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600 S Dayton St Bldg 4 #301, Denver, Colorado 80247 USA

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About Konami Moving and Storage

600 S Dayton St Bldg 4 #301
Denver, Colorado

We are a family owned and operated company based in Denver, Co with locations throughout the United States. Our priority is to make sure all of your moving needs are taken care of at all times. You are our top priority! Contact us today to get in touch with our team of experienced professionals.

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Danielle LeBeau


Don't risk your stuff!

A couple of the things wouldn't have been that big of a deal, but they started adding up real quick! Our pickup date got pushed back. Multiple miscommunications on their end about timing. They don't answer the phone number(s) they provide for you. They originally told us that "weight wasn't an issue and to utilize space" so we filled our coolers and safe and cabinets with stuff, but were told upon arrival that everything had to be removed and repacked in boxes, which changed how much space we needed and our stuff wouldn't fit on their truck anymore. They wouldn't load suitcases or duffel bags with stuff in it. (I guess I can understand that, but COMMUNICATION IS KEY!!!) My husband had to remove all our items off the truck by himself and they drove away without any further communication. I have tried calling and emailing over the past couple of days to no avail. I guess I'm saving myself the headache of working with a company that isn't trustworthy, but I'm not sure that's worth the $509 deposit they charged me!!

When you're packing up your beloved belongings and moving them cross country, you want to find a company you can trust with your stuff. They are NOT that company. They may quote you a cheaper price than competitors up front, but I promise you the headache and the lies and the extra fees they try to sneak in there will add up quicker than you think!!

The driver also told us they legally have 30 days to deliver your stuff. Keep that in mind!

Sabrina Arriola



KONAMI IS BY FAR THE WORST MOVING COMPANY EVER! THEY NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY!!!! They stole mine and my boyfriend's XBOX's then hacked my boyfriends account and emptied out his bank account, rummaged through all our belongings and re-taped everything back up poorly, and broke some dishes. Konami says, "With our team of experienced professionals" When it should say "Team of unprofessional thieves!" Our privacy felt invaded and we felt violated. We were forced to live in an empty apartment, sleeping on the floor. We were forced to make purchases we didn’t need to. We are in debt because of Konami Moving and Storage. We trusted Konami Moving and Storage for our first move ever, and they took advantage of us.
We wrote this letter and compiled evidence in the hopes that this company will not take advantage of any potential future customers. If you value your time, money, possessions, sense of security, or overall well-being, stay as far away from Konami Moving and Storage as you possibly can! They DO NOT deserve a rating! Horrible customer service! Horrible employees! It was a complete nightmare in which we still have to work through today! What's even more sad is Konami employees are THE ONLY ONES who write "good reviews". WHAT A SAD JOKE THIS COMPANY IS!

Mark Elchinoff


buyer be ware, extra last minute charge

Moving the equivalent of a 1 bedroom apartment from the Bay Area to Seattle. The team showed up within the 2 day window. They did a good job wrapping and loading the shipment. A few phone conversations indicated about a week for delivery. In the end it was about 3 weeks. No clear answer until the day before it showed up. As near as I can tell the shipment was loaded and unloaded over 3 times with multiple movers before it got to Seattle. The day of delivery the third moving company I had talked to called to say they were delivering the next day, but could not deliver without a shuttle. Based on their Google maps view they wouldn't back a 18 wheeler into the culdesac. The guy that quoted me had the same google map and didn't say anything. In the end, they held my shipment hostage unless I paid another $350 for a shuttle van. The shipment arrived fine and no known damage. These guys are all just sales people that consolidate 3rd party movers. As long as that is your expectation and knowing that you will not get an actual delivery date or any customer service once you sign and pay. You won't know when it will show up until the day before it shows up. High volume , low margin, they just don't care. Buyer be ware.

Jason Metz


Fraud. Negligence. Lawsuit Pending.

I hired Konami to conduct a move for me 2 months ago. I'm not sure if Konami has a partnership with - or was acquired by - JG Transportation LLC DBA J Gentle Movers / J Gentle Van Lines, but somehow I was bait-and-switched and flipped over to JG Transportation without any explanation. My entire experience has been AWFUL with them - borderline criminal - with undisclosed fees, a variety of flat-out lies, damaged furniture and absolutely horrific customer service throughout the process. I've already filed a police report and I believe I tracked down JG Transportation's insurance company to file a claim, but that's not sufficient. I need to understand Konami's relationship with that firm, and I need an explanation in terms of how I was unwittingly sent to them for service. I will be including Konami in any and all legal actions, unless we can work things out between us. I'm waiting for a response.

Dian L Childs


Move from California to Texas

I’ve been waiting a full three weeks to make this review. Finally, it’s time. If Kanomi Moving Company— if you would even call it that—were to drop off the face of the earth, they would be doing everyone a favor. By far the WORST moving company I have ever experienced. They deserve zero stars, and if google provided that option, I would not hesitate to do so. 

Firstly, their reliability and customer service are atrocious. It’s impossible to ever receive a straight answer, let alone, get ahold of somebody. The only reason I went along with this company was due to their price and the reassurance that they would be able to arrive on our scheduled date. This was a lie. They were, in fact, two days late causing me to pay an addition charge to stay another night at my apartment.

They arrived, only for them to tell us our items wouldn’t fit on the truck. Adding to the already cramped space, they said the person we shared the truck with, also went over. How is that even fair? Anyway, the movers made it work. The worrying part was that our clothes and tv had to be strapped to the lift gate. There was no waiting another couple days for a truck to be dispatched to me as I was already behind schedule, so it just had to work. 

The thing with this company is that they ONLY communicate when it comes down to what you owe. Other than that, you won’t hear a peep out of them. Of course, they called and told us— get this— we owed 1349, PLUS another 1349 on delivery. This is by far more than the original quote we agreed upon.

It took 3 WEEKS for our stuff to arrive! We lived in Texas for almost a month without proper essentials because they wanted to act dumb. We received our stuff, and the count of damages is high. By far the worst is my extra large tv screen that cost at least 4K, and my other large tv that cost another 2K. I am beyond pissed!!!

How careless can you guys be? 

Thomas, who provided my quote hid behind the guise/ruse of “taking a phone call”. Yeah, sure buddy. If your gonna lie, at least make it an intelligent one because I know your not that busy with taking on new customers. Still don’t know how this moving company is even running.

Now not only do I have file a claim, but now I have to involve my lawyer. They’re a court case just waiting to happen.

Also, the 5-star reviews are laughable. That desperate eh? Definitely not fake at all. 

If you suffer from high blood pressure, as I do, they’ll definitely spike it up. Problems after problems and stress after stress. That’s all they’re good for honestly.



If I could leave zero stars out of five I would

These people are complete frauds. Not only did these ****** show up completely stoned out of their minds, they showed up and lied about which estimate the broker gave them, they lied about the insurance coverage, and lied about the cubic footage. To top it off, the ****** decided to sit around and get spun on meth for three days prior to delivering my stuff, and then promptly proceeded to wreck the truck on their way to the destination. Virtually every item they delivered was damaged beyond repair, and they didn't even bother delivering several thousand dollars worth of items, which I can only assume at this point were because they stole them. I'll be seeing them in court before much longer. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't even let these morons mow my lawn let alone move my stuff. If I could leave zero stars out of five I would, I would highly advise others not to contract these ******.



Very Punctual

I've retired and moved back to where our family was so I contacted Konami moving and storage. The move was about 300 miles and they were excellent. They were also wonderful and very punctual. They came when they said and packed everything.

Tasha Dorsey


Bad business

First time in ten years using a moving company because of multiple bad experiences with moving companies. As a military family, we are no strangers to relocating. Been using Uhaul for the last ten years. At least with Uhaul, you load and leave when you want to. You are with your items the entire time. Unload and then return. Now that we are older, the thought was daunting and exhausting. So against better judgement and after a lot of researching we expressed our concerns to the rep from Konami. She put our fears to rest and we decided to reserve. We paid a deposit and scheduled our pick up date. A week prior to the scheduled pick up date we received a call from another rep who went over our inventory one last time. At that time he stated we still owed and that the previous rep did not get all the deposit?! So after hesitation and expressing my frustration with that rep, I paid an additional $1000. The day of the pick up came and nothing, the second day they called and said that the previous customer used up the entire truck Nd they needed to get another truck and wouldn’t be able to come until the next day. The next day came and about a half hour before the final hour of their three hour pick up time was up... I contacted customer service. After a lengthy hold, I was informed that due to traffic the driver would not be there until the following day! The rep was rude and informed these were outside of their control. She also informed me that the date of pick up is an estimation! She was rude and not empathetic at all. If I am moving to another state... I don’t have time to be sitting and waiting. Your job is to provide me with the service of picking my stuff up. I have to be out of this place and be on the road. People have jobs to report to?! As a company with 10 years of experience as they claim, you mean to tell me this is the first time someone has ever under estimated their amount of items?! How are you not prepared for that?! How do you not have another truck available for a paying customer?! How are you not prepared for that! Also, with over ten years of experience, how is traffic an excuse?! As a working person... my boss does not accept being over six hours away from my work and stating traffic as an excuse to not be able to report! I would get fired for lack of planning and taking responsibility. There’s no reason that a half hour before the Last hour in your given time frame - you are still six hours away from where you are supposed to be! Then to have a customer service rep make me feel like I’m wrong for feeling frustrated?! That’s unbelievable! Then you’re going to get here three days late and charge me well above what you quoted me and then deliver my items only God knows how much later than your “estimated” time and expect full payment for your services when I’ve gotten nothing but a anxiety ridden moving experience! WARNING- do not USE- do it yourself with a Uhaul or something if you can! At least then you’ll know you are getting what you pay for!!



I am happy that I called them

I needed to do a long distance move and was going crazy because there are so many moving companies out there! My cousin recommended Konami moving and storage and I just called them. I talked with their sales person and he was very convincing and nice. Their rate seemed reasonable and I just went with them. On the day of the move, the moving team came on time and packed all my things up very nicely. I saw that they used pads; shrink wrap and bubble wrap to protect my things. They really did a good job because there were no damages at all. I am glad I called them! Well done!




I hired Konami Moving and Storage to move 12 boxes and a small nightstand to Swampscott MA. The rep Cheryl was really nice on the phone. She answered all my questions , gave me 20% off if I booked that day. Well that should have been a red flag. Once I gave the $100 deposit she stop answering my emails. I set up the move for June 19th since I was flying out on June 26th. I was told that the truck would be there between 9 am and 11 am. So I had to take the day off of work. The truck company does not show up at the scheduled time. So I called the customer service rep and spoke to Jessica. She tells me she doesn't know what's going on and that she will have the truck driver call me. This was at noon. I get a call at 5 pm by the driver telling me that there is no room in his truck for my stuff that he will need to come the next day (21st) between 9-11am. That means I need to take another day off of work. The truck show up at 3pm and its a budget truck from another company. I was told when I book that they had their own trucks and warehouse. WRONG!. So they load up my stuff and I paid them another $500. They tell me I owe another $500 at delivery. That's fine with me. I tell them that I need my stuff in Swampscott by June 30th. They tell me no problem have my first day of delivery be June 24th. So on June 24th I called customer service to see if they have an ETD since I told them I needed my stuff by June 30th. The girl on the phone told me she does not deal with Texas and Jessica or Ashley will need to call me back. Mind you ever time you call you get put right on hold for 30 mins at a time and sometimes they hang up on you and you have to call back to sit on hold for another 30 mins. No phone call back. I called everyday with no one telling me anything on when my stuff would be delivered. Finally I was able to talk to Ashley ( WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER EVER) tells me that they have 30 business days to deliver my stuff. WTH no one told me that. If I have known that I would have never hired them. That would mean they had until Aug 3rd to delivered. I called them every other day asking for updates and all I got were lies from not enough drivers, trucks breaking down, they need to fly in new drivers, my stuff need to be loaded on a truck twice. Every time I call the reps were rude and they need to call you back. Well Aug 3rd rolls around and that means that they broke contract. I called and spoke to Ashley and she says all they can do is take $25 off each day of the amount I still owe until delivery. I am super pissed at this time since they had my stuff for 2 months and all they do is lie to you. Finally I get to speak to the dispatch manager John Romero. He tells me he is waiting for a new driver to fly in. This was on Aug 10th and the truck would be leaving the 11th or 12th. So on Monday the 13th I call and get Jessica. She tells me she has no answer for me and transfers me to john's phone which he Nevers answers. After call Jessica back telling her I need to speak to John right now or I will call the cops , John answers his phone He tells me that my stuff did not leave and its sitting in a broken down truck. I lost it. First he tells me its leaving now the truck is broken down. I tell him that the heat of Texas will ruin the stuff in the boxes. This is were he lies again. He tells me that my stuff is fine, its sitting in an AC warehouse. He needs to find a new moving company to move me since they cant. He said to give him to the next day to find out if that company has the room. So on the 14th I call CS and my call goes straight to voicemail for 2 hours. I wanted to see if they were blocking my calls so I call from my house phone and sure enough Kalya answers the phone. I asked to speak to John, Jessica or Ashely. She transfers my call to John which he doesn't answer so I have to call back. Kayla then tells me that Jessica doesn't work there anymore and Ashely would not be back until the 17th. So no one can help me. So I text the number that John called me on telling him I have had enough and I want to know if they were ever going to deliver my stuff or do I need to fly down there and get it myself. He tells me that Ashely will send me the address. So on Friday the 17th ( 15 days past broken contract) I called Ashley she gives me the address to their warehouse in Waco. I looked up the address she gave me was Aaron's Self Storage. They don't have a warehouse. That means your stuff is in someone else storage unit. I called the storage place to see if they have my stuff. I wasn't about to spend a bunch of money to fly there if it wasn't there. I leave a message for someone to call me back. I even made a police report. Carla ( very sweet lady) calls me back from Aarons and informed me that John Romero has 14 units there and she cant tell me if my stuff is there or not. I texted John back on Monday the 20th ( 18 days past broken contact) asking him if the other company can move me. He texted back that I will need to pick up my stuff. I was shocked. I hired them to move me and now I have to go pick up my stuff????? I said fine I want my belonging so how do I go about doing that. He said that Ashley will send me an email on how to do it. 3 days later no email. Mind you its now Aug 23rd 21 days past broken contact and they had my stuff for a total of 65 days. I blow up johns phone with text saying I need that email now that I already called the cops. He finally text back saying he will email me the information. He is taking care of is sick mom. I tell him I also want my $600 refund back to me since they did not move me. I get the email from John. He gives me the address again and that we need to set up a day and time for pick up. That the $600 refund was denied. I email him back telling he that I booked my flight for sat the 25th and that he needs to meet me there. I asked him why did he denied the $600 and I want to know a pick up time. He text me back that the $600 was denied since they did half the move. WTH they moved it an hour and half. It didn't even leave Texas!!!! He told me that I will need to contact Ashely to dispute it . He says he can meet me between 11am and 1pm. Really I need to wait at the place for him. I told him I will be there. So I book the flight $1300, rental car $350, Hotel $300 plus food and gas. I show up at the storage place and waited until noon. The kid who picked up stuff shows up. He tells me that he no longer works for the company because the company is going bankrupt. He opens all the storage units and my stuff is not there. All I see if another people stuff thrown in there. I start blowing up johns phone and he is not calling me back. I called customer service and some rude woman says she cant help me. I finally call the cops. I text john back telling him the cops are on the way. He suddenly calls back. He informs me that there is another storage place my stuff could be at. He needs someone to go over there and cut the lock. He will call me back if it is. An hour later he text me that my stuff is there and gave me the address. I drive over to the address and its in the ghetto. I met the drive who opens the unit. Its about 100 degrees inside . Not in an ac warehouse like I was told and my boxes were smashed. So I start pulling out the boxes realizing I don't have room for everything. I will need to leave stuff behind. So not only I need to pick up my stuff and ship it again I have to leave some of my belongs there. So I sat there going through my stuff crying. NEVER BOOK A MOVE THROUGH THIS COMPANY!!!!. You will just get lied to and be out your belongings and money. Oh and they keep changing their names because of all the bad reviews, They are under Executive Moving and storage. Check out those reviews. So in totaled I spent $4500 to move 9 boxes. I will see them in court!

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