my mind and I thank them for their professionalism.



Professional and knew what they were doing

I called American standard moving & storage and someone came out and gave me an estimate. We made the deal, and they sent out boxes. A couple of days before the movers came, he came out again to firm everything up.

The movers showed up on time. In the packing and delivery the people were all very nice and helpful. They were careful with all my stuff. The only little problem was that I needed more boxes and the delivery got a little messed up. I had to call them for the boxes to actually come.

American standard moving & storage was professional. They knew what they were doing and wrapped everything. They were very careful.

Indigo Dutton


Reported to DOT and FMCSA

These people are part of a professional rip-off ring. They routinely pass your move on to other movers who extort more and more money out of you. Also, don't expect all your belongings to arrive, or for them to actually do anything to get you compensated.

Sure their Customer Service team will talk a good game. People like "Nicole" will promise to be working on your behalf. Everyone is shocked at how the other mover in the chain treated you and says they've never worked with that company before and now won't again. They ALL say that, and of course, they work with each other regularly. This is how it is meant to work.

I had a "binding estimate" for $1800 (which disappears after you sign it, so be sure to take a screenshot before hitting submit when you digitally sign if you're stupid enough to hire them after reading the reviews on this site). Their technical systems are fully designed to accommodate the rip-off.

Anyway, this binding estimate was supposed to include a sectional sofa and washing machine, among other things.

The movers showed up 9 hours late (late at night) and insisted on a moving price almost twice that, without the sectional or washer, since they intended to charge by space on the truck, not weight, since they charge by whichever is higher.

Eventually I signed the Bill of Lading they had since it was 1am and I needed to leave the next day, but it was definitely under duress.

I was later told by a member of the NM Attorney General's office that that BOL was not a valid contract, because it became "door to door sales" when he increased the price and negotiated items to bring with me. Those contracts require things like a font size legible to the naked eye (literally specified at 10pt or above) and a 3 day cooling off period in which the contract can be nullified. The BOL had tiny fine print (more like 3pt) and was activated immediately, without a copy even being given to me. (email promised that never arrived)

To stay within the allotted 4k characters for this review, I'll skip all the lies I was told by AMS during this period and after I found so much stuff missing on unpacking, and skip to delivery. I'd been told 3-6 weeks. I wrongly assumed they'd let me know more than a few minutes in advance when my stuff was arriving, so I could tell them if I needed any of the storage, but no. Thankfully my new landlord could let me unload stuff into the garage, but that was when the next leg of the rip-off began.

This was now a third company hired by American Moving & Storage to rip people off on their behalf. They had the invalid BOL from the 2nd guys (Spark Moving of IL and NM) and were demanding another $1,500 or threatened to put my stuff in storage there, charging me another $1,000 to get it out of storage if they did.

Thankfully my new landlord saw a 20/20 or 60 Minutes special on moving rackets like these and knew what was going on. She called the police and long story short, I wound up getting my stuff for more than I owed but less than they were trying to extract from me. I got 80% of my stuff anyway. A lot was missing, including a rug I saw the guy with when unloading, which somehow was gone once we could unpack the garage the next week when I could move in. They showed me the rug, but then put it back on their truck and took it!

Thankfully I contested the final charges with my bank and was able to get $1,200 back, so I ultimately only overpaid by about $500, not counting the missing items.

If you already used them, you can file a Moving Fraud Complaint on the fmcsa dot gov website and also with the FTC. You can also dispute the charges with your bank.

If you're in NM, there is additional protection of state law. There is the "Unfair Practices Act" and also the Household Goods Voluntary Dispute Settlement program.

Good luck.

Eric S



Elias and Marco did an awesome job. First of all it was on short notice, They were professional very polite. they went beyond my expectations.They disassembled and reassembled my furniture. I would highly recommend American Standard Moving & Storage.



Dishonest company

Wouldn’t even give them one star. That’s are the shadiest most dishonest most despicable people I have ever dealt with. And they made my move an absolute nightmare. I am actually physically ill from all the stress and tension from dealing with them.

Rachel Lewis


Broken Promises

Scott, from American Standard, told me they were professional movers who would take down, pack, and then set up all our furniture with a binding estimate of $13,000 for a long distance move. On moving day a shady crew with a rented Budget truck shows up, loads half our stuff then tells us the price is $28,000 and our moving window of 7-10 business days has changed to 3 days (Saturday, Sunday, Monday). Since we couldn’t be there that quickly, their suggested solution was to leave our goods in the garage there, with no one to supervise the unloading or protect the goods. Further pressure and conversation revealed these “movers” that American Standard (Brokers, not a Moving Company like they said) had pawned us off to we’re complete crooks. We were very fortunate to have the flexibility on both ends of our move to stop right there and make completely new moving plans with a respectable moving company. We also learned about the government website: protect your move . Gov. Check it out and educate yourself on fraudulent movers and brokers like American Standard Moving and Storage.

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