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8309 Laurel Canyon Blvd # 414 , Sun Valley, California 91352 USA

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About New Beginnings Relocation

8309 Laurel Canyon Blvd # 414
Sun Valley, California

New Beginnings Relocation is a full service moving company that offers a stress free moving experience from start to finish. We emphasize on professionalism and excellent customer service. We are fully insured and licensed by the Department of Transportation and FMCSA. New Beginnings Relocation is committed to all of our clients with anything they need or request. Moving out of a home, or an office is tiring and hard to organize, and that is why NBR is here to help! All of our sales representative can assist you in planning, coordinating, consolidating, and most importantly helping you in this stressful time. We offer door-to-door services, full packing and unpacking, months of storage, insurance, and happiness in each of our relocation. Our mission is to exceed your expectations and to provide you with the best services possible. We take pride in making your move a successful process.

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Adeline Denniston


If I could give a 0 stars I would

Horrible experience, nearly all my furniture was damaged in the move. Even my bike was taken apart. All preliminary setup was done with Derek, who was attentive, and gave me a quote. Turns out it was only 1/3 of what my actual costs were that I incurred. When my items arrived they were damaged, they even unloaded someone else items with mine, claiming they were mine. I ended up with my desk, but no legs on it (it left my house with the legs still attached) and a gash in a century old chair and someone else's step ladder (I didn't even ship one.)
When I contacted them to submit my claim, they sent me to a third party that wanted to charge me per item damaged. This company moved me back in June and I still have heard nothing from them. I am out over $4000 for this move. They need to be stopped.

Jennifer Meredith


Moving disaster

This was the worst move of my life. The movers dropped and damaged so many things. My favorite table is in pieces, a brand-new dining chair broken, many other pieces of furniture show signs of being dropped or dragged. I personally saw the movers dump dolly-loads of boxes into the street twice during the move-out. They banged the dolly down the stairs, hitting every step with full force. They scraped and damaged the walls of my new apartment building, which I am now paying for. A box of canned goods arrived with all the cans dented! How does something like that happen? The box was not only dropped, but tumbled. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to be there for the delivery, so I took some extra steps: Believing their advertising that they cared about where to put the sofa even if it took five times, I color-coded each box, each piece of furniture, so they could be placed in the correct room. The boxes were thrown all over the place, with no care whatsoever. I know I have no recourse for the damage because I couldn’t afford the extra insurance. My bill came in at $1,200 more than the estimate, partially because of my error, but largely because of their policy to consider all small boxes to be 1.5 cu ft. When I have 40 boxes of books packed in 1 cu ft boxes, plus another 35 boxes less than 1 cu ft, I’m suddenly being charged for 50+ cu ft more than expected. The truth is I wasn’t charged per cu ft, but by box count. The salesman said he’d take off one flight of stairs. He didn’t write it down, the mover wouldn’t give it to me. Everything involving New Beginnings was a disaster. I would have done better with a couple of high school boys and a pickup truck. As I have no financial recourse, I will be sure to post reviews everywhere I can.

Barbara J Anderson


Horrible, horrible, horrible

I am out thousands of dollars. Lots of broken things, lots of missing things and two boxes of things in my living room that are not mine.
My belongings were transferred from truck to warehouse to truck, all rental trucks.. Pick up was a UHaul as their truck broke down and had to be towed, drop of was a Penske. Guess they don't even have their own trucks. But the guys had T Shirts that said New Beginnings Relocation.The day after my delivery I was given 3 wrong numbers to contact the boss, one number was the Los Angeles Unified School District. He could not help me as he was contracted out that day and working for a different company.
They were supposed to return the next day to put some things together, and return with information as to where are the screws for my desk.. Never got back to me or showed up.
Water damage, from where I have no idea. My ottoman was soaked as well as boxes of books. Fragile boxes found upside down and on the bottom of huge stacks of boxes.
I moved from Washington State to California. I contacted the company, sent photos of all the damaged items. NO RESPONSE.
The price of the move was jacked up after it was all put on the truck.



Can’t believe how well it went

I can’t believe how well it went! It did not feel like a long distance move at all. They did everything and that’s why I did not feel any kind of stress at all. They are the ones who did the packing and moving. After unloading on the other side, they even helped me unpack. They were so nice and helpful. I am old and alone and I live by myself, so this kind of helps means a lot to me. I cannot thank you enough for this kind of mind blowing service. I will never forget the name New beginnings relocation!! I will tell others to hire you for sure. Thank you and god bless.

Lance Neal


I recommend this company

I was looking around online and decided to give New beginnings relocation a shot. The prices were extremely affordable. For my long distance move, it seemed almost like a bargain. It only took them about a few hours to get the packing-loading done. I was amazed at how affordable, fast, courteous and professional the movers were. I’d use them again without hesitation. I’d also recommend them to all of my friends and suggest you do the same.

Roger Morgan


Such a great moving team

New beginnings relocation sent me a great team! All the movers were very fast and organized. I will definitely use them in the future. They showed up on time. The contract was thoroughly explained to us before they got started with the move. All the guys worked, I mean worked nonstop. They all were very nice. They carefully moved fragile items. They wrapped all furniture that needed to be wrapped. Keep up the good work!

Paris Bisson


Too easy of a move

So few days back me and my wife relocated to a bigger apartment in the city with the help of New beginnings and its great team. The whole process was a real breeze. The team who packed our things was fantastic and worked really hard all day; also the team who dropped it off was really friendly. It was a great value for money as well and a great effort from everyone, that would make me happily recommend them to anyone looking at moving.

Joseph Brown


I could easily trust them

New beginnings did what was in the contract. My movers were very nice and helpful, definitely made the moving process earlier. They arrived on time and finished the job with no problems. They made sure my valuables traveled the distance in first class in their amazing vans and the delivery was done without any damages. We would hire them again especially if they sent the same people. I feel I was very fortunate to find them and be able to trust them with my household goods.

William Ramirez


I understand why they are so praised

We were moving at the end of the month and all the moving companies were heavily booked. After calling them again and again, I finally got a slot with New beginnings relocations. I certainly understand now why this company is so popular. They were literally on top of everything the whole time. They were punctual, efficient and reliable. The movers were well synchronized and they finished the job very quickly. It was just a very satisfying relocation. I’m going to book them in advance the next time.



Efficient move

It was my first time using New beginnings relocation and I am more than satisfied with them. They came to my apartment on time and packed everything very fast. They brought all the necessary equipment and wrapped my furniture very carefully. They also arrived to my apartment right on time with all the right tools and started moving all my belongings. They did not even take any breaks. They worked really hard and moved my belongings in a few hours. I am really more than satisfied with their service. They are a very professional team. Also, the price they offered was the best price in the country for sure. There were no hidden fees. I will say that if you are looking for a moving company, choose this company! You will definitely like them.

Albert Alvarado


Not at all happy

Not at all happy.. They havent returned my deposit.. No services were done.. Kaily was great.. But i didnt use them due to i couldnt get proper answers on when i can expect delivery.. So service was never done.. Yet im now still trying to get my deposit back.. Ive called. Left messages.. But now that my money is in there hands.. No calls.. No money returned.. I would not recommend to anyone...

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