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5655 Dolly Ave, Buena Park, California 90621 USA

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About Merit Moving Systems

5655 Dolly Ave
Buena Park, California

Merit Moving Systems serves the Southern California Market through its three strategically located offices to ensure meeting the needs of our clients.

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Five stars

These movers are worth every penny .They recommended to us by a friend. They do discount when you pay cash. They are nice and fast. I wish I could give them more than five stars . Thank you for this efficient service.

Annmarie S


move across the country

We recently were gathering info for a move across the country and submitted our info to get quotes from a few companies. Upon sending in a quote request I was called 5 times and texted 6 times in a 48 hour period during the workday and weekend. When I requested they stop texting me and that I had found a mover they responded rudely and charmed me that someone else might lose or damage my belongings. I don't like fear tactics and based on the volume and tone of communication I am surprised they have so many positive reviews. Sorry Merit, but we will be going elsewhere.

Melissa Joy K



I'm incredibly disappointed that I chose Merit as my broker for my move from Denver to Atlanta. A short list of the issues I ran into working with them:

1. Even though I told them my specific storage unit size and how full it was, they underestimated my initial quote by half. Thank goodness I double checked and ran the numbers myself because I would have gotten charged literally double on moving day.

2. They originally told me the move would take 5-9 days. Then, they told me the move would take 5-14 BUSINESS days. Totally inconsistent and made me feel as a customer like I was being jerked around.

3. A guy named Joe called me when I said I was going to shop around for a new quote and moving company. He worked diligently to get me a new quote and sign the new contract. He gave me his cell number to reach out should I have any questions, which I thought was really nice. But, immediately after I signed the revised contract (double the price), I sent him messages about two other questions and I never heard from him again. Nothing could make me feel worse as a customer than someone hustling to get my business back and then basically, in action, saying "You're no longer my problem" once I signed the revised contract.

4. When the movers came on the first end of the trip, they called me two hours before the move saying he was going to show up a day earlier than expected and he tried to call me yesterday to tell me that. I pushed back because I literally couldn't show up a day before on two hours' notice. They accommodated and moved the following day (on my originally scheduled moving day) because I said there was no way I could make that work on such short notice.

5. When the movers arrived at my storage unit, which basically had a huge hanger-like garage for big trucks, they said they couldn't park it all the way in the loading dock and needed to charge me an extra $70 per 50 FEET for a "long carry" fee, which is absolutely the first time I heard about such a fee. The only good thing about this move were the movers themselves (different from Merit Moving, who is the broker). They were kind enough on the first end of the move not to charge me the long carry fee since I had no idea about it and it wasn't my fault they brought an enormous truck that couldn't even fit into a hangar built for big truck moving.

6. It took 8 days for my things to arrive in my new city. I didn't hear from Merit a single time about updates on when I should expect to receive my things. If you have a normal job, be prepared to have to call out of work last minute. In my experience, I got an estimated drop off time only 36 hours before the actual move and ONLY after I called three times asking for an estimated delivery time.

7. When the movers arrived on the receiving end of the trip, they could not fit into the loading dock because they brought an enormous 18-wheeler. I can't think of really ANYWHERE in Atlanta that truck would fit. This time around, the movers were less gracious and literally rolled a machine to calculate footage from the loading dock to my door, as well as told me I'd have to pay $400 to get my belongings moved from the big truck into a smaller truck. Again, first I heard of that fee. It was on the contract I sighed on the front end of the trip apparently, but no one explained to me that it would be a likely charge and I should prepare for it. With the extra "long carry" fee, I ended up being charged an additional $850 the day of my move.

In total, this move from Denver to Atlanta for 600 cubic feet (a one-bedroom apartment's worth of stuff) cost me $3,600. This is obviously an obscene amount of money for a move of this size and no stairs or crazy logistics on either end. It's as basic a move as it gets: load the stuff up from a storage unit and load it off in a typical apartment building. Most definitely not worth the $3,600 charge.

If you're looking for a cost-effective moving solution, DO NOT USE MERIT OR THIS METHOD OF MOVING. You are better off getting a Pod and having local movers on both ends who aren't going to charge obscene fees when you're in a bind and your hands are tied on moving day.

I gave two stars only because my things actually arrived at my final destination. The rest of the moving process was pretty much a nightmare.

Kristin C


Just be careful with merit moving systems

Do not use this company! We used them for a cross country move. We were moving our items from a home into a storage unit for 3 months. First of all they misjudged the amount of items we had and brought a truck that was already 1/4 full, so they had to spend extra time tetrising our items to the top of the truck just to make it fit.

When we took our items our of storage we realized that the movers step on my boxes( i have pictures of boot marks on my smashed boxes), stack furniture up against each other without padding, lay a piano face down on a damp surface, not paper pack items according to the contract, and knowingly damage my furniture. I paid for paper packing in the storage unit so i would know it would be covered and safe in the unit for serveral months. They did not do this with at least 60 percent of our furniture. There were glass cabinets without padding rubbing up against other shelves. All of my dining room chairs were stacked haphazardly on top of each other with nothing covering them. My piano was layed keys side down with only a furni pad around it and about 4 layers of furniture stacked on top of it.

There were holes in my boxes and scratches on pretty much everything i own- beds, chairs , cabinets, etc.

My newborn had two new pieces of furniture like 3-4 months old from pottery barn that were a gift. They were white, shelves and a rotating standing shelf. The rotating shelf was cracked and had no padding on it. The wall shelves were thrown on top of my dining room chair legs and had no padding. Both are now yellowed from having no paper padding to cover them from moisture.

I filled out all the proper insurance paperwork, and after 30 days they are offering to send out a furniture repair person. When asked about other compensation, such as the paper padding I paid for that wasn't used, and the negligence of the movers they are saying they are not liable as of the date it was left in the storage unit because we signed for its arrival. Even though I confirmed with our rep that our insurance would apply until another company or person touched the furniture and i sent them dozens of photos of the damage before anyone else touched it in the storage unit.

It is very sad and nothing someone should have to deal with when moving across country (especially with 2 small children) is one of the harder things I've ever done.

They were also under the name Mayflower, so I'm not sure which name to watch out for. Just be careful.

Tim D


Would NEVER recommend Merit Moving Systems

First time using a mover. Referred to Merit from associate at work(neighbor of Merit owners' son, Kyle). Would NEVER recommend Merit Moving Systems. Found damaged large items, missing smaller items, and missing family heirloom (stolen?) that I am certain was loaded on truck.....never appeared at new location. The female associate(foreign anscestry) Merit employs to handle claims was VERY difficult to understand, and had NO solution other than offering minimal % allowed without launching full complaint and investigation. I accepted the minimal settlement, as the claims gal indicated my larger claim may not be accepted. VERY FRUSTRATING!

Samantha C


Horrible experience with Merit

We had a horrible experience with Merit. We moved from LA to NYC and used their packing and moving services. They were rough with our items and lost about five boxes. They underestimated the amount of items we had and needed an overflow truck. I can only guess this is how our items were lost. They worked very hard but were not considerate. They also left a lower kitchen cabinet full of items that we had to have shipped to us by our old apartment manager. They did not label things correctly. The disassembly of our furniture was a joke - they would take everything apart and throw all the screws/nuts/bolts into a bag labeled "parts" without any explanation of which pieces they came from. The guys who reassembled them on the east coast just threw whatever screw they thought fit into whatever hole. We had very tall, industrial shelves hanging on by the wrong screws. Chairs that weren't assembled correctly. It was a pain and dangerous. Shelves were tipping out and chairs were wobbling. They didn't care to do it right and it took weeks to get a third party assembler to put it all back together. Some items were broken beyond repair as they tried to jam the wrong screws into places. They banged up our doors, put dents in our walls and dirtied our upholstered furniture with black marks and hand prints from all the dirt. They lost feet to cabinets and when I asked about the feet they told me it must've been lost from the start. My husband went into the moving truck and found the feet under moving blankets. They gave no f*cks about our stuff. They also would shake their heads yes at requests then do whatever they wanted. I left the mattresses in the sheets and asked to leave the sheets on so they were protected, then all I'd have to do on the other end is wash dirty sheets. They told me they would be careful, leave the sheets on and put the mattresses in plastic. Well, they took the sheets off, didn't have clean hands and our mattresses were covered in dirty handprints. No need for that to happen at all. And they did not reimburse for ruining the mattresses. We don't have spare change laying around to replace mattresses so we're stuck with dirty mattresses. A completely avoidable situation which I communicated about from day one while getting the quote. "Yes, no problem, our guys are very careful and will wash their hands before handling upholstered and fabric items." Bullsh*t. None of them cared at all. They just wanted to get the job done and did whatever they could to do it. They broke and cracked the Pax wardrobe. They didn't feel like taking it apart so wrapped it and moved it whole. Feet were broken off, doors cracked and bottoms split. We also had broken tables and chairs, broken desks and glass tops, broken mirrors and cracked lamps. It was a mess. Then we had to sit with the driver and go over every item that was moved and check off that it was "okay" but we hadn't even seen every item. I'm not sure who can unpack every box and unwrap every piece in 8 hours. I'd like to meet those superhuman people. When I circled and item or wrote "broken" on things I saw were broken, I got dirty looks and "well if you have to write that" and it was awkward. But yes, noting that our items arrived damaged is exactly what I did, I wasn't going to pretend everything was great. Getting reimbursed for the broken items took over three months and the process was awful. We've never had any follow up about the missing items. They told us they'd file a claim and then the company does a search. Never heard a word back. They make you feel like a nuisance and that you're wrong for trying to find your items. They seem nice on the phone but they give you the run around. Sandy could only help with X so they send you to Ketty who can only help with Y so you get sent to a "team" of United people somewhere in another state who are "overwhelmed and behind and doing the best they can" and first Brian helps you then won't answer your calls so then you're calling Dana and Mike and Brett and NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR CLAIM because there are 50 other customers with claims needing to be filed. Stay clear of Merit and United for any long distance moves. We've moved 8 times as a family and this was by far the worst move ever. And it should have been the easiest since we paid for all the premium services. I would've packed us but they insisted their packing was superior and our items would arrive undamaged. We also had an 8 week old baby so I thought it would be best to have them do the whole thing. I was wrong. If you want really nice people who don't give a crap about your crap, by all means hire them. I'm still mad I tipped. Wish I didn't but felt pressured. We should've gone with Bekins even tho they were more expensive. Lesson learned. United and Merit suck.

Edith D



AVOID MERIT MOVING SYSTEMS LIKE YOU WOULD AVOID TO GET THE EBOLA VIRUS... Unprofessional, unreliable, they don't take care of your things, they lie about the deliveries and moving times, their unpacking process is scary and the people they send you are very rude and unprofessional... They are the worst moving company I ever had to deal with... Several of my electronic devices didn't come and some of my beautiful pieces were broken... Other delicate objects were treated with total lack of respect and consideration... Edith D. Malibu, California...

Greg W



This firm over promises and under delivers. I was forced to take early delivery. not having housing my items went into storage. Because of that, when I finally did get them unpacked at home and found damages I WAS NOT COVERED!!! Not covered because I would have had to unpack every item in storage at time of delivery to maintain the triple insurance coverage I bought and paid for. WHAT A RIP! Frank promised to help every step of the way and disappeared after the initial boxes were delivered. The driver harassed me and tried bullying me. He was rude beyond belief. The group of service providers across the board were substandard.

Paul E


My experience with Merit was unpleasant

My experience with Merit was unpleasant. They were referred by Earl Noyes Van Lines in Maine (?). The Noyes company quoted what I thought was a next day move from SF to Bakersfield. On the day of the move--after I had totally torn my apartment down to ready for the move and 35 minutes late and counting after the 2 hour pick up window--I was told matter-of-factly by contracted out Merit that the delivery day would be 4 days later. When I said whoa, wait a minute, why 4 days? they gave me excuses about California labor law, vans driving slowly, you're not our only stop, blabity blah blah blah. I was F'd. How was I going to live in an empty apartment for 4 days? They begrudgingly said they'd pay for a single night's hotel stay because that would sinc with dates on the the vague and bloated quote for over 3 grand. I canceled the pick up and Merit was unfazed and unapologetic--easy come easy go. Avoid Merit Moving.

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