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5150 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90036 USA
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About Budget Van Lines

5150 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, California

When you use Budget Van Lines to move your home or office, you have a team on your side. From the booking agent to the dispatch department, every step of the way you have a personal advocate, taking care of all your needs. Even after your move is completed, we encourage you to share your thoughts about your move, so we can continue to redefine the term Quality Moving Broker. Budget Van Lines is one of the nation’s largest moving brokers licensed by the U.S. Department of Transportation. With hundreds of motor carriers and thousands of trucks currently participating in the Budget Van Lines affiliate program throughout the nation, we arrange Full-Service Moving at Self-Service Prices - saving up to 50% off the carrier’s normal rates.

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Nancy Burke


Vicki’s Budget Van Lines

Avoid at all cost! After a very stressful divorce, I moved my son and our dog from Nashville to NY. Vicki’s gave me the best quote and sold me a bill of goods. She quoted 1900. In the end we paid over 2500. She promised the movers would give me 48 hours notice. They called at 8:30 AM and said they had to come that day. My young son and I packed as much as we could. The movers showed up smelling like pot and took about 3/4 of what we needed moved and charges me an extra $600. HALF of our boxes arrived two weeks later. The other half were delivered tonight at 10;00 PM. This move took over three weeks, cost over $600 more than quoted and of course “ Vicki” was nowhere to be found. Disgraceful.



Fair price

Three years later and they are still my go-to movers in CA. They are simply the best - I mean our new building manager even came up to me once the move was done and let me know he thought they were the best movers he's ever encountered! They are fairly priced, handle your belongings with lots of care, and come super prepared. Definitely will be using them for all my moves ALWAYS - you should too!



No Accoubtability or Integrity

I used Budget Van Lines to move from the East to the West Coast. At no point was it explained to me in my initial call that they were a broker and would be farming my moving out to a different company. When I tried to get more information I was given a phone number with no details. It was also never explained to me until well after what I thought was the delivery date that this was not the date they would deliver but the first day in a 21 business day delivery. Moving forward, any time I had an issue, they fell back on the same canned response of “we have 21 business days to deliver” instead of ever addressing the other issues I was having a problem with, and there were many: No one would return my calls or emails, I wasn’t told who had my things, the lady they assigned to me was rude and hostile every time she did answer the phone, I was lied to about where my things were (they kept saying I had 21 days and my stuff was in a warehouse in New Jersey swearing they had just got off the phone with the movers to confirm even two days AFTER my things were delivered), when a third party I knew nothing about called me about my things Budget promised to find out who they were as I had no idea but never heard ack from them, and they never gave the movers my address after confirming the information was sent over. Since no one would help me or tell me who I should call (the actual movers and who their contact was) I wound up having to shell out an extra $350 for a shuttle truck because I couldn’t procure a temporary parking pass in under 24 hours. If Budget had actually contacted the movers or given me all of their information, I would have been able to save myself the extra fee by getting the pass.

I lodged a complaint with the Better Business Buereau because I could get nowhere with them and their A+ rating of Budget made me trust them. Their response was I had 21 business days from the delivery date etc. etc. and not once did they acknowledge the other complaints especially the flat out lying about contacting the movers and where my things were but they felt that this canned response was all I needed and no refund of that extra fee was due. I no longer have any trust in the BBB’s rating system or complaint process as nothing comes from it so companies are allowed to continue poor business practices with little to no recourse.

This company encourages their employees to pass along incorrect information instead of saying that they are unsure and helping the customer find the answers they need. There is no accountability, integrity, or care given to their business. They claim to only make $147 on brokering the deal with the moving company and then believe their work is done. They no longer care what happens.

If you plan to make a long move, either go directly to a local moving company where you can talk to a person that will care about your experience or rent a pod. Never use a broker, it will just wind up costing you more in the end with weeks of stress and not knowing where your things are.

Jae D


Budget Van Lines

I wouldn’t recommend anyone going with a third party like Budget Van Lines.. I was in contact with Mitchell up until my move. As soon as he got my down payment, he stopped answering my calls. Third parties aren’t needed to get a good moving company, but I didn’t know this because this was my first move. If anyone is moving in the Florida area, I would recommend On Time Movers. Very professional and kept me in the loop of pick up and drop off times.

Tom Clemens


Weight vs. Cubic footage

We contracted with Budget Van Lines in January 2018 to move some household goods from Maryland to Oklahoma. Vikki at Budget made it clear that they would subcontract the job, and also explained that the cost would be determined by weight. She told us the movers would weigh their truck and then weigh it again after loading. We sent Vikki a list of the goods, and she gave us an estimate of the weight. She explained the estimate was high, and that we would get a refund if the actual weight turned out to be less than the estimate.
Based on this advice we packed the load, mostly boxes of clothing and household goods, in a lot of boxes, keeping the box weights low, to facilitate easy handling. A local moving company, contracted by Puma, arrived on January 17 to load the goods. The driver assured me they had just weighed the truck. After loading the goods the driver and helpers commented that the boxes were light and load was light, and we would likely get a refund. The driver also assured us they were going to weigh the truck again on their way back to Laurel MD where the load would be transferred to a large truck. They had me sign a sheaf of papers, without explaining any of it. I asked for copies and they said they would be sent to us.
Between the 17th and the 25th I called Puma Van Lines twice to ask about the load weight. Both times I was told the person I needed to speak with was busy, but would call me back soon. To date they have never done so. We told the person receiving the goods in Oklahoma to be sure to check the load upon arrival, and to be sure to get the load weight from the driver. When she asked for it the driver told her he did not have the weight, and he told her the charge was based on cubic footage, not weight. And of course the amount we were charged was the maximum weight estimate from Vikki at Budget, no refund, or even discussion of one.
Quite obviously, this whole thing was a scam. I spoke with Kelsie at Budget, who told me that I must have signed a paper changing the load from weight-based to cubic footage. Since I never was told what I was signing, nor received the paper copies, I cannot confirm this. Kelsie at Budget told me she would check with Puma about the switch in computing the charge, and call me back. She never has done so, and it has been more than 2 weeks now.
There probably is no legal recourse to the well-played scam by Puma and abetted by Budget. All that I can do now is tell our experiences to everyone we know, and to never contract with either company again. Vikki at Budget touted their reputation for honesty and had me look on-line for verification. That may be true, as far as it goes, but they didn’t support us when we told them about how this scam was played out by Puma. “We just contract with them” I was told, and there was nothing they could do about. If you are considering contracting with either company, we urge you to exercise extreme caution. While their behavior may be technically legal, it is most definitely unethical and a scam.



Stay away from this broker

On a whim, I decided to try Budget Van Lines. I input my information based on a promise of an immediate quote. As they say, if the service is free, then I'm the product, so I reasonably expected them to re-sell my information. Here is the catch - after giving them my information, the immediate quote may as well have been zero to infinity. Then, predictably, the first of many calls and text messages starting hitting my phone. Each company wanted detailed information, and each request an on-site visit by an estimator. Ask yourself - are you going to let some random company load up the contents of your house, and just drive off? Obviously not - you are going to have to vet each of these companies - check reviews, reputation, BBB, etc. I could easily spend time on Google finding these small movers, vetting them, and soliciting quotes for 2-3 of them. I don't need a broker selling leads for $3 to every mover in the country. Waste of time for me, and a waste of money for their clients (the m




Be warned do not book. You may think you are saving just a few hundred but this company is unprofessional and should be shut down. The day before my move they cancelled! Without any help or suggestions on how i was Going to get from New Orleans to Washington DC. I wish I would have never went with them and used a professional trusted mover for a few hundred more.

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