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3203 Boaz St, Los Angeles, California 90011 USA

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About LA Moving Centre Inc

3203 Boaz St
Los Angeles, California

LA Moving Centre Inc is a professional full service moving company based in Los Angeles, CA. We have been in moving businesses for a long time and continue to do so every day. We take pride in our work and are not satisfied until we completely please our customers. Whether it's an office credenza, a family room sofa, or a priceless antique our trained crews will professionally pack your goods for local, long distance, or commercial moves. A combination of low rates and a professionally trained moving crew guarantees efficient, careful and affordable move.

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Carl Pavlik


Definitely Recommend LA Moving Centre

I was very impressed with the movers who picked up my things at my home and those that got me settled in my new place in another province.

I feel that the men who got me settled went above and beyond what their job required of them. One of the movers who moved me in lives in the area and offered me some tidbits about local restaurants to try and helped me feel welcome.

I would definitely recommend LA Moving Centre and will use them for my next move.

Lorraine Baca


The worst

We called this company and were quoted $2,800.00, then Victor, the driver showed up, looked at our things and said we were misquoted, and it would be around $6,600.00.

When I asked why there was such a HUGE price difference, Victor told me that the salesman, Tom Lara, quotes far below the correct price to get the job, then they hire out the job to any moving contractor they can find to do it for them CHEAP, and hope that the customer will be willing to pay over double because they are stuck at that point.

When Manny delivered our things to our new home he came by himself, no professional movers with him, he hired to local laborers he found on Craigslist here where we live to help him unload our things, one of them being a senior citizen, yet we paid for a professional move..

They broke all of our glass for our furniture by stacking them directly onto each other wrapped in one of our rugs. The saddle bag on my bike was missing when it arrived, two expensive Penn fishing poles also were stolen. So, it seems they go through customer items and help themselves to whatever they like at their storage facility, real nice guys.

They lost, or threw away all of the hardware to the dresser mirror, and the bed. They promised it would be professionally assembled for us when delivered. They didn't care, Manny said there's nothing he could do for us. Obviously, he was trying to increase his profit by not paying professional movers to accompany him.

As they unloaded the truck the two laborers didn't know what they were doing, not being professional movers causing the unloading to take several hours longer. Manny asked me to mark off the items as they came off the truck if I wanted to be sure we got all our things, then after a while he had one of the other men doing it.
He marked off items that were never unloaded from the truck, like the fishing poles, but we couldn't keep an eye on him because we were helping the unskilled laborers bring our things into the house. The laborer who is a senior citizen struggled, and we felt badly for him..

Manny had our things completely mixed with other peoples things he had loaded together into one trailer, so he was asking us frequently, "is this yours?"

Then when he left like a bat out of hell, he left a GIANT mound of plastic shipping materials and debris eight feet high for us to clean up. ABSOLUTELY zero pride in their work or customer satisfaction.

These are the worst, unprofessional excuse for a moving company we have ever dealt with. But they're not a real moving company, they only SELL moving jobs, then hire ANYONE they can find to bring your things, this according to their own contractor Victor.

Knowing they only hire out their jobs to whoever will do them for the least, they have no control over what these contractors they hire do. So, we tried to contact them to tell them all that had been done to us, besides being bait and switched by them from the beginning.

When we called their office, Melisa and Annette gave us the run around for the last two months as we made our best attempt to settle with them, they refused.

The owner will not even speak with us, or the dispatcher, and Melisa would never return a phone call. We told Melisa what Manny came here and did, and we asked her if that's ok with the company how he treated us, and she said she would talk to her dispatcher and to call her back, of course she NEVER will talk to us when we call.

So, now we have to file complaints with the FMCSA, the federal motor carrier safety administration, DOT, department of transportation, BBB, AMSA American moving and storage association, and possibly to top it all off, file a small claims court action.

Be careful if you choose to do business with these people, you will probably end up in the same situation as us now having to deal with them.

That's why we're posting this review to warn anyone thinking of hiring these people before they end up like us..



Professional Movers

Extremely efficient in getting the furniture and boxes moved from one place to another. They worked non-stop. The cost is competitive as they do not waste any time. They were considerate to keep the furniture protected and leave the place clean. The move went very smoothly and I was happy with the outcome.

James Renco



Great work LA Moving. From the very beginning I just knew these guys were professional movers who were not brokers and they were capable of moving me and my family. Which together a package that was all inclusive they were packed all the boxes and handle all the furniture. They were the cheapest company that had given us a quote we had spoken to Manny. Going forward I can I what together a package that was all inclusive they were packed all the boxes and handle all the furniture. They were the cheapest company they had given us a quote we had spoken to Manny. Going forward I cannot say without a doubt they are my preferred mover.

Kevin Humphrey


Thank You Very Much. Fast. Efficient. Clean.

The entire crew worked hard the whole day. It was hot and humid and they never stopped working. They did an excellent job in taking care of all of our furniture. They were friendly and cooperative the entire day. I would definitely hireLA Moving Centre again

John M.


Professional Movers

This company is great. I called them when I moved to my new house. They were extremely polite and professional! I would recommend this to everyone. Great price. Don't have to settle over quantity over quality!!!!

Julie S.



Amazing! They arrived on time and wrapped up everything nicely. I didn't have to lift a finger. When we arrived to our new apt they asked me where I wanted things to go instead of dumping everything in the living room. Which was awesome!!! I recommend them with my eyes closed!

Rodrigo Price


Highly Recommend

We needed to move furniture to two locations on short notice. LA Moving worked with us on a Sunday to plan the move. The moving crew showed up early the next morning and were efficient, professional, and thorough in getting the job done. We very much needed and appreciated the responsiveness and flexibility of this provider.

Edward Coury


Made a gigantic mistake with these guys

I’ve moved no less than 20 times in the last 15 years from houses all over the USA. This time I thought, go with a smaller group like LA Moving Center. John was fast w a quote . He was also 2500$ light once the bill came in.
The packers were great hard working from Guatemala. Great 4 guys. Took 2 days. They never stopped. And that’s the last nice thing I can say.
LA to NYC. Had to pay extra to book a specific time although I’d been assured originally there was no problem. “We know how to move in NYC” wrong. They didn’t. Big stress and hassle #1
Day of they showed up with 3 guys. The window was 9-5. This was a high rise apartment. Big stress #2
They were slow to get going. Wanted my cash up front of course. And my wife and I quickly realized we were in trouble. So we dig in and helped move with them. Unpacking unwrapping everything! Big stress #3 These 3 guys worked hard. Then a 4th guy showed. Then it was 6:39 and they had another trip to make for the rest of my stuff. See they didn’t pack the first truck well so needed 2 trips. Big Stress #4
Guess what? Building management wanted no more moving and Sunday is a no move day. Driver said basically tuff luck we are gone get another driver/ crew. We begged the building super to allow them to finish. He finally after my wife was in tears said ok. Gigantic stress #5 So again we moved the stuff with the 3 guys (#4 left and never came back to finish)
At 11:30 all the stuff was in the apartment. Boxes everywhere and a complete mess. Stress #5 as we were assured this would be a full service job but many items remained un packed and the check off sheet was never done if items moved!
We were exhausted as where the 3 guys. I tipped them 400$. Wtf it wasn’t there fault it was LA Moving for completely taking my cash and then hands up you’re on your own. Last thing. Damages and lost items!! Won’t Forgot to say the insurance they offer is a JOKE. We got 160 for about 2000 in damages and lost items. That’s stress #6 and the final straw for me.
The company showed no remorse. Tuff luck.
And...Well yes I did learn a lesson. Passing it on.
Moving is stressful and hard and you’re going to get a little dirty. Don’t make it worse for you or your Significant Other. Go with anyone else and go with reputable people.

Anthony Hayles



I only gave 1 star because you can't do anything less! What a joke of a company.We hired this company to move our house hold belongings from California to Texas and it's been nothing but a fight from the time the truck showed up to load our stuff. They gave us one quote then tried to charge us for shrink wrap and packing tape, then after the truck was loaded they told us it would go to Sacramento to be loaded onto another truck which we were not made aware of and now its been a week and we can't get anyone to call us back, when we finally got a hold of someone she told us she didn't know where our stuff was, what truck it was on and didn't even know if it had left California. We've been staying in a hotel which is costly and I'm very worried as to where my belongings are. I lost my son 2 yrs ago and I have things on that truck I ca never replace and money won't fix it. How does a logistics company not be able to tell you where the items that we paid $8500 to move are, how this place is still in business is beyond me. Please take note of this and choose another company to move you.

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