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About California Relocation Systems LLC

4597 Firestone Blvd
South Gate, California

Cali Relocation Systems will tackle your local move with expert care, at an exceptional price and backed by our guarantee. Moving can be a hassle, whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment or 9,000-square-foot mansion. But you don’t have to go it alone –Cali Relocation Systems is here to help.

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Most Stressful Move

Where to begin. I was moving from Seattle to Los Angeles, and found California Relocation Systems, and their pricing and schedule matched what I needed so I went forward and hired them to do my move.

Strike 1 - When they arrived they came around 9PM on the date of the move, in a Pensky rental truck, because they had to stop by their warehouse to unload their truck in order to make room for my stuff. 2 people came and by 11PM they were not even half way done, they were not covering anything, or labeling any of the boxes as they worked, just put stuff in the truck. By 12AM they informed me that not all my stuff would fit in, and they would need to come the next day to get the rest of my stuff, and that it would be an extra cost. (by then they had already loaded half my stuff so I didn't have any choice, but I was planning on driving down that same day, and now had to arrange for someone to let them into the house to move the rest of my stuff.

Strike 2 - I selected them because they were able to deliver my goods before Christmas and only a day after my pregnant wife and I would had arrived in Los Angeles to pick up our keys and sign all the paperwork for our new place. The deliver day arrives no one shows up. I call them and they say they were delayed at another customers house, so they will deliver tomorrow. Tomorrow comes, no one shows up. call again, now they were caught by the Highway Patrol because they didn't have the necessary licenses to move stuff across state, so while the drivers and the company had to get through law enforcement, my pregnant wife and I were in our apt with none of our stuff.

Strike 3 - By now Christmas is quickly approaching and my stuff had still not arrived. I called the manager to complain while my wife, crying, and I were sitting in the car, and he told me he had to leave because his family was late to a Christmas dinner, while we were stuck without a Christmas.

Strike 4 - The day after Christmas the delivery people arrive, and I could tell they did not take good care of my stuff. For some reason my bicycle was taken apart, my dining table parts were broken, and worse of all my temperpedic matress was sitting in a pool of water in the truck and had grown mold on it. Not to mention all the crushed boxes and retapped boxes.

Strike 5 - On the day of the delivery the delivery man also brought his young son (want to say like 10 or younger) to come and help him and the other guy unload, but again they were as slow unloading as they were loading. (they arrived at like 10am, and ended at like 7pm). there was 2 other moving companies that were moving in the same day as me, and they both finished before my guys did even though they arrived earlier.

Strike 6 - During the move there is an ice cream truck that comes through the neighborhood, and while my wife and I were moving stuff around in our place, I look out the window and they are sitting in the corner eating ice cream and nachos. When they eventually start working again, they deliver items that were not part of my inventory (they delivered an old dirty broken A/C unit) and they end up not delivering our dehydrator and one of our tables. When they left at 7PM, they didn't even tell us they were done or anything and they just left without a word. They messaged me to tell me that the table was broken which is why they didn't deliver it and to claim it with the company.

Strike 7- I contact the company with everything that happened, and they informed me that since I didn't purchase any insurance at the beginning of the move (which they never offered) that the best they could do was the bare minimum. which was paying out by weight of the item and not by the value. I sent them an itemized lists of items that were broken or missing and I listed out the MSRP and the weight and it came out to about $500 (even though the items were valued total over $2,000). they responded with $150 dollars for the claim. I have asked them how they came to that calculations, but its already been a couple years and I still have not heard why.

I want to warn people about this company because they make promises that seem to good to be true.

They also seem to be related to Quest Moving, as the person I contacted for my claim had Quest Moving in her email signature.
Also the managers that I were talking to all had Google Voice numbers, which obviously makes it hard for people to track and contact as they can just get rid of their Google Voice number and make a new one.

Also, why am I writing this review so late after the move?

Remember that table they didn't deliver and was broken and needed to be claimed. The company said to call the driver and get a picture of the table to submit for the claim.

When contacting the driver I got, They don't know that company, this is a new phone, I never worked there, and eventually got I am a gangster and I will F*ck you up if you call this number again.

I eventually moved out of that other place now as I didn't feel safe there know they knew my address. All thanks to California Relocation Systems.

Rachel Flores


Moving company

Critical: No Punctuality, No Quality, No Responsiveness, No Value
DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE WITH YOUR STUFF!!!! Believe me I would NOT EVEN GIVE 1 STAR!!!!! I treasure all my things and believed in this company to transport all my items in a secure and safe place!!! They sure painted a pretty picture LIARS!!!! The WAREHOUSE they use ARE FULL OF THIEVES!!!! Opened all my boxes and crates mind you they were SEALED AND STILL BROKEN INTO! Ladies All MY PURSES STOLEN COACH/ MICHAEL KORS !!!! They DONT CARE!!! All they said was my load is worth .60 cents a pound SERIOUSLY!!!!! They had no REASON TO GO THROUGH MY THINGS

Terrance Foreman


Highly Productive Movers

Highly productive group of movers that understood the importance of communication, teamwork, urgency and transparency. They exhibited all these qualities during my cross country move and followed through on all promises. Excellent customer service and performance from each mover at California Relocation Systems. You can expect all your belongings to arrive to your new home undamaged.



Intoxicated Employee and Rogue Techniques

Issues with my move on 09/28/2019:
1)One of the movers showed up intoxicated and threw my belongings off the back of the truck, and proceeded to threaten my Aunt and then get into a fight with the driver and foreman. The company's point of contact refused to remedy the situation after we showed him videos of the assault, and stated that because I was not hit, then he didn't see what the issue was;
2) DOT License is expired;
3) Will double the estimate at time of move, and will try to add additional costs quickly during negotiations. They will also deny knowledge of the previous estimate or any 'extras' promised;
4) Will only accept cash last minute;
5) Positive reviews have been linked to Birdeye, an online reputation management company. Read BBB reviews for the truth about this company.

If you have experienced similar issues then go to the below website to file an official moving complaint with the DOT. A majority of the issues stated by actual clients are listed as Red Flags in their guidance documentation.

Stephen Dashner


Do not use this company

I regret using this company, and I hope my review might help save someone else the stress, hassle, poor service, and broken stuff that we have had to deal with.

We moved from C.A. To N.C. In our search for movers we contacted many companies and this one had the lowest price. However, when they showed up, the price doubled. We did have a bit more stuff than we expected, but not that much. Once they have your stuff loaded and getting ready to leave the state, you’re kinda stuck. They guarantee to have your stuff to you within 30 days, but when it’s late, they say, “we promise to get your stuff on a truck within 30 days.”

Their communication and follow through is terrible. They say they will call a few days before they arrive, but that call never came. They also said they would call a few days before delivery, again that call never came, and they called the day of and said, “we’re here”.

Every single box we had was smashed, or broken, some so badly that the box completely ripped open and the contents fell out. We are missing many items from small kitchen appliances, to a full box of baby clothes. When the delivery truck pulled up and they started to unload our belongings, they dropped my pellet smoker off the back of the truck.

All of our stuff was packed in a house that had monthly pest control. We never had a single cockroach, but now that we are at our new home, we have opened the boxes that weren’t already smashed open, and they are all full of cockroaches.

We also received some other people’s stuff mixed in with ours but we told the movers to take it. I’m sure a lot of our missing stuff ended up in some other state.

They will probably reply to this review and say that they did a great job and to file a claim for any damaged stuff, but don’t believe it. Please please please, go with a different company.

Lawrence Yap



WARNING: This company is OUT-OF-SERVICE per USDOT#3192271 as of 9/6/19, and they have changed their name to "Moving Relocation Systems" since.

Every 1 star COMPLAINT here is TRUE.

We recently used them from L.A. to Chicago in July/August. First of all, when making our reservation we spoke with TOM who seemed nice and assured us that they have dedicated trucks and were not a broker - we believed him. He said we would receive a call 4+days prior to our pick up date to confirm our inventory, pick up date, etc. NOBODY EVER CALLED. We had to call them 2 days prior to our pick up.

During pick up, SAM KHALIFA persisted to tell us that we needed 1800 cf of truck space. We moved from Chicago to L.A. a year before and only used 1200 cf so we knew how much space we needed on our return. SAM forced us to pay the additional charges for "1800 cf" even before the truck was loaded. He also left prior to the truck being loaded and never came back. Once the remaining "local" hired crew were done, they said they could not tell us how much cf we used in the truck.

During loading, the crew had dropped 6+ stacked chairs on top of me, my husband, Sam and the mover himself, causing damage to all of our dining chairs. The crew assured us these would be repaired while at their loading facility (in Bell) prior to being shipped out to our final delivery location. FALSE. Our chairs arrived untouched and damaged from the fall.

The whole entire time, SAM kept insisting we write him a positive review. Over and over again. We called him later in the day to reconfirm the chairs would be repaired and after he assured us they would be, he again asked us to write a positive review.

During delivery of our items in Chicago, our items were delivered by "Roadway Moving" - a third party freight company and NOT a direct delivery truck of "Cali Relocation". So, Tom lied during our reservation calls.

Also during delivery, the foreman had to use a porter truck to be able to unload our items at our place. He rented a U-Haul truck that was 26 ft long, our items had about 5 ft space to spare at the back, so doing our measurements we only calculated 1240 cf (as we initially knew). So, SAM, TOM, JIM, GEORGE, DAWN --- we'd like you to respond to our complaint and email. At this point your company has showed no integrity or honesty. You are aware about Sam's cockiness yet it seems to be a common experience here.

A bunch of our stuff arrived broken. We are glad we purchased additional independent insurance. But CRS only offers 60 cents/lb - NEVER use this default with any company. Items that were broken:
- (2) filing cabinets whose wheels are bent beyond repair
- Patio furniture with metal legs bent
- Various boxes arrived SMUSHED
- Dining chairs damaged at pick up that were not repaired
- Dented stainless steel trash cans
- Broken XL outdoor planters

For all else reading this, DEFINITELY TAKE HEED IN ALL OF THE WARNINGS. Use someone else who will be HONEST.

Meghan Stewart



DO NOT USE THESE MOVERS!!! I WAS AN IDIOT AND BOUGHT INTO THEIR SCHEME. Kristin baited me at first with amazing costumer service, but as soon as the mover showed up it was a COMPLETE nightmare. Amount other things, they HUGELY overcharged us (original quote was just over 5,000 and we needed up paying 11,000), they didn’t bring a truck big enough for our items at pick up, they came at 1am and yelled profanities when picking up the other half of our stuff, they wouldn’t move all
of our items into the rooms we needed when they delivered our items, but MOST SIGNIFICANTLY now HALF OF OUR STUFF IS MISSING and NO ONE will call us back with an answer. (They even lost half of our sectional couch, part of our headboard and part of our sleep number mattress- so it is obvious that they are incredibly reckless with how they move and store items). Jim has hung up on both my husband and I on multiple occasions, Dawn won’t call us back regarding our lost items, and Kristin is now nowhere to be found after she pretended to care. We are now in the process of filing claims and making complaints through the FMCSA and BBB, but I cannot express in adequate words how AWFUL this process has been and how incredibly emotionally and physically draining it has been dealing with this company. Once again-DO NOT BE FOOLED!! PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. IT WAS A HUGE MISTAKE ON MY PART THAT I WILL BE LIVING WITH FOR A LONG TIME- for half of my life is now missing.

Johnson Abhi


Great Work

I was real satisfied with my move today the guys were professional and they really handled my furniture with care I was not totally packed but they still took care of me as a valued customer i will use this company in the future as well as recommend you to family and friends I was worried but these men took very good care of me as a customer i am very satisfied with my move

Greg Rolfi


Partial Contract Performance

They sent 5 guys to load our stuff and it took them almost 5 hours. Delivery day: Arrival was not until after 9:00 pm and only a driver (Sam) and helper. Could tell unloading was not going to end until early the next morning. Myself, wife, daughter, son-in-law, and 11 yr. old grandson all had to help unload----done at almost midnight. Still had to put bed together (Sam asked "how does this go?"), electric fireplace, dining room table, etc. together. Wife felt sorry for them and suggested they stop and call it a night, get some sleep, and come back tomorrow am. She brought coffee and donuts but no Sam!! He never came back; never called, and left the state! Still don't have our stuff put back together. Sam won't answer his cell phone anymore, and company just shuttles us off to other people to call. Now you know why they only accept cash or money orders at delivery---no way to cancel those!! They've got your money and you're stuck cleaning up the mess-----literally!! Guess it will cost me even more money to find some people locally who can put our things back together again. Use these people if you wish, but buyer beware. Lots of promises; some kept and some not. Gave them the option of discussing this issue before writing my review but as usual heard nothing from them

Jessica Bruce



I had reserved for them to come move my house from California to Arizona. I was expecting a slight change in the cost but when they arrived they over doubled my quote. On top of that the original time they were suppose to arrive was 11am - 3pm. Then it got pushed from 4-6. After 6 when I still hadn't heard anything I finally called and they said it now wouldn't be until 8 pm! Then when they over doubled the cost I told them I couldn't afford the new cost and would have to use someone else. Now they refuse to refund my deposit. I knew the cost could change but not by $2,500! They get your deposit and then once they are at your house they up the cost and hope you'll just pay it. Lesson learned! Dawn was so rude! She hung up on me multiple times and had an attitude from the beginning

Allison Harris


Overcharged, Missing and Damaged Furniture

Sam Tyriver - please email me at I have gathered a bunch of people as well to sue this company. I think they're spending all their time writing fake reviews instead of taking care of their customers. They won't call me back and are doing nothing about my claim. Jim, George, and Brenda are all ignoring me. I suspect they're auctioning off our missing furniture. That's what these companies do. I witnessed them breaking labor laws and DOT regulations as well. I just want them to address my claim and pay back the money they extorted from me. I know that I overpaid when I got on the truck and took the actual cubic SF measurement of my stuff. I was overcharged by over $2,000. Please don't hire this company. They WILL take advantage of you.



Extremely pleased with this company

I have already hired California Relocation Systems LLC a few times and they have been nothing but efficient every time. I have to say that this time, the guys that did our moving, were the best ever! They never stopped! It was amazing to see how fast and efficiently they worked. When we left our old house they were going to take lunch, which I expected them to have at least a 45 minute break, they only took 15 minutes! I had a piano and washer

Sam Tyriver


Lawsuit in progress against this company; avoid at all costs

We are initiating legal action against this company and the individuals it employs (including Brenda, George, Dawn and Tom) for willfully and knowingly damaging and taking property and/or employing individuals who they knew to have damaged and stolen customer property, as well as violating a number of FMCSA and DoT regulations. We have thousands of dollars in damaged and missing property as well as property of high sentimental value that cannot be replaced. We have been patient with this company and given them ample time to respond to our claim (as well as providing all documentation for our claims that they requested, in some cases twice since they had lost the first submission). Our aim is to prevent this company from preying on consumers and we are willing and able to put forth the financial commitment to see it through.

If you have had a similar situation, or are currently having a similar situation (I have posted and updated the full experience earlier this year) please reach out to me directly. We are currently gathering as much information from as many victims as possible so we can deliver a case that is inclusive of just how predatory this company is with the aim of preventing this type of behavior from this and other companies.



Good job

California relocations systems llc sent a team of five people to my home. With five bedrooms and plenty of areas to cover, we had to hire additional services. They charged on an hourly basis as most companies do. It was affordable, at least based on the budget I had in mind. Besides, the good thing was the people never delayed a single minute even though we will actually pay them if there’s an extra hour. The job was quickly done but in an orderly fashion. It was a fun filled day because I was totally carefree and they took the stress out of me. Good job people.



No hidden charge

With the help of the mover, we moved from CA to New Jersey. We truly loved their work. Before hiring them, we have been scrutinizing several popular movers and after all we selected them. We had a short conversation over phone. They gave me an idea of very competitive rate quote. I found there was no hidden charge. They promised us for taking extreme care of our stuffs and the job was done without problem. On the day of picking up our belongings, they rang our door bell just exactly on schedule. They brought sufficient boxes. I was delivered my all furniture and other stuffs without delay. To be honest they were sincere and worked hard. Anyone can hire them without second thought.

Angie Polley


Shady and lying broker, not a moving company

This is my first cross country move and California Relocation provides a quote for $4800, then after my belongings were loaded in the truck, the price tripled. Then the price changed based on a different person. They held my property hostage for weeks until I paid double my original quote. My motorcycle and furniture was damaged, boxes thrown and missing items. They have lied to me multiple times and I am now in the process of filing a claim and demand for neutral arbitration. They have changed their company name multiple times, subcontract out trucks and movers. I DO NOT recommend this company. They are not ethical, professional and should not be in the moving business.

John Derksen


Our move was handeled right

The move went much better then I expected. I was extremely nervous about choosing a mid-level company to handle such a big job but I couldn't afford the quotes from Mayflower and Atlas. We have five bedrooms, a garage, den, man cave, kids game room, office, and a large shed in the back yard. We moved from Laguna Beach to North Carolina.

My wife and I ended up moving from California to the east coast because of a job transfer, and between what we had to do to get ready for my new job and our new lives with the kids out East let’,s just say that it was a plate full. New schools, buy a new house, get settled in, transport one of the cars, everything. And it wasn’t going to be cheap, my new job didn’t provide for any sort of moving allowance.

Luckily I spoke with a very knowledgeable transport agent with California Relocation Systems named Tom and he walked me through the whole process, from how the estimated quote is done based on cubic feet and how we’re charged by the actual space that we consume on the moving truck. Tom also provided a step by step packing guide that helped us out tremendously. It showed us what boxes to buy for which item and how to pack them. Steve and his crew on moving day helped us out with the t.v's, mirrors and a few other items but the guide was very helpful. Tom also recommended calling our homeowners insurance which ended up worked out perfectly so we didn’t have to pay for added insurance on the move.
So moving day came, the movers came on time and loaded everything on to the truck. As promised the furniture was secured with belts, ties, and straps and looked good to go. The movers took off and we all got busy doing everything else that needed to be done to get me, my wife, three kids and our two dogs off to North Carolina. I can’t tell you how important it was to have that good feeling that the movers left me with, that everything was going to be ok, with everything else circling around me and the bits of drama that you’d expect from a family of five moving close to three thousand miles to start our new lives. Everything was wrapped in blankets and then shrink wrapped for extra protection. Steve had me watch his warp some of my precious antiques and other valuables.

Our patience was rewarded- the moving truck arrived on schedule, we were told roughly two weeks and it was exactly 14 days from our pick up day. Dawn and Cindy updated us throughout the process, and I spoke once with George who made a great point about making sure to take enough clothes with us in our car for a move of that distance, enough for an extended vacation to cover all of us at home, work and school until the moving truck arrives.

Everything went smoothly and to our delight, there was no damage to our furniture or the walls of either house. Desks, tables, couches, toys, bicycles, barbecue grills- everything was delivered without damage and I can’t think of anything missing either, there was a lot of stuff. All of the bed frames were reassembled as promised, no extra charge, even the headboards, and footboards were reattached perfectly. The same went for some of the desks and tables that needed their legs put back on. The move was great, and back to the money- the thousands of dollars we saved went a long way to transport one of our cars across the country and all of the other expenses that you can imagine for a family of five taking on a move of that distance.

At the end of the day, I have to give credit to my wife for taking the time to do the research and finding out the best way to get a quality move at a value price. Thank you California Relocation Systems for a great move at a fair price and for taking the pressure off of my family at a very critical time of our lives.

Gary Billiet



Wish I could have given the rating a zero. Don't do it! DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY! My daughter moved from California to Colorado. It was a terrible experience all around. We started with Danielle setting up the move and giving us the estimate. She said she was going to be our contact during the entire move and she never answered her phone or returned our emails. We didn't even use up the minimum amount of space in the truck. The guys loading the truck, without saying a word to my daughter, laughed when they saw the estimate. They said it was too low and doubled the price. They demanded cash on the spot. They never answer when you call. The load didn't make it when promised from when they told us. My wife and I flew out to help our daughter unpack and settle in and three days later had to fly back home. The truck showed up five days after promised. Dawn (customer service-ha) was called multiple times. No help there. Look at the bad reviews-eerily familiar. The good ones--not sure I trust. We were missing a shelf and wheel for the bed. They told my daughter to go to Home Depot to replace it. We never did get a receipt.
If you are considering this company, please contact the BBB or
FMCSA. Please look at reviews, there definitely is a pattern.

Alison And Jonathan


Do not hire this company!!!!!

This company is a complete joke from the top down. James the owner has no idea what is going on and didn’t care about any customer period. We were sold on this company by George Harris who seemed like a nice guy but just lied and lied and lied over and over again. He made promises he couldn’t keep and 9 days after they loaded our things it finally arrived but not by them!!! Our contract was with them and they farmed us out. A nice young man appeared today from the company that they subbed out too in the middle of a snowstorm with no help!!! We paid $2500 for a full service move and spent the afternoon hauling boxes ....we are filing a complaint with the DOT and probably a lawsuit. The foreman Steve threw our lamps into boxes without protection breaking one as well as a trash can, sorter and ottoman all of whichwere ruined. Don’t use these people just don’t!!!

Eduardo Perez


Great move for mom & dad to florida

Went online to find a mover!! My parents were leaving LA at ages 72 and 70 to retire to Boca Raton and near our family there. Hadn't used a mover except local in about 12 years. Different now, lots of companies calling me.Had a great experience with George, was easily understandable, and listened to all of my questions without pushing me like a lot of the others did. My folks needed a full pack job, the 4 men who showed up were, clean, respectful and hard-working. Did a great job on their 2 bedroom house.No damage done to the house, nothing broken on to the truck. It took about 12 days days, they were told 10 days to 2 weeks, and surprisingly, everything looked the same when it arrived. Put everything where they wanted in their new condo, and I had no phone calls about problems or broken items. THank you George and California Relocation for a job well done...

Robert R


California Relocation Systems LLC

I booked this company to move myself and my wife in January 2019 to move us from CA to CO. I was told by several of their employees (Dawn/Mike/George) that since I was on a tight deadline for moving that a live transfer was my best option. The initial quote I received seemed reasonable and waited for the movers to arrive at my house. They were scheduled to arrive on a Thursday; received a text to see if they could arrive between 5-8PM. I stated that was too late and they responded with arriving early Friday morning. I was able to actually talk to either George or Dawn since the movers had not arrived. They did not arrive until 1PM and began loading. They began to label boxes, stated that I had more boxes than originally quoted, and that I needed to pay the difference. I saw how they were packing the truck. They brought the furniture from upstairs by sliding them down the stairs rather than carrying them down. Also, they did NOT fully disassemble the entertainment center in the living room. They did not take the "professional" care as stated in their documents or website. I did call George and Dawn several times during the loading process regarding delivery of our items. The expected delivery was to be Saturday since our apartment was to be ready that day. Talking to the driver he stated that the actual delivery was to be Monday at 11AM. I called both George and Dawn again stating that is not what was promised and this does not seem like a "live transfer". After they left, there was trash all over my house; used tape rolls, cardboard, packing paper, empty packing bags, and candy wrappers. On Monday morning, my wife waited at an empty apartment for the movers to arrive. Nothing occurred. I called the company asking for an arrival status and ended up leaving a message both with Dawn and George. I finally get a call from the driver at 4PM stating that he is at a truck stop 10 miles away and that it is too late to deliver. The delivery will be on Tuesday between 8-11AM. My wife and I end up staying another night in a hotel room. The next day, the driver showed up by himself. I asked where the other guys were and he stated that they were coming. The driver asked for the payment balance and I stated that I will get it once the unloading started. The bank was closeby so I could get the funds. He started to get things unloaded as my wife and I went to the bank. We returned and saw only one (1) guy was helping with the unloading. He looked like a guy pulled off the street and I found out that he was hired off of Craigslist that morning!! Where were the "professional movers" for this job? I took pictures of the inside of the truck to see how our items were arriving; boxes were crushed, items were tipping over, no real separation between loads. The other load was spilled over into ours; unbelievable! This was NOT a "professional move"! The assembled furniture was not done correctly and I had to do it. They unloaded items that were not even ours and the driver blamed the Craigslist guy. Several furniture items were damaged even ones that were brand new; still wrapped from the store. We counted all the boxes and several were missing. I talked to the driver about it and he stated that we had ALL of our boxes by showing me where they were loaded. However, with the other load spilling into ours I doubt that is true. We saw boxes with two (2) number stickers on them also. Some boxes had glass packed with wood shelves and one of the floor lamps was not even wrapped!
I have called Mike/Dawn/George and texted Dawn/George several times to discuss this issue with them, left messages, and no calls back after two (2) days! I had seen their reviews which were good but not until I saw the one from Sam T. I have moved to AZ, NV, and CA with NO issues like these. My wife and I will be working with an attorney and complaints will be filled since they seem to not be interested is resolving this civilly.
I will update my review and photos will be posted.

Sam T


Updated Review

My wife and I booked this company for a move from CA to WI back in December and still have not received our items. We were told we needed to pay an amount resulting in over $9K in expenses, after in initial quote of $4K from Tom. There is a "customer service" rep named "Dawn" who will remind you that the movers will not unload your items unless you pay the "new" total. She will tell you many things along the way to pacify you but never actually follow through.

There is a supervisor named "Chris/Kris" who will also tell you what you want to hear to get your things loaded on the truck and in their possession where they will proceed to increase the amount you "owe".

I have moved across state lines many times and have NEVER encountered a company like this.

As of this review, there is pending lawsuit against this "company" and the folks it employs.

If you are considering this company, PLEASE reach out and contact me and I can give you more exact details about the move and how this "company" was able to swindle us out of thousands of dollars, but please, DO NOT waste your time and possibly lose your belongings by using this company.

I will be updating this review as more details emerge and the lawsuit progresses.

UPDATE 01/29/2019: On Saturday, January 26th my wife and I received a call from a driver stating that our items would be delivered this Weds/Thurs (the 30th or 31st). We received a call from a person named George (from Cali Relocation Systems) today as well. We had a long discussion with George (though where he has been for the past month and a half, I cannot say). He was actually very kind and listened to us relay our story, yet again. He told us that Kris is no longer with the company and apologized for Kris’s behavior and lies. He offered to honor the $500 credit that Kris had originally offered us. While this is a step in the right direction, it does not even cover the cost of the items we were forced to leave behind due to not having enough room on the truck from the botched quote. George is now reporting that our items will be delivered this Friday/Saturday (Feb 1st/2nd). This has been an absolute nightmare. I am not sure what took George so long to contact us (the day after I posted the review…coincidence? Maybe. Or maybe he finally heard about this situation and decided to reach out. To that end, I am not sure which it was). Either way, he did ask that I take my review down, which I will not do because it is an honest account of our situation. There are MANY more unpleasant details and interactions with folks from this company I left out for brevity. I did remove a portion stating that I believe the reviews are padded because I cannot prove this. I have been in contact with another individual who has had an eerily similar experience with us.
ALSO: After working with an attorney, filing complaints with the BBB and the FMCSA, we were made aware of multiple regulations and stipulations that this company has violated (this does not include a deadline violation because the deadline is Feb 3rd). At this point, my wife and I are in the same situation we were a week ago, minus a $500 credit (bringing our total to $8500 instead of $9000, plus the cost of stress and the cost of the items we lost in CA. But when the final cost is $4,500.00 MORE than we were originally quoted, we still feel misled and swindled. George told us that he would be in touch after our items are delivered to do the best he can to help us and “make us happy”. While we do appreciate the sentiment, we have been told the same thing through this whole process only to be left without a word, so it is difficult to believe that this person might actually be able to help us. I STILL STRONGLY ENCOURAGE SOMEONE CONSIDERING THIS COMPANY TO REACH OUT TO ME, OR AT LEAST THE FMCSA/BBB PRIOR TO ENLISTING THIS COMPANY.
I will continue to update my review as things progress.

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