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14937 San Fernando Mission Boulevard 200, Mission Hills, California 91345 USA

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About Pure Moving Systems

14937 San Fernando Mission Boulevard 200
Mission Hills, California

A decade ago, Pure Moving began as a family-run local operation and thanks to our excellent reputation we have been able to expand into a major nationwide moving carrier. Our services are especially suited to meet the unique needs of each individual move. From our top quality packing services to our state of the art storage facilities, we are here to assist you with your move, from start to finish. Pure Moving has locations all over the United States with major hubs in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, and Baltimore. We are growing and opening more locations every year! Our large fleet of trucks and network of warehouses and depots allow us to accommodate nearly any move while allowing us some of the fastest delivery times in the industry. The key to our success is our devotion to customer care. For this reason, all of our employees are highly vetted and trained. Each moving team undergoes rigorous training to ensure that all your belongings are delivered safely, promptly and professionally.

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Cant believe

2 pairs of headphones (Beats Solo and Diesel)

Opened my boxes and went through them

Broke UHD 55 inc TV's screen.

The insurance company they are working with is in the same

Elaine Adamkewicz



These people are crooks, pure and simple. Like others say, I thought I was getting the well-reviewed Pure moving company but IT'S NOT THEM. This company extorted me for almost $1000 more to get my stuff out of their storage, holding it ransom. When I said that to them, they hung up on me. Ann is rude as are they all, so I assume they are trained to be that way. They'll blame it on their dispatcher, then make you (literally in my case w no car) run to Chase bank to wire more $ (of course credit cards - your form of fraud defense - aren't accepted.) Awful, nasty experience that made this move the worst in my life of many moves. Water damage to my stuff and a delivery guy who tried to get me to pay more were the final nails in the coffin.

Mr Me



I worked out a quote with Richard of Pure Moving prior to electronically signing a contract and sending deposit of 30%. Glad I took snapshot of this contract from my phone, as you are not able to view the electronic contract link once you send your deposit. He assured me that I would not be charged anything additional without my approval in advance and that the movers are not allowed to put anything on the truck until they get approval from me to do so based on any new estimate. He also assured me that I would only be charged 13$ for any additional boxes that his company had to provide. The emailed agreement was for the movers to come to my old house in Philly, get the key to the storage unit, and a couple items from a small utility room in the house. Then go to the storage facility and move all the inventory to their moving truck for delivery. Richard stated that my inventory would be picked up and delivered the next day. Richard was fully aware that I would not be there for the pickup.

The movers arrived at the house in Philly, then called me stating that it would be about 50$ per box as they had to box up all loose items. I declined this price point and told them that Richard told me that it would be 13$ a box only. They stated that they would talk to Richard about this and call me back prior to leaving with the final quote based on how many boxes they end up needed. The movers never called me back period.

Then, the movers told the owner of the house that she had to sign all the documents prior to them moving anything from the house. They neglected to show her the original contract I signed showing the cost. Then after she signed, they added her name to the initial contract to make it look like she was the customer signing off on all the additional charges, which never the customer. There were also things that included her initials on the new contract, that she did not sign and that they forged. They also made her choose the insurance option where if anything was destroyed or lost, I would have to settle based on the weight and I would only get .60 cents per pound, not the actual value of my belonging.

Thus, they added a new person to a new contract without my permission, then the movers went to the storage space facility and added the bulk of the load from there to their truck. The movers never called me or the new person to give any estimated new charges prior to loading anything at the storage unit which is the contractual agreement and law. They took the new contract and then filled in new charges. The new charges included doubling the price of any additional cube space not quoted.

Later that evening I called the company as I had not heard from them since they initially called. The company sent me a copy of my new contract that included all these new charges. Initial quote $1,340. The revised quote with new contract that I did not agree to in advance was $3,160. This is more than double what I was originally quoted.

I called for Richard to own this and get it fixed, and he differed it to Ann and said sorry. I spoke to Ann from here on out with operations and told her about what happened and her repeated response was, "Pay what is owed as we have the signatures"

We went back and forth for a couple weeks with me disputing the added charges that I never agreed to and the fact that they can't add someone to a contract and hold me responsible without my permission. It got to the point where Ann literally cussed me out with vulgar language.

I sucked it up and paid the new charges to get my stuff back. They took well over a month to ship it to my home in Kentucky, but stated they operate on M-F as business days. They told me the night before of the truck coming to Kentucky and gave me the drivers numbers. The driver and I agreed on a date and time. They did not show up then told me he would deliver the next day or I would be charged extra.

The mover eventually came to my home around 6pm 2 days later and smelled like he had been smoking weed all day long. He was the only one there to help with move of over 522cube from a 1 bedroom home. It took him several hours to complete move and he was unable to get my sofa upstairs and he damaged it and my door to my home.



do not get confused there are 2 companies with same name PURE MOVING SYSTEMS IS ROGUE

do not hire pure moving systems LLC , nothing do to do with pure moving they are 2 different companies. Pure moving system LLC is using pure moving name




I hired pure moving systems for my interstate move. When you google them the real PURE MOVING company comes up. They were scam company using real company advertisement. Without knowing that, I hired this scam company they quote me a cheap price for interstate I said yes. When they come to pick up they added more items on the list and made me buy storage options. They picked my furniture on 5/31/18 with a PENSKE truck from my MD address and I told them I can accept on 6/6/18 since I was going to drive cross country. I was Expecting delivery for the following week since I have been told their max is 21 days. iInstead they kept my household in storage unit in maryland until 7.5.18. Every time Ii called them for an update they usually hang up on me. The sales person never called me or emailed me back. I have tried to reach him several time. I was promised 15 days delivery or max 21 then they started saying we have 30 business days. I have waited for 45 days. On top of everything on 7.13.18 i got a call saying that f I don't pay extra $600 delivery fee (cash only - I offered them credit or debit card payment they refused to take any other payment method) they won't deliver my furniture. when i asked the reason for this I have been told that 18 wheelers won't fit in my street, I told them they knew my delivery address from day 1. They tried to hold hostage my household items. after hours of debate and cry the operator waived the fee. On 7.14.18 2 guys came at 8PM for delivery when I said it is dark can we do it tomorrow they said don't risk it and have it today. I was scared for my life and had to let them in. They said they would not give my furniture if I don't pay the balance upfront. I refused they threatened me and said we won't deliver. I counted the money in from of them I said money is here but I won't pay you until I have everything. they finally agreed , they also tried to charge extra 65 dollars. I told them this is your tip take it from there and all of sudden they decided not to charge $65 extra, all boxes were in poor condition , some of them were ripped broken smashed. I took pictures and I took the picture of the delivery TRUCK it was MARYLAND PLATE PENSKE truck . I believe they never used 18 wheeler and tried to charge extra, I called real PURE MOVING and they are suing this scam company, They said they have 200 people on their list with same style scam. Holding hostage of their household. Would like to bring these people to court. If you are one of them call them DO NOT HIRE THEM PURE MOVING SYSTEMS IS ROGUE



Pure Moving is an excellent moving company

Pure Moving is an excellent moving company, and I can bet that it is probably the best in business. What impressed me the most about is their professional customer care service. Honestly, I do not think I have ever come across a company with such empathetic customer care reps. It made me feel like the company cared about my personal concerns, and were not just after my money. Really genuine, and a pleasure to do business with!



Very Impressive

I think we have the highest number of Pure Moving customers in one family. Fourteen of us (including aunts, uncles, and cousins) have used the company to move state at one point or another. I cannot remember a time when any of us used a different company to move our things to a different state. At this point, Pure Moving should just start sending us annual holiday cards owing to how loyal we are to the company.

joan west


Fairly priced good service

The competence of this company is above board when it comes to moving home items across state. I love how these guys work, and I am recommending them to anyone who is thinking of moving.

Kathy Walck


Brilliant Customer Service and Fantastic Work

What can I say? Brilliant customer service, fantastic work ethic, complete honesty about the scale and cost of the move, and they always stick to the schedule. That is why I keep coming back to Pure Moving to help me move. I have also recommended them to so many of my friends who were moving out of state, and I have never heard a single complaint! It’s always a pleasure, Pure Moving!

Dianna Choe


Quickly and Really Good Job

I hired Pure to move me across the country and they did a really good job with it. They were extremely professional, their experience shows in how quickly they get things done while marinating the safety and security of your things and the general feeling of working with them is just good. A real rarity with moving companies if my past experiences are anything to go off of. So I highly recommend them.

Ruth Lawrence


Well Done Work!

I’m pleased with how well this move turned out. Pure did an excellent job of taking care of pretty much everything for me and that left me time to actually take it easy and get a few last minute errands done. They definitely deserve five out of five stars.



Very Impressive Service and Hard Working

I’m very impressed with the level of service I received from Pure Moving. They ended up doing a great job handling all the logistics and kept me informed throughout. Very impressive service and hard working individuals. I will be hiring them again.

Angeline Torres


Really Appreciate All the Work

Thank you Miguel ! You did an amazing job organizing our move, at each and every step your helped us figure out exactly what we need. Our move went incredibly smoothly, and we really appreciate all the work you and your company did.

kellie smith


Really Capable and Hard Working

The movers arrived on time and worked amazingly. They were all really capable and hard working. We had some large items but they moved it all, and did a great job wrapping everything. Thanks guys!

Karen Lyons


Extremely Nice and Respectful

Wow, Pure Moving is really something special. They were able to get all of my belongings from my LA apartment, to NYC, in 1 ½ weeks, and did all the packing for me. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a mover.

Karen Lyons


Very Reliable Moving Company

This is a very reliable moving company. Not a single thing was lost, damaged or broken and they showed up exactly when they said they would on both ends. Also, no surprise fees which was nice. Easily a five out of five star experience.

Lisa E


Amazing Experience and Great Job

I’m impressed with this company as a whole. Not only did they do a great job with the logistics of moving they were really friendly over the phone, they made sure I knew exactly how much I would be charged and why, and there were no surprises at all. I’m really glad I have finally found a moving company who does things the right way and doesn’t find some little way to screw you over.



It was a pleasant experience moving from Seattle WA to Denver CO

So we hired Pure Moving to move us from Seattle to Denver. We had actually used a different moving company previously (to move us from Denver to Seattle), and they were okay, but we decided to give Pure Moving a try this time instead because they provided so many additional services. That said, I am so glad we went with Pure Moving this time around! They are so much better than the other company we used in the past and really better than any moving company I’ve ever used before, period. They don’t hit you over the head with hidden or ridiculous fees, they treat you with total respect, they know what they are doing and they make sure all of your things are well cared for. I’m so impressed by their level of service and if given the choice will never use another moving company ever again!

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