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2881 E Oakland Park Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33306 USA

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About Alliance Van Lines

2881 E Oakland Park Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Alliance Van Lines of Fort Lauderdale, FL caters to almost every type of move. Whether you need help with your family move, interstate relocation, commercial move or need storage of valuables, we have you covered. Our professional relocation specialists will coordinate your intrastate move so it is a seamless and professional experience.

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Trevor Vossberg


Terrible moving experience

Company is registered in Delaware with 2 shell corporations as board members...

Scummy company. Promised delivery in a week, delivered about 3 weeks late. No attempt at customer service. I did not receive a delivery estimate until well after my expected date of arrival.

Read your contract. Only trust what is in the contract.

Christina Andrade


DON'T sign with this company

First of all whatever you do DON'T sign with this company. First off, you don't get signed up with this company they sign you over to some other company. We originally called them for a quote and price, our sales rep was Blake - he was a really pushy sales rep trying to make a sale and sold us complete bull crap that our furniture would arrive 2-3 days from when it was picked up. The company that we got arranged with was called Ocean Movers they are also based out of Florida. We received a call on Sunday night from a women informing us that the movers would arrive between 9am-11am on Monday the movers didn't show until 6pm that night my husband and I waited all day with terrible communication saying they should be there within the next half hour and it ended up being like that the whole day. My husband and I were moving from Boston to Virginia. We had job interviews lined up the next day that we obviously had to rearrange. 6pm rolls around after constantly being told they should be there soon, they finally show after wasting my whole day of not knowing when they would show up. We get handed a contract that was completely different contract of what we were told on the phone with Blake the sales rep from this company. Like I said we were told 2-3 days our furniture would arrive. The contract from Ocean Movers indicates within a certain miles of where you live it will take that many days. Our distance came to over 500 miles which the contact stated could take up to 14 days!! Who in their right mind cannot have any of their belongings for 14 days? I asked one of the movers who seemed to be the one in charge since the 3 of the other gentleman didn't even know how to wrap up our furniture correctly. The moral of this story is my husband and I wouldn't have went through with this company if we knew it would take this long to get our furniture. I advise that the sales rep reads contracts to other company's so when he is giving information out that it is correct. Its been a week sleeping on an air mattress and it isn't fun. We got told our furniture should be here tomorrow and Im not going to sit around waiting all day ill have to see it to believe it.

Randy Frase


Alliance is a scam

Biggest mistake of my life having these people conning me into moving. It’s been four weeks I still don’t have my furniture they only took half of what they were supposed to and now they’re holding my furnace hostage for the full payment. They are a scam and the people they hire will scam you even worse. They use the line white glove treatment. They use the line oh it’s by weight only everything has been a lie from the very beginning

Elizabeth Wachira


Worst moving experience

This has been one of the worst experiences of my life. Do not give your business to Alliance Van Lines. First of all be prepared to be on hold for quite a while if you've already booked, unless it's a new estimate whereby they have a million available agents ready to take your call. I am currently using them to transport my household goods and vehicle and it has been a complete mess. The customer reps I was dealing with are Richard K. and Jennifer L. On the day of the move i was informed by the Houston driver that i had to pay $200 more because the estimate i was given was off. The driver who i presume is the one who took over the shipment to be delivered to Virginia called and stated that I needed to add $350 dollars on top of what was agreed upon for the goods to delivered, and this i refused to do. I emailed Jennifer to explain what the extra charges were for, she never responded. Up to now i have no idea if my stuff is still on route to Virginia because there has been no communication from Alliance to me.
My vehicle is supposed to be getting shipped at a later date and it has been frustrating.The agreed upon dates were 7/29/19 -7/30/19. I got a call on 07/26/19 telling me that pick up is scheduled for 07/27/19 and that is what he has on file. After much arguing we agree that it can be picked up on 07/28/19 at 10 am. Two hours later i get text from the same company stating that vehicle is to be picked up on 7/27/19, i called back the number and I told him that isn't the agreement, he said he'll come on 7/28/2019. I missed a day's pay check waiting for the vehicle to be picked up. I called the number and it was going straight to voicemail. I called Richard no answer. I got a call back at Noon stating that the pick up won't be happening and that i need to call Alliance on 07/29/2019 which i did this a.m. I was assured vehicle will be picked up either today or 7/31/2019. At 2 p.m i get a call that the truck coming to do the pick up has broken and was told pick up is not until 08/01/2019. I have a flight to catch on 07/31/2019 to Virginia and i kept on explaining this to the person which she clearly wasn't getting it . I hang up the phone on her. I emailed Richard and Jennifer and as usual there was no response from them. I called Alliance and got into an argument with the agent since she was also not getting the fact that i'm leaving Houston on the 31st. Now I'm going to be forced to drive all the way to Galveston to leave my vehicle with my friend so she will hand it over to the driver. Two hours later Alliance calls and an agent tells me pick is now going to be either 7/30/19 or 7/31/2019. I tried to get them to confirm what time and exact date so i don't waste my time going to Galveston and pick up will be in Houston or stay in Houston and the driver happens to go to Galveston. This has been so very frustrating. If you are moving, I implore you not to use this company or any of its affiliate companies (Charter Van Lines) so you don't have the same experience that i am currently having!!!



This company is egregious!!!

This company is egregious!!! I hired them through Alliance Van Lines (who now won't answer my calls) and was told REPEATEDLY 3-5 days by all parties. Richard K at Alliance had me sign a moving contract with the verbal promise that it would be 3-5 days, at most 10. Well, ten days has some and gone. They contracted me out to Household Hauling, something they did not explain to me on the phone. Again, by Household Hauling I was told 5-7 days, then when we first called "next week," which has come and gone. Now we are being told "next week" once again, if we are lucky. If we had known what a scam this company would be, we would have moved ourselves. I never felt so deceived and scammed by a company in my entire life. Please I am begging you, deliver our things!!! My fiance is a doctor and he needs to not sleep on an air mattress and needs his things. I was told on the phone literally "this isn't life and death," but actually it is!!! And even if it wasn't, how dare the customer service representative say that to me as I am crying to him - we gave you several thousand dollars - to be treated this way is disgusting.

Daniel Wilson


Avoid This Company

They are simply a dispatch company and they do not do the moving themselves. Because of this reason, you don't know who will be moving your stuff. You have to ask them for this information and if you do, they are not happy to disclose the information as if I have inconvenienced them in some way. Avoid business with this shady company.

Dale San Antonio


Scam do not waiste your money. Only a reseller

I contacted Alliance Van Line to help my widowed mother move to live with me. I believed they were a large reputable company and I was willing to pay the corporate rate to be sure my mother had reputable business to deal with. I did pay more than the disreputable sounding movers who called to bid my job. But I got the exact same disreputable movers but paid several thousand dollars more. When the car mover arrived he had to have cash and no receipt. When I told my wife to refuse the pickup they gave a receipt. When he delivered the car he said we didn't pay and had to pay cash to receive the car, as if this guy ever took a car without being paid first. He then back pedaled when we reminded him he signed a receipt.
The mover of the house hold goods can not deliver on the time I was told my the sales rep at alliance, because we were leaving out of country just under three weeks after the pick up. Trying to get help from Alliance operators and customer service was merely rude, demeaning, and quite evident had no intention of ever helping. In fact laughed at me that I did not ask if they were brokers before making the deal. Their website filled of "Alliance Van Lines is a Florida Long Distance mover and relocation provider. We offer a variety of interstate moving services". but in very small font on the bottom of the website says they are brokers. So I guess their lawyer thinks that will save them from consumer fraud legal action. We will see.

My subcontracted mover's advertised phone number is a cell phone. My Alliance rep sales email returns undeliverable. If I try to speak with him on the phone if I tell the operator who I am I get hung up on. If I refuse they refuse to forward the call or provide me with a supervisor, or legal department.

Since they refuse to allow me to speak to anyone other than an operator I will be conducting my own investigation, and seeking assistance from the Florida Attorney General.

Obviously I do not recommend this company. Anyone interested in a class action law suite feel free to contact me

Jenny Chicago


Unbelievably poor etiquette and customer service

This moving broker company "dropped" at the end of the second day of my two day pick up window. I signing a contract, paid a security deposit and scheduled a pick up window four weeks prior to my move. I was contacted five days prior to my move to confirm the pick up window. I was told I would be contacted directly by the truck drive a day prior and two hours prior to pick up. After I did not hear anything during both days of my pick up window I was concerned. I called Alliance Van Lines Inc. and was told that my move had been cancelled. They did not contact me to let me know this or have any offer of rescheduling or compensation. I was left with two days to rearrange my moving plans prior to leaving the state. I cannot believe this company continues to function as a business with this unimaginably poor level of customer service.




They were absolutely amazing from start to finish. They are very professional, great movers and downright just nice guys. We would use them again and highly recommend them.

Dave W


Alliance van lines

If you are just a little bit concerned about moving in Florida - rest assured, Alliance van lines will take the proper time to wrap and respectfully handle your personal items.

I wouldn't be writing this unless I felt that they were a great reference for your FL Moving needs. On Time, Competent, Experienced, and Thoughtful. I have had a great experience with Alliance van lines and hope you have a great experience too.

Marianne S


A big shout of support for his crew!!

Amazing service and care from Alliance van lines crew!! I originally scheduled a 'small' move, which turned out to be a very large move due to some miscommunication and poor planning on my part. It was Friday afternoon in the Fort Lauderdale, and I'm sure Jake and his guys wanted to wrap up the day. He could have easily cancelled/postponed the job, but he was very accommodating, professional and simply nice. A big shout of support for his crew!!



Best movers in the Florida

I found Alliance van lines n was convinced with the stars! Communication was very efficient with David!
The guys took their time, packed every piece of furniture with moving blankets. Made sure everything was packed well. Pablo, Mario and Julio were all sweet, made no fuss about anything and accommodated all my needs.
We moved from a 2bed - 2level apartment to a 3bed - 3 leveled town home. It took about 6 hours including transportation.
They also made sure to lay mats on stairs, and blankets on railing to avoid banging into it.
I wish i took pictures !!!
I don't hope to move again any soon but i highly recommend Alliance van lines to anyone moving locally or out of state! These guys are highly professional with very reasonable prices!!

Jim P


Excellent move

Used these guys to move across NC and it went very smoothly. Communication of the move was excellent, they called ahead of their arrival, they were fast and professional and the final price was pretty much exactly as quoted. I will use these guys again next time I move.

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