HQ Movers

1150 S Cherry St. Unit 201, Denver, Colorado 80246 USA
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About HQ Movers

1150 S Cherry St. Unit 201
Denver, Colorado

High Quality movers (HQmovers) is a group created to cover the need to safety its clients needs even with the smallest of shipments.

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Regina Newman


Horrific Experience

Price quoted more than doubled and my items were held for ransom until I paid the additional cost. They missed the pick up date and most of our items were delivered damaged. I have submitted claims but no sponge has been made. I filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau and encourage you to do the same. They have not responded to the BBB so I am calling my credit card company tomorrow to see what options I may have to dispute the charges with them.




They have exceeded 21 business days. I have not heard from them in weeks. Repeated phone calls from myself and the police have not been returned.



Colorado to Montgomery

Using this company has been the worse experience in my 15 years of military service. Every time I call to get a status on the shipment of my furniture is the same answer "it's getting packed on the truck today". I selected the 4 June for my delivery date and it's now 25 June and haven't received one call from them stating my delivery in route. They originally quoted me at $4200 now saying it's going to be $2200 at delivery after I have already paid over $3,000. The weight tickets was bootleg tickets and I have requested I see my stuff weighted.
Also the guy that call the informer said my furniture look about 7500 lbs and when they email me those old weight tickets it add up to exactly 7500lbs. I asked over the phone do you really think you can look at a 2 level home and determine the exact weight of my furniture. They only replied with that was the weight. I told them the weight tickets was dated 2 months before you picked my stuff up. They never replied back, so I called and they said they will re- weigh my furniture. I haven't received anything yet. I will be reporting this company across the Military. My family has be sleeping on the floor and air mattress since the 4th of June. Now they are saying they have 21 working days or 30 days total to deliver my furniture. Our family summer vacation is a no go this year because of this, we have no clue when our stuff is getting delivered.

Emil Budilov


Will lose your stuff and upcharge you on the move

Whoever is rating these guys 4 and 5 stars must be working with the company. This was the worst experience I ever had with a company. At first, they called me and said they will be loading on the April 27th, between 2-4. No one showed up, I had to disturb my tenants that are living in my rental house and I also had to have someone stay there for 3 hours, without them telling me they can't come that day. I called and wanted to get an explanation but they didn't get back to me until the next day. At that time they said that they can come and Sunday, they came and started loading the truck at around 12 pm, after they loaded they told my girlfriend it's actually going to be 3800, the original quote was 1400. The items were already loaded so she felt that she had to pay them. I would have never agreed on that price, especially with the poor customer service experience they displayed.



HQ movers-Headache

I was not happy with the move at all!! They did not take care of my stuff! many of my glass items came back broken, an end table was missing, the glass tops to the other end tables were missing, they broke my bed and the knobs on the dresser and to top it off my other bed was not put together correctly and I had to go back and fix it before the other bed was broken too! They did not arrive during the time frame they said they would arrive. They kept giving me the run around. One week saying my stuff would be here the following week and that following week I was told "Oh your stuff is still on the doc in the other state." The movers told me that for deal I got it was a "minor" problem and easy to replace. I was called by a lady who said that she had a truck going from my current state to the state I was moving to the week I was leaving and they needed the truck filled so she offers a 70% discount and said it would arrive didn't. I was also told I would only get $0.60 times the wight of the item but my understanding was I would get the item replaced if anything happened and that was not the case. I paid thousands of dollars for my furniture and $0.60 for the wight is not going to cover the cost of replacement especially for the bed! I was disappointed and the process to file a claim is utterly ridiculous and not fair to the customer at all! Oh and I forgot to mention ...I had to call them back in order for them to pick up someones stuff that arrived with my stuff!



Almost a month and I don't have my stuff

I had my stuff picked up on 3/9. Listed my first available pickup date as 3/10. Was told in person (though the contract does say differently) that it never takes this long but it could take up to 21 days (contract says 21 BUSINESS days) to get my stuff (contract says it could be longer but that's when they start discounting). Today is 4/2 and they have no idea when it'll go out. I call constantly, and they just say dispatch doesn't have any new information. They don't ever call back when they say they will. I absolutely would not recommend these services, let's see if they're at all interested in making this right.



HQ Movers

Giovanni and Daniel were my movers today and they did great. Daniel did an amazing job communicating with me the process and arrival of the move. Giovanni packed everything fragile well in front of me and made me feel more at ease. Can’t wait to get settled in and see my things again! Moved from Denver to Los Angeles.

Kendrick Johnson


Stress free

This move was absolutely stress-free. The movers from Hq Movers made the entire moving process eady. They were punctual, attentive and very professional. The whole packing and loading process was done very professionaly. Not only were they fast, they were good at the job too. The proof is that none of my valuables suffered the slightest bit of damage on the way. They unpacked and assembled my furniture at my new house. I am so lucky that I got HQ Movers to move my belongings. This company charges reasonably as well!

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