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3547 S Federal Hwy Apt H, Boynton Beach, Florida 33435 USA

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About All Pro Moving Group LLC

3547 S Federal Hwy Apt H
Boynton Beach, Florida

Moving is one of the most difficult processes out there, and it is about more than simply relocation. When it is done in the wrong way it can leave a long lasting impression on the entire family, and that is the reason that it is very important to make sure that you are able to have professionals who can help you with the entire process from the beginning to the end. You will have the assistance of knowing what the schools are like, what the local economy is like and how you will be able to expect every aspect of the situation will be.

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Aaron Bianchi


Unjust Enrichment and the Nightmare of trying to get money back

These guys scammed me. I gave them my credit card info over the phone. Then they sent me a contract and a cancellation policy via email after I gave the credit card. I told them verbally that I didnt have time to read the contract, but hey pushed me. I pulled over while I was in the car, signed the cancellation policy, and accidentally signed the contract as well.

I noticed my mistake and immediately tried to cancel (same day). I did this via phone, email, and text message to my salesperson and the company at large.

The Company cited a term in the contract that I did not see and offered me $250 back. Their cancellation policy (separate from their contract), cites that I am entitled to 85% of my money back if I cancel within 72 hours. Additionally, they had verbally told me they would only hold 15% of the deposit if I canceled within 72 hours of signing the contract. I thought this was unfair and told them they needed to improve their offer. They have been unresponsive since then. I requested money back from my credit card, which All Pro contested. I feel cheated and I need help getting my money back and preventing this from happening to another client.

Shubham Shrivastava


BEWARE!!! They will blackmail you into paying them a thousand dollars.

I booked my move from East Coast to West Coast 1 month in advance for a quoted amount of $1,741. During the booking Nick convinced me that they are a moving company and they have their own truck, which by the way is a complete lie. They are a BROKER and they do not have a single truck. Anyway, 2 days before my move, the quality assurance guy, Bill calls me and asks me if I had any updated inventory. I removed a couple boxes and added a couple things. He then asked me to pay $250 just because I made changes to the inventory. No cubic footage were updated, earlier quote had allocated me 286 cubic ft which remained exactly the same. So what changed? Their "binding fee" a.k.a. broker fee. So I paid $250 extra just because Bill gave me a call. When I made my concern clear to him, I was told that I do not have an option and I will have to pay this money if I want my stuffs picked up. 2 days before my pick up date, I really did not have an option.

On the day of pick up, the actual moving company "WAY TO GO, INC" came to my apartment, picked up my stuffs and then told me that I was over 50 cubic feet than my allocated space and I will have to pay another $350. Since they already loaded my stuffs in their truck, I again did not have an option. So they took out the copy of estimate to finalize the amount and guess what, their copy said the total amount of $1,741 and did not have any mention of the $250 I paid 2 days ago.

Fast forward to 3 weeks later, the driver who was driving the truck carrying my stuffs calls me and says, "I will be delivering your stuffs this Friday. Unfortunately, I cannot drive my big truck closer to your apartment so I will have to transfer your stuffs to a smaller truck and then deliver. This will cost an extra $350." I said I am definitely not paying for anything anymore, loading to and from a smaller truck is obviously needed but is a part of the moving process and should be handled at no extra cost. To which his response was, "You can take it to the managers of the agency. I do not care. If you don't pay me, I am not going to deliver your stuffs."

All these people are trying to do is to make money. I ended up paying about $3k for moving my stuffs that was worth about $2k. They do not care about their customers, they cheat their customers by lying about their services, and once you sign the contract they blackmail you over and over again for making more money out of you. I have never had so much frustration and never felt this cheated in my life. Absolutely stay away from them.

Ronald Daniel Williams



I do not say this lightly, as I was a U.S. Marine for 20 years so I have a lot of moving experience over my lifetime. Unless you just love aggravation, agitation, unprofessionalism, lack of integrity, and a complete inability to be able to contact a representative, you should avoid this deceitful and fraudulent company. Allow me to explain:

I needed to transport a slate pool table from Minnesota to Missouri. I started researching companies that claimed to specialize in these types of moves. I found a handful, and set out to getting estimates from them. Two sent me back estimates and called/texted almost immediately. All Pro Moving Group and Silver Star Moving Group. I was contacted by Alex from All Pro. Their estimate was slightly higher and I informed her that I had a lower estimate from Silver Star. She said she had heard of them, that they seemed to be a reputable company, but that their estimate was not binding and would not be lower than the All Pro estimate. She said I should call them to confirm she was correct. Little did I know at that time, that All Pro Moving and Silver Star Moving were the same business, run by the same people, with the same owner (Dirk Perdrix), who also owns Fast Track Auto Carriers. A Google search of these businesses and owner on moving review forums will produce some disturbing results...but back to my experience.

I ended up contracting with All Pro Moving Group on June 4th. I was specific about the move with Alex, and confirmed before signing the contract that the move included professional disassembly of the pool table as well as reassembly at the destination. They received the initial (they split moves into 3 payments) payment, which I discovered later was their payment for brokering the move, the other two payments are for the actual moving company they hire. Surprisingly, once they had received this payment their customer service and ability to contact became almost completely non-existent, in spite of their claimed 24/7 customer service.

The night before the move (June 10) I received a disturbing voice mail message from a representative from All Pro named Jake. Jake informed me to make sure that the pool table is disassembled before the movers arrive in the morning, as they “are not professional pool table movers.” Yes, that is a quote from Jake. I was extremely alarmed, and immediately called the number back to speak to Jake. Naturally, nobody answered (this was to become a constant trend) and I left a frantic message. More disturbingly, Jake's voice mail recording states, “Jake with Silver Star Moving” which was my first clue to start looking into this business and it's false representations. I searched for any contact number I could find for All Pro and left frantic messages on all of them.

The next afternoon Jake finally called me and let me know that Alex had mis-spoke, and that I was responsible for disassembly and assembly of the pool table myself. I stated that I never would have agreed to the amount quoted in the move if it had not included these things, and requested that All Pro make good on their promise and cover these additional expenses, which were going to amount to approximately $700. Meanwhile, the mover they hired calls me and says he might be able to disassemble it, that, and I quote again, “he can learn anything from a youtube video.” So apparently I have paid top dollar for the promise that I was getting a professional pool table move and in return was getting just the opposite. Needless to say, they cancelled the pickup on June 11.

In order to get the packing completed on June 13, I was forced to pay a pool table disassembler $350. After that the pickup of the items was scheduled for the morning of June 15. Of course nobody showed up or called and the time for pickup came and passed. I again attempted to contact All Pro to see what was going on and of course I was unable to gain contact with anyone. At around 3pm the actual moving company that All Pro had contracted, called and said their movers had run into a problem and would come later that evening for pickup. This did actually finally take place.

On June 18, I had my last successful contact with All Pro Moving Group via a text from Jake and an email from It was an offer of $175 compensation. I immediately sent a letter back requesting $350, which amounted to 50% of my additional costs. I just wanted to be rid of this horrible experience and felt this was more than fair. I have never heard back from them since. They do not answer their phone or reply to email.

I heard nothing from anyone until July 3rd, when my items were delivered at 11:45pm! Yes I said “PM.”
And of course, they brought in the many pieces of the pool table, and claimed they were not contracted to reassemble it.

So, to sum it all up...All Pro Moving Group, along with Silver Star Moving Group, and Fast Track Auto Carriers, are owned by the same man, Dirk Perdrix. A thorough search on the internet will reveal numerous horribly unprofessional and fraudulent dealings regarding moves they have contracted. I can attest to their employees falsely representing the companies as competing entities, claiming to provide services that they would not provide when the time came, and unprofessionally disappearing from the face of the earth, rather than addressing their shortcomings and correcting them, once they had their money in pocket. I implore everyone to avoid this and all of these companies at all cost. They are a fraudulent scam of a moving company.



Estimates are always accurate. Great packing.

All Pro Moving Group LLC recently did a third household move for me. I keep using them because they do a really good job of packing, making sure there was zero breakage in all three moves. They have also been very close on both their cost and duration estimates in every experience.

Meghan Olis


Stressful and Horrible

Besides Joann being super nice and hooking me in from the beginning, the rest of my experience was a nightmare. This was my first cross-state move and I went withAll Pro, who brokered out Unique Vanlines to haul, store and then deliver my belongings. My estimate ending up going up, when I went over my final count with Cameron, but that's ok, I knew I had more than what I had though. But when the driver came, he rushed me through the paperwork and charged me $2000 more than what I was quoted, because I had gone over my "article count". Which is total BS since it shouldn't be about # of packages but by weight. When I called later to dispute this, Cameron said he would look into it and that it didnt make sense, but he never got back to me. To this day, he's never returned a text or call.

Once Unique had my stuff, my life got worse. I won't even go into the scheduling of the delivery, which was mismanaged (they tried to come before the delivery date/before I had access to my new home) and delayed, but my things arrived damaged. Boxes were totally crushed, and upside down. Plastic bins were also crushed, which takes a lot of pressure! A good deal of my breakables were in fact broken, although I had packed them well. It was as if all the fragile boxes were put on the bottom of all the heavy items, and just crushed. A wardrobe box was crushed down to medium box size. Also, even though they wrapped my grandmother's handpainted desk, so knew what they were dealing with, they broke a leg off.

They rush you through all the paperwork and then, when it ends up costing 2K more than estimated, they say "well you signed this!" so have to pay. It's totally horrible customer service. Plus, they only insure $.60 per lb, which again, I was rushed through the paperwork so did not know to read the fine print. So if you have $1000 vase that weights 2 lbs and they crush it, they only give you $1.20. It's total insanity. So they value your things by weight but they charge you per article, no matter the weight. I would never recommend this company. it's backwards and not logical.

If I could go back and do this over, I would rent some sort of pod, fill it myself, so that I know how it will be handled and stored. They do not care one single bit about your belongings, only making money. This was already such a stressful move, total life change, and they made it 100 times more stressful and horrible. All-pro was no help and unique was unique all right, in that they destroyed my property and now only want to give me about $20 back. I have multiple friends moving this spring and I am telling them all to NOT use either of these companies, if they care about their stress levels and belongings.

Janet Fonseca


I wanted to like them but they are a scam

Broker - won’t reveal carrier on BOL. totally shady at the end. Be careful - do your homework - they are not BBB - they don’t have a license - don’t be fooled.

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