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About Low Budget Movers

3670 E Chipman Rd
Phoenix, Arizona

Since our start in January 2010, we have proudly performed over 1,300 moves without ever damaging a single item. It takes a strong, dedicated team of movers who not only strive for excellent moves, but also provide outstanding customer service. Those two qualities hold Low Budget Movers together and keep us motivated for successful moves each and every day.

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Fadi Hafez



I hired Low Budget Movers to pick up my stuff from 10x25 storage and deliver it to my home. Low Budget Movers quoted me an all-inclusive price that included pickup, delivery, and installation if needed. this was clearly documented in my invoice that 10x25 will be picked up in full. I paid my deposit and waited a month as agreed.

They came to pick as we had planned, except the issue is the truck that came was too small (7x26), they couldn't fit all my furniture. So they picked as much as they can and then I was told they would take care of it. Next day they called and wanted to charge me an additional ($2500) to pick up remaining items as a separate service??? I argued and brought my invoice which indicated full pickup for 10x25 storage pickup, after back and forth with management (Cody, Justin, Joesph). They agreed that next time they will in the area (2 weeks later) they would come and pick up remaining items at no charge. I said okay and we both agreed.

2 days later they came to deliver my stuff to the final destination, Cody asked for Full payment without any invoice/documentation saying they will pick up remaining items at no cost verbally. I had to dispute with managers in that morning to have them provide documentation that they will pick up. So they provided an invoice documenting that they will pick up remaining items at no cost 2 weeks later. so I paid and they started to deliver my items. They dinged the walls pretty bad, damaged furniture, kept saying we are taking too long to unload. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL.

Then 2 weeks later, the day came to pick up the remaining items in storage. I called 2 days before to confirm and they said, of course, the drivers will call you the night before. The night before came and no call, next day no call/show. I waited all day and nothing. I called multiple times and of course, all numbers are not answering, no email response and the usual unprofessionalism.

I am filling a dispute for incomplete service by Low Budget Movers and requesting complete DELIVERY OF REMAINING ITEMS FREE OF CHARGE.




This company would receive negative stars from me if it were possible. Since the Owner has not responded to me I am only left to submit this review hoping another single mom doesn't get taken advantage of.

Not only did Brian at Low Budget movers cancel on me not once, but twice in 2-days. And not sure I would have even been a customer if I hadn't contacted them with the no show and the no call to follow up.

I feel I was the most patient of patient when it comes to a customer and went above and beyond for this company, which actually should have been the other way around, I was the customer. I was flexible in my move and believe that allowed me to be taken advantage of in the end. As you are well aware the first scheduled move for Monday, May 28th on this date I was left me stranded with no movers even contacting me to inform me they wouldn't be here. With no call it lead me to contacting Brian, the owner twice that evening feeling awful I was bugging him on the holiday. Then again I was the customer not even being contacted, why should I have felt bad. I had no choice due to the time that evening, but to reschedule for the next day, Monday, May 29th. Then yet again the same thing occurs the only difference is I was forced to take off work and miss when I didn't need to since no one showed up yet again. Unbelievable, I was shocked. Cancelled on or no show twice is absolutely unacceptable. Yet again I was very accommodating and understanding. I was then scheduled for first thing the following morning 7-9 am arrival time and advised me that you would go ahead and give me $99 discount for the inconvenience, and 3 movers would be there bright and early to take care of my 2-bedroom move. Very simple, as I had moved all my personal items, everything, the only thing I had was furniture 2-bedrooms, living area, dining table and patio set. That's it very simple and only furniture no boxes or personal goods whatsoever. The truck and only 2-movers arrived at 8:15 am. Feeling great that this would be knocked out in 2-hours at the most possibly 3 and I could get to work. However, 6-hours later that was absolutely ridiculous. I had the slowest movers who had no care in the world. Not only did I miss another day of work but was out an additional 3-hours of my time that wasn't necessary and was completely unacceptable. Then my youngest son goes to bed and low and behold it comes crashing down. Low Budget movers put the bed back together, and broke the side frame. Then proceeded to place the mattress on the bed and leave as if nothing occurred. I am very lucky the bed didn't fall or hurt my son as it is a heavy frame and he is very small. That was the icing on the cake. Yes, the movers were pleasant and nice but over all I am very, very unsatisfied. There is no way the move should have taken more than 3-hours with what little I had to move and to come away with a day and 1/2 of loss wages and a broken bed from from your company is very concerning.

I was looking to the Owner to himself in my place. What would you do if the situation was reversed you were the customer, meaning you were cancelled on twice, no showed without even a call from the company for an update forced to call on your own (awful customer service), then the move was far to long (double) and they left you with damaged furniture. If this was you how would you like the situation.

I originally went with this company due to the YELP review and now I hope I can only help someone not make the same mistake. I only wanted the company to make it right but with no response forced to submit this.

Paul Matteo


Stall Tactics

First thing out of drivers mouth this maybe more then 3 hours. Keep in mind he did not see the whole first floor apt of 1190 sq feet with all bo already packed and labeled and well organized. take down of of master bed was very easy and guest bed was even simpler. They started off and then moved at a snails pace one guy stopping to talk about is mom and helping her move etc. The lead guy with no personalty just took one thing at a time like a light weight lamp when there were two and both could have been carried. This was a first floor condo . The move was 7 miles to another first floor easy run apt and garage. An unload is always quicker then a load we have moved 12 times in our lives and have a lot of experience. They were stalling so much we told them to dont put the beds together i will have my son in law do it. It took my son in law 9 minutes to put the bed together in our master and 6 minutes to put the guest room bed together. This was a game for these two movers dont use these people.

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