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About Upline Moving

2076 Edison Ave
San Leandro, California

Over the last decade, Upline Moving has served tens of thousands of households and families throughout the Bay Area and beyond. Whether you’re relocating within the Greater San Francisco area or across the country, our family-owned moving company would be privileged to participate in and contribute to your journey. Unlike many Bay Area movers who approach household relocations as a collection of things to be packed or items to do, we think of moves in terms of the people behind them. From the legacy of your generations-old family heirlooms to your children’s favorite toys and latest craft p

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Pam Turbeau


Terrible experience in Oakland to Chicago move

We have had a terrible experience with Upline, and even if you’ve paid a $50 deposit, I would seriously consider finding a different mover. The one positive about Upline is that the office staff is extremely friendly and responsive. The movers themselves are another story. In short, several of our things are broken irreparably, our TV stand was not (and cannot) be reassembled, a high-end wooden chair was damaged, our computer (shipped in manufacturer’s packaging) needed repair, and only half of our boxes and furniture were placed in their designated rooms, contrary to Upline’s marketing promises.

We hired Upline to move our one-bedroom apartment from Oakland, CA to Chicago, IL. We decided to pack our own boxes, and hired Upline to load our things, move them to Chicago, and unload. Upline promised that in Chicago, their movers would unwrap and reassemble furniture and unload boxes and furniture by placing them in whichever room we desired.

In Oakland, the foreman was great, but the movers were pretty roughly handling our stuff; I saw movers toss some of our boxes down the flight of stairs. The Oakland foreman would rein in the movers when he would see them roughly handling our things, but he was busy most of the time executing paperwork with me. So he missed a lot. It’s no surprise that this handling of our things resulted in a broken lamp and messed up the hardware in the computer that we shipped in manufacturer’s packaging.

One of the other egregious things I observed is with the loading/packing of our TV stand. I had loaded the cubbies of the TV stand with pillows and a lampshade and taped it off. The movers decided to unload the lampshade, and place it in the bottom of a new box. When I protested, the mover angrily dismissed me, assured me that the lampshade was fine, and then his colleague proceeded to load a laundry basked full of cleaning supplies on top of the lampshade and into the box. It’s no surprise that the lampshade arrived crushed.

The TV stand didn’t fare much better. The movers removed the shelves, but did not send the hardware for the shelves to Chicago. They also attempted to disassemble it, but failed, so they packed it with the frame loosely held together. On the Chicago end, the movers could not figure out how to tighten the frame again, and since there was no hardware for the shelves, they didn’t reinstall the shelves. Now, we can’t place a TV on the stand because it’s not sturdy, and we can’t even use as a bookshelf because there are no shelves.

One of our nicest pieces of furniture was also damaged because the movers did not bother to wrap the legs in a blanket. There is now a large gouge in that piece. These are just some of the highlights of the damage to our things; this is not comprehensive, but you get the idea.

On the Chicago end of our move, the foreman was extremely rude and tried to force me to sign to confirm that individual boxes and pieces of furniture had been delivered, without my seeing the item before signing. When I asked to see each piece before signing for it, he became angry and began to yell at me. I felt extremely uncomfortable.

The Chicago movers themselves (excluding the foreman) were extremely lovely and very carefully handled our furniture. The movers also apologized to me for the foreman’s behavior. The movers took great care reassembling furniture and made sure they didn’t damage anything in our building or unit. They began putting boxes and furniture in the designated rooms, but the foreman cleared them out when they were only half done. I didn’t even have a chance to tip them, so I left a generous tip with the foreman. Who knows if the movers received a cut.

In sum, moving is already stressful, and moving with Upline made things even worse.

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