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1275 Triangle Ct suite 100, West Sacramento, California 95605 USA

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About I&A Moving and Storage

1275 Triangle Ct suite 100
West Sacramento, California

Whether you are moving down the street or across the country moving can be a stressful experience for you and your family. Trying to find a new place to live, packing up all your possession, changing your mailing address, and doing all of the other 101 necessary chores to get done is difficult and time consuming..

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Watson Johney


Wonderful job

I moved locally last week and the move went perfect. I had a ton of boxes and they came and took them away with ease. I was thrilled that my new home was finished and I called these guys, they were there less than a week later. Disassembled my bed and my sectional couch, plastic wrap n all!!! Wonderful job from I&A moving and storage and we are so happy that we chose this company.



5 Stars

I am positive that I was the least prepared, most disorganized, least decisive and slowest packer my moving team has ever met. In addition to that, I have an angry cat, two barking, smelly dogs, at least two hyperactive children, a nagging mother, and an absent husband and a bunch of dirty, heavy, awkward furniture. I made impossible demands and wasted my I&A moving and storage time while I fretted over such compelling things, yet despite all of my tantrums these guys were just so professional. Their crew arrived always on the right time. Their men are very capable and skilled. Even my old and awkward furniture survived in their hands. They deserve 5 stars and I will be using them again in the future if I move.



Amazing job

This moving company is the best you can get. Plus, this moving company has great affordable prices. Moved from CA to TX and had a lot to move. Finding honest, hardworking movers is one in a million. The movers did an amazing job with all my furniture and the movers took care of my multiple TV's.



Affordable movers

I learned quite a bit about the moving industry through working w/ an experienced thorough sales representative who walked me through the entire process w/o leaving out any details. There were other companies who were offering higher prices but I felt totally comfortable with I&A moving and storage & my move was an absolute success.



Good experience

As a single mom moving across the country with 2 kids was the last thing i wanted to do. So i basically dreaded the concept of using a moving company that might give me more of a headache than i already had. I&A moving and storage made things a bit easier. They set us up with a professional moving company and literally saved me a thousand dollars. That money helped me get to Delaware sooner to start preparing our new home before the movers arrived. Overall the experience was a good one and looking back, it wasn't as stressful as i thought it would be.



Highly recommended

I&A Moving & Storage provided an exceptional service, quotes were received promptly and the booking and confirmation process was done very easily by e-mail.

They professionally finished the packing on the previous day and next morning the van and moving crews arrived on time and were extremely helpful. Their estimate of the work and time required were very accurate and the crews were quite happy to work as long as it took to get the whole job done.

They also dismantled and loaded the larger items that could not be moved in one piece. I appreciate their service and it ended up with a smile.



The operatives were friendly, professional and very efficient.

I've moved 4 times in 3 years since moving to Raleigh and these guys are by far the best. They communicate with you before the move, are quick, clean, and efficient. They came in under the budget and quicker than estimated. I got a follow up call post move to thank me for my business. I move again, one big man will be my mover!




Now I know what people should do to have a perfect moving – hire the company and forget about the problems. They understood me when I had to move the date of the moving because of my job and when it happened I didn’t have to pay more. The movers were very careful and managed to bring everything without any loses. I was happy.



Good experience

I recently moved from Brooklyn to Jersey City. The movers were professional - no standing around, etc. They were efficient in packing everything (kind of miraculous to see how quickly movers pack something compared to the common person) and were careful when loading / unloading. Quote was similar to final price. I did a ton of research beforehand and was very happy with my choice. Overall as good an experience as moving can be, helped make moving suck a little less

Excellent services



Have moved several times in my lifetime and never had any mover take such great care of my belongings. I was very impressed and would highly recommend them and definitely use this great company for my next move.




This has been an absolute pleasure to work with Nelson and the rest of the guys. The two gentleman (Jude and Stephen) doing the move were fast, efficient and professional. I was amazed about their speed. And no damages to the furniture. Will definitely use them again.



Reliable service

We had been looking for good and reasonably priced vendors for quite some time and I&A moving and storage met our basic requirements and some of the more demanding ones. We found that they operated as promised in their marketing. They performed much better than another vendor we used that had larger team, but took a lot longer to ramp up on the project. I'd recommend these guys to anyone. In terms of service, I&A moving and storage has been a reliable service provider.

Ricky Louth


Overall performance perfect

The overall performance that the salesman the movers and the billing department gave was amazing and way way above par. I am very happy we were able to come to a resolution on when to move due to my wife’s jobs constraints. The move was amazing and I have to I mean have to share that we had a perfect job moving with I&A moving and storage. Please use them if you are moving. You will not regret it. I promise... (from experience)




I have moved several times from now on I will only use I&A moving and storage. My movers came in packed everything quickly and safely. My estimate went up because I did not want to finish my packing! Thanks again I&A moving and storage. I gave them all my furniture and received a binding estimate which did not change expect for the packing which I was told ahead of time and agreed to it



Amazing service

They helped me move my office from MD to NY and were amazing. They were polite, hard working and organized. We were able to get up and running within hours because of their hard work. I would highly suggest them to anyone who is looking for a bargain. Oh, they also were able to accomodate me when I called 4 days before my move to make a reservation! Amazing service, can't say enough.



best movers

It was such a pleasure to use the best mover in CA I&A moving and storage. These guys were so awesome taking care of my things and delivering on time without losing any of my valuables. I recommend them and I will use them again. I collaborated with very smart guys from I&A moving and storage. They understood all the intrigues in the moving business, plus they had the right attitude towards all my family members and our properties. I would recommend I&A moving and storage to everybody in Mississippi.



Affordable price

It was a quality move by I&A moving and storage. I easily afforded the fees and didnt have to spend my entire budget, thank you I&A moving and storage. The movers from I&A moving and storage were attentive to every detail of my move from Chapel Hill, North Carolina to Boise, Idaho. They knew everything that needed to be done, when and how. They delivered within the set time with all my things in their rightful condition.



Perfect delivery

Everybody I interacted with at I&A moving and storage was a good communicator. From their call-center representatives to their manager and service delivery staff, they all spoke English. This helped clear the air speedily when I had some concerns and they explained everything they were doing with my things. Also, they were very prompt in telling me the progress they were making as they transferred my things from Virginia to Illinois.



Prompt movers

I&A moving and storage gave me a nice crew of prompt movers who were highly dedicated towards the success of my move. I was able to settle in my new home within no time and embark on other more important business, thank you guys. From what I&A moving and storage did for me as I moved to Commerce Township, Michigan, there is hardly any better mover in the country. Everything about I&A moving and storage is splendid, from their quality of work to skills of their movers and their moving fees, I&A moving and storage is simply the best.



Professional movers

I have endorsed I&A moving and storage to carry out my sweethearts things from Chicago, Illinois to Miami, Florida where she has found a new job. I used I&A moving and storage some time last month and I found them to be very knowledgeable movers and good human beings too. I know she would be delighted by the friendly nature, quality service and charm of these guys as well as their affordable pricing.



Hardworking crew

Without any problems or much ado, my relocation was done fast and safely. They have very polite representatives, the movers are hardworking and their fees are very reasonable. That is all you have to know about I&A moving and storage. They conducted my move from California to Maine in only four days and I must commend them for the good work and recommend them to everybody.




I have grown to love I&A moving and storage ever since I met them. They have been able to relocate me on two different occasions and all of them turned out to be great. The first time, I was moving to Baltimore from South Carolina. Eight months later, I relocate to a new apartment in Connecticut and they also oversaw that. Those have been some of the most fantastic experiences in my life.



Well done

I would like to recommend I&A moving and storage for a job well done. I am so sure that each and every client who goes out to them for help will never get disappointed either in one way or the other. Instead, they will have reasons to rejoice. Personally, they made me glad when I contacted them to help out with the relocation services. They did the work all heartedly and there was no single point where they disappointed me. With the same surety, I know they will not disappoint you.



Thank you, These guys are great

I arrived in Indiana from New York in style. Some people would best call that as the grand entrance. I loved every bit of the relocation because it turned out to be just what I wanted. Right from the very beginning, it was a perfect start. I really loved how they diligently they carried my properties without any faults being evident. They proved to me that they deserve yet another chance of being hired out and as such I will always consider hem as my first choice of Relocation Company.



They were on time

Some experiences will always live to be part of me. Certain things cannot just be forgotten like that. I can never forget the great favour that I&A moving and storage crew accorded me when I was relocating to New Jersey last month. They gave me such a good relocation deal at better rates. The discounts were so massive and the whole experience was one fantastic one. I have never regretted hiring them out ever since.



I'd give them a thumbs up

For the first time in my life, I tipped a service provider. It is not like I am mean but no people have always convinced before they deserve tips from me. With I&A moving and storage crew, however, it was all different. They showed me the all possible ways that they were worth giving tips. The relocation was carried out so smoothly and all that I had imagined of worked according to plans. I just found myself smiling on my own after they were gone.



Great Movers

If you have never hired out I&A moving and storage for relocations, then you have never experienced ideal relocation services. Maybe you deserve something better. I am saying this because I know for sure that relocations start and end with I&A moving and storage. They are just perfect in everything that they engage in. They accorded me a stylish relocation from Arizona to Hillsboro, Oregon. They ensured that it remained memorable. I will not forget it any time soon.



Very good!

There is something in I&A moving and storage that you will rarely observe in the other local relocation companies. The way in which they treat the customers is different. They make you feel worthy. That is why I like hiring them out, I have done so three times and I will do the same even in future without regretting in any way. I know that these people have all it takes to make any client happy. They will do so to you, provided you trust them with your properties.



I would recommend this company

Without any fear of contradiction, I would love to recommend I&A moving and storage to any person who is in need of a different kind of relocation experience. I would love to tell any person that these people will give you desirable relocation experience that you have always desired. If you were afraid that they were going to disappoint you, then you do not have any more reason to fear. They are just perfect enough!



They were professional

I have never stopped to figure out how easy and affordable relocations could be. All the time, I have been telling myself how expensive and very tedious the whole relocation experience was. If you are the kind of person who has always had that in mind, it is best to have a change in mind because that is not the truth, at least not with I&A moving and storage in the picture. They make it turn out so perfectly well. I trusted them once and they did not disappoint.



Very impressive service - efficient

There are no movers in New York who are as expert and careful like I&A moving and storage. I have used a good many of them in the past decade, and I&A moving and storage provided the best service so far. Firstly, the manager is very prompt, he called on the eve of the moving day to confirm the work and his team arrived pretty early and started the work right away. They showed great organization and determination and were able to complete the process on schedule.




When you need fast, careful and timely moving, simply reach I&A moving and storage. What they did during my move is amazing. They came about ten minutes from time and began the work immediately. They were very motivated and took very short breaks and it was no surprise that they finished the work half an hour before time. Their pricing is very friendly and the service was worth every penny I paid. Need I say more?



Many thanks, a great stress free

The guys from I&A moving and storage were just wonderful. My family and I related with them wonderfully. They are the most approachable movers I have had in all my life. This made our moving so smooth and anxiety-free that all my family loved the experience. They charged us decently and affordably and they did not add the charge in the end, which usually happens with other movers. They respected every bit of our contract and I absolutely recommend them.



I couldn't have asked for a better

I was worried about my relocation because I was short on time as I needed to settle fast in my new residence in Bothell, Washington and start my new job. My uncle suggested that I contact I&A moving and storage to help with the transportation of my household goods from my previous apartment in Chesapeake, VA. The salespersons of the company promised to deliver all my stuff within six days, and they delivered on their promise. Above all, they did not damage or lose my things, and now I can embark on my work having settled peacefully here in Bothell.



Good experience!

I&A moving and storage are very cool guys. I had no problems with the guys at all even though I paid a little more than the quote because of the extra packing materials for my TV that I was not comfortable covering it with only blankets. Also, I had planned to sell the pool table, but I didnt, and so there were more things to carry. I received everything in New York, New York just as they were before the move in my previous home in Greenville, SC. It was not the same crew that packed my things, but they were just as proficient. I am glad I&A moving and storage is also based in New York, and I will use them again.



We were most impressed

I&A moving and storage sent four movers and two vans to move us from Marietta, GA to Claremore, Oklahoma. We had done the packing and kept the things in a storage room. The movers were very quick and careful loading the things. Some of our rather delicate stuff were excellently loaded by the I&A moving and storage crew, and even the dresser was delivered without any scratches. The movers checked to ensure that nothing was missing and that everything was in the right condition. It was perfect work by perfect guys.



I was extremely pleased

I&A moving and storage are truly professional movers. I moved with them recently, and I liked the experience. They did not waste my time because they were always on time. They were polite and approachable, yet very professional with the relocation work. They ensured the safety of my dresser and even my son was happiest as his bike was delivered intact. No doubt, moving sucks. However, when you have guys like I&A moving and storage, there is no need to worry about anything.



Service is top class

It was a wonderful experience with I&A moving and storage. They moved me from New Hampshire to Oklahoma without any hitches or glitches. The movers were very friendly and packed all my antiques (I have quite lots of them) without any complains. The process was nicely smooth, just as they had promised and I will use the company again when I need to relocate in the future because it is as well based here in Oklahoma.



The movers were gentlemen and polite.

It was the very first time I was hiring them out yet they made me happy right from the word go. What impressed me is that they kept their promise. I like it when people honour their part of bargains. They had promised me that they were going to ensure they were at my place very early in the morning on the day of the relocation. I woke up very early because I did not want to cause any delay. It did not take long before they arrived. A few hours later, they had packed all that could be carried win that lorry and off they were!



They were extremely professional

I have hired out I&A moving and storage twice, and its like I have known them all my life. I have become so much attached to them. Their employees have become my best of friends. I came to love them right from the first time I had sight of them. I saw them relocate my immediate neighbours, and I got impressed. Later on, I hired them out, and they did a very good job.



I was missing a few things

Impressive relocation, that was the experience I had with I&A moving and storage. It was very exemplary. Everything they did was never done to the perfection they performed it. For a long time, I had been looking forward to meeting such a team although I felt the existence of such would be impossible. I&A moving and storage considered me and gave me the privilege to explore their services. They have a motivated crew that coordinate well in their work.



They are unmatched

To me, they are the pros. It was a job well done. I&A moving and storage team gave me every reason to believe in them. The way they carried out my relocation from Florida to Louisiana was amazing. The crew that was sent to execute the task came fully prepared with every tool they could require. This ensured that the entire process took a considerably shorter time. The packing, loading, offloading and arrangement of individual properties was perfectly carried out.



Dependable, professional and affordable

Recently, I moved to Missori. It was through I&A moving and storage that it was possible. My childhood friend informed me about them, and I went ahead and hired them out. He told me how reliable and efficient they were. In as much as I was not sure, I just trusted them. I made the right decision as I was to realise later on. They did a very good job, and it was done within a very short time. I recommend this relocation company.



We downsized effortlessly

I have never kept my hopes and believe in cheap and quality services until I came across I&A moving and storage. It is common with all service providers that quality services come along with higher chargers. With them, this charging was not their priority, and I even felt they were too hard on themselves. The value of what they offer is worth fortunes. When I involved them in my relocation, they gave a pocket-friendly quotation that didnt even match the service they offered. The services were efficient, reliable and par my standards. I am grateful for what they did.



I have a lot of faith in this company

I do prefer I&A moving and storage for many reasons. To start with, they are very dedicated and organized in what they do. The entire relocation was organized and put well into the schedule. Secondly, the employees of I&A moving and storage are so down to earth. They treat their clients with respect and care. I cant think twice to associate with them. Moreover, The Company I&A moving and storage knows how to tackle its shortcomings. They offered repair services to property that was dented and replaced damaged ones. Why not involve them next time? Lastly, they are just the perfect team for the job. I will always consider them. Try them out and get your experience. Trust me that you will love them.



Easy relocation

I found an easy time relocating from Kentucky to Washington thanks to I&A moving and storage. It is because of their hard work, dedication, and relentless efforts that the moving venture became a success. They carried out themselves like professionals, and I would like to appreciate them for that. They were cheap, fast and unique. They reported early and within a twinkle of an eye we were off to Washington. The journey turned to be smooth than I thought. I salute you.



They moved me flawlessly

For those who have moved from place to place do understand better how relocating can be challenging. Anyway, relocation can be made simple when you do a perfect selection on the company to facilitate your relocation. For me, I worked it out the research way. I toured through the internet and found the best company ever. Trust me, you can easily fall for them just by how they do it. I&A moving and storage worked out my relocation in a magical way. They made sure I was in my new residence before sunset. I cant blame them for the heavy jam, but I like how they handled it. It was so remarkable.



Faultless moving company

You cannot expect disappointments where professionals are involved. That is one thing I have come to learn from my experience with I&A moving and storage as a relocation team. When I got them to relocate me, they did it in an extraordinary way. Everything, right from the packing to loading and even arrangement of the house was carried out with so much zeal. The result was a kind of excellence I have not experienced before.



A trustworthy moving company

When I was shifting my office from North Carolina to New York, I involved I&A moving and storage. I can best say it was one of the best decisions I ever made. There was no pressure relocating and the people involved ensured it was smooth right from the beginning. Most importantly, they kept time and moved my properties with so much professionalism. Keep up the good work.



Fastest move ever

These guys did a great job moving my son into his first rental. They disassembled and reassembled a monster of a bed, and managed to move an expensive and fragile phototherapy lamp without damage. They did all this plus many bookcases, and other furniture in less than two hours. The team was professional and courteous throughout the entire move. The pricing is reasonable and clear, no hidden fees. Communication through email was always handled quickly. I highly recommend I&A moving and storage!



You guys are the best

This is our second time using these guys and they were great both times! The guys are extremely polite and quick. The price was what I was quoted. They do a really good job and I would definitely recommend them!



I do recommend them

What a great experience! The Team showed up exactly on time and made a pain of a move seem easy. They were both professional and very helpful with some of my last minute items. I was charged exactly what was quoted. I will absolutely use them again.



Speedy crew

Money well spent! Only moved about a mile, and considered doing it myself, I am so glad I chose I&A moving and storage. The whole move took about an hour. They were professional, polite, on time, and nothing was damaged. Thank you!

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