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9350 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, California 90212 USA

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About Continental Moving Services

9350 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, California

Continental Moving Services is dedicated to helping making moving as stress free as possible, by eliminating the hassle of interviewing dozens of companies, reading through the fine print in their estimates and finally trying to negotiate a fair price. Continental Moving Services does all of this for you, and lets you focus on the things that are important. Planning a move, it takes many hours of surfing the web, numerous phone calls to moving companies, and inviting multiple moving companies to trample through your house. It doesn’t have to be like that. At Continental Moving Services we’ve become really good at giving people the information they need, gathering all the info we need, and getting our customers the best quote for their move. We do this so our customers can focus on what’s really important, such as starting their life in their new home. Our goal at Continental Moving Services is to both provide our customers with the highest quality of service, and also to offer a very competitive rate from our exclusive network of carriers. We strive to meet the needs, and to bring complete satisfaction to our customers throughout their entire move. Continental Moving Services is a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) member, we are a licensed intrastate, and interstate broker. Continental Moving Services is not a motor carrier and will not transport any household goods. Continental Moving Services will arrange for the transportation of your household goods by an FMCSA authorized motor carrier. We will find you the best company, get you the best rates, and make sure that all your expectation and needs are met.

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Rylan Good


Avoid at all costs. This is a broker, not a mover.

Through the beginning stages of the process, I really appreciated Jason’s quick responses and communication. Closer to the moving date, I got a call from their logistics manager, Joe. In this conversation with Joe, he double-checked that my stuff could be picked up on July 18/19 and he asked me what the first date of available delivery could be, which I told him July 30 because I was driving from Seattle, Washington to Pennsylvania, while trying to see a few things along the way. He said I should list my date as July 22. I quickly explained to him that I wouldn’t be in Pennsylvania by then, which he told me that my stuff won’t get there then due to the current moving times and it wouldn’t get there before the 30th. Because they were the experts, I agreed to this. He even told me that the movers might tell me not to list the 22nd, but I should do it anyways.
Fast forward to the pickup date, 3 guys show up and load up everything relatively quickly, carefully wrapping everything. They were in and out probably within an hour and a half, which was quicker than what I was expecting. I ended up putting that my first date of delivery could be July 22, because that’s what Joe told me to do. And away my stuff goes and I hit the road to Pennsylvania.
On Friday, July 26, I get a call from the moving company that they are going to be at my apartment the next day. I…was still in Tennessee on my road trip. Frantically, I call Jason stressed and panicked and he assures me they’ll figure something out and take care of it. In the mean time, I have to call my parents and landlord to see if there’s anyway that I can move into the apartment early, if they can be there to meet the movers, and get a money order ready for the last payment. This is the last thing I wanted to deal with on my trip across the U.S. My landlord says it could be fine but I’d have to pay extra prorated fees because I’d be moving into the apartment earlier. By the time Joe Reynolds gives me a call, I let Continental know that they don’t need to rearrange the delivery because I got things in place, but I am requesting a discount because of the increased proration rate and because I felt like I was advised poorly on what delivery date to list. Joe was very defensive and pretty much non-apologetic on the call, but begrudgingly said he would credit my credit card $150 to help deter the $200 extra I would be paying to “move” in early. I also requested an accurate time of delivery, because I’m coordinating all of this 800 miles away. Joe, the LOGISTICS MANAGER, couldn’t give me an estimated time of delivery and said he would need to talk to the driver. But get this…Joe then called me back to ask what the driver’s phone number was. WAIT, so the LOGISTICS MANAGER doesn’t even know the phone number of the driver for my stuff? Wow.
The day of move in arrives and I call my parents for an update. They said it was okay, but the driver was the only one who showed up to unload the truck. I had a 3-person couch, a larger dresser, large tv stand, kitchen island, etc. and there is no way that 1 person can offer “white glove service” when delivering these items. In addition, the driver did not assemble any of the furniture, as stated in the contract, and my parents even had to help unwrap some of the things that were wrapped up. At this point, I feel like I had been hoodwinked, so I called Jason and email both of them to inquire about why this happened and to check in on the $150 credit. I emailed them on July 27, July 31, August 1, and August 5 and haven’t heard back from them once, nor received the $150 credit that Joe told me that they would issue. Additionally, I requested a final receipt (so my work can reimburse me) that shows that I paid the full amount in my August 1 email – and never heard back. BEWARE OF CONTINENTAL MOVING SERVICES.

Saffick Alie


International moving

I hire this company and worked with Joe to move over 1200 cu ft of household items from New Jersey to Woodbridge Ontario,
The movers were very professional and the driver Izzett was very easy to work with .The move was flawless and exactly what Joe told me was the cost was what I was charged, They all went the extra mile to ensure I was satisfied.
I will definitely recommend Continental moving services to any one looking to relocate .

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