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1500 W Cypress Creek Rd, Ste 504, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309 USA

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About Agility Van Lines

1500 W Cypress Creek Rd, Ste 504
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Welcome to Agility Van Lines! We are one of the most reputable interstate moving companies around. We are trusted by countless families across the country. We make even the most difficult moving job seem simple, at least for you! Whether you're moving from one state to the next or across the country, Agility Van Lines has you covered.

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Rachel Kushner




Using Agility Van Lines was a horrible mess. Shane Young is a bully and a liar; he's demeaning and rude to his own employees and customers.

LIE #1 - John incorrectly assessed our items
RESULT - Truck was too small.
I was on my own to have storage unit shipped to new location. Not an easy task when we're moving 700 miles away. This cost me an additional $2000.

LIE #2 - Items will arrive over a 5 day delivery spread
RESULT - We waited over THIRTY days to receive our belongings

"It will be there next week."
"Driver is in NC, but on his way."
"Your belongings are in transit."
"I promise it will be there Friday."
"Your items are in storage in CT."
"It will arrive early next week."

LIE #3 - We will professionally pack your items
RESULT - Many items were not even packed, just thrown into the truck.
RESULT - Many items arrived broken; some went into the trash and will be completely replaced; others will need repairs.

LIE #4 - We are professionals.
RESULT - Office staff gave me the run around. I was the one initiating most of the calls.
"Uh....I don't have the paperwork in front of me."
"We'll call you by 5:00 to give you an update."
"Still no word, I don't have the paperwork."

LIE #5 - Packing materials charges
RESULT - I was charged $215.00 for boxes: wardrobe box, picture box, mirror box, small crate, medium crate, large crate, dish box, commercial bin box, TV box, mattress covers, etc.
The items requiring boxes never made it to boxes! Many items were thrown in the truck at the end. No boxes. Not wrapped, hence the broken items upon arrival. Not one box was provided.

This has been a NIGHTMARE!

Rosalie Odean


Unreliable and Unapologetic

I hired Agility Van Lines to help me move from Delaware to Ohio. I was supposed to have my things picked up either Friday or Saturday, so I would be able to meet the truck in Ohio a day or two later, and start work on Monday.

Shane (the owner) kept putting off telling me exactly when my pick up would be. Thursday at 6:30pm I got a call telling me they wouldn't be able to pick up my stuff until Monday or Tuesday. I said this wouldn't work because I had a job to start. Cindy, from customer service told me she would call Shane and get back to me.

At 10:45pm Shane finally called me at told me they wouldn't be able to do my move on the weekend arranged, leaving me without movers late the night before my scheduled move.

I ended up hiring a U-Haul with an auto trailer, and doing a 10 hour drive through the mountains myself. The price was a little lower than other companies quoted me, but in the end the company was unreliable and unapologetic.

Yesh May


Do Not Use this company

CONSUMER BEWARE - Do Not Use this company
Shane Young is the owner.
I agreed to move during the 2nd and 3rd weeks of June. They didnt deliver my boxes until the 2nd week of July, 2 weeks later than what was agreed upon.

I am only going to echo the exact same issues that others have with Shane Y. and therefore won't recount the entire event. The aspects of the move that I agreed to have done did not happen.
a) Pick up my good during the pre-determined 4 day window
b) Receive a phone call when the driver was enroute
c) Immediately take my boxes/items to the new location --- Not store them in a warehouse
d) Drop off the boxes/items during the agreed upon 4 day move-in period
e) Receive a phone call from the office or driver when they were one day away

Everytime I received a call from Cindy with a set day and time, it was a lie.
They picked up my goods a week late. Instead of driving them up to my new home, they put everything in storage for 2 weeks (2 weeks later than the agreed upon delivery period).
The delays have cost me more than $600 in flights and additional home items due to their lies.

Lisa Sansolo



Teddy and Christopher were great. They were incredibly nice, professional, courteous
They made moving as pleasant a task as possible
Came when they said they would!

Sherman Myer


Wonderful service

What a great company to work with. Honest and upfront about everything! If your moving you will not regret calling Agility Van Lines.

Troy Sanchez


Top class move

Recently I hired agility van lines for my move and I still can’t thank them enough. They moved me beautifully! For the first time in my life I was moved without any damages. I really didn’t expect that! They were punctual, efficient, caring and hardworking. They used the stairs instead of the lift, and they did not damage any of the furniture. The floors were unharmed and so were the walls. They moved me very nicely! Their rate is also very low and very reasonable. It did not change in the end! I highly recommend this moving company to all.

Greg Vaccaro


Great move!

I used Agility VanLines for a move from Myrtle Beach to HOBOKEN NJ. It was a comfortable and easy transition. Their staff was amazing.

Donald Harris


So Dedicated And Focused!

I have not seen a moving company like this! They are so dedicated and focused! They moved my wife and me and they did a lovely job. They made no mistakes which was really remarkable. They moved all the items into their van very carefully and gently. All the items were protected and there was not a single damage in the end. The moving team was very efficient and professional. Everything went the way as planned! This move was smooth and easy. Well done Agility van lines. I will recommend you to all.

Joe Romano


Great Service!

I used Agility for my move from Illinois to New Jersey. Everything went well and smooth. Somber was very helpful and so was Don who helped me from the start. I will be using Agility for my remaining move. Thanks!

Jackson Smith


relocation PA to KY

Using Agility Van lines as my moving company was such a great decision. Don't look anywhere else for help moving! With all the stress from moving, these guys are a Godsend. Really friendly and professional. They work quick and the services are reasonably priced. Somer went above and beyond with customer service!!! They wrapped everything up so nothing was damaged and did not mind having to go up stairs because the elevator was busted. Would recommend to anyone I know!

Ashley J


GA to VA

I Have moved while in the military several times. This was the first time I have done it as a civilian. It was a totally different experience.... In a GOOD way. I called agility last minuet because the company I originally set up with did not show up come move day. They were extremely affordable and showed up the very next day. Very very professional and extremely nice group of workers. I would not hesitate to contact you all in the future. Thanks agility team!

Bill Hughes


They were organized

I wasn’t counting on much given how dubiously agility van lines quoted for my move. But, as it turned out, they weren’t inefficient at all. They worked very systematically and the loading process was finished very quickly. I have never heard of movers who show up on time. The movers were so considerate and waited for us to finish for an hour. My valuables were safely transported on time. I can’t believe companies like this one still exist in this world.

Phillip Croy



You very helpful for us and very through in your pricing. Thank you.
We decided to use rental truck to help offset our fees since we have to drive to Ohio anyways.

Michael Platt


Great service

My move from New York to Orlando was a very easy transition thanks to Vince and his staff. I was a bit nervous since this was my first out of state move. Vince and Somer were always available when needed. My stuff arrived quickly and damage free. Thank you Vince and Somer and the wonderful work your crew did. I will absolutely recommend your company to friends and family.

Sheila Chenault


Excellent phone customer service

Very helpful and informative service over the phone and I appreciated the accommodations recommended to help us out.

Alicia Truman


The big move OH TO FL

I never used a moving company before. So it being my first time I was hesitant. But the staff and crew of agility van lines made me feel very comfortable with my decision. The movers that came to pick up my stuff were very fast and efficient. And the call center was very helpful as well. I couldn't have asked for a more better experience with a moving company. Thanks agility van lines! Your the best!

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