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2804 N 29th Ave 102, Phoenix, Arizona 85009 USA

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About USA Moving & Storage

2804 N 29th Ave 102
Phoenix, Arizona

USA Moving & Storage is a professional moving service. We are experienced Residential Movers and also offer professional office and commercial moving services as well as storage for both commercial and residential purposes.

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Madeline Underwood


Move from Tucson, AZ to Port Orange, FL

I am 78 years old. My husband of 48 years died so I was moving to Florida from Tucson to live with my daughter. I was on medication and vulnerable because of the death of my husband. I was not thinking clearly or I would not have put up with the abuse I was subjected to by the horrible person that came to my house. My granddaughter had made the arrangements and used USA Moving as they were rated 5 Star on the internet. She was quoted $700. My granddaughter told them there were valuable paintings and guitars and she was told it would cost extra for packing. When the movers arrived there were two kids and an extremely rude person. When I said I wanted to show the kids what was fragile the rude person told me they did not have time for that because I had a lot of papers to sign. When I tried to read the papers he said there was not time to read them, just sign where it was marked. The kids disappeared into the bedrooms and started grabbing things to take out. I tried to stop them when I saw them grab 3 or 4 paintings in each hand to haul out. No protection for the paintings just grab and tape together and shove in truck. Whenever I attempted to stop them and watch what they were doing the extremely rude person kept telling me I could not do that, I had to sign all of the papers. I have never been treated so horribly in my life. He said there would be an extra charge because I had more boxes than what we told the office. I told him I could not possibly have as many as he said and asked him how he got that figure because the boxes were all in a corner of the room. He said he could tell by just looking. I asked him if he loved his mother and he said "yes". I asked him if he treated her the way he was treating me. He did not answer me. He said it was going to cost $2,500.00 I said we were quoted $700 and the paintings were not even packed for protection. I told him the guitars were just grabbed and shoved in the truck. He said there were no guitars, just cases. I told him there were guitars in the cases and he told me he did not see them so there were no guitars. He said it was going to cost a lot more if they had to unload these things from the truck now. I told my granddaughter what happened and she called the company to complain about the way I was treated. She was told the horrible person's name is "Rob or aka Rotem" and that he had anger problems and was trying to work on that. He then called my granddaughter, demanding to know why she called the office on him. When the items arrived I was so grateful that my husband's guitars had not been stolen that I did not notice other missing items until weeks later. I had over 40 paintings that my husband had painted and all of them were damaged. The prints we had made of the paintings were damaged and the glass was cracked on all of them. Everything was filthy. They probably went through a dust storm and nothing in the truck was covered or protected in any way. They left big boxes with us that belonged to someone else. The owner's name is Arik Skulnik. This family is obviously in business just to steal from others and laughing while they do it.

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