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3801 W Locust St, Rogers, Arkansas 72756 USA

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About Razorback Moving & Storage

3801 W Locust St
Rogers, Arkansas

Founded in February of 2007 and based in Rogers, Arkansas, Razorback Moving is a regionally recognized leader in residential and commercial moving services. We’re moving craftsmen & women that help people transition into new and exciting parts of their life. Whether it’s a small apartment move across town for a job or a mansion across the States for retirement, Razorback is here to handle the logistics of the relocation process. And as Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies and Best of Rogers award winner, our team provides the easiest and most hassle free way for households to get where they’re going next. No industry revolution springs from individuals. It takes an entire team united behind something big. Together, we work hard, we laugh a lot, we brainstorm nonstop, we use hundreds of Post-Its a week, and we give the best high-fives in town.

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Razorback movers are a bunch of bozos

It doesn't get more unprofessional than Razorback Movers. Damaged furniture, unresponsive to any attempts to have the issue resolved, and a hidden BS policy that has them *think* they don't have to cover damages, or only pay cents on the dollar. That must be why they damage people's stuff so often. Because they know they don't have to do much, or anything, about it. Do yourself a favor, scroll down, read several similar bad reviews, then call Little Guys Movers! They are amazing! Razorback movers are a bunch of bozos.

Melissa Johnson


I will be finding a new mover

I hired this company to move my furniture out of the house and back into the house for a floor refinishing.I booked both moves at the same time over the phone. I stated we had a piano and needed 3 people. For the move-out only two men showed up and they said they forgot the equipment to move the piano; someone else got it first. They told me they called the boss to bring it. Someone brought a rolling type dolly. They completed the move. I told them that when we moved furniture back in the floors would be “new” and could not be scratched so it was important to have enough people and equipment.

When they called to tell me they were coming to move furniture back in they assured me they had three people. Again, only two showed up. I suggested waiting on the piano until everyone arrived. The men must have known no one was coming to help because they attempted to move the piano back denting the new floors. They said “not to worry our insurance covers this”.

When I talked with owner (after leaving many messages with no call back) he stated the contract protected him and I should have read it. He offered to email me a copy of the contract, but never did. He did say sometimes he helps people out if he feels bad about what happened. He said he couldn’t control whether everyone showed up for a job, but he gave me a 10.00 discount for the man who didn’t come. (I paid $105 an hour for 2 men instead of $115, but the move took much longer with less help)
He explained it requires four people to move a piano and it could never be rolled because of weight. It should have been carried and I would have been charged extra for that. My refrigerator was dropped on the new floor as well, but I didn’t ask if there were extra charges to move a fridge because it was clear it wouldn’t matter. No one ever mentioned this to me, during the phone call where I booked the move, or during either move. Just wanted to share this because I believe it could have been communicated to me at any number of opportunities. I paid for the job and tipped the staff. It wasn’t their fault they were sent without adequate help. I will be finding a new mover.
Repairing the floors will be about 400.00.
Good luck with your move.




I am extremely disappointed with this company. They came highly recommended however the service that was provided was extremely poor. I bought brand new furniture just a few months ago, I hired Razorback Moving to move my 1750 Sqft house within 5 miles of my new house. I had most items packed in storage bins and boxes. The movers damaged every single piece of furniture in my house. They even threw away a sofa table that they destroyed without even letting me know about it. I found the table broken beyond repair in the trash. My dining room table was one of the pieces of furniture that was brand new and they dropped it gauging 3 huge chunks of wood from the table top. They did not take the legs off of the table so when they were moving it, they sat stuff on the table and then pushed the table which resulted in the legs becoming loose and splitting the wood around the bottom of the table top where the legs connect. They broke 2 of the hooks off of my coat rack. Then when they put the coat rack in my new house, they made sure they put the broken side against the wall to hide the damage. To this day, we still haven't found the hooks that were on the coat rack. They destroyed the evidence so they can deny responsibility. The living room furniture was also new, they packed something against back of the living room chair resulting in the fabric having a permanent indention. The bedroom suite, also brand new, they damaged the nightstands, by chipping the top of them. The dresser they did not cover so they sat stuff on the top of it and scratched the finish off of the dresser. We have a platform bed with drawer around the sides and at the foot of the bed. Instead of taking the bed completely apart, the movers just removed the drawers and detached the headboard from the frame and slid the frame out of the house. This caused the frame to be unstable and also scratched the finish on the frame. They also chipped the base of the headboard while loading onto the truck. I have 3 decorative metal trunks. They smashed the trunks causing the metal to be dented. I also have a metal workbench that I bought from Sam's Club just a couple of weeks prior to the move, they slammed it against the side of the truck denting the front of it. We have a huge 4 piece desk that they damaged the surface of the desk by not covering it during the move as well as the overhead cabinets. They shoved the 2 wheel hand dolly into the front of the cabinets, scratching it as well. Attached are some of the pictures from the damage this company caused. They sent out 4 movers and took over 9.5 hours to move 1750 Sqft and they did not move everything, we still had to spend a full day moving the rest of the stuff. Also, they showed up an hour and half late. I had to push the closing of the house back due to them showing up late. Then when we went to close on the house, it took a little longer than expected so the movers had about an hour and half break before we got back to let them in the new house. I still paid Razorback Moving for that hour that their movers were sitting in my new driveway doing nothing. I truly would not have cared to pay them for that hour of them sitting had they not damaged EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF NEW FURNITURE in my house! I also paid Razorback Moving around $1,500 for them to damage my items. Since then I have contacted them to get them to take care of the damaged property, they demanded photos of the items, so I sent them to them. They are claiming 1) They have not gotten the photos and 2) They are not able to open the photos. It is truly delay/stall tactics to hopefully not have to pay for the damage they caused to our property. Since this I have also learned that Razorback Moving is notorious for damaging others belongings. I have a co-worker that Razorback Moving moved her family and they cause damaged to a hand carved leg on a $10,000 bar in their house. They drug the bar across the floor which sheared the hand carved leg off of the bar. I would highly advise anyone to find a different moving company if you want to protect your valuables.

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